The history of Boxing day goes way back to 1663 but didn’t truly evolve until the Victorian era when it became a tradition to give out boxes of donations to the poor. Today, it is celebrated as a shopping holiday and another day of deals the day after Christmas Day.

During Boxing Day, most stores and brands will have Boxing Day sales to encourage people to spend money. Big discounts welcome consumers who can’t say no to spending money. From a practical standpoint this holiday was a way for retailers to off-load merchandise that didn’t sell in the run-up to Christmas.

It’s important for brands to participate in the Boxing Day holiday to get more sales before the year ends, especially if you live in the United Kingdom or Canada where the day is more widely observed. And what better day to do that than by working on Boxing Day marketing slogans that remind consumers to shop and save until they drop! In this blog post, I wrote down more than 200 marketing slogans you can use this Boxing Day. Lets unwrap all the ideas.

Boxing Day Slogans

  • The Best Deals Are Here.
  • Your Favorite Holiday After Christmas.
  • Hurray for Boxing Day.
  • Bring Out The Goodies.
  • Get Everything You Really Wanted for Christmas.
  • Ready Your Wallets.
  • The Homeless Need Your Help on Boxing Day.
  • As Good As Christmas Day.
  • Your Second Favorite Holiday.
  • Look Out For The Best Deals.
  • Shopping Carts And Wallets Ready.
  • A Day For The Shopaholics.
  • Punch Out The Sale.
  • Remember to help the poor this Boxing Day.
  • Yay, yay! It’s almost Boxing Day.
  • Shopping All Day No Excuses.
  • Your Excuse To Go Shopping.
  • Discounts You Can’t Say No To.
  • It’s That Time of Year When You Go All Out.
  • All Out Shopping Is All You Can Do.
  • A Holiday To Go Shopping.
  • The British Empire is Done. But Boxing Day is Still Here!
  • Time To Spend The Money You Received.
  • Christmas Day Two For Shopping.
  • Grab The Best Deals.
  • The Right Day To Go Shopping.
  • Love the UK? Let’s Celebrate Boxing Day.
  • Shopping Holiday For Everyone.
  • No Work Just Shop Kind Of Day.
  • The Best Day Ever.
  • Better Than Disneyland.
  • Happiest Day For Shopaholics.
  • Don’t Forget the Real Meaning of Boxing Day.
  • Deals You Can’t Say No To.
  • The Second Christmas Day We Deserve.
  • It’s a Gifting Yourself Kind of Day.
  • You Deserve To Shop.
  • Everyone Deserves An All Out Shopping Day.
  • Shopping Day After Getting All The Christmas Money.
  • Shop Your Way Out Of Christmas Day.
  • Your Wallet Will Get Thinner.
  • Is Your Pocket Money Ready For Shopping.

What shoppers need to prepare for the Boxing Day holiday.

Boxing Day Sale Slogans

  • Boxing Day Deals Are Here.
  • What Are You Waiting For.
  • Shopping Day Fever Is High.
  • Grab The Best Deals.
  • Everything Is Discounted.
  • Shop Til You Drop.
  • Spend All Your Christmas Money.
  • Shop Like It’s The End of The World.
  • Great Deals Await You.
  • You Can’t Say No To These.
  • Get Your Wallet Out. The Time is Finally Here.
  • Big Discounts For Boxing Day.
  • The Biggest Sale Of The Year.
  • Everything Goes Today.
  • Sale Here There And Everywhere.
  • Every Store Goes On Sale.
  • The Merriest Time Of The Year.
  • An Excuse To Go Shopping.
  • All You Need At A Discounted Price.
  • Count Your Blessings, Spend Your Money.
  • Say Goodbye To Your Money.
  • Money In, Money Out!
  • Brands Are Greedy For Some Money.
  • Money Can’t Stay In For Too Long.
  • Look For The Right Products On Sale.
  • Discounted Everything For Everyone.
  • It’s A Holiday Sale Everyone Can Enjoy.
  • A Sale Never Looked This Good.
  • You Won’t Regret This Sale.
  • Shopping Errands Never Felt So Good.
  • Celebrate With A Sale.
  • Discounts And Freebies Are Up For Grabs.
  • We Want Everyone To Be Happy.
  • Sale And Discounts That Make People Happy.
  • The Kind of Joy Only Shopping Can Do.
  • It Only Comes Once A Year.
  • Better Be Ready To Go All Out.
  • Time To Indulge Yourself For Some Shopping.
  • Shopping Will Be Your Hobby.
  • Gather All The Christmas Money You Will Spend.
  • Spend Money Wisely And Generously.
  • Give In To Temptation.
  • We Know You Want This.
  • Discounts Are Waiting For You.
  • Sale And More Sale Just For You.

Day after Christmas Sale Slogans

  • No Energy From All The Christmas Food.
  • It’s Still A Holiday.
  • Don’t Feel Like Going Back to Work.
  • It’s Christmas Day 2.
  • No Plans Until New Year’s Day.
  • Christmas Is Where The Money Comes In, Boxing Day Is Where It All Goes Out.
  • Money In And Out For Boxing Day.
  • Keep The Deals Coming.
  • Anywhere You Look There Is A Sale.
  • Discounts And Freebies Await You.
  • Don’t Be Blinded By All The Discounts.
  • Everything You Need Is Discounted.
  • Get Ready To Go Crazy With Discounts.
  • Shopping Is Therapeutic.
  • After Christmas Bonanza.

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  • A Special Holiday To Go Broke.
  • All Worth Your Money.
  • Spend The Money You Just Got.
  • More Reasons To Spend And Go Broke After Christmas.
  • Feel Like A Kid On Christmas Day Two.
  • Say Thank You Santa For The Monetary Gifts.
  • The Best Excuse To Splurge.
  • The Ultimate Shopping Day After Christmas.
  • Take Out All Your Christmas Money.
  • The Best Time To Go All Out Shopping.
  • No One Can Blame You For Shopping.
  • Everything Is Discounted For You.
  • Generously Giving Out Big Discounts After Christmas Day.
  • A Continuation Of Christmas Day But With Bigger Discounts.
  • Sale Is Everywhere And Anywhere.
  • One Whole Day To Shop Anything You Want.
  • It’s A Different Kind of Holiday Sale.
  • The Holiday Sale You’re Dreaming Of.

Funny Boxing Day Slogans

  • More Fun Than Christmas Day.
  • All You Get Are Boxes.
  • Boxes With Nothing Inside.
  • No Money But Will Still Celebrate Boxing Day.
  • Buying Things You Don’t Really Need.
  • The Best Way To Spend A Holiday After Getting All The Money Gifts.
  • Wish It Meant You Can Punch Anyone Without Getting Reprimanded.
  • It’s Literally Christmas Day Two.
  • Boxing Day Should Be Celebrated In All Countries.
  • Time To Shop For New Clothes For The New Year.
  • People With No Money Can’t Celebrate Boxing Day Holiday.
  • It’s All About Spending Money You Only Got The Day Prior.
  • Wasting Money Before You Start Fresh On New Year’s Day.
  • It’s Not A Holiday To Punch Anyone.
  • It’s Not A Holiday To Give Out Boxes.
  • You Actually Need To Have Something To Give.

A successful Boxing Day holiday means coming home with more than one shopping bag.

Boxing Day Quotes

  • “Get prepared to be boxed by the needy with blessings from them as you box them with offerings and purchases.” – Anonymous
  • “Christmas is gone and today is boxing day. With the love that spread around on Christmas Day and the unmeasurable blessings we got, I wish you more and more peace and happiness in all you do.” – Anonymous

“The day after Christmas: When we all have two more ugly sweaters.” – Craig Kilborn

  • “Let us celebrate Boxing Day with open hands to make a difference in our communities.” – Anonymous
  • “We are blessed to be a blessing, so let’s allow the blessings to flow freely this Boxing Day.” – Anonymous
  • “I forget the derivation of Boxing Day, but the feeling of wanting to invite your loved ones outside one at a time and punch them in the face, does that come into it somewhere?” – Allison Pearson

“Definitely, it’s got me to where I am and I’m going to be playing my game on Boxing Day. I’m just going to have heaps of fun with it.” – Phil Jaques

  • “Is it strange that I enjoy Boxing Day even more than Christmas Day itself.” – Anonymous
  • “Boxing day is a little like being a four-year-old for a day. It releases you from thinking about the future or the past. For twenty-four hours everything is on hold. If you do Boxing Day properly, you should feel like you’ve had a mini holiday – by the end of Boxing Day you should feel rested, and energized, and happy.” – Peter Jones
  • “The best gift on Boxing Day is the presence of a happy family.” – Anonymous

Boxing Day Taglines

  • Shop Like Yesterday Wasn’t Christmas Day
  • No Rest Day For Shopping
  • Boxing Day is Your Favorite Day
  • Ready The Wallets
  • You’ll Never Go Home Empty-Handed
  • Deals Are Waiting For You
  • The Best Day To Shop
  • Tag Your Shopping Buddy
  • All-Day Shopping Experience
  • All You Need Is Discounted
  • The Best Time To Spend Money You Received From Christmas Day
  • Make Time To Shop And Drop
  • It’s A Wonderful Time To Shop

A quiet shopping mall awaits big crowds on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day Captions

  • Celebrations are coming!
  • Boxing Day is like my birthday.
  • Exhausted from Christmas day but would never not celebrate boxing day!
  • I feel like a kid on Boxing Day.
  • No plans to work just a whole day of shopping!
  • Always celebrating this one.
  • Wake up! It’s the best day after Christmas day!
  • Ready to go all out this Boxing Day!
  • Excited to see what I’ll get this Boxing Day.
  • My favorite holiday is Boxing Day!
  • I come ready with my credit card!
  • I will never go home empty-handed.
  • It’s the kind of exercise I am willing to partake in.
  • The best day ever aka Boxing Day.
  • It’s that time of the year when I go all-out shopping!

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  • I always look forward to Boxing Day.
  • I hold off shopping on most days but not on Boxing Day.
  • It’s the day of the year when you’re allowed to go beyond the budget!
  • Christmas Day is when you receive gifts, Boxing Day is when you buy gifts for yourself.
  • Boxing Day is also a self-care day for me. I get to buy anything I want.
  • The best time to shop for all that you want to buy!
  • The best day for me, the worst day for my boyfriend who will watch me for a whole day and carry my shopping bags.
  • Nothing comes between Boxing Day and me.
  • I wake up early and get ready for Boxing Day!
  • I can’t believe there’s a holiday for a day of shopping and spending money!
  • Boxing day is like the last chance in a year to shop til you drop.
  • Shopaholics love Boxing Day!
  • Shopaholics were born to celebrate Boxing Day.
  • I look forward to Boxing Day every year.
  • It’s the excuse I need to spend dollars on shopping!
  • My best friend and I celebrate Boxing Day together!
  • My mom and I shop until we drop every Boxing Day holiday.
  • It’s Boxing Day once again! Guess who’s happy??
  • I hate holidays when you’re forced to talk to relatives. Boxing Day is def a fave.

Boxing Day Sayings

  • A day for everyone to celebrate another holiday.
  • More than just gift-giving.
  • A day to remember how blessed you are.
  • Make it a day to share your blessings.
  • It’s not always a fun boxing day for everyone.
  • Share a box with someone who needs.
  • A box full of blessings to be shared with the others.
  • Full of gifts from the heart.
  • From our heart to yours, Happy Boxing Day.
  • Your bonus is waiting for you.
  • Get ready to open a box of gifts and bonuses.
  • A way to share your blessings.
  • Give more to others.
  • Share what you have and others don’t.
  • Donation box full of love and care.
  • Put all your care in the box.
  • It’s more than just a box for some people.
  • Everyone deserves a Boxing Day box.
  • There’s no overspending on Boxing Day.
  • Shopping is never bad during Boxing Day.
  • Boxing Day is an excuse for all shopaholics.
  • It’s the best holiday ever.
  • You get time off work and you get to shop!
  • Only those with money can celebrate

Boxing Day Email Marketing Subject Lines

  • Ready To Shop The Deals?
  • Greatest Deals Await You This Boxing Day!
  • It’s Worth Punching Those Deals
  • Boxing Day Means 50% OFF
  • Boxing Day Deals You Can’t Miss
  • The Best Day To Shop Is TODAY
  • You Can’t Miss Out On Boxing Day Deals
  • Shop Before It’s Over
  • Make This Your Best Shopping Day
  • Everything on SALE this Boxing Day!
  • Boxing Day Sale Is All On Us
  • A Sweet Surprise For You This Boxing Day Sale
  • Looking to shop? Shop this Boxing Day Sale!
  • We offer everything with a 30% discount!

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  • Nothing beats the Boxing Day sale!
  • Ready for a day of discounts and freebies?
  • Shop All DAY on Boxing Day
  • Shopping Deals You Can’t Say No To
  • Boxing Day: 30% Discount On Everything
  • EVERYTHING GOES this Boxing Day Holiday!
  • Get your shopping bags ready!
  • The deal you can’t resist: Boxing Day Sale
  • Big discounts & exclusive offers all on BOXING DAY
  • Christmas Day 2 is here and so are the discounts!
  • Get up and get shopping: Boxing Day Discounts!!

What is Boxing Day? When does it happen?

Boxing Day is a holiday that originated in Great Britain but is now also celebrated in countries that were previously part of the British Empire. It is the day after Christmas Day and is considered the second day of Christmas when people used to give gifts to those in need, but today, it is widely celebrated as a shopping holiday.

Originally, it was a day meant for workers to go back to their families after spending Christmas Day with the family they work for. It was also a day to give back to those in need.

A lot of brands go on sale and offer the best deals during Boxing Day to encourage customers to splurge on lower cost items after the Christmas shopping season.

The very first record of Boxing Day was from 1663 – it was an entry in English Parliamentarian Samuel Pepys saying he sent over a box for his shoemaker that had gifts for his sons and money to cover his bill. After that, during 1837 – 1901, Boxing Day evolved and became the day when church practitioners give donations in boxes that were given to the poor.

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