Black Friday is one of the most awaited days of the year for businesses and consumers alike. Retailers look forward to a surge in sales and consumers anticipate getting a good deal on the items they want or need.

Historically, Black Friday was the time period retailers “went into the black” or became profitable for the year. The day also marked the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But this day has become less important for businesses and exciting to consumers in recent decades as early-bird deals and Cyber Monday has taken some of the spotlight.

But if you own a restaurant, retail shop, or grocery store, you can still drive significant sales by promoting a Black Friday event. In this post I’ll share marketing slogans, captions, and quotes you can use as a marketing asset. Stick around until the end of this post and I break down my best tips for promoting a Black Friday sale in 2022.

Black Friday Marketing Slogans


Consumers are looking for offline and online deals on Black Friday.

Let’s begin with some simple but effective Black Friday marketing slogans.

  • It’s that shopping time of the year!
  • It’s the shop craze day!
  • Fill your basket with artisan goods and get 25% off everything this Friday.
  • Get them all on Black Friday!
  • Enjoy every one of our red hot deals this Black Friday.
  • All discounts are valid through Sunday. Best weekend ever!
  • The feast for shopaholics.
  • Even Grandma will find a discounted cardigan she approves of at our sale.
  • Welcome to the Superbowl of shopping.
  • The savings elves are hard at work all weekend long.
  • Great deals await the entire family on Black Friday.
  • Be ready to rock and roll on Black Friday!
  • Shopping, concerts, games, and more on Black Friday!
  • The shopping season starts 3 days from now!
  • Black is good on Friday!
  • Wear your shopping face. Black Friday is coming.
  • Don’t take a Turkey induced nap just yet. You need to see these deals.
  • There’s really nothing Black about this Friday.
  • On Black Friday, everyone is equal.
  • The fight for the shoppiest this Black Friday.
  • Be shop-ready! Prepare for Black Friday.
  • This Friday will be your lucky day.
  • The best buys come on Friday.
  • Santa told us to save you money.
  • We are the reason why Black Fridays exist.
  • Every shopper’s favorite day is here.
  • Your ultimate destination this Black Friday!
  • Prepare your pockets. Ready your wallets. Black Friday is coming.
  • Be excited. Be very excited.
  • In our store, no one can hear you scream with joy this Black Friday.
  • Here your shopping loyalties lie.
  • Don’t miss out on the greatest Friday of the year!
  • A shopping spree that doesn’t hurt your bank account!
  • Friday just got better.
  • Stressed? De-stress this Black Friday!
  • All you want, all you need here this Black Friday!
  • Save your turkey first. Then save at our store second.

Black Friday Captions for Instagram

Make your Instagram photos come to life with these Black Friday captions.

  • It’s the day of the shopping stampede.
  • Cold but excited. Waiting since last night!
  • The countdown to Black Friday is so darned slow.
  • Can it be Black Friday, please?
  • We are turning this Friday into Fri-yay!
  • My new phone is waiting for me, and I must go.
  • Extreme Black Friday camping in front of the store!
  • I can feel my new laptop!
  • The shopping swarm goes larger!
  • Rushing to the mall this Black Friday is the best exercise ever.
  • The sight of the store this Black Friday is the most wonderful ever!
  • It’s rainbows in my favorite store this Black Friday!
  • Black is beautiful this Friday.

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  • I just hope it isn’t super crowded this Black Friday.
  • My girlfriend and I are ready to fight our way in this Black Friday.
  • Hopefully, this Black Friday won’t have any stampedes.
  •  So many shopaholics lining up today!
  • Look at that! I can see my LED TV!
  • Black Friday! Ready or not, here I come!
  • Suiting up for Black Friday!
  • There’s excitement in the air this Black Friday!
  • Setting up camp across the store! Can’t miss this Black Friday!
  • I can be on a cruise today. But I chose to be in front of the store.
  • This Black Friday, my game face is on!
  • I can’t wait to get my hands on that new video game console!
  • Preparing this Black Friday with a heavy dinner!
  • Pasta and steak seem to give me much-needed energy for Black Friday.
  • These are my savings this year! Can’t wait for Black Friday.
  • ATM’s full! Wow, this Black Friday is going to be a blast.
  • I’m so tempted to put a sleeping bag and an earth pad in front of the store!
  • Goodie! I’m third in line!
  • This is going to be my first Black Friday rush!
  • In the end, it’s just any other Friday. Not!

Black Friday Sale Messages

the pastry shop

Support a small business on Black Friday.

Use these messages in your marketing collateral, emails, and social media posts to let people know you’ve got a Black Friday sale worth looking at.

  • Race to the discount!
  • Ready, set, discount!
  • Be ready for the sale of the decade!
  • Friday’s sale is the best!
  • Spend less, get more this Black Friday!
  • It’s the sale you don’t want to miss.
  • It’s now or never. Take advantage of our Black Friday sale!
  • Where you can find hard-to-find stuff at a discount!
  • All you want at a fraction of the price!
  • The best discounts happen on Friday.
  • Rave discounts this Friday!
  • Check out our discounts this Black Friday!
  • Black Friday—the day when discounts come true.
  • Dream discounts are yours.
  • Choose: a Black Friday discount or your girlfriend?
  • Want that stereo for half the price? Visit us on Black Friday!
  • Shop and save on Black Friday.
  • Your shopping dreams will come true this Black Friday.
  • Loud and proud to give discounts.
  • Discounts ahoy!
  • Lo and behold, Black Friday discounts!
  • Take advantage of our awesome Black Friday discounts!
  • Begin your holiday season with discounts this Black Friday.
  • Price cuts and more this Black Friday.
  • Where are the discounts? They’re right here!
  • Price cuts galore!<