About 71% of the earth is made with water. With that number, you’re probably thinking there’s an abundance of water on earth, right? But water is not a limitless resource. And due to the impact of the climate emergency and pollution this essential element is at risk.

Small acts of water conservation can make a difference, especially for future generations and our planet. If you’re a member of an organization that aims to spread awareness about saving water, having impactful slogans can help wake up more people.

In an effort to raise awareness for this issue, I’ve written down 205+ slogans about saving water that can make a difference. Keep scrolling and you’ll also find saving water captions and quotes you can share on social media to reach more people.

Slogans About Saving Water

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Clean water is essential for life.

  • Conserve Water And Save Energy
  • Save The Earth When You Save Water
  • Never Run Out Of Water
  • Always Save Water
  • Save Water When You Can
  • Not Everyone Has Access To Clean Water
  • Save The Planet When You Save Water
  • Secure Your Future By Saving Water
  • It’s Not Just A Drop Of Water, It’s A Symbol Of Life
  • Life Without Water Is Miserable
  • You Can Never Imagine Life Without Water
  • We Are Nothing Without Water
  • Start Saving Water And Start Building Our Future
  • You’ll Never Regret Saving Water
  • Save Water In Your Own Little Ways
  • If You Love Your Life, Save Water Every Day
  • Water Gives Us Life
  • The Planet Can’t Survive Without Water
  • Use Only The Amount You Need
  • Never Use Too Much Water Than You Need
  • You Can Live Without A Man But You Can’t Live Without Water
  • It Doesn’t Take Long Before We Regret Not Saving Water
  • Save The Planet By Saving Water
  • Never Waste A Drop Of Water
  • A Drop Of Water Can Save Lives
  • A Drop Of Water Can Come A Long Way
  • Turn Off The Tap When Brushing Your Teeth
  • Don’t Be A Douche And Waste Water
  • Always Fix A Dripping Tap
  • Go Take A Shower Instead Of The Bath
  • Minimize Drought By Saving Water
  • Minimize Water Shortages By Saving Water
  • Say Yes To Saving Water
  • Fight The Odds Of A Dying Universe And Start Saving Water
  • Think About Your Future And Save Water
  • Think Before You Waste Water
  • Water Wasted Is Life Wasted
  • Make Use Of Your Hands To Save Water
  • Every Drop Matters
  • Save Water, Live Life
  • Happy Life Means Access To Water
  • Accessible Water Gives Life To People
  • One Drop Of Water Means A Lot
  • It Takes A Village To Save Water
  • Saving Water Means Saving People’s Life
  • Water Droplets Equals Life
  • It’s More Than Just Drinking Water
  • Not Everyone Has Access To Water
  • Privileged People Need To Save Water
  • Make An Effort To Save Water
  • You’re Powerful Enough To Save Water And Save Lives
  • Make A Difference When You Save Water
  • Saving Water Should Be Everyone’s Hobby
  • Water Means The World To Us
  • Water Is Life
  • Water Will Never Go Out Of Trend
  • Life Is Nothing Without Water
  • Save Water Or Lose Your Life
  • Tap Off The Water
  • Never Let Water Run
  • Make It A Habit To Turn Off Tap
  • Turn Off Tap When Not In Use
  • Check Leaks And Save Money And Water
  • Water Brings Us Life
  • No Water No Life
  • Without Water We’re Nothing
  • We’re Powerless Without Water
  • Water Controls Us
  • Water Is The God Of Nature And Life 

Water Conservation Slogans

  • Think About The Future And Conserve Water
  • Care For Your Environment And Conserve Water
  • Be A Nice Human Being And Conserve Water
  • Conserving Water Can Save Lives
  • Conserving Water Should Be Everyone’s Job
  • Let’s Be One At Conserving Water
  • Take Care Of Our Planet By Conserving Water
  • It’s Not Just Water, It’s Life
  • Save Every Drop

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  • Every Drop Saves Lives
  • It’s Not Just A Drop Of Water
  • It’s The Drop Of Life
  • We Need Water To Survive
  • We’re Nothing Without Water
  • Conserving Water Is Saving Our Planet’s Future
  • You Won’t Regret Conserving Water
  • Every Drop Matters
  • Every Drop Of Water Is Essential To Us
  • We’re Nothing Without Water
  • Stand Up And Preach About Water Conservation
  • Always Say Yes To Water Conservation
  • Preserve The Environment When You Conserve Water
  • Cool People Conserve Water
  • Selfish People Waster Water
  • Be On The Good Side And Conserve Water
  • You’ll Never Regret Conserving Water
  • Practice Conserving Water Every Day
  • Change Your Future By Conserving Water
  • You Harm Yourself If You Don’t Conserve Water 

Save Water Slogans for Posters

  • Let’s Take Part In Saving Water
  • Let’s Work Towards Saving Water
  • You Can Save A Life By Saving Water
  • Water Is All We Need
  • Life Without Water Is Death
  • Water Gives Us Life
  • Save Water, Drink Wine
  • Blessed Are Those Who Save Water
  • Be A Good Person And Save Water
  • The World Needs Water, You Need Water, Save Water
  • Our Life Depends On Water
  • Without Water, We’re Nothing
  • Water Is Powerful, Save It, Don’t Waste It
  • Water Makes The World Go Round
  • Give Back To Our Planet By Saving Water
  • Do Good And Conserve Water
  • Water Makes Us Alive
  • No One Can Live Without Water
  • We Need To Appreciate Water More
  • Nothing Can Replace Water In Our Lives
  • If You Don’t Save Water Today, You’ll Regret It Later
  • Make A Step And Start Conserving Water
  • Mother Earth Needs Clean Water
  • Water Makes The World Go Round
  • Water Is Gold
  • Let’s Protect Humankind By Saving Water

Turn off water when not in use.

Water Conservation Taglines

  • Make an effort to conserve water.
  • Your future depends on how much water you save.
  • It goes beyond just saving water but actually saving lives.
  • It is everyone’s job to conserve water.
  • Save mother earth by saving water and then saving the people.
  • Don’t miss out the chance to conserve water.
  • You can do more with conserving water.
  • Give hope to the people by conserving water.
  • For others, having water is a problem.
  • Not everyone is privileged to have access to water.
  • Make a difference today and start conserving water.
  • Make a bright future for the children today and conserve water.
  • Do something to make yourself proud like conserving water.
  • Spread awareness on water conversation and make a difference.
  • Make an effort to help the people and the world we live in by conserving water.
  • You don’t lose anything when you conserve water.
  • It doesn’t take much to make an effort to conserve water.
  • You shouldn’t be friends with people who waste water.
  • Practice water conservation now before you see the end of your life.
  • It takes just one action to save a million lives.

Water Slogans That Rhyme

  • Don’t Be A Joke And Save Water
  • Life Is Better When We Save Water
  • Be A Believer That You Should Save Water
  • Now Is The Best Time To Save Water So You Don’t Regret It Later
  • Reduce Your Water Use
  • Save Water And Thank Me Later
  • You’ll Be Fine As Long As Water Is In Your Life

Not everyone has access to clean water.

Save Water Captions

  • It doesn’t take much to save water. Practice it every day.
  • With every drop of water saved, you are also saving lives.
  • We can literally die without water.
  • There’s nothing more important than saving water.
  • You can live days without food but you can never last long without water.
  • Saving water is such a simple act that has the biggest impact.
  • Make an effort to save water every day.
  • If you make an effort to do your make up every day, pretty sure you can exert as much effort in saving water.
  • Tell everyone about conserving water.
  • Let’s do all that we can to conserve water.
  • Let’s do the best that we can to save water.
  • Let everyone know that saving water saves our planet and saves lives.
  • We are doomed without water.
  • It’s not just for swimming or keeping cool, it’s for staying alive.
  • Water keeps us alive.
  • Save the blue so that there is green.

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  • Close the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • You don’t need to always have the tap running.
  • Save money on your water bill by making sure to conserve water.
  • Conserving water means saving money on your bill.
  • Let the future generations enjoy the world we live in by conserving water today.
  • Nice people don’t just do good things to others, they also do good things for others like conserving water.
  • If you care about our future, you will start saving water.
  • Make an effort to spread awareness on conserving water so we all work together for a brighter future.
  • It doesn’t take much to save water. Just do it!
  • I can’t be friends with people who waste water.
  • Wasting water is wasting what nature has been giving us.
  • We can’t let humankind destroy the earth we live in. Start saving water today.
  • Precious water that needs to be saved.
  • This is your sign to start saving water today.
  • Good morning. I think it’s a good day to starting conserving water.
  • Do good to others and to our planet by saving water.
  • Unfollow me if you waste water. I don’t need that negativity in my life.

Save Water Quotes

  • “No water, no life.” – Anonymous
  • “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “Save water. It’s not just a drop in the bucket. It’s a life.” – Anonymous
  • “Don’t forget to save the rain, let’s prevent tomorrow’s pain.” – Anonymous
  • “Water is a gift from the creator, protect it, respect it.” – Anonymous
  • “Save water, secure the future.” – Anonymous
  • “Save water for future generations. Each and every drop counts. We cannot reproduce water.” – Bokka Nagaruju
  • “Save water as you save money because it is costlier than that.” – Anonymous
  • “Water is your best friend for life.” – Anonymous
  • “Once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop.” – Anonymous
  • “You don’t know its true worth until it’s gone. Save water.” – Anonymous
  • “Don’t forget to save water, otherwise water will forget you one day.” – Anonymous

Every drop of water counts.

Quotes About Water Conservation

  • “ Save water today or tomorrow you will pay.” – Anonymous
  • “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” – W.H. Auden
  • “We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau
  • “Water is the driving force in nature.” – Leonardo Da Vinci
  • “Thread lightly. Reduce your water footprint.” – Anonymous
  • “If power was the reason for previous world wars, surely water will be the one for the future.” – Jimit Nimbalkan
  • “Not too late to save water’s fate.” – Anonymous

“A cotton T-shirt or 1,300 days of drinking water? This is the same amount of water for both.” – Dharma Trails

  • “You have the power to take a short shower. Save water!” – Anonymous
  • “The water crisis is not just a myth. Close the tap while brushing your teeth.” – Anonymous
  • “Water is life. Don’t waste it.” – Anonymous
  • “A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.” – Anonymous
  • “Water is a natural gift. The wisdom lies in preserving this gift as natural and pure as the base of our survival.” – Anonymous
  • “Life is like water. If you block one side, it takes other turn to continue its journey.” – Anonymous
  • “Water is life’s mater, matrix, and medium. There is no life without water. Save now to secure your future.” – Anonymous
  • “Do the earth a favor, be a water saver.” – Anonymous

What are some specific ways you can conserve water?

Here are some simple actions you can take to conserve water.

Close the tap when brushing your teeth – A lot of people let the water run when they’re brushing their teeth. This is very bad practice as they are only wasting water.
Shower instead of taking a bath – We save more water when we shower compared to when we take a bath. Of course, you need to make sure you shower 5-minutes for less for this to conserve.
Shower as fast as you can – The more time you spent taking a shower, the more water you’re wasting. Keep shower time short and save water.
Close the tap whenever you’re not using water – Doesn’t matter if you’re brushing your teeth or cleaning something, if you are not using the water, just close the tap.
Stop playing with water – We use water to water the plants, clean our surroundings, wash our hands, wash our clothes, etc. If you don’t need to use water for everyday activities, do not play with water.
Check for water leaks in your house – If you spot a leak, make sure to get it done so you don’t continue wasting water.
Don’t use your toilet – If it’s yellow let it mellow as the old saying goes. You can also install a toilet that saves water by flushing less when you only go pee.

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