All families face challenges and storm clouds from time to time. These struggles may arise in the form of a job loss, work related stress, or exhaustion from the day-to-day of entrepreneurship. When grappling with hardships like this it can be helpful to turn to God for answers through prayer.

I can speak from my own experience that meaningful family prayers can rekindle love, boost strength, melt away sorrows, and mend relationships. Explore this list of prayers that humbly ask for family strength and let me know how the power of prayer transforms your life.

Prayers for Family Strength

Pray for family.

Let’s start off with prayers that can boost physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

  • In these trying times, my loved ones are struggling to keep everything together. May your light guide us to become one again. May you give us the strength and willpower to carry on. Help us individually and as a family. Amen.
  • May you help our family rise amidst stress, sadness, and uncertainty. You have the power to give us the strength to push us forward and conquer adversities. Help guide this family to the right path. Amen.
  • Thank you for guiding us through all these years. No matter how difficult times are, you’ve always been with us; our faith in you is our pillar. May your blessings of strength continue to shower us as we embark on a new phase of our lives. Amen.

You have always said in your scriptures that a family is the foundation of heaven. Help us be a strong foundation. Help us be an inspiration to our loved ones and friends. Help us stand against the challenges of life. This we ask you. Amen.

  • Bless this family as we embark on a new life, following the recent traumatic event that has haunted our family. May you help us strengthen our faith in you so that we may feel the warm light of hope in the cold night. May you help us erase the doubts, and fill us with certainty that we can make it. Amen.
  • As a family, we’re facing a lot of uncertainties. Provide us with a safe, warm place to live. Provide us with nutritious food to nourish our bodies. Provide us with the financial capacity to survive and grow. Provide us with the light and hope to meet each day with positivity. Amen.
  • Be at the center of our home. Be our root of hope. Be the flame of the lantern in the middle of the dark. Our family needs you as we live our lives each day. Our faith is strong in you that you’ll be able to give us much-needed strength. Amen.
  • When strife strikes our family, you were always there. When we were about to break up, you were there to mend us. When we were down in the quagmires, you pulled us up. Thank you for letting us know that we have the strength to carry on. Amen.
  • Bless my family so that your guidance will be our strength. Your words will be the pillar to lean to. Your love will be the podium to stand on. Give us strength to face the coming days.

Prayers for Family Protection

Danger, harm, and uncertainty are all around us. Here are prayers that ask for a higher-level of defense for your family.

  • Grant us your protection against danger, adversities, sadness, and evil. The world is filled with uncertainty, but our faith in you is unshakeable. Let your guiding light be our shield, and let your words be our wisdom.
  • While our family members are apart and living their lives, we ask you to protect them. Keep them away from harm, danger, and evil. Watch them with your omnipresence and keep them safe and warm.
  • We ask for your protection in this uncertain and dangerous world. We ask you for your guiding hand. We ask for your shield to protect us from adversity and danger. Amen.
  • Bless our family as we embark on another day and another journey of our lives. May you keep us safe from unsafe and dangerous elements. May you lead us away from temptations that will harm us. Amen.

You are our shield against doubts. You are our armor against danger. And you are our sword against evil. Make our family your holy knights each day as we go to school, the office, and the world. Amen.

  • Our family needs your protection and your light. As evil tries to tear us apart, let your hand guide us back towards the bonds of love. Remind us that our faith in you will always keep us strong.
  • Our family is as fragile as anyone else. Protect us with an armor of hope, a shield of courage, a sword of love, and a heart of compassion. Amen.
  • Be at the center of our abode. Guide and protect us in whatever we do and wherever we go. You are at our hearts with every endeavor we do. Amen.
  • May we ask you for your almighty protection for my entire family. Let our lives be happy and peaceful. Give us the power and the strength to face the challenges that will come in our way. Amen.

Prayers for Family Protection

When is the last time you spoke with God?

Here are some more prayers that promise protection for the family.

  • You are our sun and moon. Shed light to my family, and protect them from the darkness. Make us strong and brave, not weak and terrified, in whatever circumstance. Do not leave or forsake us, for we put all our faith in you.
  • Keep our minds and clear, and make us see the light so we won’t make any unwise decisions. Protect us from impulse decisions and acts that can compromise our health, faith, unity, and well-being. Make us sound in the mind and confident in spirit. Amen.
  • As we go to work, as we go to school, be our shield all the way. Be with us every step and each moment. With you, we’re sure that we’re out of danger and temptations. Guard us and protect us all through the day.

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  • We rejoice over the fact that your all-watchful eye keeps us in your sights. We are confident in your protection and guidance. Thank you for keeping us safe all throughout the day and night.
  • Deliver us from harm and fear. Around us, build a fortress of protection, whether at home, work, or school. Don’t leave us and always keep us under your wing.
  • Protect my family from fear, doubts, danger, and evil. Build a hedge of protection around us wherever we are. Bless our family so that when we make decisions, they will be the right ones that will bring honor to you and our fellow men.
  • You are our fortress. May we dwell in the shadow of your protection. May we find a safe sanctuary and warm refuge through our faith. We trust in you.
  • Be our iron fortress so that no evil can penetrate this family. Drive away the demons of hate and evil, and let flow the gentle light of your love into this home. This we ask from you. Amen.
  • Make this house a home. Make this family a sanctuary for each other. Make each member a guardian for another. Let your glorious light protect us from robbery, disease, bad thoughts, negativity, and evil.

Prayers for Family Unity

During difficult times, a family’s bond can be tested to the brim. Here are some prayers that will help them tie back the binds.

  • I ask that you mend our family as we try to resolve our differences. Guard each member from the pangs of division and cruelty. Let us realize that we only have each other in the world.
  • As the world grows more desperate, help keep this family together. Give us the strength and willpower to support one another in our endeavors. Encourage us not to lose hope and to remain strong in the face of uncertainty in these tough times.
  • Thank you for finally uniting our family after years of separation. We could feel your love as we look at the happy smiles of our family members. Thank you for uniting us once again.

I ask that you tighten our bonds as we plow through this financial crisis. Give us hope to see better times ahead. Don’t let us give up on each other as we draw strength from each other. Let your light shine upon us.

  • I ask that you send us angels to whisper and help us set aside our differences. For only when we’re united as a family can we do this task and overcome these difficulties.
  • Please don’t let sadness, anger, miscommunication, and drive us apart. We love each other, and we want that love to stay forever. Let nothing come between this family. Amen.
  • Forces of evil have been trying to rip our family apart. Please protect us from these forces. Please help us realize that we are all in this together in these difficult times. Our family is the only one we have, and we’re not going to let it go.
  • You have given us strength to face dark times. Now, give us strength to be united—to be one solid team of loved ones. Let our strengths be each other strengths. Let our words shed light, hope, and happiness in each other’s hearts.

Prayers for Healing and Strength

Family members who are sick—whether physically, mentally, or spiritually—can benefit from these prayers.

  • Be close to us in this time of weakness and sickness. Sustain us through your grace, so that our strength and courage stand unmoving. Let us experience once again your healing power.
  • Heal us by your grace. Let us not lose hope amidst this terrible sickness that has plagued our family. Heal us in harmony with your will. But whatever the case, your will be done.
  • Our beloved (name of a family member) has been afflicted with a terrible ailment. Please lay your hands on him and cure him. Let your healing power flow through him so he may stand up and play in the sun again.
  • I pray that you will give (name of a family member) comfort in his suffering. Lend skill to the hands and minds of the doctors. Bless the medicines and the apparatus for the cure. Shine your healing light upon him.
  • Give us confidence and the strength to stand up from our failures. Heal our hearts and spirits from sadness and doubt. Give us the willpower and faith to stand up and do it all over again until we succeed.
  • We put our whole trust in you in healing our beloved family member. Comfort him in his suffering by the power of your grace. Erase the fear in him, and let him know that you’ll be with him all the way until he is healed.
  • Heal us whether we’re suffering from physical, mental, or spiritual ailments. Rest your hands upon us, so your power will flow through us. You are the ultimate healer.
  • You are the healer of the universe. You are the doctor of doctors. You are the teachers of teachers. Your hand provides life and love. Please heal my family from all physical, psychological, and spiritual pain that we might have.
  • Look upon our beloved (name of a family member) with your merciful eyes. Let your healing hand rest upon him. Let your love and warmth restore him to wholeness. Let your words be his strength.

Prayers for Comfort and Strength

Asking for comfort and strength.

Finally, here are prayers that can soothe family members after a hard day, and prepare them for the challenges of the coming days.

  • You’re our guide, the happiness of our hearts, and the author of our hope. Give us the strength to stand up each day. Give us comfort so we may know that we’re safe in your stead.
  • Show us your mercy, and relieve us of our anxieties. Let us be aware that we’re bigger than our problems and uncertainties. Be our foundation where we can find strength and comfort.
  • Grant us a peaceful mind and an open heart. May your presence reside in our hearts and in our humble home, so that we may return in safety, comfort, and love.
  • Lift us up with your loving arms so we may find strength and comfort. Anoint us with your love and blessings so that we may face the day and each other with honor and positivity.

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  • We know you will carry us when we can’t carry ourselves. You won’t give us burdens that we can’t bear. You will give us the strength to overcome our doubts and weaknesses. You will give us comfort when we feel cold and alone.
  • From the crack of dawn to the last sliver of twilight, we thank you for giving us the strength to face the challenges of everyday life. We thank you for the warmth and comfort as we go back to our home with love.
  • We feel the strain of the world as we trod on it every day. Walk beside us so you could give us strength. Put your hand on our shoulders so that we may feel safe and secure.

What is a family prayer?

As its name implies, a family prayer is a prayer that is recited and performed together by family members. The family usually incorporates a prayer schedule in which they would gather and spend time together to pray. Prayers can be traditional (e.g. “ready” prayers in the Bible) or they can be originals. The most important part is whether or not the prayer is authentic and meaningful to you.

Are family prayers important?

I believe prayer can make all the difference with a family. As an example from my own life, I distinctly remember my grandmother telling me how prayer had helped her through difficult times, specially after my grandfather passed away.

My grandmother even took pen to paper to write me a letter about the power of prayer to serve as a reminder as I embarked on my own journey through life. I’ve kept this letter into adulthood. This is one of the few items I’ve carried with me from through life even if it doesn’t have monetary value.

How can you pray together as a family?

Here are some tips on ways to have a meaningful family prayer session.

  • Set a time of day when all family members can be together. Usually, that’s after dinner.
  • Family prayers don’t have to be long. A minute or two is enough time to say a lot.
  • Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can pray. Turn off the distractions and put your cell phone away. The living room, den, or master bedroom are ideal places.
  • Turn off all distractions such as the TV, video game consoles, phones, and other personal electronics.
  • If possible, let every family member recite a portion of the prayer. Give everyone a chance to pray.
  • Listen to each other as they pray. Don’t comment or make fun of someone else’s prayer.
  • Pray from the heart. Remember, this is about communicating with your creator. This is a no judgement zone.

Finally, if you haven’t prayed for awhile, don’t stress about it. Keep your message short and simple. I don’t believe God will hear the words you speak or silently think. The intent of the request is what is important.

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