Feeling stressed about work? Not sure about longterm job security in the current economic environment? These prayers about workplace stress can help bring you comfort.

Here are some of my favorite prayers about stress-relief and protection while at work. If you pray, God will hear you and work miracles in your own life.

Prayers about Stress at Work

Praying for a steady job.

Dear Father, please give us strength in handling our tasks for today. Bless my coworkers as well as our clients, so we may be able to work together in harmony. This we humbly ask through the intercession of your son, Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, by granting us dominion over the earth’s resources, you made us co-creators with you. Please grant us wisdom and reverence in how we use the natural resources so that no one will suffer as a result of our misuse of them and so that future generations can continue to thank you for your abundance. Amen.

Dear God, I’ve been under a lot of work-related stress lately, and I feel exhausted. I always experience frustration and resentment against both myself and everyone around me. Renew my faith in You, and let me know that You are the God of peace and that You are in charge of my life.

Father, please let Your serenity return to my heart. I worry and experience tension, and I am preoccupied with my issues. I can’t seem to quit thinking about all the difficult issues I am dealing with at work. But the more I reflect on all my issues, the further depressed I am. Still, I have peace of mind knowing that You are in charge and that all will turn out for the best. I place my life in Your hands because I trust You, Heavenly Father. Amen. I pray that you provide me serenity in my mind and heart.

I’m praying to You, Heavenly Father, to give me peace. Work is making me more and more agitated, and I can no longer manage it on my own. Please get rid of anything that is making me tense or anxious. Please direct my steps and help my adversaries accept me. Father in heaven, rule over my workplace and all I touch.

Lord, I ask that You use these chances of tension and anxiety as tools for development and trust. Father, I believe that things will work out for my good even when there are no apparent solutions. I chose to concentrate solely on You because You’ve helped me in the past. I trust that You’ll bring me back to tranquility and fill me with unfathomable joy.

Please, Father, make it clear to me that You are greater than any problems I may be experiencing. Assure me that You are capable of handling all of my issues. I come to You today, Lord, with all my issues. My only concern is getting rid of my troubles, which is all I can think of. I am aware, though. What I cannot see, you do. Thus, I give myself up to Your will.

Christian Prayers about Workplace

Pray about work. 

Dear Lord, I appreciate you giving me this opportunity. I promise to be there for you today. Jesus, I want you to walk with me during this day. May I do all I am asked to do in the best possible way; guide me to always act and speak with integrity. Please show me how to address the difficulties I encounter. In Jesus’ glory, Amen.

Lord, grant me the ability to make a difference in the hearts of my colleagues. Ensure that I am able to inspire others and make my coworkers happy. Give me wisdom to recognize the requirements of the people I meet today. Please provide me the skills I need to function well in a team environment. I’m going to try my best to act in a way that promotes harmony and helps others. Through Jesus Christ, Amen.

Dear God, please assist me to always keep in mind that you are in charge. Remind me, Jesus, that I can accomplish all tasks through you and that you will give me the power and knowledge I need to adjust when I’m feeling nervous about all the changes taking place at work. Allow me to be adaptable. Guide me to perceive change as a chance to develop my attitude and the abilities you have given me. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Dear Father, your words tell us that if we desire wisdom, we may seek you for it and you will grant it to us. To help me navigate a difficult situation at work, I’m going to ask for guidance today. Tell me how to get through this situation. Show me the path I should go, please. I want you to bless me with your unfathomable serenity. As I carry out my responsibilities, I rely on your goodness all through the day. In Your name, Amen.

Dear God, I offer you this working day. My employers, colleagues, and I appreciate you for this employment. You are welcome to join me today, Jesus. May I diligently, patiently, and to the highest level possible carry out each assignment. May I act honorably and express myself clearly. May I recognize my position and goal so that I can participate honorably. Please enable me to approach each issue with knowledge. Lord, please use me and your power today. Amen.

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All-powerful God, give me the blessing of success in my work. Please make it possible for me to give it the serious consideration and stern focus necessary for success. To prevent me from ruining its magnificence, keep an eye on me and control what I do. Let me learn how to give it my all while remaining respectful of the effort required to finish it. Make sure that I perform each task you assign me well and that my life is successful. Allow me to succeed while giving me the benefit of your support and direction. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for making it possible for us to arrive at work on yet another lovely day. For myself and my coworkers, I thank you. Jesus, enlist our cooperation. Help us to put the bigger good, the growth of this company, before the greater good of comparison and competitiveness. As we learn to coexist peacefully, let this workplace be enjoyable. I ask in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Catholic Prayers about Workplace Stress

Lord, I’m having some difficulties at work. Please help me win the trust of my employer and my coworkers. I rely on your assurance that no tool created to harm me would be successful. I appreciate you telling me knowing that you are with me, this will all work out for my benefit and your glory. Please assist me in succeeding in this position you have given me. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Father in heaven, I appreciate that You gave me this position. Although I think it’s a wonderful gift from You, Lord, You are aware of the stress my job causes me. Because of the expectations and duties placed upon me, I occasionally feel like giving up. Therefore, kindly support me and bless all of my efforts so that I might succeed in my work. Please give me Your compassion, which will be enough to see me through even the most trying situations at my place of employment. You are the one who always calms me down when I am in trouble, yet I believe You will do it. I praise You completely! In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Father in heaven, I’ve let the pressure at work get over me and now I’m exhausted, irate, irritated, and miserable. Please give me the faith to believe that you are the God of calm and not uncertainty or tension. When I am under stress at work, please assist me to keep my gaze fixed on you. Also, please guide me to be a beacon in my workplace rather than a negative, stressed-out person. I appreciate your love and your ability to make me at rest. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please surround me with the Holy Spirit; come embrace me tight. Guide my thoughts and assuage my concerns by encircling my mind with your truth. Lord, help me to control my emotions so that I won’t be overpowered by anger. Keep my soul alive by giving me hope for the future and a vision for the future. I require your assistance. Amen.

Thank you for being here with me, Father. I’m here to tell you about the problems I’m having with my management. I present to you the pressures I am aware of as well as the stress it causes me. At this time, kindly bestow upon me much wisdom, courage, and grace. Guide me to treat my supervisor with respect while simultaneously preventing abuse. Give me discernment as I attempt to bargain, to hold my ground, and to continue to be courteous of my coworkers. I’ve decided to rely on you right now, Lord, since you give me courage and grace. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I concede that the weight of the responsibility I have at work is too much to raise and bear on a daily basis. Please come, remove this burden from me, alter the situation, and relieve my mind and heart of the stress it brings. Give me the knowledge I need to handle this concern wisely or to let it go. As my Lord, my Savior, my solace, and my buddy, I turn to you. You are with me, I am certain. I don’t have to be afraid since I’m not alone. Amen.

I turn to You, Dear Lord, seeking tranquility of mind. At work, I’m under a lot of pressure. I am continuously concerned with missing deadlines and not handling the daily things I have to perform well. I have a ton of work to do, both now and in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Oh, my heavenly Father, calm my mind. Please enable me to avoid concentrating on the challenges I face. Help me sleep properly so I can manage my time more effectively. Lord, please remember me to set aside enough time so that I can offer You all the credit and acclaim You deserve.

Prayers for a Stress Free Job

I pray to you today, oh God, praying for guidance with my stress at work and other stressful circumstances. I am aware that you are concerned about every element of my life and want me to have a job that will support my family and me. Regarding potential stressful conditions at my place of employment, I humbly need your wisdom and discernment. In the name of Jesus, I humbly ask.

Lord, I recognize that my career, my destiny, and my time are all in Your hands, and I beg You to spare me from any needless stress or fear about being laid off or having a heavier workload. I surrender all of my tension to You, Father. I put all of my faith and confidence in You because You have offered to meet all of my needs in accordance with Your glorious riches. Praise Your holy name, Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to remember to put tomorrow’s problems in Your hands rather than trying to handle everything on my own. Assist me to surrender to You every concern, issue, stress, and thought the moment they arise in my head because You have vowed to bear our load and quiet our racing thoughts. I ask this in Your name.

Dear Heavenly Father, please pardon me for always putting off submitting to You the burdens of daily life. Even though I am aware that my faith is in You and that You have offered to bear all of my pressures and troubles, there are moments when I clearly don’t know where to go and who to turn to. Lord, please help me to simply bring all of my problems to You as soon as they arise. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Oh Heavenly Father, calm my anxiety. Please assist me in keeping my attention off the challenges I face. Don’t let me worry or be terrified of anything in the future. Lord, please remind me that I may be at peace knowing that You are in command of anything and everything, even my future. Please aid me in my rest and improve time management. Lord, please most of all remind me to set aside some time to give You the glory and acclaim You so richly deserve, Amen.

Dear God, I can’t help but feel as though I am caught in quicksand each day. Lord, soothe me and make me go more slowly. Despite all the issues I confront, I ask that You will grant me Your enduring serenity. Please make it clear to me that You are greater than any problems I may be experiencing. Enlighten me that You are stronger than all of my issues. Lord, I offer all of my issues to You today. I entrust my life in Your hands because I trust You, almighty Father. Please grant me serenity of mind and heart, Amen.

I am aware that You are in charge of everything, and nothing eludes Your attention. You have provided me with all I need to combat any attempt to rob me of my happiness and peace. When the responsibilities of daily life try to drag me down, Lord, I rely on Your promises and turn to You. Lord, please grant me rest so that I can carry the burden of my labor. I ask the Lord to use these possible sources of stress and anxiety as tools for development and faith. I have faith that You will bring me delight that is incomparable to anything else.

Prayers to Relieve Stress

I beseech you, my loving God, to give me tranquility and to quiet my anxious spirit. Like a choppy sea, that is my soul. I keep stumbling and fretting because I can’t seem to get my footing. As I discover my mission and follow the route you have set for me, provide me the fortitude and mental clarity I need. I believe in your compassion and that you will help me overcome this tension. In a similar way to how the light rises every day against the gloom of darkness. Give me the light of God’s understanding, lord. I ask in the mighty name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us life and we applaud you for the abundance of kindness and grace we have experienced. Even though we aren’t really that faithful to you, we appreciate your loyalty. Lord Jesus, we pray that you grant us inner, outer, mental, physical, and spiritual peace. We ask that you heal us and take away all the things that are giving us anxiety, sadness, and sorrow. Please direct us on our life’s journey and establish peace with our adversaries. Our family, workplace, enterprises, and everything else we touch should be free from conflict. When we go and come back, let your peace-bringing angels go in front of us and remain by our sides. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please grant me Your serenity, O Lord. I’m concerned and tense. I can’t stop thinking about my troubles when my mind wanders and becomes fixated. I feel depressed more and more as I think about them. Regardless of what issue I am facing, Lord, You are greater and more mighty than this. I put myself in Your hands because I have faith in Your love and wisdom. Please grant me peace of mind. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Lord, it’s possible that at some point today, somebody will test my patience, misinterpret my intentions, aggravate me, question my good intentions, press my buttons, or criticize me harshly. Give me the grace I’ll need in these situations to react with tolerance, to believe and appreciate, to reach out in kindness, to be fair and just in all my words and actions. I realize it is a real stretch, but Lord, I need your assistance in order to treat others as I would like to be treated. Amen.

Help us to pursue, God, who is greater than anything we can possibly imagine. As you would do, help us to pursue that instead of doing everything we could. Take away from us the desire to succeed and let us surrender to the p