Are you giving someone their last performance review before heading into retirement? This is a unique situation, but not unheard of considering each day in the United States roughly 10,000 people turn 65 years and brings many works close to the age of retirement. If you’re a manager for any significant length of time, you’ll need to write a final performance review for someone.

Some managers will argue that the last performance review is a check-the-box type of activity with the goal of getting through the process as fast as possible. But this also an opportunity to solicit candid feedback you can’t expect from any other current employee that can be used to improve a business.

Exceeds Expectations Sample 

23+ Performance Review Examples for Retiring Employees.

Performance Review for Retiring Employees.

Here are some sample feedback phrases you can use to describe an employee who has given it their all, not only during the last year but an entire career.

We are grateful for the dedication and excellence [Employee Name] has shown and wish them a retirement filled with the same joy and success they have brought to our workplace.

[Employee Name] has consistently exceeded our expectations, not only in this final year but throughout an illustrious career spanning over a decade. Their sales acumen, deep understanding of customer needs, and unparalleled negotiation skills have significantly contributed to our company’s growth and success.

[Employee Name]’s ability to mentor junior sales staff and foster a team environment has been invaluable. As [Employee Name] approaches retirement, we reflect on a track record replete with impressive sales figures and a legacy of relationships built on trust and respect.

Throughout [Employee Name]’s tenure as Produce Manager, they have brought an exceptional level of expertise and care to our produce department. Their commitment to quality, eye for detail, and innovative merchandising strategies have not only increased sales but also enhanced our customers’ shopping experience.

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[Employee Name] has been instrumental in establishing our store’s reputation for having the freshest and most diverse selection of produce. As they prepare for retirement, we celebrate [Employee Name]’s outstanding contributions and the high standards they set, which will continue to inspire our team for years to come.

[Employee Name]’s ability to manage staff, maintain high customer service standards, and oversee smooth restaurant operations has been exemplary. As they approach retirement, we recognize the indelible mark [Employee Name] has made on our restaurant’s legacy and extend our deepest gratitude for their years of exceptional service.

[Employee Name] has been a paragon of professionalism and reliability in our accounting department. Their meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive understanding of financial regulations, and proactive approach to fiscal challenges have safeguarded our company’s financial integrity for more than two decades.

[Employee Name] has not only excelled in their role but has also been a mentor to many, sharing their knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. As [Employee Name] transitions into retirement, we celebrate their remarkable career and the enduring impact of their work on our financial health and team morale.

[Employee Name] has been a pillar of strength and reliability on our construction sites. Their expertise and dedication to craftsmanship have been evident in every project they’ve touched. [Employee Name] has consistently exceeded safety and productivity standards, setting a commendable example for the entire crew. As [Employee Name] prepares for retirement, we honor their exceptional contributions and the lasting legacy they leave behind in the structures they’ve helped build and the team they’ve helped shape.

Your performance throughout your career has been a beacon of excellence, and your retirement is a well-deserved chapter in your journey.

Beacon of excellence.

Met Expectations Samples

For employees who have continued to show up on-time and get work done, here are some performance feedback sample phrases heading into retirement.

[Employee Name] has been a steadfast member of our facilities team, consistently meeting the expectations set forth for their role. The diligence in maintaining our physical workspace has ensured a safe and functional environment for all employees. [Employee Name]’s punctuality, adherence to protocols, and ability to manage routine maintenance tasks have been a dependable force in our daily operations. As they approach retirement, we acknowledge [Employee Name]’s years of service and the stable foundation they’ve provided through their work.

[Employee Name] has reliably fulfilled the responsibilities of their customer service role, meeting our company’s standards for client interaction and support. Their consistent performance in addressing customer inquiries and maintaining satisfactory service levels has contributed positively to our team’s efforts.

[Employee Name]’s understanding of our products and ability to communicate effectively with clients have been valuable assets. As retirement nears, we appreciate [Employee Name]’s commitment to their role and the courteous service they’ve provided to our clientele.

[Employee Name] has capably met the demands of their position as a machine operator, maintaining steady productivity and adherence to safety guidelines. Their operational knowledge and attention to detail have ensured smooth production runs and minimal downtime.

[Employee Name] has been a reliable component of our manufacturing process, demonstrating a solid work ethic and competence in their duties. As they transition into retirement, we recognize [Employee Name]’s contributions to our manufacturing success and thank them for their years of dedicated service.

[Employee Name] has consistently met the expectations of their role in the accounts payable department. Their accuracy in processing invoices and managing payments has kept our financial operations on track. [Employee Name]’s methodical approach to their workload and adherence to accounting principles have been key in maintaining our vendor relationships and financial accuracy. As [Employee Name] prepares for retirement, we commend their dependable performance and wish them a future of relaxation and enjoyment.

[Employee Name] has been a reliable and steadfast presence behind the wheel, meeting all the expectations of a professional bus driver with commendable dedication. Their commitment to safety, punctuality, and passenger comfort has been unwavering, ensuring that our service standards are consistently met.

[Employee Name]’s ability to navigate routes efficiently, coupled with their courteous interaction with passengers, has made them a valued member of our transportation team. As [Employee Name] approaches retirement, we extend our gratitude for the years of safe journeys they’ve provided to our community and the care they’ve shown to every individual who boarded their bus.

Retirement is not the end of a career.

Did Not Meet Expectations Examples 

The harsh reality is that some employees will decline in performance as they have one foot out the door and are approaching the end of their career. Here’s some blunt feedback that’s appropriate for employee who haven’t given 100% during their final months or years as an employee.

[Employee Name] has brought years of valuable experience to our construction team. However, over the past year, we’ve observed a decline in the fulfillment of the role’s expectations, particularly in project oversight and deadline management.

While [Employee Name]’s historical contributions to our projects are appreciated, there is a noticeable shift in engagement that has impacted team performance. As [Employee Name] transitions into retirement, we encourage reflection on the legacy they wish to leave and the opportunity to realign with the company’s standards in the remaining time.

Throughout their tenure, [Employee Name] has been a key organizational figure in our office. Recently, we have noticed a downturn in the proactive management and efficiency that were once hallmarks of [Employee Name]’s performance.

While understanding that the approach to retirement can shift priorities, maintaining the expected level of professional contribution is essential. We value the years of service [Employee Name] has provided and hope to see a renewed focus on upholding the office’s operational standards as they conclude their career.

[Employee Name] has a long-standing record of managing warehouse operations effectively. In the last year, however, there has been a discernible decrease in the oversight and motivation that we have come to expect. It is important that even in the stages leading up to retirement, [Employee Name] continues to demonstrate the leadership qualities that ensure our warehouse maintains its operational integrity. We are grateful for [Employee Name]’s past service and encourage a re-engagement with the role’s responsibilities for the remainder of their tenure.

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[Employee Name] has been a knowledgeable asset to our accounting department for many years. Nonetheless, this past year has seen a lapse in the meticulous attention to detail and adherence to compliance that are critical in this role. As [Employee Name] nears retirement, we look forward to seeing a return to the high standards of accuracy and diligence that they have previously exemplified, ensuring their professional legacy is consistent with the quality of work they have historically produced.

[Employee Name] has been a familiar face on our routes, providing years of dependable service. In recent months, we’ve observed a decline in adherence to schedules and the level of customer service our passengers have come to expect. We understand that the anticipation of retirement can shift focus, but it remains imperative that [Employee Name] upholds the safety and service standards until their last day. We appreciate [Employee Name]’s long service and encourage them to finish their career on a note that reflects their best years with us.

As you retire, your performance stands as a testament to your dedication and the impact you've made throughout your career.

Your performance stands as a testament to your dedication.

Insightful Self-Review Questions for Retirees 

These questions are designed to prompt thoughtful reflection and provide a platform for retirees to share their wisdom and honest feedback, which can be a goldmine for organizational learning and development.

Self-Review Questions for Retiring Employees:

  • How have you seen the company evolve during your tenure, and what changes have been most significant?
  • What advice would you give to someone just starting in your role, based on your years of experience?
  • Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently in your career here?
  • What legacy or impact do you hope to leave behind?
  • How has the company supported your career development and personal growth?
  • What have you enjoyed most about working here?
  • Are there any goals or projects you wish you could have completed before retiring?

Exit Interview Questions for Retirees: 

  • Can you provide feedback on our products/services? What do you think we do best, and where could we improve?
  • What are your thoughts on the company’s management and leadership styles? Are there any changes you would recommend?
  • How effective do you believe the communication is within the company? Where do you see room for improvement?
  • Did you feel your workload was manageable and fair? How can we better support employees in managing their workloads?
  • What are your thoughts on our employee recognition and reward system?
  • Have you noticed any consistent concerns among employees that you think management should address?
Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living.

Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living.

Forward Looking Questions:

During the exit interview, why not take a moment to break the ice and even get to know the employee a little better before they leave. Here are some questions you can pose to uncover more about the next steps in their life journey.

  • What’s the first thing you plan to do on your very first morning of retirement?
  • Have you picked out a special place for your first retirement vacation?
  • Are there any hobbies you’ve been waiting to pick up once you have more free time?
  • Is there a particular book or movie you’ve been saving for the leisure of retirement days?
  • Do you foresee becoming a morning person or embracing the joy of sleeping in?
  • What’s the most spontaneous thing you’re looking forward to doing that you couldn’t while working?
  • Are there any new skills or crafts you’re excited to learn now that the 9-to-5 won’t be calling?
  • What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for until now?
  • Are there any ‘retirement resolutions’ you’re setting for yourself?

The final performance review before retirement is not merely a formality; it is a crucial juncture that serves to encapsulate an individual’s professional journey as they transition into a new chapter of life. It is an opportunity to reflect on a career’s worth of contributions, lessons learned, and the legacy left behind.

In my opinion this review should be approached with the gravity it deserves, both by management and the retiree, as it sets the tone for the departing employee’s lasting impression and can influence the morale and engagement of remaining staff. Underestimating this significant milestone not only undermines the retiree’s years of service but also misses a vital chance to reinforce the values and standards of the organization, making it clear that every stage of an employee’s career is valued right up to the last day on the job.

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