Understandably, some businesses struggle to provide helpful feedback to remote employees during the annual review process. But giving fair performance reviews for remote employees doesn’t need to be overly complicated. The trick is providing clear feedback about job responsibilities and output you can actually measure.

These sample feedback phrases are written for the estimated 32 million Americans projected to be working remote by 2025. I’ve shared performance review sample phrases you can use for high-performers and slackers alike.

Performance Review Examples for Remote Employees

49+ Performance Review Examples for Remote Employees.

Performance Review for Remote Employees.

Above Expectations 

You have turned the challenge of distance into an opportunity, implementing innovative communication strategies that have improved team cohesion and efficiency.

[Employee Name] has demonstrated exceptional skill in software development. Their recent project not only met the deadline but also included innovative features that enhanced the overall product quality. They are a valuable asset to the team.

[Employee Name] has consistently produced high-quality content with a remarkable ability to engage our target audience. Their creative approach and punctuality in delivering work are commendable.

[Employee Name] has excelled in delivering user-centric designs. Their attention to detail and ability to translate user feedback into actionable design improvements have significantly enhanced our product’s user experience.

[Employee Name] has consistently maintained excellent delivery times while adhering to safety protocols. The exceptional navigation skills and proactive communication have ensured timely deliveries, contributing to client satisfaction.

[Employee Name] has demonstrated outstanding leadership in managing the warehouse team. Their implementation of inventory management techniques has greatly improved warehouse operations and reduced errors.

[Employee Name] has shown exceptional accuracy in inventory tracking and reporting. Their meticulous approach has been instrumental in minimizing discrepancies and optimizing stock levels.

[Employee Name] crafted powerful presentations that resonated with clients, leading to record sales for the company. Their strategic approach and persuasive communication skills significantly contributed to this achievement.

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[Employee Name] implemented innovative operational strategies that improved throughput by 35%. Their ability to streamline processes and enhance productivity has been remarkable, setting a new standard in operational efficiency.

You’ve shown exceptional empathy in understanding user needs, leading to the development of more inclusive and accessible features. Your proactive attitude in seeking feedback and iterating on solutions exemplifies our commitment to equity in technology.

[Employee Name] embraced new design tools and technologies, doubling their design output. Their adaptability and willingness to learn resulted in a significant increase in productivity and creative output.

[Employee Name] identified an adjacent market for our restaurant POS technology, leading to a 20% increase in sales. Their market analysis and strategic thinking were instrumental in tapping into this new revenue stream.

You’ve excelled in creating an inclusive and equitable remote work environment, ensuring all voices are heard and valued. Your empathy-driven management style has enhanced team morale and fostered a culture of mutual respect and support.

[Employee Name] created a new chicken sandwich recipe that became an instant hit, doubling restaurant sales. Their culinary innovation and understanding of consumer preferences have been pivotal in this outstanding success.

The physical distance has in no way diminished your engagement or productivity. In fact, your flexibility in accommodating different time zones has fostered better global collaboration.

Remote work doesn't distance excellence; it redefines it. Performance reviews tell the story.

Remote work redefines excellence.

Meets Expectations 

[Employee Name] has efficiently managed administrative tasks and maintained good communication. However, there is room for improvement in managing scheduling conflicts and handling unexpected situations with more initiative.

[Employee Name] has shown proficiency in their programming tasks but there’s a need for more proactive engagement in team discussions and innovation. They should aim to contribute more creatively to the projects.

[Employee Name] has delivered consistent content but there is a need for more research-depth and more creativity. They are encouraged to explore more dynamic content strategies.

[Employee Name] has been diligent in identifying bugs and issues but needs to improve their reporting skills and provide more detailed feedback to the development team for quicker resolutions.

[Employee Name] has operated the forklift safely and met the required productivity standards. However, there’s potential for them to enhance their skills in space optimization and contribute more towards warehouse organization.

[Employee Name] has been effective in picking and packing orders accurately. However, there is room for improvement in terms of speed and efficiency in fulfilling orders during peak periods.

Remote employees prove that work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

It is something you do, not somewhere you go.

[Employee Name] has competently coordinated distribution activities, but there’s a need for better crisis management skills and more innovative solutions to logistical challenges.

[Employee Name] has successfully managed project timelines and coordinated with remote teams effectively. However, there’s room for improvement in fostering more innovative solutions and encouraging proactive problem-solving within the team.

Distance has not negatively impacted your work; however, more proactive engagement and collaboration with global teams could further enhance your contributions.

[Employee Name] has executed marketing campaigns that align with the company’s goals. However, increasing engagement on social media platforms and using more data-driven strategies could enhance campaign effectiveness.

[Employee Name] has provided accurate data analysis consistently. To further enhance their contribution, a deeper dive into predictive analytics and a more proactive approach to identifying trends could be beneficial.

[Employee Name] has maintained accurate financial records. Improvements could be made by adopting more innovative accounting tools and technologies to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

[Employee Name] has managed employee relations competently. However, there’s an opportunity to improve employee engagement by implementing more innovative remote team-building activities.

[Employee Name] has effectively resolved IT issues. To add more value, focusing on preemptive IT solutions and providing more training to staff on tech matters could reduce the frequency of IT problems.

[Employee Name] has delivered designs that meet requirements. Enhancing creativity by staying updated with the latest design trends and participating more actively in creative brainstorming sessions could elevate the quality of work.

[Employee Name] has handled customer inquiries satisfactorily. Improving response times and developing deeper product knowledge could lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Your management of remote teams has been efficient, but leveraging distance to foster stronger team bonds and inclusive practices could lead to greater achievements.

Although working remotely has not hindered your basic collaboration, more active engagement with cross-functional teams could enrich your design process.

Remote work isn't about being distant; it's about being connected, efficient, and effective.

Remote work is about being connected, efficient, and effective.

Does Not Meet Expectations 

[Employee Name] has struggled to meet deadlines and the quality of design work has not been up to the expected standards. There seems to be a lack of understanding of the latest design trends which is affecting their output.

[Employee Name] has had difficulty in managing project timelines and coordinating team efforts effectively. There is a noticeable lack of leadership in steering projects to successful completion.

[Employee Name] has shown a lack of thoroughness in data analysis, often missing key insights. There is a need for more attention to detail and a better understanding of the data’s implications on business decisions.

[Employee Name] has encountered issues with delivering packages on time and maintaining a professional demeanor with clients. Improving customer service skills and time management is imperative for their role.

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Missing collaborative design sessions and being unresponsive on chat platforms have led to delays and misalignments in the design process.

[Employee Name]’s performance has been dismal. Their inefficiency and error-prone work suggest a lack of focus, possibly due to juggling multiple jobs. This negligence is causing significant disruptions in the supply chain.

[Employee Name]’s unprofessional behavior and frequent late deliveries are unacceptable. Their lack of commitment indicates a disregard for the job and a severe lapse in time management, adversely affecting customer relations.

[Employee Name] has shown a complete lack of control over their team. Their failure to enforce discipline and standards remotely has led to chaos and inefficiency in warehouse operations.

[Employee Name]’s lack of participation in company culture and failure to attend virtual meetings has resulted in mismanagement of inventory. Their isolation has led to a complete disconnect from the team and processes.

[Employee Name]’s lack of ideation and inability to contribute constructively during virtual meetings is stifling innovation. Their detachment from in-person interactions is costing the company valuable creative input and progress.

Remote employees are the embodiment of flexibility and the architects of work-life balance.

Remote employees are flexible.

[Employee Name] has shown a complete lack of leadership and organizational skills. There is evidence of missed deadlines and poor communication, suggesting they are not fully dedicated during work hours. Their inability to manage remote teams effectively has derailed several critical projects.

[Employee Name]’s performance has been shockingly subpar. Their marketing campaigns lack creativity and insight, indicating possible distractions or divided attention due to multiple job commitments. Their absence from team brainstorming sessions has resulted in lackluster and ineffective marketing strategies.

[Employee Name] has consistently failed to deliver accurate data analysis. Their work is often riddled with errors, pointing towards a lack of focus and professionalism. Their disregard for the importance of precision in data-driven decisions is alarming.

[Employee Name]’s performance raises serious concerns. Their financial reports are often late and inaccurate, indicating a failure to work dedicated hours. The lack of professionalism and attention to detail in their work has put the company’s financial integrity at risk.

[Employee Name] has shown a startling disconnection from the team and company culture. Their lack of participation in virtual meetings and team-building activities has created a vacuum in employee relations. Their inability to engage effectively with remote teams is detrimental to company morale.

Regular missed meetings and delayed responses on chat platforms have hindered your ability to integrate effectively with the team and contribute to projects in a timely manner.

Being a reliable and present leader, especially in a remote setting, is imperative. Regular engagement and clear, timely communication with your team are key areas to work on.

How to Measure the Performance of Remote Employees

Each company have their own unique approach when reviewing the performance of remote employees. But common themes when evaluating the performance of a remote employee includes a focus on results or output, regular communication, peer feedback, and the use of digital tools to facilitate the performance review process. These methods ensure that remote employees receive constructive and meaningful feedback essential for their growth and the company’s success.

According to reports, Salesforce has hired more than 30,000 remote employees so they’ve learned a thing or two about evaluating the performance of off-site workers over the years. Here are key ways they evaluate employee performance.

Continuous Check-Ins: Gone are the days of the dreaded annual review at Salesforce. Instead, imagine having a friendly, ongoing chat with your manager about your progress. Regular check-ins replace the traditional once-a-year stress fest, making feedback a constant, digestible, and less intimidating part of work life.

OKRs – The Secret Sauce: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) at Salesforce aren’t just corporate jargon; they’re the core of performance tracking. Remote employees set tangible goals, and their performance is measured against these. It’s like setting checkpoints in a video game – you know exactly where you need to go.

A Pat on the Back from Peers: In the Salesforce universe, feedback doesn’t just come from above. Peer reviews are a big deal, adding a 360-degree view to performance assessments. It’s like getting feedback from your work buddies, making sure all angles are covered.

Wellness Checks: Salesforce understands that a happy employee is a more productive employee. Reviews often touch on work-life balance and overall well-being. It’s not just about hitting targets; it’s about staying sane and healthy while doing so you can complete your work.

Results-Oriented: At the end of the day, Salesforce keeps its eyes on the prize – results. Remote staff are evaluated on what they deliver, ensuring that despite the distance, the goals are met, if not exceeded.

Remember, for remote teams to succeed, clarity of goals isn’t just helpful – it’s vital. Make sure all remote team members understand their goals in advance so they know what objectives to work toward.

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