Finding the right words to describe employee creativity can be tough. After all, creativity can be subjective or not valued at all in certain roles. But if you want to give a well-rounded performance review, it’s important to touch on all aspects of an employee’s work including their creativity. After all, whether you’re a sales person, chef, or manager your work can also be your art.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 52+ performance review phrases about creativity. These phrases can be used to describe both positive and negative aspects of an employee’s work. So whether you’re looking for something to praise or constructive feedback to give, you’re sure to find the right example here.

Performance Review Phrases about Creativity

Positive feedback

Greg has consistently demonstrated a creative approach to problem-solving. His ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions has been an invaluable asset in our team. Greg is able to take abstract ideas and develop them into meaningful projects that benefit the organization as a whole.

evaluating performance

Evaluating creativity and originality at work.

Sasha has consistently demonstrated a creative eye in her work. She is able to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems, utilizing out-of-the-box thinking that leads to great results. Sasha is unafraid to take risks and explore new ideas. One example is when she removed an entire step in our sandwich making workflow.

Mila has consistently displayed an impressive level of creativity in her approach to tasks. She often comes up with solutions that no one else had considered and is unafraid to think outside the box.

Ron consistently demonstrates a high degree of creativity in his work. He regularly comes up with innovative solutions to problems, and his ideas often spark new ways of thinking among colleagues. Ron is able to think outside the box and find unique perspectives when approaching tasks, which helps drive successful outcomes like faster food delivery times and improved customer satisfaction scores.

Brenda has consistently demonstrated her creativity in tackling challenging tasks. She approaches each problem with an original and innovative perspective, often resulting in successful solutions that have exceeded expectations. Brenda’s creative contributions have made a lasting impact on the team and she should be commended for her hard work and dedication.

Joe’s creativity in the kitchen is a tremendous asset. Joe consistently mixes and matches combinations of ingredients to create new appetizers and entrees. Joe’s creative recipes have helped the restaurant appeal to a broader range of customers and attract a younger customer base.

Needs improvement

Lloyd has demonstrated some creativity in his work, but there is still room for improvement. Lloyd needs to take more initiative when it comes to generating new ideas or approaches to projects. He could benefit from brainstorming with team members on a regular basis and taking advantage of the tools, resources, and training available within the company.

Mitchell has demonstrated some creative thinking but is still not fully utilizing his creative potential. He needs to better understand the company’s mission and goals in order to develop more appropriate solutions that are tailored to meet the organization’s objectives. Mitchell should use a broad range of problem-solving strategies, particularly involving lateral thinking, and learn how to think outside the box.

Josh has shown a willingness to take creative risks and try new approaches, although the outcomes have not always been successful. Josh could benefit from improving his creativity by engaging more actively in brainstorming sessions, asking more questions, and gaining a better understanding of the target audience.


Does your workplace value creativity?

Derrick has struggled to incorporate creativity into his work. He is often limited in his approach and does not explore alternative solutions or methods that may be available. Derrick could benefit from exercising more creativity when tackling tasks, such as considering potential solutions outside of the standard approach or brainstorming new ideas to bring fresh perspectives to projects.

Kelly has demonstrated creativity in the past, however, there is still room for improvement. Kelly could benefit from increased self-reflection, as well as experimenting with new ideas and processes to further develop their creativity. Kelly should use any constructive feedback received to help them progress and take initiative to find creative solutions when faced with challenges.

Kyrie has been given the opportunity to demonstrate his creativity but he has not yet met expectations. Kyrie needs to improve in this area to reach his goals and objectives for the team. Kyrie should be encouraged to challenge himself more when it comes to creative problem-solving, brainstorming outside-of-the-box solutions, and pushing boundaries with ideas.

Meets expectations

Janice has consistently met expectations in terms of her creativity. She often introduces new ideas and solutions to the team, resulting in successful projects. Janice is able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Her enthusiasm for brainstorming and coming up with new approaches makes her a valuable asset to the organization.

Richard has consistently demonstrated exemplary creativity in all of his projects. He is able to come up with innovative solutions and think outside the box while keeping within project requirements. Richard’s enthusiasm for