Do you need some professional ways to describe an employee performance in customer service? Here are 101+ performance evaluation phrases that you can use for self evaluations or describing an employees customer service-related soft skills. I’ve even included examples for employees who need improvement, meet expectations, or go above and beyond at work.

Performance Evaluation Phrases about Customer Service

Positive feedback

Eric consistently demonstrates excellent customer service skills. He is proactive in addressing customer needs and provides timely, courteous responses to inquiries. John is highly dependable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied. He is a valuable asset to the team and an exemplary role model for others.

John consistently provides excellent customer service, going above and beyond to ensure that every customer is satisfied. He always strives to create a positive experience for everyone he interacts with. His commitment to providing outstanding customer service is exemplary.

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Diana’s excellent customer service skills are a key factor in creating positive experiences for customers. She consistently displays an eagerness to help, going above and beyond to ensure that their needs are met. Her commitment to excellence makes her a valuable asset to the team.

Sandra’s commitment to excellent customer service has been invaluable to our team and we are grateful for her positive attitude and helpfulness. Her professionalism and enthusiasm make her a great asset in any situation. She is truly committed to delivering exceptional experiences for customers every time.

Gary consistently demonstrates excellent customer service skills and has an unparalleled commitment to providing top-notch assistance. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience for customers. Gary’s ability to resolve issues efficiently and effectively is outstanding. His cheerful attitude and helpful demeanor make him an asset in any customer service situation.

Needs improvement

Mike has difficulty providing satisfactory customer service. He needs to work on his ability to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries or requests from customers. Otherwise, it will impede the quality of service being provided. Additionally, he must demonstrate a strong level of problem-solving and patience when dealing with customers.

Vic requires improvement in his customer service skills, as his interactions with clients have not been up to the expected standards. He should make an effort to be more attentive and responsive when dealing with customers.

Mario needs to improve in providing exceptional customer service. He must demonstrate more patience and empathy when dealing with customers. He should also strive to quickly resolve any issues that arise. Additionally, he should always remain professional and courteous when interacting with customers.

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Louie needs to improve his customer service skills, specifically in regard to responding quickly and accurately to customer inquiries. He must ensure that all customers are treated with respect and that there is an appropriate level of urgency placed on meeting their needs. Furthermore, Louie should strive to provide exceptional customer service by proactively anticipating and responding to customer needs.

Stephen needs to improve his customer service skills, as evidenced by multiple customer complaints. His attitude and demeanor when interacting with customers have been unprofessional and off-putting. He must strive for more professionalism in all future customer interactions.

Meets expectations

Glen possesses a strong commitment to customer service, consistently meeting expectations with excellent performance. He is an asset to the team and a reliable source of support for our customers.

Todd consistently meets customer service expectations, providing an exemplary level of support to clients. His willingness to assist customers with their needs is commendable. He displays a high degree of professionalism and dedication in his work. Todd is a key asset to the team when it comes to customer service excellence.

Dean consistently displays excellent customer service that meets or exceeds expectations. He is attentive and courteous in all interactions with customers, creating a positive experience for them every time. Dean’s ability to build relationships and provide knowledgeable assistance to customers is an asset to the team.

Cassy consistently meets customer service expectations with a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm. She is reliable, courteous, and shows excellent problem-solving skills. She is an asset to the team and an invaluable resource for our customers.

Bernard consistently meets customer service expectations and is a valuable asset to the team. He is reliable, efficient, and professional in his interactions with customers. His commitment to meeting customer needs drives successful outcomes.

Performance Evaluation Phrases about Average Customer Service

Positive feedback

Edwin displays an average level of customer service, taking appropriate action to resolve customer issues in a timely manner. However, there is room for improvement with regard to his customer-facing skills such as communication and problem-solving.

Hannah consistently provides average customer service, demonstrating an acceptable level of customer support. She is also reliable and responsive to customers’ needs.

Lenny demonstrates an average level of customer service, responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner. He displays good interpersonal skills and is capable of working independently. Overall, he provides reliable service to customers.

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Ben consistently provides average customer service, demonstrating a good understanding of the company’s standards and requirements. He is proactive in responding to customer inquiries and resolving problems with efficiency and professionalism. He is a reliable member of the team who never fails to meet expectations.

Trevor demonstrates an average level of customer service, providing satisfactory results. He is capable of responding to inquiries in a timely manner and resolving minor issues on his own. However, improvements are needed when it comes to handling difficult customer situations.

Needs improvement

The customer service provided by Don was average, and areas for improvement are identified. His approach to addressing customer needs could be more proactive. He should be encouraged to take responsibility and initiative when responding to inquiries. Overall, there is room for growth in his customer service skill se