If you manage a team of employees, you know how important it is to give honest feedback whether it’s positive reforming comments, constructive criticism, or something in between. While it can be easy to forget them, don’t overlook contributors who are working hard to achieve shared goals. They need to know what they’re doing right to reinforce behavior.

To help you provide constructive feedback ideas, I’ve provided 57+ sample teamwork comments for performance reviews and self reviews. Whether your team is crushing it or needs a little help getting back on track these feedback examples will come in handy. Let’s get started!

Teamwork Appraisal Examples

57+ Sample Teamwork Appraisal Comments for Performance Reviews.

Teamwork Appraisal for Performance Reviews.

Positive feedback

John consistently demonstrates his ability to work effectively as part of a team. He listens attentively and takes into account the ideas of other team members before proposing solutions. In addition, he is always willing to pitch in when help is needed and provides valuable contributions that further the goals and milestones off the team.

Logan consistently demonstrates an ability to work cooperatively with other members of the team. Logan is willing to listen and take feedback from others and works diligently towards finding solutions that are beneficial for the team as a whole.

Nikki has an unparalleled ability to bring people together, encouraging collaboration among teammates and creating a positive work environment. Nikki’s enthusiasm for building strong relationships with her colleagues is evident through her friendly and inviting attitude.

Robert’s ability to work effectively in a team environment is exceptional. He always takes the initiative to ensure that tasks are completed on time and within budget. Robert has excellent communication skills, making sure his teammates understand their roles and responsibilities while also providing valuable insights into potential solutions. Robert tracks all activities within the internal project manage system so that management has visibility into the status of various activities.

Needs improvement

Cael has made some great contributions to the team, but there is room for improvement. Cael sometimes struggles with communication, which can lead to miscommunications and confusion within the team. Cael also needs to work on his ability to take initiative and be proactive.

Ronda has proven to be unreliable when it comes to meeting team deadlines. She often falls short of completing tasks and fails to communicate this with the rest of the team. Ronda needs to build on her interpersonal skills and develop better communication strategies within the team in order to become a more reliable teammate.

Sue’s teamwork skills could be improved in a few areas. Her communication with team members is often limited and she does not always contribute to collaborative discussions in an effective manner. Sue can also be reluctant to accept criticism from others, which affects her ability to learn from mistakes and grow as a team player.

Greg is a valuable team member and has made positive contributions to our projects, however, there are areas where Greg could benefit from improvement. Greg’s communication skills need some work; he often fails to keep his teammates informed of the progress or issues in his assigned tasks. Additionally, Greg needs to be encouraged to take initiative and be more proactive.

Meets expectations

Julie has been an integral part of the team since joining us two years ago. She consistently provides her expertise to help complete tasks and leads by example with a positive attitude. Julie is always willing to help out with any task that needs to be done, no matter how big or small.

Jose demonstrated strong teamwork skills during this project. He was consistently cooperative, collaborative, and communicative with the rest of the team. Jose was able to communicate his ideas and contribute to constructive discussions effectively.

Shirley has been an invaluable member of our team. She shows a commitment to working collaboratively and is never afraid to take on new tasks. Shirley takes the initiative and works hard to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

Kim has been a reliable and hardworking team member for the past year. She consistently meets expectations and takes initiative to support the team in any way she can. Kim is organized and efficient, always making sure tasks are completed on time with high-quality results.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. - Andrew Carnegie

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.

Collaboration Appraisal Samples

Positive feedback

During Jenny’s time as our bookkeeper, she has consistently demonstrated excellent collaborative skills in the workplace. Jenny is able to work as part of a team, or independently and contribute effectively to any project. Jenny always keeps her colleagues informed of any updates, works hard to ensure everyone is on the same page, and takes an active role in problem-solving.

Tom has been a food server at our establishment for the past year. Tom has proven to be an exemplary employee who is always willing to collaborate with other members of the team. Tom’s ability to effectively listen, provide constructive feedback, and take initiative when needed has helped create a positive working environment and enabled us to tackle challenging tasks together.

Harvey has been a great asset to our fraud staff team over the past year. His excellent communication skills, impressive work ethic, and dedication to the shared goal of successful collaboration have allowed us to produce outstanding results together. Harvey is an exceptional listener and always takes into account different perspectives while working with his peers on complicated tasks.

Jane is an outstanding librarian who has consistently demonstrated a penchant for collaboration. Jane’s collaborative attitude and ability to work effectively with colleagues from different departments have been invaluable in executing multiple projects. She is an excellent communicator and her positive outlook made working with her both enjoyable and productive.

Needs improvement

Stephen is the logistics head of our company. Despite his impressive credentials and qualifications, Stephen’s collaboration skills have been found lacking. While Stephen shows enthusiasm for tasks assigned to him, he fails to proactively engage with other members of the team or respond promptly to new ideas. Stephen often takes a dominant role in meetings, which leaves little room for productive discussions.

Jowen’s collaboration skills need improvement. When working with a team, Jowen tends to be averse to taking initiative and often fails to drive the project forward. Jowen rarely takes on additional responsibilities outside of his daily duties, demonstrating a lack of commitment and ownership. Jowen also struggles to communicate effectively with peers and colleagues.

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Don is a security guard at our facility and he has been performing his job duties to the best of his ability. However, Don lacks collaboration with other staff members. He tends to keep to himself and does not interact with others in a meaningful way. Don also needs to be more proactive when it comes to helping out on projects or tasks that need immediate attention.

Jay, as the site manager, has consistently shown an inability to work collaboratively with his team. He often interrupts when others are speaking and is reluctant to compromise on decisions. Jay’s lack of interpersonal skills has been a source of frustration for many of his colleagues.

Meets expectations

Kevin has consistently displayed an eagerness and enthusiasm for working with other team members, which has been instrumental in ensuring our overall success. Kevin is highly cooperative and willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Archie has been an exemplary staff assistant in our department and a true asset to our team. He has consistently gone above and beyond expectations, always tackling tasks with enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism.

Teamwork makes the dream work. - John C. Maxwell

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Joy has been an exemplary training specialist for our organization. She consistently meets expectations and continually strives to exceed them. Joy is a great collaborator who actively engages with her peers in the company, building relationships that result in improved outcomes for everyone.

Frankie has been an integral part of our financial executive team for the past two years. He is a reliable and dedicated collaborator, always willing to take on new challenges and show initiative in finding solutions to difficult problems.

Cooperation Appraisal Samples

Positive feedback

Tyrone is an excellent radiologist who consistently displays a strong sense of cooperation and teamwork. He actively contributes to developing a collaborative and constructive working environment, which has been extremely beneficial for the team as a whole.

Denise has been a valuable asset to our team as she is always willing to lend her expertise as a secretary. Denise has demonstrated excellent cooperation and communication skills, working with both internal and external colleagues at all levels.

Derrick has proven himself to be an outstanding construction manager. He is a valuable asset to our team, and his cooperation skills are particularly commendable. Derrick consistently puts the needs of the team first, working with other members to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that projects are completed efficiently.

Harry demonstrated an exemplary level of cooperation throughout his tenure as a site supervisor. He consistently worked with other departments and personnel to ensure that all tasks were completed in a timely manner while also maintaining accuracy and precision. Harry was always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter the size or scope of the task.

Needs improvement

Jeck is a bartender at our establishment who has been with us for some time. Although Jeck has developed strong working relationships within the team, there are still areas that require further improvement. Jeck typically needs guidance on new tasks and would benefit from additional coaching to help him reach his full potential.

Raymond, as our social media coordinator, needs to improve his cooperation skills. He has a tendency to take on more than he can handle, leaving important tasks incomplete or unfinished. Raymond should strive to be aware of the workload and prioritize tasks so that necessary commitments are met in a timely manner. Raymond could also benefit from increased communication with his team members.

Manny is an experienced security supervisor, who is highly respected by his colleagues and peers. Manny has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety, accuracy, and efficiency in his role. However, Manny’s cooperation with other departments needs improvement. He can be resistant to change and lack the necessary communication skills to collaborate effectively with other teams.

Jonathan has been a store clerk with our organization for the past three years. During this time, we have observed that Jonathan has not consistently met expectations in regard to cooperation and teamwork. Jonathan often avoids interacting with other staff members and struggles to meet deadlines without reminders from his manager. We believe that Jonathan is capable of achieving greater success if he could communicate properly with his colleagues.

Meets expectations

Tess has been a distribution specialist in our company for over 5 years. During this time Tess has consistently gone above and beyond her role to ensure the successful delivery of our goods despite the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Tess is highly knowledgeable and an invaluable asset to the team, able to provide guidance, advice, and assistance whenever needed.

Erica has been an integral part of the logistics team’s success over the past year. She has consistently surpassed expectations in her role as head of Logistics, exhibiting a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and team cohesion. Erica has developed innovative strategies to improve efficiency throughout the supply chain, while also maintaining excellent interpersonal relationships with customers.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. - Phil Jackson

Let’s go, team!

Deborah has served as our brand associate for the past two years. During her tenure, Deborah has consistently demonstrated exemplary cooperation and collaboration in all aspects of her role. She takes great pride in helping to create a positive work environment that encourages teamwork and effective communication among coworkers.

Sally is an exemplary server crew member and has consistently demonstrated excellence in her work. She shows great initiative and takes on additional tasks without hesitation. Sally always puts customer experience first, going above and beyond to ensure that everyone who visits our establishment is happy with their service.

Team Player Appraisal Samples

Positive feedback

Elsa has been a key contributor as a structural engineer since joining the team. She takes initiative to ensure projects are completed on time and to a high standard. Elsa is a great team player who always works collaboratively with her colleagues, offering her expertise to assist in problem-solving and creating innovative solutions.

Betty is an executive committee assistant that has consistently displayed a positive attitude and eagerness to take on any task. She works well with the team, actively participating in group discussions and offering valuable insights. Betty puts forth tremendous effort in her work, setting a good example for her colleagues, and helping them to stay motivated and productive.

Craig, our statistician, is an invaluable team player. He always encourages collaboration and contributes valuable insights to the team’s discussions. Craig understands how to work with all levels of staff, from senior decision-makers to entry-level colleagues. He listens carefully and communicates effectively, making sure that everyone has a chance to be heard in group conversations.

Paul’s ability to collaborate with team members and other managers is outstanding. He establishes a positive work environment and encourages open discussions on complex topics. Paul has a unique way of providing thoughtful feedback that helps all parties involved reach the best possible solution.

Needs improvement

Christopher has been a factory assistant for the past year and his role includes working with the team to complete various tasks. He is generally a team player but there are certain areas where Christopher could improve in order to become an even more effective team member. Christopher often speaks up during meetings, but he does not follow through on assigned tasks or contribute meaningful solutions.

Jason has been a front desk clerk at our organization for the past two years. During that time, Jason has exhibited some qualities of a team player but could still benefit from improvement in this area. Jason is not always proactive when it comes to helping out his teammates and he often waits to be asked before getting involved with tasks.

Cielo has proved to be a competent carpenter, but there is room for improvement in Cielo’s team player skills. Cielo could benefit from more actively engaging with his teammates on projects and initiatives, as well as taking ownership of tasks assigned to him.

Roxy is a sales representative who has been part of the team for three years. Roxy’s performance in her role as team player has not been up to par. Roxy needs to make an effort to become more involved in collaborative work, with an aim of contributing useful ideas and feedback that can be used by the group.

Meets expectations

Alvin has been an outstanding research analyst for our team. He consistently meets deadlines, takes initiative on projects, and works collaboratively with others. Alvin is a great team player – he listens to others’ ideas, offers helpful feedback, and actively contributes to group discussions. Alvin also effectively communicates progress updates through weekly reports and presentations.

EJ has been a highly valued member of the kitchen staff since joining our team two years ago. EJ consistently meets expectations, with excellent performance and communication skills in the workplace and while working collaboratively with other team members. EJ is an exceptional team player who demonstrates a commitment to achieving goals and goes above and beyond when helping others.

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Drew has proven himself to be an outstanding team player in his role as staff supervisor. He consistently demonstrates excellent communication skills and an ability to foster collaboration between colleagues. Drew is always willing to help others, working well with different personalities to achieve a successful outcome.

Devin is an exemplary team player who has contributed significantly to the landscaping team. He consistently goes out of his way to help others, and can often be found offering advice regarding project-related tasks or lending a hand with difficult tasks. Devin’s enthusiasm for teamwork creates a positive atmosphere that encourages productivity and collaboration.

Self-Review Samples for Performance Evaluation About Teamwork

Positive feedback

I have always worked diligently to ensure that I am contributing to the team in a positive manner. I strive to work collaboratively and cooperatively with my colleagues, often offering insight and suggestions that can help improve the overall effectiveness of our efforts. In addition, I take initiative when needed and follow through on assigned tasks without prompting or reminder.

I have consistently demonstrated strong teamwork abilities in the workplace, both with colleagues and clients. I work well within a team, often taking initiative to drive projects forward while also collaborating closely with other members of the team. In addition, I strive to maintain an amicable working relationship with all members of the team, setting aside personal differences for the betterment of the team.

A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind. - Bill Bethel

A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind.

I enjoy working in teams and have consistently demonstrated my ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues. I am highly organized, work well under pressure, and provide support to other team members by meeting deadlines, helping solve problems, and providing resources when needed. My experience in team-based projects has enabled me to develop strong communication skills.

I have developed strong interpersonal skills which enable me to communicate effectively with a variety of people, both within and outside the team. I collaborate efficiently by offering ideas and suggestions in meetings, while also respecting the opinions of others. I strive to build trust with my colleagues and contribute to projects that benefit the collective whole.

Needs improvement

Teamwork is a critical part of any successful business, but it is not always easy to cultivate. I have identified areas where I need to improve my teamwork skills. These include better communication with team members, more trust between myself and coworkers, and improved collaboration in decision-making.

In terms of teamwork, I believe that there is still improvement to be made. I need to increase my ability to work collaboratively with others and improve my communication skills so as to more effectively contribute to the team’s overall performance. One area in which this could be achieved is by actively listening and responding appropriately when interacting with other team members.

Teamwork is an essential part of any successful organization, and it’s something that I need to work on improving. In the past year, I have not always been as supportive or cooperative with my colleagues as I could be. While there have been occasions where I’ve worked well with others, there have also been times when I have failed to contribute positively to the team.

In terms of teamwork, I believe my performance could be improved. While I am able to collaborate effectively with my teammates on a task-by-task basis, I struggle to engage in more meaningful conversations which can help to build team spirit and strengthen the relationship between members.

Meets expectation

I have consistently demonstrated an ability to work well with others as part of a team. I make sure to listen to the opinions of others and respect their contributions, while also taking initiative where appropriate and working hard to ensure that tasks are completed on time. My communication skills have allowed me to effectively collaborate with my colleagues and manage conflicts within the group.

Teamwork is an important skill in any professional environment, and I have made concerted efforts to ensure that I am a reliable team member. I recognize the importance of collaboration, communication, and cooperation for successful teams and make sure that these values are reflected in my own behavior.

I am proud of my ability to work as a team member. I have consistently demonstrated the ability to collaborate with others while using my skills and expertise to contribute meaningful solutions. I have become well-versed in working within cross-functional teams, offering valuable advice and support to ensure that goals are met.

Overall, I believe that I demonstrated strong teamwork skills this past evaluation period. I was mindful to come to each team collaboration opportunity with a positive attitude and an open mind. My behavior in group settings displayed respect for all members of the team, and my contributions were appropriate and focused on solutions rather than problems.

Why is teamwork such an important skill to develop in the workplace?

How do you evaluate the performance of a team?

Though we all go to work of our own volition and to do tasks assigned to us, working together in a group can produce better and probably faster work. Collaboration improves results when tackling problems, according to research. Having a team behind you increases the likelihood that someone will take a calculated risk that results in innovation. Performing as a team fosters personal development, boosts work satisfaction, and lessens stress.

Collaborating together allows everyone to accomplish more while using less time and energy. Everyone present will be more productive if you can get your staff to work together as a team. Innovative ideas can be implemented more effectively, emphasizing the value of teamwork.

What are some activities that can foster better teamwork?

Working in teams is essential. Whether you’re working in a commercial kitchen or a remote work setting, you still need to be able to communicate with people, express ideas, and work collaboratively to help a business move forward.

Here’s some ways you can encourage more teamwork in the workplace:

1. Sense of community – Your staff will be pleased, fresher, and more engaged, and they will work harder and generate greater outcomes when they feel like they are a part of a community. One way to build community is to build some events that happen outside of work. Another suggestion is to take the team outside the office and help out a nonprofit for a day. These experiences help build memories and deepen relationships.

2. Shared Mission – Your staff might be motivated by a big shared mission that helps other people. For example, maybe your companies mission is to provide 1,000 meals to low income community members. You could contribute a free meal with each sale of a value meal. Stuff like this brings people together around a goal that goes beyond profit.

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3. Team Building Activities – Team building activities such as happy hours, parties, and even retreats can be a good way to foster teamwork among your group. Building relationships among team members, forging enduring bonds, and facilitating greater teamwork and working procedures are all goals of team-building activities or initiatives.

Team-building exercises might take the form of leading games and activities for the group, leading conversations, organizing outings, or just working as a unit. The activity must be created in such a way that it will engage and pull your crew closer together in a positive way.

4. Training On Communication – Practically every organization likewise relies on successful workplace communication. Everyone in the workforce, from front-line workers to management, must strive to hone their ability to communicate in order to decrease conflicts and miscommunications while boosting productivity and encouraging growth. One way to improve team communication would be to require reading of books on the subject, host a training seminar, or bring in an outside consultant to provide training on the subject.

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