For years, my wife used to work various retail jobs. From assistant manager at a women’s store called Charlotte Russ to a shoe sale’s person at the Nordstrom inside of the Mall of America and even in-store marketing inside grocery stores, she’s worked all sorts of retail positions. If you work at a small shop in the mall where staff is made up of high school and college kids, you’re probably paid by the hour. If you work at a higher-end retailer like a jewelry or Nordstrom, your paycheck and annual review will be largely determined by sales.

If you find yourself writing a performance review for someone working in any aspect of retail, I consulted with my wife who spent about 2 decades in the industry to share professional sounding feedback and phrases you can use in an annual or mid-year employee review.

Above and Beyond Expectations Performance Review Samples for Retail Workers

95+ Performance Reviews for Retail Staff.

Performance Reviews for Retail Staff.

  • [Employee Name] has consistently outpaced sales targets, demonstrating a remarkable ability to connect with customers and understand their needs. Their product knowledge and passion for footwear have led to a significant increase in repeat customers, contributing to a 20% rise in department sales this quarter.
  • [Employee Name] has an exceptional talent for styling and an intuitive sense of customer preferences, which has resulted in a 30% uptick in sales. Their innovative approach to personal shopping experiences has not only boosted sales but also enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • [Employee Name] has exceeded our expectations by mastering the art of the sale. Their attention to detail and bespoke fitting advice have seen our suit department’s revenue grow by an impressive 25%. Their dedication to excellence has set a new standard in customer service.
  • [Employee Name] has a wonderful rapport with both young customers and their parents, leading to a remarkable 35% increase in sales. Their ability to create a fun, engaging shopping experience has turned our children’s department into a destination.
  • [Employee Name] has shown extraordinary expertise in jewelry curation and salesmanship, resulting in a 40% sales increase. Their understanding of current trends and timeless styles has made our jewelry counter the most profitable it’s been in years.
  • [Employee Name] has a unique talent for fragrance matching, which has translated into a 50% sales boost. Their personalized approach and extensive product knowledge have made them a standout performer, significantly elevating the department’s success.

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  • [Employee Name] has redefined the customer service experience in our store, providing empathetic and efficient solutions that have led to a 95% satisfaction rate in post-service surveys. Their proactive approach in addressing customer concerns has not only resolved immediate issues but also preemptively streamlined processes to enhance overall customer experience.

[Employee Name] has been instrumental in developing innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with our target audience, resulting in a 30% increase in foot traffic and a 45% boost in online engagement. Their data-driven strategies and creative content creation have significantly raised brand awareness and driven sales across all departments.

  • [Employee Name] has transformed our retail space into a dynamic visual narrative that has significantly increased dwell time and, consequently, sales by 15%. Their innovative displays and intuitive understanding of customer flow have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of our store but also the profitability of our featured products.
  • [Employee Name] has optimized our inventory management, resulting in a 20% reduction in overstock and a marked improvement in stock turnover rates. Their meticulous approach to inventory control has ensured that bestsellers are always available, directly contributing to an uptick in sales.
  • [Employee Name] has excelled in bridging the gap between our physical and online stores, leading to a 25% increase in our e-commerce sales. Their strategies in online merchandising and promotion have captured a broader audience and streamlined the shopping experience for our customers.
  • [Employee Name] has a keen eye for upselling, which has led to a 30% increase in accessory sales. Their ability to pair accessories with core products has not only boosted sales but also enhanced customer satisfaction by providing complete style solutions.
  • [Employee Name] has played a crucial role in reducing shrinkage by 40% through their vigilant and strategic approach to loss prevention. Their efforts have directly contributed to our bottom line and created a more secure shopping environment.
  • [Employee Name] has significantly improved operational efficiency, leading to a 10% cost reduction in store operations. Their leadership in streamlining processes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement has had a profound impact on both employee morale and the store’s financial health.
Working in retail means wearing many hats, from customer service to problem solver to product expert.

Working in retail means wearing many hats.

Meets Expectations Performance Review Samples for Retail Workers

  • [Employee Name] has maintained a consistent level of service at the information desk, providing mall visitors with directions and assistance. While their performance has met our expectations, there is an opportunity for [Employee Name] to engage more proactively with guests to enhance their shopping experience.
  • [Employee Name] has reliably handled transactions and maintained accuracy in their cash handling. They have met the basic requirements of their role; however, encouraging additional customer interaction and upselling could further contribute to department goals.
  • [Employee Name] has a good understanding of our product range and has been helpful to customers seeking advice. To truly excel, we would like to see [Employee Name] take more initiative in learning about customers’ needs to provide personalized recommendations.
  • [Employee Name] has effectively managed their sales area and kept products well-stocked. Meeting sales targets consistently is commendable, yet there is room for growth in developing stronger customer relationships and increasing knowledge of product specifics to boost sales further.

[Employee Name] has shown a satisfactory level of technical knowledge and customer service. Going forward, enhancing their expertise in emerging tech trends and actively engaging with customers could significantly improve sales performance.

  • [Employee Name] has performed adequately in terms of maintaining store presentation and assisting customers. To elevate their contribution, we encourage [Employee Name] to focus on personal styling advice and building customer rapport to increase sales and customer loyalty.
  • [Employee Name] has been dependable in their role, ensuring that aisles are tidy and products are restocked. For further development, [Employee Name] could benefit from more actively participating in merchandising decisions to create compelling product displays.
  • [Employee Name] has consistently performed their duties, from organizing shelves to processing sales. To exceed expectations, [Employee Name] could enhance their performance by offering more engaging book recommendations and organizing store events to attract more customers.
  • [Employee Name] has reliably managed their responsibilities, providing a safe and clean environment for shoppers. To stand out, [Employee Name] could aim to create more interactive and enjoyable shopping experiences for children and parents alike.
  • [Employee Name] has met the basic sales targets and maintained a good level of product knowledge. There is potential for [Employee Name] to excel by offering more personalized beauty consultations and following up with customers for repeat sales.
Retail staff are the face of the company, and every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impression.

Retail staff are the face of the company.

Does Not Meet Expectations Performance Samples for Retail Workers

  • [Employee Name] has struggled to meet the sales benchmarks set for the department this quarter. There have been instances of inventory discrepancies that need to be addressed. Additionally, customer feedback has indicated a need for improvement in engagement and assistance on the sales floor.
  • [Employee Name] has not achieved the expected sales goals and has received comments about inadequate customer interactions. To align with our store’s standards, [Employee Name] will need to focus on proactive customer service and product knowledge enhancement.
  • [Employee Name] has had challenges in managing the jewelry counter, with several instances of inventory loss reported. Customer service has also been an area of concern, with shoppers feeling overlooked. Immediate attention to customer engagement practices and inventory management is required.
  • [Employee Name] has not met the department’s sales targets, and there have been several negative reviews regarding product knowledge and customer engagement. A dedicated effort to improve in these areas will be necessary for future success.

[Employee Name] has fallen short of our expectations in creating a welcoming and engaging environment for our younger customers and their parents. Sales have been below average, and there is a significant opportunity for improvement in customer interaction and enthusiasm.

  • [Employee Name] has not reached the sales performance levels expected in their role. There have also been customer reports of feeling ignored or receiving inadequate advice. Enhanced product training and a more customer-centric approach are needed.
  • [Employee Name] has not effectively translated their product knowledge into sales, and there have been issues with the accuracy of inventory counts. Improving customer engagement and attention to detail in inventory management will be critical moving forward.
  • [Employee Name] has not met the sales expectations for our fragrance line, and customer feedback suggests a lack of attention and service. A renewed focus on customer interaction and product expertise is essential.
  • [Employee Name] has had difficulties with transaction accuracy and speed, leading to longer wait times and customer dissatisfaction. Improvement in efficiency and customer service skills is urgently needed.
  • [Employee Name] has not maintained the organization or efficiency expected in the stockroom. This has led to delays in restocking and inaccuracies in inventory. A more systematic approach and better adherence to protocols are required.
Retail staff are the backbone of the shopping experience, ensuring every customer feels valued.

The backbone of the shopping experience.

Sample Review Phrases for Temporary or Holiday for Retail Workers

Extraordinary Performance:

  • [Employee Name] truly stood out during the holiday rush, displaying exceptional customer service skills and a remarkable ability to learn quickly. Their enthusiasm and dedication contributed significantly to our record-breaking sales season.
  • Despite being a temporary hire, [Employee Name] demonstrated a work ethic and commitment that matched our full-time, seasoned employees. Their proactive approach to stocking and merchandising ensured our busiest days ran smoothly.
  • [Employee Name] was a stellar addition to our team, showing an impressive knack for upselling and building customer rapport. Their positive attitude and energy were contagious, making them a valued team player during the hectic holiday period.

Average Performance:

  • [Employee Name] performed their duties satisfactorily during their time with us. They were reliable and handled the basic requirements of the job well, though there were missed opportunities for upselling and customer engagement.
  • As a seasonal employee, [Employee Name] met the expectations set for their role. They maintained a good presence on the sales floor and were generally helpful to customers, though greater initiative could have been taken during peak times.
  • [Employee Name] was consistent in their performance, providing adequate customer service and maintaining store standards. Moving forward, a more dynamic approach could further enhance their contribution to the team.

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Below Expectations:

  • Unfortunately, [Employee Name] did not take full advantage of the opportunity to excel in their seasonal role. There were several instances of tardiness, and the lack of enthusiasm in customer interactions was noted.
  • [Employee Name]’s performance fell short of what we hope to see in our holiday staff. Sales targets were consistently missed, and there was a noticeable lack of effort in learning product details, which impacted customer service.
  • The holiday season requires a high level of dedication, which [Employee Name] failed to demonstrate. Their inattention to customer needs and poor time management significantly affected their overall performance and team morale.

Working in retail teaches you the art of patience, adaptability, and problem-solving.

Working in retail will teach you many things about working with people.

Retail Employee Review Checklist 

I asked my wife to create an annual performance checklist that was applicable to retail employees based on her experience reviewing employees as an assistant manager. Here are the KPIs my wife provided that can be used to evaluate an employee in this industry.

Sales Performance Checklist

Customer Service Checklist

Marketing and Merchandising Checklist

Operations Checklist

Teamwork and Leadership Checklist

Personal Development Checklist

Overall Performance Checklist

Performance reviews in the retail industry should not just be a formality; they are a critical component in the development and business success of 32 million part and full-time employees. I hope you’ll take advantage of these reviews as an opportunity to develop the skills of your employees.

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