From corporate head-hunting to the fast-paced turnover of the restaurant industry, recruiters stand as the vital bridge between talent and the organizations who need their skills to operate a business. They are the unsung heroes whose keen eye for talent and ability to conduct outreach to find individuals is valued at $4,129 according to this report at Harvard Business Review.

If you need to write a performance review for an internal or external recruiter, I’ve got you covered with glowing feedback for the great ones and subpar commentary for those who fail to meet expectations. I’ve worked with a number of recruiters in my own little publishing business to help recruit designers and tech roles so I’ve got experience in this area. Each of these examples is written in a clear, concise, and occasionally a blunt manner.

Positive Feedback for Recruiters

47+ Concise Performance Review Examples for Recruiters.

Performance Review for Recruiters.

Here’s sample feedback for recruiters in a variety of industry’s that have overdelivered when securing talent.

[Employee Name] has excelled in their role as a tech recruiter, consistently sourcing high-caliber candidates for our most challenging technical positions. Their strategic approach to headhunting led to the successful placement of a full-stack developer who has since pioneered a company-wide API integration, enhancing our product’s functionality. [Employee Name]’s dedication to understanding the nuances of tech roles and the market has resulted in a 50% reduction in time-to-hire for our key tech positions.

In the dynamic world of real estate, [Employee Name] has gone beyond the standard recruiting metrics. They have a keen eye for spotting seasoned professionals, which was evident when they recruited a top-performing agent who secured a record-breaking property sale within their first month. [Employee Name]’s network within the real estate community has not only brought in top talent but also positively impacted our brand’s prestige in the market.

[Employee Name] has been instrumental in building our sales force, demonstrating an exceptional ability to identify and attract top sales talent. An example of their success is the recruitment of a sales manager whose innovative strategies have led to a 30% increase in sales for our flagship product line. [Employee Name]’s proactive engagement with passive candidates has also filled our talent pipeline, ensuring a consistent flow of qualified sales professionals.

[Employee Name] has shown remarkable aptitude in recruiting for the hospitality sector, particularly in sourcing stellar restaurant staff. Their standout achievement was the recruitment of a head chef whose revamped menu has not only received critical acclaim but also significantly boosted our restaurant’s ratings and customer flow. [Employee Name]’s ability to assess and match the right personality and skill set to our restaurant’s culture has led to a noticeable improvement in team cohesion and service delivery.

[Employee Name] has consistently demonstrated exceptional skill and discretion as a senior executive recruiter. A testament to their expertise is the successful placement of a CEO for a global conglomerate, which has since seen a 20% increase in market share under the new leadership. [Employee Name]’s strategic networking and deep understanding of executive needs have resulted in high-caliber placements that align with the strategic direction and culture of the companies they serve.

[Employee Name] has exceeded our expectations in their role as a headhunter for senior HR positions. Their standout accomplishment includes the recruitment of a Senior Director of HR for a Fortune 500 company, who has since implemented a transformative HR strategy that has decreased turnover by 15% and increased employee satisfaction scores. [Employee Name]’s ability to identify and attract individuals who are not only leaders in their field but also a cultural fit has been invaluable.

In the recruitment of VP-level positions, [Employee Name] has gone above and beyond, showcasing an unparalleled ability to understand and fulfill the complex needs of these roles. They have successfully recruited a VP of Operations who has optimized the company’s supply chain, yielding a significant reduction in costs and improvement in efficiency. [Employee Name]’s proactive approach and meticulous vetting process have ensured that our leadership teams are composed of individuals capable of driving our company’s vision forward.

A great recruiter can change a candidate's life. - Kip Wright

A great recruiter can change a candidate’s life. – Kip Wright

Meets Expectations Feedback 

Have a recruiter that meets expectations, but the results haven’t wowed you yet? These performance comments explain that while the recruiter has performed well there are also specific areas of feedback that could be improved on to find even better talent in the future. Of course this feedback is written in a professional way so you can share it in a corporate setting.

[Employee Name] has met the expectations required in their role as a recruiter for healthcare professionals. They have consistently filled nursing positions within the expected time frame, ensuring that our healthcare facilities are adequately staffed. [Employee Name] has maintained a steady flow of qualified nurse candidates, matching the job specifications and requirements. However, there is an opportunity for [Employee Name] to further develop relationships with top-tier talent and reduce the time-to-hire by leveraging more innovative recruiting strategies.

In the recruitment of marketing professionals, [Employee Name] has satisfactorily met the objectives set for the role. They have successfully recruited competent candidates for our marketing department, including a social media specialist who has contributed to a moderate increase in our online engagement. [Employee Name] has a good understanding of the marketing field and has filled vacancies in line with our hiring schedule. Going forward, enhancing the screening process to identify candidates with a proven track record of strategic impact could further elevate [Employee Name]’s recruitment outcomes.

[Employee Name] has fulfilled the responsibilities of recruiting creative talent, meeting the set expectations for the role. They have sourced a variety of candidates for our creative team, including a graphic designer who has met our project needs. [Employee Name] has shown capability in understanding the creative industry’s requirements and has kept up with the hiring demand. To exceed expectations, [Employee Name] could benefit from a more proactive approach in scouting for industry-leading talent and fostering a pipeline of innovative creatives who can bring transformative ideas to the table.

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[Employee Name] has adequately met the goals set for the recruitment of logistics personnel, including forklift drivers. They have filled all open positions within the required timelines, ensuring no disruptions in warehouse operations. [Employee Name] has shown a good grasp of the qualifications needed for these roles. However, there is room to enhance the recruitment process by identifying candidates who can also contribute to process improvements and efficiency gains in our logistics operations.

[Employee Name] has successfully met the objectives associated with hiring customer service professionals. They have maintained a consistent candidate flow, resulting in satisfactory staffing levels at our call centers. [Employee Name] has demonstrated an understanding of the skill set required for customer service roles. To further excel, they could focus on metrics beyond filling positions, such as long-term retention and employee progression within the company.

[Employee Name] has met the standard expectations in recruiting call-center workers. They have effectively managed to staff our call centers with capable individuals who handle customer inquiries adequately. While [Employee Name] has ensured that hires are made within the necessary time frames, there is potential to exceed expectations by developing a more strategic approach to sourcing candidates with higher potential for customer satisfaction and upselling abilities.

Recruiters see potential where others see résumés.

Recruiters see potential.

Does Not Meet Expectations Feedback 

[Employee Name] has unfortunately fallen short of the expectations in their role as a recruiter for delivery truck drivers. Despite a clear demand for drivers, the recruitment pipeline has resembled more of a trickle than a steady stream. The candidates sourced often lacked the necessary licenses, turning our recruitment process into a learner’s permit class. Moving forward, a more thorough vetting process and an actual map to the qualified candidate pool would be beneficial.

[Employee Name]’s performance in recruiting sales professionals has not met the targets set for the quarter. The sales floor has seen more tumbleweeds than new hires, and the few that were hired mistook ‘leads’ for a type of dog leash. A reassessment of [Employee Name]’s approach to identifying candidates with a proven knack for closing, rather than just opening, conversations would be advisable.

In the recruitment of construction workers, [Employee Name] has unfortunately not laid a solid foundation. The turnover rate has been higher than a skyscraper, with new hires seemingly on a swing door rather than at a construction site. For future improvement, focusing on candidates with actual construction experience would be a step in the right direction.

The recruitment of janitorial staff by [Employee Name] has not met the standards of our facilities management team. The candidates presented have often lacked the experience or the skill set required for high-performance in this role. It is crucial for [Employee Name] to implement a more rigorous vetting process to ensure that future hires can uphold our maintenance and cleanliness standards.

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The engineering candidates sourced by [Employee Name] have not consistently possessed the specialized skills necessary for our projects. This has led to a mismatch in job placements and project needs. Going forward, [Employee Name] must enhance the technical screening process to better match candidate capabilities with our engineering demands.

[Employee Name]’s recruitment efforts within the construction sector have not yielded the expected results. The high turnover rate among new hires suggests a misalignment between candidate qualifications and job requirements. A reassessment of the recruitment process and candidate evaluation criteria is recommended to improve retention and ensure the acquisition of skilled labor.

[Employee Name]’s recruitment efforts for the position of cook have not fully met the culinary standards and operational needs of our kitchen. While there has been no shortage of candidates, the proficiency and experience levels have often fallen short of what our dynamic food service environment requires. For instance, several recruits displayed a lack of familiarity with basic culinary techniques and the fast-paced nature of a professional kitchen, leading to longer training periods and a slower kitchen output. To address these challenges, [Employee Name] should focus on a more stringent selection process that includes practical assessments of culinary skills and a better evaluation of candidates’ abilities to thrive in a high-pressure culinary setting.

The best recruiters are like talent magnets, attracting the right people to the right places.

The best recruiters are like talent magnets.

KPI’s for Recruiters to Evaluate Performance 

This checklist covers a comprehensive range of KPIs and areas of focus that can be used to evaluate a recruiter’s performance effectively. It ensures that both quantitative metrics and qualitative aspects of the recruitment process are taken into consideration. Of course, you should always make sure that recruiters understand how performance is being measured in advance of a review.

    • Quality of Hire:
    • Time-to-Fill:
    • Time-to-Start:
    • Candidate Pipeline:
    • Candidate Conversion Rates:
    • Cost Per Hire:
    • Candidate Experience:
    • Recruitment Source Effectiveness:
    • Hiring Manager Satisfaction:
    • Compliance and Due Diligence:

Things to Avoid When Conducting a Performance Review for a Recruiter

A recruiter's role is to align great talent with great opportunities.

Aligning great talent with great opportunities.

I reached out to a few recruiters on LinkedIn to get their perspective on what to avoid when offering feedback to recruiters. For example Chandi Diswani, a recruitment specialist with nearly a decade of experience, says you need to give timely and highly-specific feedback as soon as possible when you start evaluating candidates for roles.

In the past, Diswani has been provided vague feedback on why a set of candidates didn’t work out. If the feedback is not specific, it can be difficult for a recruiter to course correct on the applicants you need.

Here are a few examples of ambiguous feedback. If you’ve ever received feedback like this in the past then you know first-hand how frustrating it can be.

  • “We’ve decided to move forward with a candidate whose qualifications better align with our needs at this time.”
  • “After careful consideration, we didn’t feel there was the right fit for the role.”
  • “We had a very competitive pool of candidates, and unfortunately, we won’t be proceeding with your application.”
  • “Your background is impressive, but we’re looking for a different skill set.”
  • “We appreciate your interest, but we have chosen to go in another direction.”

These types of feedback are often frustrating for candidates and recruiters alike because they do not provide specific reasons or actionable items that the candidate could improve upon for future applications. Here are some better and more specific feedback examples:

During the interview, we were looking for more detailed examples of your leadership experience, such as how you’ve managed team conflicts or motivated team members during challenging projects.

Why this feedback is better: This feedback is constructive as it points out a particular area of the interview that could be improved, offering the candidate insight into how to better prepare and present relevant experiences in future interviews.

We noticed in the group exercise that you were less vocal than other candidates. For this customer-facing role, we’re looking for someone who consistently demonstrates strong communication skills and the ability to engage proactively with a team.

Why it’s better: It pinpoints a specific part of the selection process (the group exercise) and a key competency (communication skills) that the candidate needs to exhibit more strongly.

In addition to provide fast and specific feedback to recruiters there are other common missteps:

  • Avoid Bias: Be aware of personal biases that may affect the assessment. Stick to facts and documented performance metrics.
  • Comparisons: Avoid comparing the recruiter to their colleagues. Focus on the individual’s performance against their own targets and role requirements.
  • Not Listening: A performance review should be a two-way conversation. Give the recruiter a chance to speak and listen to their perspective. They may have ideas on ways you can further refine your job listing and get better results.

By being mindful of these points, you can write a performance review that is fair, helpful, and encourages professional growth of recruiters. It will also get you better results in the form of longer term, reliable, and skilled employees to fill the roles inside your company.

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