The first trip away for any newly married couple is the honeymoon. Sometimes the destination of a honeymoon is around the corner or it might be thousands of miles away on a tropical beach. Either way, the honeymoon is one of the most memorable and treasured trips for a married couple. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time together and celebrate the first official adventure as a married couple.

If someone you work with recently got hitched, don’t forget to send them positive honeymoon wishes. Whether it’s a friend, sister, brother, colleague, or someone close to you, I have the perfect honeymoon wishes for them. You can write any of these messages in cards, a handwritten note, or send in an email. Let’s send them off right.

Happy Honeymoon Wishes

  • Congratulations on your honeymoon! I hope you two are having an incredible time and that it will always bring a smile to your face.
  • Happy honeymoon wishes for both of you. I hope this special occasion will strengthen your bond and make it even stronger!
  • Happy honeymoon wishes for both of you. I hope you’ll be together forever and be happy always!
  • I hope this special time will bring the two of you closer together and make your lives more full than ever before. This is only the first voyage of your journey together.
  • Have a loving and pleasant time together! Wishes you a happy honeymoon! Mr. and Mrs. return safely together!
  • Honeymoon is not simply a holiday but it is the most special holiday to explore yourselves as husband and wife and to understand each other. Happy Honeymoon to you.
  • I heard you’ll be taking a cruise as your first trip as a married couple. Pro tip: Don’t eat too much free soft serve like I did with your mother.
  • Honeymoons are a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy your honeymoon!
  • Don’t forget to place the “Do Not Disturb” placard visibly on your hotel room.
  • I am so happy for you both. I wish your honeymoon becomes the most beautiful memory of your lives! Happy Honeymoon!
  • I hope your new life together becomes the most beautiful holiday of your very own. Enjoy every moment, and keep those romantic memories alive for eternity.

I wish you both to fall in love again and again. You are the cutest couple! Happy honeymoon dear! Make your honeymoon most memorable! Best wishes for both!

  • Let each and every day of your honeymoon be filled with endless romance and passion for each other. Wishing you the most beautiful journey of love. May you live the best moments of your life.
  • May the first vacation of you two as a newly married couple be the most beautiful honeymoon. It is the most beautiful time to know each other, to understand each other! Wishing you days full of warmth and love!
  • May you have the most beautiful honeymoon ever. Make amazing memories to cherish in the future.
  • May your honeymoon be filled with love and adventure. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!
  • The honeymoon is a most special holiday. Wishing your honeymoon becomes the most beautiful holiday of your life! Enjoy your honeymoon!
  • The Honeymoon is just the beginning of love. Enjoy your honeymoon as much as possible! Wishing you a very romantic honeymoon!
  • There will be no vacation like this ever because it is your honeymoon. A lot of best wishes to my favorite couple.
  • Today is going to be your life’s most lovely and marvelous day. I would like to wish you a happy married life. Good happy honeymoon!
  • Use this opportunity of to understand each other. Be happy always and have an amazing honeymoon.

Wishing you a happy and lustrous marriage! May the bond between two people strengthen as they grow old. Happy honeymoon wishes from us all.

  • Wishing you a happy honeymoon. Have a safe honeymoon and safe trip. All the best to both of you!
  • Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. May this honeymoon period be the beginning for many wonderful years together!
  • Wishing you a lifetime of joy. I hope your wedding day was everything that you wanted for yourselves, congratulations!
  • Wishing you love and affection for your first day as husband and wife! I hope this special moment will always be a reminder of how much joy two people can bring each other.
  • Wishing your honeymoon days full of love and warmth. Happy honeymoon!
  • With passion, sunshine, and togetherness, enjoy your honeymoon. Get a honeymoon of blessedness!
  • You don’t need a special place for love. But the thing that you need most is love, care, and togetherness! So, spend the time full of love on your honeymoon. Best wishes for both of you!
  • Your honeymoon is a time to celebrate life with your new spouse and enjoy every moment of it. I hope the most beautiful memories happen while you’re on this special journey, so have an amazing stay!
  • Your Honeymoon will be the most beautiful time for you two to know each other. Enjoy it to the fullest. Best wishes.

Honeymoon Messages for Couples

A couple on the beach.

  • The heavenly ride is soon beginning as husband and wife for you. May you enjoy this period full of romance and love, happiness and joy. Happy Honeymoon to both of you.
  • Dear, beautiful couple, wishing you a full of love, romantic and cheerful honeymoon! Spend special time with your soul mate and must make this time more memorable. Have a great honeymoon!
  • I am sure that this honeymoon will bring joyous memories for years to come. Enjoy every moment together. Happy honeymoon.
  • I hope that your honeymoon will be the happiest time in your lives. I wish for both of you love, happiness and all forms of affection while celebrating this special occasion together as husband and wife!
  • I hope you both have a wonderful time on your honeymoon. I know that God has blessed both of you and made this journey one to remember forever! Enjoy every second.
  • I hope you enjoy your honeymoon! The best way to start a marriage is with love and joy. Your new life together will be filled happiness, so don’t forget to make the most of your honeymoon.
  • I hope your honeymoon will be filled with love and affection for each other. It’s going to give you a chance at living life together like no other moment in time can. Best wishes to this beautiful couple!
  • I know you both want a great time, but I also hope that this will be one of the happiest holidays either of you ever experiences. You are such an amazing couple and my best wishes for happiness come true with yours.
  • I really hope you take this time to enjoy each other’s company. May your honeymoon begin and never end, because it is a wonderful experience.

I want to wish you both a wonderful and romantic honeymoon. Your time together will be filled with love, affection and happiness, that only the best couples can provide one another! All my thoughts are with you.

  • I wish that your honeymoon is the most romantic trip for the both of you and you come back as a lovely, happy couple full of energy and most precious memories.
  • I wish you the most romantic, intimate and loving holiday of your lives. Your honeymoon will be one to remember for all time!
  • I wish your honeymoon will cover you with love and affection for each other. Your honeymoon will be the happiest holiday you will ever enjoy. Best wishes for the world’s best beautiful couple!
  • Love birds are exploring all the latest food, new places, new streets, and catching the moment you will always cherish. Happy honeymoon!

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  • May your honeymoon be a blissful and memorable experience. Enjoy every moment of it with each other! Marrying someone is an incredible joy, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself