Gone are the days when all work and no play are what keep people going. Overwork only leads to lost relationships and longterm health problems. According to a study in the UK, taking regular breaks can boost your performance. This is why more employers are encouraging their people not just to take their lunch breaks on time, but also to take their vacation.

Is your favorite coworker or boss scheduled for a short vacation anytime soon? Send them off with happy vacation wishes for an unforgettable vacation ahead. Here’s a list of 150+ vacation wishes that bosses and colleagues will appreciate.

Happy Vacation Wishes for Bosses

  • To our dear Boss, we wish that you would have a great vacation with your family. Make the most of that precious time with them.
  • Don’t stress boss. We’ve got things covered while you’re out.
  • Boss, don’t worry about work. Take the time off and enjoy each minute of your vacation.
  • Dear Boss, you have been so busy and hardworking these past months so we believe that you are worthy to have a peaceful vacation. Enjoy!
  • Boss: The last time you took vacation time, I was probably still in college. You need a break.
  • Our bodies need time to relax. Maximize your vacation, Boss, and have a great time!
  • Enjoy your vacation to the fullest, Boss.
  • You’ve been sacrificing your happiness for years. Forget about work first and make the most of this vacation.
  • Be happy with your family in your upcoming vacation, Boss.
  • We sincerely hope that you will make wonderful memories on your vacation, our dear Boss!

Boss, we hope and pray that you will reach your destination safely and have a great time there with your wife.

  • Dear Boss, we need you but your kids need you more. Enjoy every minute with them on your overseas vacation.
  • Thank you for being such a good adviser, Boss. Maximize your vacation since we know that you need that much-needed rest (from work).
  • Have a safe & happy vacation with your close friends, Boss.
  • Happy trip, Boss, and make many happy memories!
  • Climb the highest mountain, Boss, and swim the deepest ocean. Enjoy!
  • Have a fun-filled trip to the mountains, Boss! Don’t forget your jacket!
  • This is your much-awaited break! Don’t waste any minute of it, Boss! Have fun and be happy!
  • Boss, we know that you will be so pretty in your swimwear! Lie on the beach. Catch the waves! Watch the sunset! Enjoy peace and tranquility in Boracay!
  • Our dearest Boss, leave your worries behind and make the most of this vacation.
  • Sending you off, Boss, have a safe trip. God bless! 

Leave happy vacation wishes for your colleagues.

Happy Vacation Messages to Colleagues

  • How I wish I could be with you on this Japan trip. Enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery in Kyoto!
  • Have a nice tan and come back with the glow of contentment!
  • Enjoy spring in Korea. Go pick Tangerines & enjoy eating them in Jeju. Be happy!
  • We will surely miss your witty remarks for two months but we are here to wish you a safe and happy vacation with your family.
  • You know that we will be lonely while you’re gone but don’t worry, we will do our best to stay happy. Enjoy your vacation!
  • Make the most of the cold weather in Hongkong! Visit all tourist spots. Make great memories!
  • Meaningful moments are those spent with the ones you treasure the most. I’m sure that you will have so many good memories of this trip.
  • Have a feast with your family in the USA. Stay safe, though!
  • Wishing you all the best in your upcoming vacation.
  • Have a safe trip abroad. Don’t worry about us!
  • Make the most of your road trip with your furbaby. Have good pictures and videos to upload to social media.
  • At last, you will see your son who has been studying in the USA. Have an enjoyable stay there.
  • Wishing that you would be able to maximize your vacation with your parents.
  • The trip of your dreams is about to happen! Make the most of it!
  • From the start of this vacation, relax and enjoy every second.
  • You will at last have your long-delayed honeymoon. Be extremely happy with your hubby!
  • The summer capital of the Philippines is waiting for you with open arms. Have a nice and relaxing vacation in Baguio.
  • May you have a fabulous vacation in Europe! Don’t forget to shop at the night markets!
  • We’ll miss you dearly this Christmas season but we pray that you find happiness and find yourself in your trip to Bali.

Happy Vacation Messages for Her

  • So envious of you, going to Switzerland, my dream vacation destination! So long, farewell, and happy trip!
  • I may not be with you in each moment of this vacation but bear in mind that in spirit, I am present! Enjoy!
  • Make the most of the silence. Listen to the winds and the waves. Enjoy life without the kids.
  • When in the Netherlands, when you see tulips, think of me.
  • Your passion for traveling is so remarkable. May you enjoy every minute of this trip even if I’m not with you.
  • Have a safe trip and one with good memories. Be conscious of your surroundings.
  • Stay healthy as you travel from state to state in the US.
  • Shop till you drop! I will pay for all of your shopping expenses up to $300.

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  • Every night, please call me up before you fall asleep so I would know that you’re safe.
  • Soothe your mind on the beach. Leave your sore muscles behind.
  • Go to all the fabulous places listed on the Thailand website. Explore and enjoy!
  • Life will not be the same without you but I am sure that you will have an enjoyable vacation. Go ahead and fulfill your dream to travel to Europe.
  • Visit all the churches in Spain. Pray for your safety and for us here. Have a fabulous trip.
  • The beaches in Cebu are all waiting for you. Go gather memories and enjoy the sun!
  • Happy holidays! Enjoy being yourself. Be carefree and happy!
  • Enjoy your holiday in Paris! Eat at those glorious cafes. Soak in the beauty of the city. 

Happy Vacation Messages for Him

  • Gain new experiences! Learn to surf! Drink till you drop!
  • Make the most of this trip that you have been planning for a long time.
  • Have a wonderful and memorable vacation even if you’re alone. Hike up to the highest peak!
  • May you have the strength to fulfill all your dreams in this vacation you will have. Don’t worry about us. Just enjoy!
  • As they say, everything is big in Texas, so you are just fit to spend your glorious vacation there! Enjoy it big time! Have big meals!
  • Have unforgettable backpacking, sandboarding, and hiking trip with your friends!
  • May the best person I know have the best vacation ever!
  • After seeing all the wonderful sights in New Zealand, soak in the country’s natural resources. But find time to message me, please, despite your enjoyment!
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of the Vietnamese. Your one-month stay there might turn you into a Vietcong! So lucky to win that free vacation!
  • At last, you’re about to learn how to surf! Make the most of this Siargao trip! Be a professional surfer when you return home.
  • Praying for your safety as you travel to Africa! Don’t let the li