You might think that your boss is only important because they sign off on every paycheck, but you would be surprised by how much more there is to a leader. The boss is often the first one in the office and the last one to leave after all the meetings.

Let your boss know you appreciate all the hard work they do to make sure everything runs smoothly and what an impactful role bosses play in our lives. You can personalize any of these boss day messages and wishes to show your manager some well-deserved appreciation.

Happy Boss Day Wishes

A Great Boss is Hard to Find and Impossible to Forget.

  • All the other managers being complimented today are just being lied to — but not you!
  • As our leader, we all look up to you, and as our mentor, we all learn from you. You inspire us every day. Happy Boss Day!
  • Do you know why you make a really good manager? Because you are a role model first and a boss second. Happy Boss Day!
  • Who’s the bomb boss? You are.
  • You took the time to train me in on the client onboarding software during my early days on the job. Without you I wouldn’t have able to eventually become the employee of the month.
  • For all of your dedication and encouragement, we thank you today. Happy Boss Day!
  • Great jobs start with great bosses. I’m so lucky to be on your team! Happy Boss Day!
  • Happy Boss Day to someone who always knows exactly how to bring out the best in people.
  • I remember the first time we met. We were in the cafeteria during my job interview and you asked about my passions. I never forgot the feeling when you asked me that question. I knew right there you cared about your staff.
  • Have a Happy Boss Day, you deserve it! All of us appreciate your guidance and leadership, thanks for everything!
  • I know I’m your favorite employee, but on Boss Appreciation Day, I wanted you to know that everyone else thinks you like them too.
  • I’m glad I know you and I’m glad I work for you. Enjoy the day because you’re the best boss ever!
  • It seems like every time there’s a problem, you have a solution. You’re a patient problem solving is an example to us all.
  • It’s a pleasure to work with a manager who always brings out the best in people. Happy Boss Day!
  • Leadership is a talent and you’ve got it. You’re a leader who inspires me every day to do my best.
  • Not everybody is lucky enough to have a boss like you, we consider ourselves the luckiest employees ever. Happy Boss Day!
  • One day a year isn’t enough to celebrate your awesomeness. Happy Boss Day!
  • Our Boss: Where problems go to die. Keep up the great work!
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I couldn’t be any happier than working for you. Happy Boss Day!
  • Thanks for all that you do to keep our company growing and moving forward.
  • The best perk of this job is having you as my manager.
  • There is no question that as our leader you bring positivity to the office. Enjoy your special day!
  • To the ringleader of this circus that we call, “Work.” You make the show exciting every day!
  • Today, if you think I’m going to tell you what a great manager you are and how easy it is to work for you. Well, you’d be right. Happy Boss Day!
  • We all think you are a good leader, but you are an even better person and for that, we say, “Let’s eat cake!” Happy Boss Day!
  • We couldn’t ask for a better supervisor. Everything you do for your employees shows that you care and are willing to put in the extra work.
  • We just wanted you to know, we’d be at a loss if you weren’t our boss.
  • Wishing you a Happy Boss’s Day with great appreciation for all the big and little things you do.
  • You are great to work with and I’m so happy to be part of your team! Happy Boss Day!
  • You are that rare combination of someone who can listen to and deal with complaints, but also give perfect compliments. Thank you.
  • You have not only been my boss; you’ve been my mentor through the good and bad times. I couldn’t have made it without you.
  • You set the best example and you give the most support. Thank you for being our manager.
  • You were born to be a leader. We all celebrate your leadership and the great person that you are.

Meaningful Happy Boss Day Messages

  • A heartfelt thank you to my boss, who has been my anchor, my friend, and my pillar of strength through thick and thin. I’d like to wish you a very Happy Boss’s Day.
  • For all of my achievements, I owe it to you to thank you for being my guiding beacon during difficult times. To you, a happy Boss’s Day!
  • For someone as outstanding as you, there should be more than one day dedicated to bosses. You are admired as well as respected. You manage to handle everything and still be there for your employees when they need you. So, today, tomorrow, and every day after that, here’s to you. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • From the very beginning you have been a great mentor and without your presence, the professional journey till now would have been a very difficult one. Thank you for your tremendous patience and support in every little step. The workforce is lucky to have a great leader like you. A very Happy Boss Day to you!
  • Good leaders and good humans are rare these days. You fall under both of them that have a positive impact on everyone in the workplace. Hope this Boss Day you achieve all the success and happiness that you deserve and aim for.
  • Good managers and bosses are very few in numbers. And the workforce is lucky enough to have you as the leader. Without your presence and guidance, the work culture would not have improved. Thank you for everything.
  • Greatness comes with great leaders. We are lucky to have you and work under your guidance. On this important day, we wish you a Happy Boss Day.
  • Happy Boss Day to the boss, who has always been full of life, enthusiasm, support, and inspiration. I am ecstatic and elated to have you as a boss here.
  • I am glad to have a boss like you who treats their employees as their own family members. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Cheers to many more years together. Happy Boss Day!
  • I find myself fortunate to have an understanding and inspiring boss at work. Sending the best boss all the luck and wishes on Boss’s Day!

I hope that every organization is rewarded with a boss like you who understands what it means to make the workplace a second home for everyone. Thank you for being the best. A very Happy Boss Day to you!

  • I never imagined myself as the type of person who looked forward to going to work every day. You’ve surprised me by both challenging and encouraging me in ways I never expected. I will always be guided by the information and tools you have provided, and my gratitude for you will never fade. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • I wish you tremendous success and good fortune on Boss’s Day because you are the most inspirational boss a person could ask for.
  • I would not have been able to progress and thrive in my career if you hadn’t been there. Thank you once again for everything.
  • I’d like to express my gratitude to a fantastic supervisor. Being a great manager takes talent, and you are one of the finest. You’ve inspired us all to work hard and achieve our goals, and I couldn’t be happier to be working for you. You are the only person I would choose to follow as a leader.
  • I’d like to express my gratitude to my boss, who acts as a mentor to me, for all of your help and advice. To you, a happy Boss’s Day!
  • In a chaotic world, you have been the guiding light that everyone looks up to. With your wisdom and knowledge, you have made us capable of achieving the milestones. On this Boss day, I wish you good health, and may you keep climbing the ladder of success wherever you go!
  • Like Ross Geller once said, “Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.” You have been the same for us. A boss like no other who has inspired everyone to become their best. Thank you for all the efforts you have put in. Happy Boss Day, King!
  • On Boss’s Day, I’m extending my warmest wishes to the most special boss ever for helping me learn so many things and progress with each passing day.

On the auspicious occasion of Boss Day, I would like to send all my lucky charms for an amazing boss like you. Happy Boss Day, Boss!

  • On the occasion of Boss Day, I wish you success in all of your endeavors. Warm greetings on Boss Day.
  • On this Boss Day, I pray to God that my boss achieves new heights of success and continues to be an inspiration to me.
  • One day a year isn’t nearly enough to honor you and your outstanding efforts. Thanks for being the perfect boss. Happy Boss Day to you!
  • Overcoming difficult hurdles is not an easy task and guiding everyone with such calmness is even harder. We are lucky to have a leader and a boss like you. Happy Boss Day to you!
  • Thank you for your help and for leading by example. On Boss’s Day, I’m sending you my best wishes because you are truly special.
  • To the boss, who has always been there to guide me, always there to support me, and always there to help me in need.
  • Warm greetings on Boss’s Day to the boss who has encouraged creativity and risk-taking. I am delighted to be a member of your group.
  • We all look up to you as our leader, and we all learn from you as our mentor. Every day, you inspire us. Happy Boss Day to you!
  • Without your leadership our organization would not have achieved the success we are enjoying today. It’s a pleasure to work with you and follow your guidance throughout. Wishing You a Happy Boss’s Day!
  • You were destined to lead. We are all proud of your leadership and who you are as a person. A very Happy Boss Day to you.

Funny Happy Boss Day Messages

Balloons for the boss.

  • “The customer is always right” must’ve been a typo. We all know the real quote is “the boss is always right.” Happy Boss Day!
  • A Boss’s day riddle – What do you call people who work with you? Very, very lucky. Happy boss’s day!
  • A lot of people regard Boss’s Day as an opportunity to get in good with the boss. But I would never try that with anyone as perceptive, brilliant, ingenious, respected, and inspirational as you! Have a good one!
  • Ability is what will get you to the top if the boss has no daughter
  • Bosses are only as good as their employees–Happy boss’s day to one TERRIFIC boss!
  • Congratulations! You’re the first boss I haven’t wanted to punch in the face
  • For boss’s day, we were going to give you what we always give you, but then we thought…You’ll probably like this more than grief! Happy boss’s day.
  • Happy Boss Day! I regret to inform you that everyone will be too busy kissing your butt today to get much work done
  • Happy Boss’s Day from your favorite employee!

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  • Happy boss’s day from all of us – You’re such a hardworking boss…We get tired just watching you.
  • Happy boss’s day to a boss we’d work nights and weekends for…And, if necessary, even days!
  • Happy Boss’s Day to a control freak who probably wishes they could have approved this card.
  • Happy boss’s day to a great boss! When I looked up the word boss in the dictionary…it said: Quit screwing around and get back to work!
  • Happy boss’s day! A moment of work has been observed in your honor.
  • Happy Boss’s Day! In your honor we are all taking the day off!
  • Happy Boss’s Day! To the ring leader of a dysfunctional circus we like to call co-workers.
  • I hope you enjoy Boss’s Day by doing as little work as I do. Have a blast!
  • If you really think that I am going to go on and on about how great of boss you are… then you are absolutely correct!
  • Let’s celebrate Boss’s day by profusely thanking people who make embarrassingly higher salaries than us….Have a great day, Boss!
  • My Boss frequently gets lost in thought. That’s because it’s unfamiliar territory
  • Of all the bosses I’ve had, you’re by far the least horrible. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • Somehow you manage to wade through a ton of B.S. every day and still come out smelling like a rose
  • Sorry you have to work on the holiday honoring your work. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • To the person whose job I never (ever, ever) want. Happy Boss Day!
  • Wanted to wish you a Happy Boss’s Day on Facebook since I know you spend most of your day on here.
  • Well, I wasn’t very productive today as I was picking out your card. Happy Boss Day!
  • Well, they said herding cats would be easier. By now, you’ve learned they were right. Happy Boss Day!
  • Whoever invented National Boss’s Day was probably trying to suck up to their boss. With that said, Happy Boss’s Day to the greatest manager who has ever lived
  • You are living proof that you don’t have to be bossy to be a great boss! Happy Boss Day!
  • You’re the best boss I’ve ever had, and I’m just saying that because I want a raise
  • You’re the best manager I’ve ever had and I’m not saying that because I want a raise. But one would be nice.
  • You’re the first boss I haven’t wanted to push down a flight of stairs. Have a Happy Boss’s Day!

Happy Boss Day Message from All of Us

Boss of the Year Trophy.

  • As a tradeoff for this extra special, wonderfully amazing, straight from the heart Boss’s Day card, the team would like to make one little humble request. Can we have raises, free lunch every day, personalized parking, and 3-day work weeks? Uh, OK. That’s it. See, just a tiny little request. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • Boss, success and happiness are what we wish for you on this day. If you feel like doing something nice in return, you may increase our pay. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • Let’s celebrate this boss’s day by heading to happy hour and putting the drinks and appetizers on the company card. Sound good?
  • Boss..You’re the pilot who helps us fly through monthly targets and appraisals. For that, have a great Boss’s Day!
  • Boss’s Day is about more than just sucking up. It’s about doing the best sucking up of an employee’s life! Happy Boss’s Day!
  • Boss’s Day Wishes for a happy life, a continually progressing career, and peace in knowing that you’re a great person, inside and out.
  • Boss’s Day Wishes to an amazing leader that brings a bit of warmth to our cold office. We really appreciate that!
  • Bosses are supposed to be mean and heartless. How did you turn out so kind and selfless? Happy Boss’s Day!