Workplace stress is one reason employees to either resign, call in sick, or file a leave absence. Employees feel so burned out that they decide to just quit and find a change of scenery, leaving the workplace understaffed on short notice. This is unfortunate, especially in today’s labor market where finding quality staff can be a challenging for restaurants and other food businesses.

Job creators in the service industry are finding it extremely difficult to find and hire staff right now. Restaurants across the United States are open at reduced hours due to lack of staffing resources. There are even signs outside of restaurants stating that you should be kind to the employees that decided to show up and tip well.

Help your staff feel better inside and out. 

One way to make your place of work more appealing from an employee perspective is to offer an employee health and wellness program. These programs are common in the Fortune 500 level companies of America, but can be hard to find among small businesses due to cost. If you’re able to offer one as a restaurant owners, you’ll be able to differentiate your workplace from the competition when brining on new talent.

To better deal with stress in the workplace, a health and wellness program sends a clear message that you care about the holistic health of employees. After all, it’s not just the bottom line that’s important. These programs can include free private sessions with a psychologist to help employees cope with worries and anxieties that they don’t want to share with colleagues, supervisors, or even family members.

If you’re developing one of these employee programs, below are a list of health and wellness name ideas and slogans that will resonate with staff members. Let’s get started.

Employee Health and Wellness Program Name Ideas

The workplace is a source of stress for employees. There are the pending deadlines, client meetings, reports that must be sent, all while trying to manage the demands of home life.

You can promote health and wellness programs at the workplace that teach employees how to manage stress in a positive way. I.e. Not stress eating. Here are some employee health and wellness program name ideas to get your creativity flowing.

  • Wholesome Wellness
  • One Mind One Body
  • The Good Vibes Team
  • We Care Wellness
  • Choosing Health
  • Mind and Body Pampering
  • Vital Energies
  • Healthy Work Vision
  • Team Discovery
  • Welcoming Wellness
  • Wholesome Camaraderie
  • Essential Hours
  • All About The Body
  • Caring Hands
  • Healing Hours
  • Coping with Life
  • All About Wellness
  • Rejuvenating You
  • Working Detox
  • Let’s Feel Better
  • Wellness Welcomed
  • Thriving Minds
  • Peaceful Matters
  • Discovering Wellness
  • Feel Better Plan
  • Stress-Free Work Life

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  • The Natural Way of Things
  • The Healthy Lifestyle
  • Bringing Out The Healthy Vibes
  • Wholesome Minds, Healthy Bodies
  • Choosing You
  • Better Lifestyle Choice
  • Essential Wellness
  • Wellness Hours
  • Peaceful Thinking
  • Quiet Hours
  • The Zen Studio
  • Mind Building
  • Health is Wealth
  • Fitness Powerhouse
  • The Fitness Place
  • Biggest Winners
  • Easy Fitness
  • Sweating It Out
  • Health Here
  • Happy Grind
  • Mental Circle
  • The Fitness Touch
  • Healthy Work Family
  • Fitness Community
  • To Be Free
  • Support System
  • Living Freely

Mental Wellness Program Name Ideas

Keep top chef’s at your restaurant longer.

Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness. Feeling light mentally can give you the drive to work out, eat healthily, and stay positive. Once you’re stressed or anxious, it affects all aspects of health. To help others with anxiety, depression, a wellness program for mental health can help. Here are some mental wellness program name ideas you can use.

  • Healthy Minds
  • Mental Milestones
  • Maintaining Peace
  • Healthy Awareness
  • Healthy Discussions
  • Mental Path
  • Strengthening Mindsets
  • Discussing Worries
  • Positivity Family
  • Better Brain
  • Head Space
  • One Step To Mental Wellness
  • Strengthening Thoughts
  • Rediscovering You
  • Small Victories
  • Mind Relaxation
  • Supporting Thoughts
  • The Understanding Network
  • Project Mental Wellness
  • Words Matter
  • The Mental Plan
  • Embracing Compassion
  • Through The Rain
  • Mending Minds
  • Mindful Living
  • Mental Path
  • Head and Heart
  • Understanding Mentality
  • No Judgment
  • In Touch With Yourself
  • Mental Opportunities
  • Essential Mental Health
  • Supportive Minds
  • Mind Culture
  • Coping Mechanism
  • Mind Unboxing
  • Handling Overthinking
  • Mental Transformation
  • Stress Solutions
  • Sharp Minds
  • 24 Hour Mental Fitness
  • Extraordinary Mentality
  • Mental Workout
  • Our Minds
  • Mental Zone

Funny Wellness Program Names