When it comes to writing performance reviews, it can be difficult to find the right words to accurately describe an employee’s or your own communication skills. But I don’t want you to struggle when writing performance reviews.

In this blog post, I share 59+ sample self-appraisal comments on the important topic of communication. I share a variety examples whether you’re looking for examples that demonstrate excellence or need improvement in oral or email communication.

Self-Appraisal Comments about Oral Communication

Positive feedback

During my time at this company, I’ve developed strong oral communication skills. With help from my mentor, I’ve learned to effectively convey information and collaborate with colleagues both in person and remotely. I am confident in my ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and diplomatically while always considering the audience.

I have consistently demonstrated strong oral communication skills in both group settings and one-on-one conversations. I am confident when speaking, able to articulate my ideas clearly and work well with others to find mutually beneficial solutions. Additionally, I make sure to listen carefully during conversations so that I can better understand the perspectives of those around me.

I am confident in my ability to communicate orally in professional situations or more casual after-work mixers. I have the capacity to articulate my ideas and opinions clearly while being open and respectful of others’ perspectives. My speaking style is engaging and persuasive. I am able to successfully engage with a variety of audiences in different situations.

I worked a lot at being more engaging over the past year. One way I improve my interactions is by asking engaging questions. These open ended questions help me make conversations with almost any client or coworker in the office. I will continue to be focused on improving this aspect of my work.

Needs improvement

I plan to take specific actions to improve my oral communication skills over the next 6 months. I noticed that I have difficulty expressing myself clearly and concisely during meetings, which can lead to confusion in my instructions. To improve, I am taking an online course about communication skills. I intend to apply these lessons to my daily work.

I have identified that I need to improve my oral communication skills based on direct client feedback. Specifically, I need to increase my confidence when speaking in public and ensure that I am providing clear and effective messages. My clients think I am trying to hide something even though this is not my intent. I will join a training program about corporate communication in an effort to improve this skill that is learnable.

How do you rate your communication skills?

I recognize that my oral communication needs improvement, particularly in terms of expressing myself more clearly and confidently. I am actively working on improving this area and making a conscious effort to become a better communicator both in group settings as well as in one-on-one conversations. I believe that with practice, I can make significant progress in this area.

I recognize that I need to improve my oral communication skills. I tend to be too abrupt and direct, and do not always communicate in a professional manner. To help, I am working on using more compassionate language and speaking with greater clarity. Additionally, I am focusing on becoming a better listener so that I can respond appropriately to others.

Meets expectations

I have demonstrated strong oral communication skills in the workplace. I am able to effectively and confidently communicate my ideas, discuss important topics with colleagues, and give presentations when needed. I also take the time to listen and consider others’ points of view to ensure understanding and successful outcomes.

I strive to consistently meet expectations for verbal communication in the workplace. I am capable of expressing myself clearly and confidently, maintaining a professional and respectful manner at all times. I remain open-minded when engaging in conversations with my colleagues and actively seek out opportunities to improve my skills in this area.

I have a strong understanding of effective oral communication techniques, and I am proficient in using them to convey ideas clearly. My presentation style is engaging and professional, which helps me effectively communicate with my audience. I am able to adapt my delivery to the needs of different audiences, allowing me to build relationships and foster understanding.

I believe my oral communication skills are satisfactory and I am able to effectively convey complex information in a clear and concise manner. I am able to actively listen and respond appropriately in conversations, as well as adjust my delivery based on the audience. I also take initiative and ask questions when needed to ensure that all parties involved have an understanding of the conversation.

Self-Appraisal Comments about Email Communication

Positive feedback

I believe that I have a good understanding of email communication. I always ensure that my emails are short and clear, and use appropriate language for the recipient. When responding to emails, I make sure to answer all questions thoroughly and promptly. I proactively take on the responsibility of proposing solutions if an issue arises in our correspondence.

I believe I have developed an effective approach to email communication. I strive to be clear and concise in my emails, using simple language that can be easily understood by the reader. I also ensure that I double-check my work before sending out any emails, paying particular attention to spelling and grammar.

What does your non-verbal communication say?

I believe my email communication skills are competent. I am able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of business settings. I have a strong understanding of proper email etiquette, and I am able to write clear, concise messages that get my point across without any confusion. Additionally, I am adept at using email to build relationships and collaborate with others.

I am confident in my ability to compose and send emails effectively. I take great care to ensure that the content of each email is clear and professional, using a friendly yet businesslike tone when necessary. I make sure to address all requests promptly and courteously and make sure that I follow up on any unanswered emails in a timely manner.

Needs improvement

My email communication needs to improve. I need to be more proactive in managing my inbox, ensuring that emails are responded to promptly and efficiently. To ensure this, I need to set aside dedicated time for responding to emails every day and make sure I am organized with my approach.

I have not been as effective at communicating via email as I could be. I need to improve my clarity of communication and make sure I’m providing all the necessary information to those receiving emails from me. Additionally, I should strive to respond promptly and courteously in order to ensure efficient communication for all parties involved.

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I have not been as disciplined and diligent in my email communication as I should have been. I need to be more mindful of the time it takes to craft emails that are clear, concise, and professional. I will work on improving my email communication skills in the future.

I have identified areas of improvement in my email communication that need attention. I need to be more mindful of the time and effort required to compose thoughtful emails, paying particular attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Additionally, I should work on crafting concise messages instead of including unnecessary details that can lead to confusion or miscommunication.

Meets expectations

I have consistently demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively via email. I take care to craft emails that are concise, clear, and professional in both tone and language. I ensure all important information is included and respond promptly so that deadlines can be met. I am also mindful of the privacy of confidential information when corresponding via email.

I have made a point of ensuring that all my email communication is professional and meets expectations. I strive to be organized, courteous, and concise in my emails in order to facilitate effective communication within the team and with external stakeholders. I also ensure that all emails are timely as this is important for successful collaboration.

I believe my email communication consistently confirms expectations and I am diligent in responding promptly. I strive to ensure my emails are clear and concise, with appropriate language and formatting for easy readability. Furthermore, I remain mindful of the volume of emails sent and make sure that messages are targeted at the relevant recipient(s).

My email correspondences exceed the expectations of both my role and its recipients. I ensure that emails are sent in a timely manner, with clear and direct content. I also strive to make sure emails are professional and courteous. Furthermore, I make it a top priority to swiftly respond to any emails from coworkers, customers, or other stakeholders.

Performance Appraisal Comments About Communication

Positive feedback

Henry has proven himself to be an excellent communicator in his role as data governance lead. He is able to effectively use a variety of methods, such as verbal, written, and digital communication to ensure that all team members are informed and on the same page. Henry is also very responsive and consistently provides timely feedback when needed.

Joseph has been a reliable customer service associate for our team. He consistently demonstrates excellent communication skills, being able to clearly explain processes and answer customer queries in a friendly manner. Joseph’s communication skills have been an invaluable asset to our organization, and he is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Tyrone has demonstrated exemplary communication skills as an operations manager. He is attentive to his colleagues, always listens carefully, and provides concise yet thoughtful feedback. Tyrone has great interpersonal skills and consistently maintains a positive attitude when communicating with others. He is also adept at public speaking and conveys complex ideas clearly both in person or over the phone.

Jackie is a personal shopper who excels at communication. Jackie demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and always listens carefully to customers. Jackie is able to articulate product information in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that customers have all the necessary details they need when making purchasing decisions.

Needs improvement

Roger has a tendency to lack effective communication skills. As a housekeeper, he needs to be able to effectively communicate with guests, other staff members, and management. Roger should work on developing better communication strategies in order to improve his performance.

Mario’s communication skills need improvement. As a delivery driver, Mario must maintain strong communication with customers to ensure that orders are delivered on time and in good condition. Mario has been making avoidable mistakes due to a lack of clear and precise communication when dealing with customer inquiries or complaints. To ensure efficiency, Mario must strive to bolster his communication skills.

Noel is a fleet mechanic who has difficulty communicating with colleagues and customers. He often fails to communicate his ideas and solutions effectively, meaning that misunderstandings occur frequently. Noel needs to improve his communication skills in order to be more effective in the workplace. Furthermore, Noel should take steps to demonstrate better listening and comprehension when interacting with co-workers or customers.

Willie, as a maintenance technician, has shown a lack of clear communication with team members and colleagues in the past. He needs to improve his ability to accurately express ideas and listen attentively during conversations. Willie also needs to work on actively engaging in conversations and responding promptly. He should strive for better clarity in verbal and written communication.

Meets expectations

Leny, the collections team manager, demonstrates effective communication with colleagues and customers. Leny meets expectations by ensuring they understand instructions properly and communicating effectively with them to ensure successful outcomes. Leny’s ability to communicate effectively is an asset to the team.

Roman is an excellent data systems analyst. He has consistently demonstrated great communication skills and meets expectations with respect to effectively conveying information in a clear and precise manner. Roman’s interpersonal skills are also top-notch, making it easy for colleagues to understand his ideas. His performance in this area is noteworthy and highly appreciated.

Rachel, as a customer relations officer, consistently demonstrates excellent communication skills. She is highly capable of conveying information clearly and succinctly to both colleagues and customers alike. Rachel’s level of communication has met the expectations set for her role.

Sandy is an auditor with excellent communication skills. She communicates effectively and in a timely manner, both verbally and in writing. Sandy’s ability to articulate complex ideas makes her an invaluable resource for our team. Her understanding of the importance of communication within our organization helps us achieve our business objectives.

Appraisal Comments about Poor Communication

Positive feedback

Julie, as a front desk supervisor, is showing signs of improvement in her communication skills. She has been receptive to feedback and actively works on bettering herself. Julie displays a genuine desire to learn and strives for success within the team. Moving forward, Julie has the potential to master excellent communication techniques that will enhance her role as front desk supervisor.

Becky is a cashier who shows promise but needs to work on her communication skills. She is eager to learn and responds well to constructive feedback, which can help her develop better customer service practices in the future. Becky has the potential to become an excellent cashier with improved communication skills.

Communication is key at restaurants.

Jason, the shop mechanic, has displayed a lack of communication with customers when it comes to discussing repair services. While this is an area Jason could improve upon, he does demonstrate thorough knowledge and enthusiasm for his work. With some additional guidance on how to communicate effectively with clients, Jason could be a great asset to the team.

Alex has strong potential as a head writer but needs improvement in communication. Alex should strive to clearly and concisely express his thoughts when communicating with colleagues. With the right guidance, Alex can learn to effectively communicate his ideas and create successful projects.

Needs improvement

Terrence is a customer support specialist who needs to improve his communication skills. He often speaks too quickly, interrupts customers, and fails to provide meaningful responses that address their questions or concerns. Terrence must work on honing his communication abilities in order to better serve our customers.​

John’s communication skills need improvement. As a package handler, he needs to clearly communicate with customers and other staff members in order to fulfill his role effectively. John should focus on improving his communication by being more clear and concise when delivering messages. If John can work on this skill, it will help him become an even better package handler.

Jimmy, as a quality assurance specialist, has exhibited poor communication skills in the past. He needs to work on his ability to effectively communicate within the team and with external stakeholders. Jimmy should take proactive steps to improve his communication abilities if he wants to succeed in this role. To further his professional development, Jimmy should take advantage of available training and enrichment programs.

Andrew has displayed poor communication skills while working as a food service worker. Andrew requires improved listening and verbal communication abilities to better understand customer requests and accurately provide the necessary product or service. Andrew needs to take initiative to actively participate in conversations, demonstrate an ability to comprehend instructions, and respond appropriately.

Meets expectations

Bryan has demonstrated an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a clinical research associate but needs to improve his communication skills. Bryan’s ability to convey information clearly and accurately is below expectations. Moving forward, Bryan should focus on developing these skills in order to better serve our team.

Faye, as a senior product manager, has demonstrated satisfactory communication skills in the workplace. Faye remains professional and courteous in her dealings with other colleagues and is able to effectively convey messages across. Faye could improve her communication by being more responsive to emails and quicker in responding to inquiries.

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Ben, our store assistant, has communicated with customers in a professional and courteous manner but needs to improve his communication skills. While he has been able to meet expectations for basic customer service, there is room for improvement when it comes to engaging more deeply with customers and responding to their inquiries. Ben has demonstrated promise in this area and should be given encouragement to continue his efforts.

Archie, as a relationship banker, has shown he has the capacity to address customer inquiries with promptness and courtesy. However, Archie’s communication could be improved in terms of clarity and accuracy. Archie is encouraged to take time in responding to customers and ensure that his responses provide accurate information so that customer needs are met.

Appraisal Comments about Strong Communication

Positive feedback

Eric has demonstrated exceptional communication skills as a recruiting coordinator. He is able to clearly and effectively express himself in written and verbal form, enabling him to engage with both colleagues and clients in an efficient manner. Eric also shows great responsiveness when communicating, quickly responding to emails and queries from his team.

Christian is an excellent communicator, always conveying his ideas clearly and convincingly. He is able to juggle multiple tasks at once, like a skilled bakery mixer creating the perfect cake. Christian listens attentively to others and responds thoughtfully and respectfully. His communication style promotes collaboration and harmony in the workplace.

Marge has demonstrated strong communication skills in her role as desktop support. She is adept at explaining technical issues to non-technical users, allowing them to understand and resolve their own problems. Marge is an excellent communicator and her ability to articulate complex topics makes her an invaluable asset to the organization.

Andy is an excellent transportation supervisor who always displays strong communication skills. Andy has a clear and direct approach to conveying information, making it easy for others to understand his expectations and follow instructions. His ability to articulate complex ideas in simple language is a testament to his exceptional communication abilities. Andy is a valuable asset to any team he works with.

Needs improvement

Tina, as a customer service representative, exhibits strong communication skills; however, there is still room for improvement. Tina should take more initiative in considering how her actions and words will affect customers. Additionally, Tina should be mindful of how she speaks to customers so that their experience with the company remains positive.

Jenny is an administrative assistant who exhibits strong communication skills; however, there is room for improvement. Jenny could benefit from more intentional and effective verbal and written communication techniques. She should focus on considering her audience when delivering messages and seek feedback to ensure the message was delivered clearly. Jenny can improve her communication skills with practice and dedication.

stress restaurant owner

Have you reflected on your communication style at work?

Larry’s operations management skills are strong; however, his communication with colleagues and clients needs improvement. Larry should focus on listening to what others have to say, clearly expressing his own ideas, and finding ways to connect with people on a more personal level. This will help Larry strengthen his communication ability and create a better understanding between himself and those he works with.

Carmen is an excellent lab assistant who has strong communication skills, however, there is room for improvement. Carmen needs to focus on developing her ability to listen and interpret verbal and non-verbal cues from colleagues. Additionally, Carmen should strive to provide constructive feedback when communicating with others. With these efforts, Carmen’s communication would be even stronger.

Meets expectations

Rick, the facility supervisor, exhibited strong communication that consistently met expectations. Rick’s open and responsive communication was essential in ensuring operational success. His timely responses and ability to provide clear direction allowed our team to effectively collaborate and produce outstanding results. Rick is a true asset to our organization due to his excellent communication skills.

Danny is a technologist who communicates effectively and consistently meets expectations. Danny’s strong communication skills have enabled him to collaborate with others and make meaningful contributions. His ability to clearly and concisely express his ideas has helped the team reach its goals. Danny is an asset to any organization, and his communication abilities are invaluable.

Ariel has consistently demonstrated outstanding communication as a systems engineer. Ariel is adept at maintaining clear, effective, and consistent communication with all stakeholders and ensures expectations are met. Ariel’s strong communication skills have been integral to the success of many projects.

Dianne, our logistics assistant, is an exemplary communicator who consistently meets expectations. Her communication style is clear, concise, and effective. Dianne regularly provides timely updates on the status of her tasks, which helps ensure smooth operations within the team. She always takes the time to explain processes and procedures thoroughly, allowing us to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

What actions can you take to improve communication skills at work?

I have good news. Written and oral communication is something that can be improved. Here are a few simple ways to improve this skillset with practice.

Active Listening

One simple strategy individuals can take to improve their communication is to practice active listening. Actively listening means taking the effort to understand the speaker’s point of view, being attentive, and truly considering the content of the conversation. Active listening is an important communication skill that when utilized effectively can have a positive effect on personal and professional relationships.


Don’t stress yourself out. Work to get better.

One key element of active listening is providing verbal feedback in order to demonstrate understanding and acceptance of what is being spoken. It can also involve reflecting on ideas presented in the conversation, questioning information provided, and checking for clarity if needed. This takes a little practice, but is proven to help foster stronger relationships.

Respecting Others Opinions

In addition to active listening, it’s helpful to stay mindful of how one presents their opinion and viewpoints during conversations. Avoid any language that could be perceived as combative or accusatory. When engaging with others, it is important to be mindful of opinions that differ from our own. Our beliefs, values, and experiences shape how we view the world, but it is crucial to remember that not everyone shares that same outlook.

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Employing positive reinforcement through gestures and facial expressions, such as nodding your head or smiling can demonstrate a genuine interest in the conversation, allowing for an effective exchange of ideas without disruption. Engaging with others in any kind of relationship or setting is essential to a successful outcome. Showing genuine interest in someone can go a long way in building a positive connection. Using eye contact, asking relevant questions, and actively listening are simple but effective ways to demonstrate your attentiveness and convey respect.

One tip I have is to record yourself during a Zoom call or during a meeting. It sounds weird but you will get a sense of how your body language appears during a meeting. This will allow you to see how you appear to coworkers and make adjustments. I used to always nod yes in agreement too much and it seemed weird. I didn’t realize this until I tried it myself.

Using Direct Language

Using direct language is an essential skill for any professional. It enables us to communicate our ideas and objectives effectively, without relying on additional explanations. Direct language helps ensure that all messages are clearly understood, by keeping descriptions succinct and avoiding any ambiguity. From communication between colleagues to instructions given to stakeholders, it’s important to keep instructions concise.

Good communication skills are key for any company’s long-term success. Being able to communicate clearly and confidently with coworkers, managers, customers, vendors and other stakeholders is essential. I hope these post gives you some quality examples you can submit for a self appraisal or annual performance review.

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