One of the most important skills for success in today’s workplace is the ability to adapt to change. Whether it’s a new company policy, or AI enhancements coming for your job change being able to adapt and learn can make the difference between being promoted or laid off.

Whether you’re providing feedback to an employee or writing a self-appraisal these sample responses can help you summarize your ability to embrace change and grow in the workplace.

Adapting to Change Self Appraisal Comments

Positive feedback

I am highly adept and adaptable to change. I have a strong track record of proactively responding to changing circumstances and making necessary adjustments, both inside and outside of the workplace. I strive to stay ahead of the curve in order to ensure that my work is always up-to-date and relevant.

I possess the remarkable capability to rapidly adjust and thrive in a changing environment. I am highly motivated to stay ahead of the curve so that I can make the most out of any given situation. I take initiative in learning new skills and processes when necessary, and I’m confident in my ability to adapt without sacrificing quality or performance.

My flexibility allows me to quickly grasp new processes and procedures with ease. I am comfortable with change and I strive to keep up with the latest trends in my field. I remain focused on achieving success even when faced with challenging transitions or alterations. My willingness to stay adaptable and alter my direction has been an invaluable advantage in the pursuit of my professional goals.


What career changes did you experience the past year?

I have become adept at quickly and effectively adapting to change. I am successful in learning new processes, procedures, and concepts while leveraging my existing skills and knowledge to support organizational objectives. My ability to adapt has been beneficial for me as well as the organizations I work with.

I’ve worked a lot on my mindset over the past year. I now understand that change is something that never stops happening. I have eventually learned to embrace change and view it as a learning opportunity. I hope I never stop learning new skills.

Needs improvement

I recognize that change is an inevitable part of professional growth, however, I have struggled to adapt quickly and efficiently to new situations. I am working on developing more flexibility and resilience in order to better handle unexpected changes as they arise. With continued effort, I am confident I can make progress in this area.

While I have demonstrated an ability to adjust to change there is still room for improvement. I am working on developing my insight and flexibility when faced with changes in order to better respond and adapt going forward. With continued effort and practice, I am confident that I can strengthen my ability to manage change effectively.

I have improved my ability to adapt to change over time, but I can still do better. I recognize that the workplace is constantly evolving and am taking steps to increase my flexibility by staying updated on new trends, technologies, and processes. To maximize my potential, I will persistently search for methods to grow and evolve.

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I recognize that adapting to change is an important skill in the modern workplace and I am working hard to improve my ability to adapt quickly and effectively. I have taken steps to become more open-minded and flexible, but I still need practice in recognizing potential changes and responding appropriately. To continue my progress, I am actively pursuing prospects for development and expansion.

I recognize that I need to do a better job of quickly and confidently adapting to change. I am committed to improving my ability to remain organized, focused, and productive when changes occur. I’m taking steps such as reading up on best practices for managing transitions and developing strategies to stay on top of things in rapidly shifting environments.

Meets expectations

I have demonstrated a high level of resilience and adaptability to changes within the work environment. I remain focused on ensuring that expectations are met and that obstacles do not hinder the progress of any project or task. I am comfortable with adapting to new approaches, technologies, and processes as needed.

I have consistently demonstrated the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and expectations. I am able to learn new skills quickly and apply them effectively in different situations. I am also proactive about seeking out new opportunities for learning and development in order to stay ahead of changes in the workplace.

I have been able to quickly and effectively adjust to changing expectations. I am comfortable with accepting new challenges and finding ways to create successful solutions. I take pride in my ability to remain flexible and open-minded, even when the environment is uncertain or rapidly evolving. Grasping the importance of change is vital for any individual’s personal or professional expansion, and I am aware that this concept must be embraced in order to reach new heights.

I’ve continually shown that I can react rapidly and effectively to changes in team dynamics, workplace processes, and industry trends. I embrace change as an opportunity for growth and development, ensuring that I take on new challenges with enthusiasm. I am committed to demonstrating flexibility while keeping expectations in mind.

I have been proactive in adapting to changes, showing resilience and flexibility. I have sought out new opportunities to learn, grown my skill set, and added value to the organization in the process. I am confident that my performance has met expectations and even exceeded them in many areas. By accepting and embracing change, I have been able to stay ahead of the curve and be an innovator in my industry.

Flexibility Appraisal Comments

Positive feedback

Tom showed superior versatility in putting into effect new requests and could modify his itinerary accordingly. He was proactive in identifying potential issues, which enabled him to develop successful strategies that minimized any disruption. Tom’s ability to remain calm while managing complex situations is highly commendable.

Sarah consistently displays a high level of flexibility in her work. She is able to quickly and effectively adjust her plans and approaches to meet the changing needs of the organization. Sarah’s ability to remain flexible has been an asset to the team and has contributed significantly to successful outcomes.

Have you had to learn something new this year?

Ray has consistently demonstrated a high level of flexibility in tackling all tasks assigned to him. He is able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions when presented with challenges. Ray’s open-mindedness and adaptability are invaluable assets for our team.

Linda has demonstrated an impressive degree of flexibility in her work, consistently adapting to changing demands and shifting priorities while maintaining a positive attitude. Her ability to remain flexible even under difficult conditions is greatly appreciated. Linda’s willingness to be flexible is invaluable and she should be commended for it.

Mac has consistently demonstrated an impressive level of flexibility in adapting to changing needs and requirements. Mac is able to quickly analyze situations, assess options, and adjust to accommodate new demands. Mac’s commitment to being flexible makes them a valuable asset to any team or project.

Needs improvement

Dick has not been meeting the requirement of being flexible in his approach to tasks. He needs to acquire the ability to be adaptable and open-minded when presented with new ideas or alternative solutions. Improvements in this area are essential for Dick’s success going forward.

Hermano’s flexibility could be improved. He needs to develop the ability to adjust plans quickly in response to changes in order to ensure that work is completed on time and with quality. Hermano should make sure he can handle any situation, no matter how unexpected or chaotic it may seem.

Vic needs to work on being more flexible, as he has struggled to adapt to changing circumstances in the workplace. Vic would benefit from working on his ability to think quickly and adjust his approach accordingly. Additionally, Vic should consider exploring new methods or techniques that may enable him to be better prepared for changes in the future.

Ann demonstrates a lack of flexibility in her work and needs to make improvements in this area. Ann should strive to be more open to change and new ideas. She could benefit from expanding her skillset and developing the ability to adapt her approach when needed. Ann should also work on becoming more open-minded toward feedback.

Freddie has room to improve when it comes to flexibility. He could benefit from considering alternate solutions or approaches to tasks and projects before beginning work on them. Freddie needs to be more open to feedback and suggestions in order to develop the flexibility needed for success.

Meets expectations

Harry exhibits a great deal of flexibility in his roles and responsibilities, meeting expectations for the position. He is able to adjust quickly to changing situations and demonstrates an eagerness to take on additional tasks where needed. Harry’s flexibility is a valuable asset to the team.

Ken demonstrates excellent flexibility, meeting and often exceeding expectations. He is able to adapt to changing circumstances without difficulty, adjusting his approach as needed. This enables Ken to consistently reach the desired outcomes effectively.

You must be able to adapt to change at work.

Reggie consistently demonstrates excellent flexibility in his job and consistently meets expectations. He always adapts to the ever-changing needs and challenges of the working environment. Reggie is highly reliable and diligent, ensuring tasks are completed on time. Reggie’s flexibility and willingness to learn makes him a valuable asset to any team or organization.

Becky has consistently demonstrated flexibility to meet the changing demands of her role. She is proactive in identifying solutions and is able to adapt quickly to new situations and tasks. Becky’s overall performance in terms of flexibility meets expectations.

Eric regularly demonstrates flexibility, often proactively anticipating and responding to changes in the work environment. Eric surpasses expectations for flexibility with boldness and assurance. He is a valuable asset to the team and can be relied upon to remain resilient even when faced with difficult challenges. Eric’s capacity to adjust quickly and remain calm in demanding situations is an invaluable strength that should not be overlooked.

Flexibility and Adaptability Comments for Employee Reviews

Positive feedback

Sherwin has been a valued team member of our branch since his hire in 2018. He is an excellent and reliable manager who consistent