Caring for reptiles on a daily basis is not everyone’s idea of the perfect pet. But for those that find reptiles cute and cuddly there’s the opportunity to turn this hobby into a thriving business. Reptiles and amphibians are among the most popular animals sold in the billion dollar wild life trade industry. While the pet trade in the United States has relatively few species of reptiles, with around ten major popular species dominating the market, there has been an increase in captive breeding in recent years.

Valued at $495 million US dollars in 2019, the reptile pet and product industry has helped introduce these animals into millions of homes. Younger generations veering away from traditional pets and showing an interest in these non-traditional pets. Generation Z (people born in the mid-1990s – early 2010s) seems to prefer lower maintenance reptiles as pets rather than dogs. This behavior has experts predicting we could see growth in the industry for the next decade. Let’s look at some of the most popular areas of the industry for reptile companies and the best name ideas for your future business.

Lizard Company Name Ideas

Naming your lizard business means being a little creative

Naming your lizard business means being a little creative

A lizard company is a generic style of business that represents many types of reptiles. Squamata reptiles form a major part of the reptile pet industry. If you’re opening up a lizard business, then our tongue-flicking names will give you starting point for further ideation.

  • Bergamore
  • Capitol Gators
  • Cold Blooded
  • Eddie’s Lizards
  • Gizmo’s Geckos
  • Greenfrog
  • Lizard Lovers
  • Rango’s Reptiles
  • Reptil Palace
  • Reptile Bonanza
  • Reptile Heaven
  • Reptilius Rex
  • Rusty’s Reptiles
  • Scales and Tails
  • Scaley Pets
  • Scaley Reptiles
  • Tetra Lizards
  • The Lizard Lounge
  • The Lizard Shed
  • The Lizard Wizard
  • The Reptile House

Turtle Company Name Ideas

Meet pong the pagong, a cute turtle

Meet pong the pagong.

Turtles are a long-popular pet in the United States, though the aquatic turtles have increased in popularity as well. Terrapins, box turtles, sliders; these are all excellent pets, though they do require special attention and maintenance. Turtles can be quality pets and we have dug into the sewers to come up with the best of the turtle brand names we could find among the “nuclear goop”.

  • Apollo Turtles
  • Bluewater Turtles
  • Chasser la Tortue
  • Donatello’s
  • Its Me Shell
  • Kobe’s Turtles
  • Michelle’s Turtles
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Pete’s Pagongs
  • Reign of Terrarium
  • Shelly’s Turtles
  • Snappy’s Turtles
  • Testudines
  • The Flash Turtles
  • The Mock Turtle
  • The Turtle Shell
  • Tortugas
  • Tuhinga Turtles
  • Turtle Trax
  • Yertle the Turtle

Gecko Business Name Ideas

The cutest business in the world, geckos

The cutest business in the world.

Probably the cutest lizards in existence, geckos are found in several locations across the United States. Clinging to any surface with their sticky gecko toes, these beautiful herpetofauna have transformed the reptilian pet market in a short time and become a beloved option for pet owners.

Choosing your gecko business brand name may not be as easy as you think with fewer creating naming options to pick from. But you can almost guarantee that there will be few similar names around as this is a segment of the industry with accelerating growth.

  • Ang Tuko
  • El Geco
  • Gecko a Go-Go
  • Gecko Solutions
  • Gecko Guys
  • iGecko
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Supreme Geckos
  • The Crested Gecko
  • The Gecko
  • Tokay’s Geckos
  • Gecko Chicks

Chameleon Name Ideas

Chameleons can change colors, so keep an eye on yours

Chameleons can change colors to blend with their surroundings.

Any kid that saw the film Rango knows that chameleons can lick their own eyes, though few actually wear hats and carry a gun. Chameleons make amazing pets and while they are high-maintenance, they are a joy to watch and care for. Chameleons can track you from anywhere in the house using their natural camouflage. Here are the best name ideas we came up with in this category.

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  • Chameleon Farm
  • Chameleon Island
  • Chameleon Kingdom
  • Chameleonz
  • Dave’s Chameleons
  • Epic Chameleons
  • Go Green
  • Il Camaleonte
  • Kamelleon
  • O Camaleón

Snake Name Ideas

Snakes make great pets too

Snakes make great pets too.

“Why did it have to be snakes?” Because snakes make great pets too. Snakes are one of the North American reptile pet industry best-sellers from small adders and asps to huge pythons and constrictors. And when it comes to naming your snake business brand, you have as many names to use as there are types of snakes around the world. We like to think that Indian Jones himself would tip his hat to these name suggestions.

  • Great Snakes
  • Hissed!
  • Il Serpiente
  • it has to be Snakes
  • Nathair’s Nest
  • Scales
  • Serpent’s Repent
  • Slither
  • Snake Hips
  • Snake Shed
  • Snake, Rattle & Roll
  • Snakebite
  • Snakemania
  • Snakes Alive
  • Snakes Alive
  • Snakes and Adders
  • Strictly Snakes
  • The Snake Affair
  • The Snake Pit
  • World of Snakes

Breeder Name Ideas

Breeding reptiles is a big concern in the US today

Breeding reptiles.

Legally breeding reptiles in the in the United States is another business that’s grown alongside customer demand for these pets. From snakes and turtles to geckos and iguanas, being a reptile breeder means you will need to have connections to supply the stores both locally and nationally. As a breeder you need to be recognized for the overall care of raising of your reptiles in a safe and healthy environment.

  • Baby Dinosaurz
  • Cirque du Reptilia
  • Cold Comfort
  • Creepy Crawleyz
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Dragonz lair
  • Forked Tongues
  • Lacerta
  • Mandelson’s
  • Moroder Reptiles
  • Pink Scales
  • Reptilia
  • Reptilis
  • Reptobert’s
  • Reptostyle
  • Saura’s
  • Serpent City
  • The Dragon’s Den
  • The Vivarium
  • Urban Jungle

What Should You Name Your Reptile?

Naming your reptile is a personal choice. We recommend choosing a name that matches your personality. It could be funny, clever, have significance to a life experience… Anything goes!

It’s not at all uncommon to stress out about the name of your pet. After all, these companions will be with you for years to come, living in your home. You want something that will be memorable and significant. Here are a few of the most popular sources to draw inspiration:

  • Nicknames: Have a nickname you love? Feel free to give the name to your pet.
  • Reptile species: You can get ideas from the different classes of reptiles here.
  • Rhyming words: Words that rhyme can work well for a creative name. Think wizard lizard, blizzard lizard, or Jake the snake.
  • Descriptive words: Another popular option is to choose names based on the appearance of your pet. The name color shifter could be an option for a chameleon.

Finally, if you’re coming up with a name for your pet, don’t stress out about it and have some fun. What clever name ideas can you think of? Let us know your ideas in the comments section below and we’ll add your comment to the list.

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