With more than 70,000 bars across the United States, there is little doubt that the drinks industry is still booming, despite recent events. And for anyone looking to set up their own business, the mobile bartending business is a growing and low-overhead option.

This is an industry that generates an average annual net worth of around $23 billion dollars according to the research firm Statista. And with those figures only expected to grow, this is a good way to build a business partying.

Mobile bars have been in high demand for some time now and a can be a solid investment for professionals willing to put in hard work and don’t mind working evenings and weekends. If you feel comfortable working at everything from weddings to corporate holiday parties, or on New Year’s Eve, this is might be a good fit. Not only that, but as a sole proprietor the tips can be pretty good too! Here are some of our best ideas for mobile bar or bartender business names we compiled.

Mobile Bartender Company Names

Mobile bartenders go wherever the party takes them

Mobile bartenders go where the party is.

If your business centers on the bartender side of the industry, then you should have a name that sticks out. With more and more mobile bars and bartenders joining the industry, the competition can seem fierce when starting out. One way to get noticed is by finding something that can make your name more memorable.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit edgy or funny in this market. After all, we’re serving drinks, not providing accounting services. Try out these awesome ideas to get the ideas going.

  • Amelie’s Alcohol Angels
  • American Socialites
  • Angels and Kings
  • Atomic Liquor
  • Bar None
  • Black Market Bartenders
  • Hard Water
  • Hazlewood Staffing
  • Howl at the Moon
  • Kings Beer Sellers
  • Le Club Deluxe
  • Lone Palms
  • Lost Weekends
  • Prohibition Bootleggers
  • Rustic Roof
  • The Bar Smiths
  • The Boardroom Boys
  • The Brotherhood
  • The Local Edition
  • The Rum Runners
  • The Underground
  • The Whistlers
  • Bottom’s up Bartenders
  • Bombastic Barmaids
  • Bartender for Hire

Mobile Bar Company Names

A portable or mobile bar does not have to be a big thing to move

A portable bar should be easy to move.

Owning a mobile bar means you can travel to the best gigs, cater to the cream of the crop, and attend music festivals that others have to pay money to attend. Mobile bars can make or break an event and you want to become known for your professionalism and customer service.

You also need to have some way of being remembered as such, so your moniker is will help your reputation in this unique industry. Check out this list of mobile bar company names and choose your business identity.

  • Aero Club Bar
  • Bandits Bar
  • Beaver Bar
  • Clock Bar
  • Conga Bar
  • Fireside Bar
  • Floor 13
  • Forgery Bar
  • Last Call Bar
  • Magic Lounge
  • Oasis Lounge
  • Pi Bar
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Scarlet Lounge
  • Shorty’s
  • Tempest Bar
  • The Crescent Lounge
  • The Dressing Room
  • The Liquor Lounge
  • The Midnight Rambler
  • The Third Rail
  • Twist
  • Rent a Bartender
  • Rent a Barmaid
  • Porta-Bar

Fun Mobile Bartender Name Ideas

Your mobile bartender business name can be as fun as you want it to be

Your mobile bartender business name can be as fun as you want it to be

Who says your name has to be so serious? Since when have drunk people ever been serious? While this is a real business with money on the line, you can still have a little fun with it. A funny name can even make you seem easy to work with.

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This approach can be useful for bartenders that can handle the biggest and wildest events. Here are our best suggestions that fit this theme.

  • Happy Daze
  • Aesop’s Tables
  • Bar of the Gods
  • Bleau Bar
  • Broken Shaker
  • Charming Martini
  • Copper Apple
  • Foxhole
  • Gramps
  • Holy Water
  • Liberty
  • Mecca
  • On the Rocks Bar
  • Ozzie’s
  • Rob Roy
  • The 500 Club
  • The Bitter End
  • The Brewseum
  • The Dirty Rabbit
  • The Hideout
  • Tiki Haven
  • WunderBar
  • The Day Drunk
  • Cold Beer Bartender

Mobile Bartender Slogans

'A pint a day keeps the doctor away' - at least we hope so

‘A pint a day keeps the doctor away’ – at least we hope so.

Slogans are as much an integral part of the bar and alcohol industry. A catchy slogan can give your business a definite edge and even help people remember you. So try one of our catchy slogans out with your brand name and see how it sounds. Many of these slogans would be perfect imprinted on a custom portable bar.

  • On the rocks for a perfect evening
  • A Bar for the beer lover
  • A lighter way to live
  • All you need under one roof
  • Because there’s a thirst, man
  • Because you need time to relax
  • Drink, Relax, Enjoy
  • Drinks for all reasons
  • Feel the New kind of happiness
  • High Quality, Low price
  • Keeping your beer on the move
  • Making life worth living
  • Pull up a stool
  • Putting the customer first
  • Serving you nectar all night
  • Shake off the stress
  • The more you drink the less you worry
  • We know what you need
  • We love to serve you
  • Where beer and spirits collide
  • Where you can be yourself
  • You want it and we got it

Advice for getting started

Your supplier is just one of the things you need to get started

Your supplier is just one partner you’ll need to get started.

Mobile bartending involves taking a portable bar to both indoor and outdoor events to sell alcohol. Alternatively, you can provide the fully-trained staff to tend bars at events and functions. If you are just providing bartenders, your people should be professional and expert at serving all kinds of drinks, as well as being knowledgeable on the trade and personable.

If your business is more along the lines of mobile bars, then you will need to have much more than just a bar. You’ll need an alcohol license, bartender and of course product to sell. Setting up a mobile bar business involves acquiring the various licenses and permits, dependent on the state or states in which you will operate, building your mobile bar and getting the bartending equipment, dealing with alcohol vendors and the sales venues that you will be able to attend, and dealing with your own brand marketing.

As a mobile bar, you’ll be working to acquire temporary liquor license for an event in most cases. These temporary liquor licenses will often cost a few thousand dollars to obtain so build that expense into your business plan. However, once you have all of those in place, you can have the business up and running in no time at all.

The first thing to do is acquire your alcohol permit or license. In most states, you will need to have two separate permits, one for wine and beer and one for hard liquor. The application process can be intimidating if it’s your first time going through the approval process.

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Taking the time to write out a solid business plan is essential for a mobile bar as well. This research step will help you understand the cost of starting the business and whether or not you’ll need to take out a loan to get started. This process will also help force you to identify where you plan to serve: weddings, corporate events, street dances. Each approach will require a different marketing plan. Make sure you have business and liability insurance, as these are requirements too.

Whether or not you want to invest in a mobile bar is up to you and your budget. You can find portable bars custom made to your own designs or you can check can invest in a truck or trailer. Once you have the equipment you need installed – including glasses, optics, pumps, refrigeration, etc.- you’re ready to get started.

You will need to sort out your suppliers for the alcohol, mixers, and sodas you will need, but these can easily be found online or at wholesale stores like Costco. Wholesalers are easy to deal with and you can get some good deals  to boost your profits too.

Be sure to identify specific venues where you can work at and start to reach out. This can be done by checking online forums, contacting wedding planners, bars, wineries or event promoters. Mobile bars are big hits with corporate team-building, outdoor events, conventions, and beach parties so be on the lookout for these opportunities.

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