I can still remember my first trip to a karaoke bar. When I moved from the Midwest to California after graduating college, I didn’t even know these places existed.

By chance, I happened to work with some Vietnamese guys around my same age that took me to my first karaoke bar to sing a combination of traditional and pop Vietnamese songs. I even got on the mic to belt out a few numbers.

If you’ve visited any Asian community,  you understand the karaoke bar is more than just a place to grab a few beers. It’s a part of the culture. Since it was first introduced from Japan, the karaoke machine has become recognized worldwide.

According to the market research firm IBISWorld averages global revenue of around 1.1 billion dollars a year. With that being said, there are careful considerations you’ll need to make before opening the doors to this business given the current environment. Karaoke bars have been slowly declining in recent years and hit hard by government mandated closures. We share some tips for staying relevant in this industry at the end of the article. 

These are some of our best name ideas for karaoke bars and even your DJ name!

Mobile Karaoke Bar Ideas


With karaoke… Anyone can get on the mic.

The first karaoke machine was manufactured in the 1970s, but not everyone has it installed in their bar or club. Some bars are dedicated to karaoke, while others have people come in with their mobile karaoke equipment on a weekly basis to provide specialist entertainment for customers.

Having a mobile karaoke business means you can have different clients to provide entertainment for on different nights of the week. This gives you the opportunity to get more bookings if you are able to travel to the bars that want your services. For those that are setting up their own mobile business, here are the best name ideas you can use.

  • The Spot Karaoke
  • The Singing Stop
  • The Karaoke Cave
  • Spotlight
  • Sing Sing Karaoke
  • Radio Star
  • Pulse Karaoke Lounge
  • Limelight Stage
  • Karaoke Shout
  • Jazzmoon Karaoke
  • Instant Star
  • Iggy’s
  • Grand Karaoke
  • SongCave Karaoke
  • TrendyBeat
  • ObliQ Karaoke
  • Sing A Sing
  • Bluebay Karaoke
  • Tween Star
  • Quick Sing
  • Infinite Karaoke
  • Black Ace
  • One Sing Karaoke
  • YoYo City Karaoke
  • Offbeat Karaoke
  • Urban Minute
  • Y2K Karaoke
  • Dream Sing
  • Starbeam
  • Karaoke Junction
  • Studio Forms
  • First Music Karaoke
  • Music Motion  Karaoke
  • Music Bliss
  • Lights & Ovations
  • Salsa Swing
  • Music Mood
  • Music Inspiration
  • Rhythm Spot
  • Heart Box Karaoke
  • Music Mania
  • Elite Karaoke
  • Heart & Soul
  • Beyond Moves
  • Melody Music
  • Motion Feet
  • Feet on Fire
  • Dropbeat
  • Hip Hop Movers
  • Music Trance
  • Forever Feel
  • Artistic Beat
  • Exotix
  • MadStar Liberton
  • Rock Stable
  • Heaven Swing
  • Trippers
  • Aeron
  • Mystevva
  • 80 Degrees

Catchy/Funny Karaoke Bar Ideas


The bright lights of a karaoke bar.

Having a karaoke bar of your own is a dream come true for some and a profitable business to get into. Karaoke bars can generate a good income with a low-overhead costs to get started. Once you purchase the microphone, karaoke machine, and lighting there’s not much else you’ll need to operate the business aside from your time. As you grow the business you can being to reinvest into things like a mobile trailer and improved PA system to work bigger gigs. 

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Your name can also help you generate more customers and build a book of business. And the novelty of a catchy or funny name can make all the difference. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Where would you rather go, “Bob’s Karaoke Bar” or the “Stars of the Stage Karaoke Korner”? I know where I would go. 

  • Let’s All Sing
  • Singing Starz
  • Okey Kokey Videoke
  • Kickin Kittens Karaoke
  • Sing It all Out!
  • Don’t just sing
  • The Singing Machine
  • Knievel’s Karaoke
  • Singing in the Reign
  • Karaoke Queen
  • The Karaoke Hole
  • The Lucky Voice
  • The Karaoke Box
  • Stars of the Stage
  • Sing All Night
  • All Night Long
  • Sing for the Day
  • Don’t Stop the Music
  • And the Bird can Sing
  • When Smookey Sings
  • The River Singer
  • Sing a Simple Song
  • Sing me to Sleep
  • Lady Sings the Karaoke
  • I Want To Sing
  • To Sing For You
  • Sing in the Sunshine
  • I Gotta Right To Sing
  • I Sing My Song
  • Singin’ Pretty
  • When Angels Sing
  • The Songs That We Sing
  • Gonna Sing You My Song
  • Sing For Absolution
  • Sing Another Song Boys
  • Born to Sing
  • Sing Me Home
  • Sing Sang Sung
  • The Last Song
  • The Song Is Never Over
  • Song For Everyone
  • I Write The Songs
  • A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll
  • Belt It Out
  • We Belong to the Music
  • Rock All Night
  • Play that Funky Music
  • Listen to the Music
  • Let the Music Play
  • Soul Music Karaoke
  • Beer Notes

Karaoke Dj Name Ideas

dj names

What’s your DJ name?

Being a karaoke DJ is a little different from being a club DJ. No disc spinning required! However, it’s essential for important for karaoke bar DJs to be able to introduce the singers and warm up all kinds of audiences.

While you may not need to be an expert in scratching and dub, you do need to have a knack for talking. Just not too much, or you will encroach on the singing time. So for all the budding DJs out there, here are a few name suggestions you can use.

  • DJ Sprinkles
  • DJ House
  • D-JayJay
  • Hank the DJ
  • DJ Tater Tots
  • Audio Ranger
  • DJ And The Bear
  • DJ Bubblebutt
  • Black Ace
  • Blind Dragon
  • DJ Totino
  • DJ Connor
  • Kitten Mittens
  • DJ Fingerbang
  • DJ Day Job
  • Doctor Music
  • DJ BuzzFeed
  • DJ Dog in a Wig
  • Bonny Bear
  • WD4T
  • DJ ILikeToParty
  • DJ Pizza Slut
  • DJ Nugget
  • Slaughter House
  • CrayCray DJ
  • Glitterpals
  • PHD-Jay
  • Scarf Sweat
  • Chorus Kid
  • DJ Crazy Frog
  • Funky Delic
  • Dr. Oddfellow
  • Temper8
  • DJ Dig
  • DJ Wicked
  • DJ Silver
  • Orange Bass
  • Médaillon
  • DJ Midnight
  • DJ Voyage
  • DJ Chanceux
  • Audio Existence
  • DJ Présage
  • Rush Man
  • DJ Carnage
  • Bass Rêverire
  • DJ Bit
  • DJ Ridicule
  • Friction
  • Témoin

Tips for Promoting a Karaoke Night


An epic karaoke bar.

Planning – The first thing to do is actually plan the venue and event, so that you know where to go, what equipment you will need, when to be there to set up in time, etc. Planning is everything in business, and if you don’t plan well enough, you might find yourself still stuck in traffic while the singers are already gathering to start.

Even though running a karaoke business is fun, you want to be professional. Be on time and courteous to employees, wait staff and bar owners you work with. You’ll find that just being nice will help you get more repeat bookings. These repeat bookings can help provide a level of consistency for your business.

Advertise – Without advertising, most of the people you want to attract to the karaoke night will not know it even exists. Find the best ways to advertise your event, and use them to the fullest. If you have time, flyers can make a good way to reach people, as can posters and handouts to customers in your event venue on previous nights. 

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Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter is another way to promote an event. Local groups and pages that are frequented by people in the area of the venue are top spots to hit for advertising, and colorful and catchy posts with photos or video will get a lot more response than text alone. 

You can also create your own page and start getting followers and joining local groups to promote your business. You’d be surprised at how many people will follow a good karaoke to its various venues sort of like band groupies. And if your venue has social media presence ask for them to cross promote your business as well.

Freebies – For some, the idea of singing their hearts out is not enough to get them in the door. Make a deal with the venue owners, and give away a freebie for every singer, such as a free shot after their first song. Some ideas for giveaways include t-shirts, free drinks, or entry into a bigger contest.  

Themes – Theme nights are a great draw for crowds, and can be a good way to bring in a few additional customers for your karaoke night. 80s themes are always good crowd-pullers, Hawaiian theme night, country, or boy band songs are all concepts worth testing out. Choose the theme carefully, so that you can bring in the customers that makes sense for a particular venue. 

Consistency – Keeping it consistent is one of the best ways to ensure that your karaoke night goes well. Do your event every week, come rain or shine, and your following of die-hard fans will soon grow exponentially.

If people know that you will be doing your karaoke night at a set place on the same day each week, they will attend regularly and bring their friends along for the fun. Karaoke is an addiction, and the avid fans need a regular fix and 15-minutes of barstool fame. Keep your events  to keep them coming back.

Eventually, people will be able to safely gather together in person. In spite of the current challenges this is not the global end to this entertainment business model.

karaoke bar name ideas

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