Attention: Food Truck Entrepreneurs That Want to DOMINATE Their Local Market and Get Consistent Catering Gigs Through the Internet

If you’re finally ready to kick your food truck business up a few levels (where the money is staggering and the lifestyle options are significantly better) then it’s time to consider getting serious about marketing your business online. And you should consider this whether you’re still early in your career or are a battle tested veteran as mobile food industry continues to evolve and get more competitive than ever before.

Most food trucker entrepreneurs try to build more exposure for their business by reading blogs and posting location updates on Twitter and Facebook when they have time, rarely tolerating any type of help at all.

It’s in our make-up, I guess. Ambitious independent rebels, all of us. Financial independence is probably one of the reasons you started a food truck business in the first place too.

However, after interviewing dozens of successful food truck owners I know from experience that the most successful entrepreneurs get massive amounts of outside help and advice. They gave up “figuring it out themselves” after they saw how fast profits can come when you seek expert input (and put it to use quickly).

Does this sound familiar? 

You’ve already signed up for Twitter and Facebook, posted some location updates and are trying to get more business from the internet. If this sounds like you, you already know how disappointing this process can be. It’s incredibly time consuming and more often than not… It doesn’t work the way you wanted it to.

There is Another Way.

Fortunately, there is another way to get more business online besides posting endless status updates on Facebook or food photos on Instagram. Surprisingly, it’s something that no one is talking about except Travis Reeks of Mexi Dogs in Oklahoma City, OK. You can listen to his previous interviews here and here.

food truck formulaFor Mexi Dogs, the most important part of generating more consistent stream of catering gigs and new business has been to register with as many local websites as possible. Places like, and dozens of others you’ve probably never heard of.

This marketing process also helped Mexi Dogs land a spot on the Food Network within just a few months of being in business. Some food vendors wait years of that type of opportunity.

How You Can Do The Same

Food Truck Formula is a strategic plan that allows you to use the same process to attract a consistent stream of business opportunities using the internet.

I’ve structured the Food Truck Formula so that you can invest 30 – 60 minutes reading and understanding this online marketing process. Then you’ll need another 4 – 8 hours to implement and install everything for your business.

If you want to go even further, I also outline some “extra credit” opportunities in the book that will allow you to get even more benefits from the system.

The Food Truck Formula contains everything below:

Food Truck Formula E-Book: This guide tells you exactly how to submit your food truck to different directories and local restaurant review websites online to ensure you’re visible everywhere locally and can start generating more consistent leads through the internet.

Directory Spreadsheet: This spreadsheet on steroids will do all the heavy lifting for you. Here I tell you exactly where to go to get signed up for different websites where people are actively looking for food truck recommendations and take you right to the sign up page so you can get listed as fast as possible.

Video Training: In case you’re having trouble getting registered with these websites, I also walk you through how to get approved for these different food truck websites in a video training. Watch me step-by-step as I register my own business with these websites.

How to Sign-Up 

 If you would like to get signed up for the Food Truck Formula click the Add to Cart Button Located Below.  The cost is under $20 to sign up. If you implement everything in the guide today and it only yields you just one catering gig this year… Your ROI will easily be over 700%. 



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