People are spending more money on their pets each year. Normal expenses incurred while caring for a pet include food, healthcare, and routine grooming services. In fact, the pet grooming industry is fast approaching $11 billion in annual value. The value of this industry more than doubled in the past 10 years.

Thanks to the rising demand in pet grooming, boarding, walking, and training, the industry has remained potent throughout these years. It is estimated that about 65% of Americans own a pet with dogs and cats being the most common.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 103,996 dog grooming firms in the United States with an average annual growth rate of 8%. Ready to start your pet grooming venture? Here are some dog (and cat) grooming business names to consider.

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Business Names

  • Groom And Shroom
  • Prim And Proper
  • Doggy Groomy
  • Doggy Star
  • Zen Doggy Spa
  • Pup Temple
  • The Blue House
  • Beagle House
  • Pet Resort
  • Toy House Puppies
  • Dog Care Point
  • Greatview Puppy
  • Pet Parent
  • My Doggy Friends
  • Happy Pups, Happy Pops
  • Avant Doggie
  • Grooming The Dog
  • Fine Canine
  • Dog Nights
  • Doggy To Go
  • Let Them Hound
  • Dog Trends
  • Athletic Paws
  • Grace Paws
  • Superpups
  • Bark Factory
  • Pet Logic
  • The Dog Guy
  • Beagle’s Nest
  • Molly Nail
  • Paw Paw Dogs
  • Paws 2 Go
  • Tempo Doggie
  • Aces Pet Club
  • Pooch Academy
  • Mutt Patrol
  • Palace Dogs
  • Hound Lounge
  • Good-looking Mutt
  • Nannies Dog Spa
  • The Dog Run House
  • The Pooch Crew
  • Who Let The Dogs Sprout?
  • Pet Point
  • Dog Dolls
  • Mutt Grooming Experts
  • Canine Adventures
  • Grooming Dogs
  • City Dog Club
  • Barn N More
  • Loud Pets
  • Purrfect Pups
  • Pooch Sanctuary
  • Dogmonk
  • Triple Dog Spa
  • Pup Gala
  • Play And Paws
  • Havens Dog House
  • The Dog Lab
  • Paw Spikes
  • Doggy Hut
  • Pet Naturally
  • Tailored Pups
  • Alpine Dogs
  • Mutts R’ Us
  • Puptastic!
  • Temple of the Dog
  • Dog Circle
  • Happy Buddy
  • Pooch Island
  • Dog Studio
  • Big Paws
  • Bark Dog Tailor
  • Golden Dogs
  • Dogg Works
  • Sturdy Paws
  • Simply Your Dog

Funny Dog Grooming Business Names

  • Bone-Appetit!
  • Pooch To Perfection
  • The Ultimutt Groomer
  • Paw-sitively Groomed
  • The Bark Side
  • It’s A Hound Dog Life
  • Chippy Puppy
  • Pets For Less
  • Chili Dog Groomer
  • Paw yeah!
  • You’re A-Dog-Able!
  • Fur-Sure!
  • Paw-Some!
  • It’s A Mutt Problem
  • The Paw-ffice
  • Ruff And Ready
  • Happy Bark-Day!
  • Start The Paw-ty!
  • The Whole Pack
  • Poochie Tang
  • It’s A Howl-iday
  • You’re Rebarkable
  • Thank You Furry Much
  • It’s Just A Mutter of Time
  • The Woof is on Fire
  • Put Your Mutts Up In The Air

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  • Turner & Pooch
  • Canine To Six
  • Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog
  • What’s The Mutter?
  • Pup the Magic Dragon
  • Pooch It Real Good
  • Best Dog Ever
  • Pup Machine
  • Howl-O-Ween
  • Doggy Swag
  • Sloppy Dog
  • Whooped Doggy Dog
  • The Furminator
  • Pup-tacular
  • Pawty Box
  • It’s All That Mutters
  • Mission Im-Paws-ible
  • EmBark
  • A New Leash On Life
  • Pup-cation Friends
  • Family Mutters
  • Kim Paws-ible
  • Pawty of Five
  • Sausage Pawty
  • Brooklyn Canine
  • Naked And A-Fur-aid
  • Bark Tank
  • Breed For Speed
  • PUP-G
  • Paw-tNite
  • Howl Of Duty
  • Fur-hands Rescue
  • Bark Waters
  • Dark Mutter
  • Paw Stars
  • Tail-Ville
  • Dogzilla
  • Furry Potter
  • Another One Bites The Mutt
  • Dog to the Hand
  • Come Mutt May
  • Eyes Wide Mutt
  • Life Begins At Doggy
  • Blaze of Doggy
  • Paw & Order
  • Murphy’s Paw
  • Jude Paw
  • Paw the Line
  • Quick Paw McGraw
  • Doggy By Nature
  • Juicy Pooch
dog treats

A treat for a well-groomed dog.

Mobile Dog Grooming Business Names

  • Pup Star
  • Pooch-to-go
  • Dog Dorm
  • Roaring Dog
  • Pet Pals
  • Dog Abode
  • Pet Groomers On The Run
  • Canine Clan
  • GroomVroom
  • Sandy Dog
  • Velvet Puppy
  • Dogtronic
  • Petnician
  • Savvy Pups
  • Pooch Patrol
  • Rover Hound
  • Groomed
  • Lux Pups
  • Prime Pups
  • Tuppy
  • Pup Wagon
  • Woof Ball
  • Kitty Nest
  • Paw Polish
  • Buzz Puppy
  • Pup My Ride
  • Goal Dog
  • Puppy. Set. Groom.
  • Groomzilla
  • Meta Hound
  • Scuppy
  • Prim Pups
  • Pawxy
  • Pets Perfect
  • Hound Hunters
  • Doggy Doozy
  • Puppy Deluxe
  • Dog Leg
  • Fuzzy Pooch
  • Turbo Woof
  • Hustle Puppy
  • Captain Puppy
  • Spunky Pups
  • Paws In Paw
  • Hound Club
  • Woofers
  • Pooch Labs
  • Appdog
  • The Dog Chase
  • Hawt Dogs
  • Almighty Pets
  • Bus Puppies
  • Eager Dog
  • Doggie Pharm
  • Clever Breeds
  • Mister Pup
  • Puppus
  • Funky Dog
  • Groomerr
  • Sun Kissed Dogs
  • Hello Dog Care
  • Seadog Style
  • Mommy Dog
  • E- Dog
  • Charming Dog
  • Pup Oasis
  • The Orange Nest
  • The Parlour
  • Smokin Doggies
  • Fur Factor
  • Paws And Joes
  • Buddy Spa
  • Pup Studio
  • Pup Fiction
  • Tail Away
  • Maverick Paws
  • Busy Dog

Cat Grooming Business Names

  • Kitten Kibble
  • Kitty Fur
  • Husky Cat
  • Happy Kitty
  • Hero Kitty
  • Crew Cat
  • Spotty Cat
  • Kittense
  • Kitties In Motion
  • Love Kittens
  • Furry Friends
  • Cat Above The Rest
  • Cat’s the Way it Is
  • Cat Loose
  • The OutCats
  • Cat Boy Slim
  • Maxi Cat
  • EZ Cat
  • Cat Net
  • Cat-Astrophical
  • Cat Above The Rest
  • Cat To The Chase
  • Cat It Off
  • Cat Short
  • Clean Cat
  • Cat Throat
  • Cat Loose
  • Pay Cat
  • Cat A Deal
  • Purrfect Cat
  • AristoCats
  • Furry Tail
  • Top Cat
  • Kat Cat
  • Cat Point
  • Sooth Furry
  • Furry Bell
  • Cat Across
  • Cat Both Ways
  • Furry Brushed
  • Furry Pattern
  • Final Cat
  • Square Cat
  • Cat Lass
  • Purry Godmother
  • Furry Things
  • Cat of York
  • Spice Cat
  • Furry Story
  • Clad Furry
  • Purry Take
  • Power Cat
  • Fine Cat
  • Craft Cat
  • Open Cat

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  • Airy Purry
  • Made To Purrfection
  • Purrfect Stranger
  • Purrfect Storm
  • Pitch Purrfect
  • Future Purrfect
  • Practice Makes Purrfect
  • Purrfect Sense
  • Purrfect Rhyme
  • Present Purrfect
  • Fresh Cat
  • Pro Cat
  • Buzz Cat
  • Make The Cat
  • Cat Corner
  • Cat Toff
  • Cat Through
  • Cat Outs
  • Short Cat
  • Proud Cat
  • Cat And Run
  • Picture Purrfect

Help keep dogs looking good.

Dog Grooming Puns

I’m a dog groomer. And I just got furloughed.

I picked my dog up from the groomer, and her tail was missing. I was impressed. I didn’t know they were a detail shop.

Dad i finally became a Certified Groomer.
Dad: “ok groomer”

My dog groomer dad proclaiming their superior service…
“I Shih Tzu not!”

(so this makes sense, I’m a dog groomer, and I was using my 8 inch straight shears).

While using my shears I accidentally cut my finger, when a Co worker asked if I was okay I said:
“Yeah, at least I only cut myself out of shear stupidity”

I sent my dog in to get groomed and neutered. And he came back partially bald.

I was lathering him with soap…
Mom: “make sure and get his tail” Me: “I already did” Mom: “oh really? Its hard to tail”
Her staring at me with the dad smirk til I laughed.
Never have I been a more proud son. Thanks for being a great dad, Mom!

What did the pup dress up as for Halloween? The Big Bad Woof. He actually looked rather fetching.

I asked my dog why he was having a bad day. But all he said was “ruff”.

What did the dog say to his wife? You are so pawfect, I will love you furever.

I painted my dog’s nails. So he can look paw-ty.

My dog looks completely different after the groomers. I guess he had a trans-fur-mation.

My dog has expensive taste in shoes. So I got her some Jimmy Chews.

My dog takes so long to get ready. He can never chews what to wear.

My dog loves designer hand-bags. So I got him a Poochi.

That dog is so beautiful. She should be on the cover of Vanity Fur.

I want to open a dog grooming salon. I’m going to call it ‘doggy style’.

Q: What kind of dog likes taking a bath? A: a shampoodle!

Q: What do you call a dog magician? A: A labracadabrador.

What did the owner tell his dog on their way to the groom shop? Just stay pawsitive!

A dog asked his owner about going to the groom shop: Is it barkworthy?

What did the dog tell his groomer? Thank you furry much!

What did the dog think on his first trip to the groom shop? I’m emBARKing on a new journey.

What did the dirty dog think of after his trip to the groom shop? I’m getting a new LEASH on life!

What did the dog tell his groomer? We’re going to be Fur-iends through thick and thin.

Why did the dog wear rain boots? He didn’t want to step on a poodle.

What did the groomer tell the dog when he asked him if he could trim his fur? Anything’s paws-sible!

What the dog told his owner when he told him they’re going to the groom shop? Fur sure!

What did the owner tell his dog upon walking out of the groom shop? Wow, you’re a-dog-able!

What did the dog see that looks just like him? A Doggleganger.

What did the owner tell his sad Terrier after coming out of the groom shop? Don’t terrier self up about it

What was the owner’s reaction when he saw his dog step out of the groom shop? Oh my pugness!

Unused Dog Grooming Business Name Ideas

  • Maggie’s Paw Paws
  • Pupsicle Doggy Day Spa
  • Sally’s Dog Grooming
  • PetSmart Pooch
  • Dog Negotiators
  • Pawlicious Dog Groomers
  • The Doggie Salon
  • Dogz, Etc.
  • Breeze & Paws
  • Doghouse Pet Care
  • Grooming For Paws
  • Do The Paw
  • Fully Fluffed
  • Dogz And BugZ
  • Silly Wags
  • Pawscure
  • Namaste Doggy Spa
  • Dog Mediators
  • Maxim Dog
  • Theta Dog
  • Econo Dog
  • Cutting Edge Dog Groomers
  • The Dogside
  • Mob Dog
  • Swaggy D
  • Papa Pooch
  • Daine & Scotty Pooch Groomers
  • Virtud Wolffe
  • Chocks & Dog
  • Every Groomers
  • Putters & Pawpaw
  • Canines & Bemelmans
  • Favorite Pooch Groomers
  • Pooch Heroes
  • GroomersMen
  • Bridgewater Groomers
  • MC Whiskers
  • Dog Worx
  • Daisy Dog Groomers
  • Paws World
  • Trapers Dog Services
  • Pawloose Groomers
  • Dog Groomerics
  • Fine Pawz
  • Dog Groomerations
  • Ruby’s Pooch Groomers
  • We Can Dog
  • Puppy Park Groomers
  • Dogiggle Dogs
  • New West Dog Groomers
  • Vetpet Care
  • Buddy Central
  • Dog-O-Matic
  • Pet Groomerology
  • Dog Appetit
  • Groomers Stop
  • Dog Kingdom
  • Groomers Haven
  • Dog Shack
  • Groomers City
  • Groomers Tails
  • Groomers Comrade
  • Groomers Den
  • Dog Society
  • Hell Hath No Furry
  • Tyson Furry
  • Groomerverse
  • Groomers Access
  • Groomers Method
  • Dog Groomers Utopia
  • Glamour Pet Care
  • Dogs With Class
  • Dogz and Duds
  • Ruff Dog Grooming
  • Co Dog Groomers
  • Nappy Doggie Care and Grooming
  • Hands On Pets
  • The Groomers’ Lounge
  • Dog Wash & Brush
  • Paws For A Pawfect Day
  • Do The Pawesome
  • Groom Your Pooch
  • Fully Groomed
  • Petco Groomer
  • The Groomy Girls
  • Re: Dog Groomers
  • Cute Cutz Pet Grooming & Boarding
  • Slim’s Pets
  • Dogz and Groomz
  • Woof and Pawz
  • Pawscrubbers
  • Nip Nips Pet Salon
  • The Cutest Groomer
  • We Dog Groomers
  • The Groomed Pet
  • Buddy Doggie
  • Iggy’s Dogg House
  • BarkGroomer
  • Dog Groomers Up
  • Family Dog Groomers
  • I Am A Dog Groomer
  • Perceptive Dog Groomers
  • Accurate Dog Groomers
  • Top Notch Pooch Groomers
  • Groomers Hop
  • Premier K9 Groomers
  • On Dog Groomers