Starting a pet food company? You’re entering one of the fastest growing and competitive segments of the entire food industry. In 2018, global pet food sales hit $91.8 million according to industry reports. This annual sales figure could reach $30 billion in the United States alone by 2022 according to some estimates.

Now that demand in this industry has been established it’s time to come up with your pet food brand name. Your business name is the first impression most customers will have of your business, so you need to get it right the first time. What kind of name you choose will tell the world a lot about your business and you as a business owner. Whether you decide to go for a funny name, a home-made kind of name, or a specialty cat food store name, your pet food company name should reflect what you sell.

Coming up with a business name can be difficult when trying to create something that resonates with pet lovers, but we can help. We have a list of 183 Pet food company names to help you get started. Whether you want to choose one of our name suggestions or use them as inspiration to come up with your own name, it is up to you. No matter what type of pet food company you want, we’ve got some name ideas for you organized by theme below:

Dog Treat Company Name Ideas

dog treats

How cute is this guy?

This is the fun stuff; you are coming up with unique treats for the well-behaved pups and pooches. Come up with cutesy names, fun names, or names that are associated with pampered doggies. If you are looking to serve a more high-brow clientele, then come up with some names that will appeal to owners of fancy pooches.

  • Pawfect Pets
  • Pampered Pooches
  • Treated Pups
  • Good Doggie
  • Doggie Cupcakes
  • Dog Café
  • Pup Party
  • Throw a Dog a Bone
  • Bones R Us
  • Bow Wow Treats
  • Barking Dogs
  • Claire’s Doggie Treats
  • Bones and Stuff
  • Barking Pups
  • Scratch and Sniff
  • Good Little Puppies
  • Good Boy
  • Treatos
  • Snack Attack
  • Shih Tzu Chews
  • Bones N More
  • Stinky Treats
  • Too Good To Be Buried
  • Fluff Stuff
  • Henlo Treats
  • Cutie Patootie
  • Our Treats Bring All The Dogs To The Yard
  • Pampered Pup
  • Party Pooches
  • Treats R Us
  • Gourmet Pup Treats
  • Fancy Paws
  • Discerning Doggos
  • Snackaroonis
  • Meaty Treats
  • Barking Mad
  • Treats Not Tricks

Dog Food Company Name Suggestions

dog owner

The typical dog owner invests over $1,400 on their furry friend each year.

Picking a dog food brand is an important decision for owners; their choice will affect their dog’s energy levels, the shininess of its coat, and their health. It is important for pet owners to know the health and wellbeing of their dog is at the forefront of your mind. Company or brand names associated with gourmet or health are good ideas.

  • Doggo
  • Well Pups
  • Best Friend Brunch
  • Loyal Lunch
  • Meat Feast
  • Strong Pup
  • Organic Health
  • Blair’s Dog Meals
  • Gourmet Grub
  • Doggone Happy
  • Doggy Chow
  • Happy Paws
  • Pawfect Food
  • Canned Goodness
  • Chow Wow
  • Beast Feast
  • Din Dins
  • Bill’s Pet Nutrition
  • Healthy Pups
  • Wagging Tails
  • Vital Ingredient
  • Can of Love
  • Love Bites
  • Dog Feed
  • Happy Pup
  • Chubby Puppy
  • Best Canine Eats
  • Good Dog Nutrition
  • Bark Bark
  • Paws Up
  • Furry Feeds
  • True Balance
  • The Right Stuff
  • Growing Pups
  • Big Paws
  • Carl’s Dog Food

Cat Food Business Name Ideas

cat glasses

We see you kitty.

With cat food companies, not only do cat owners worry about the health of their feline friends, but they also want to make sure their cat enjoys their food, so they don’t pick another family to live with! Similarly, with the dog food company names, think of names that inspire images of health, wellbeing, gourmet, or tasty food. Let these pet owners know that their kitty is getting the very best.

  • Happy Cat
  • Puuurfect
  • Purring Kitty
  • Kitty Kibble
  • Cat Chow
  • Feline Friend
  • Fancy Cat
  • Here Kitty Kitty
  • Good Kitty
  • Fancy Feline
  • Whiskers and Tails
  • Healthy Whiskers
  • Tabby Meow Meow
  • Friendly Cat
  • Unsmelly Cat
  • Cool Cats
  • Keen Whiskers
  • Nine Lives
  • Feline Nutrition
  • Passive Agressivo
  • Fine Felines
  • Cute Kitty
  • Sweeten Up Your Cat
  • Little Lions
  • Launch Pad
  • Pretty Kitty
  • Make Your Cat Love You
  • Furry Paws
  • Fierce Tiger
  • Hungry Cats
  • Healthy Kitty
  • Home For Dinnertime
  • Kevins Kitty Cans
  • Organic Cat Meals
  • Meow
  • Boop Goop
  • Purr

Pet Shop Name Ideas

puppy shop

A puppy galloping through the isles of a pet shop.

Pet shops are fun places where a range of different pet owners can find supplies for their furry or feathered friends. Think about whether you plan to have a general pet store or if you are offering specific goods for specific pets. There are a number of strategies you can use to name your pet store; you could pick a funny name, a cute name, a practical name, or a name associated with your store’s location.

  • Pet Kingdom
  • Pet Palace
  • Pet Zone
  • Playful Pets
  • Furry Friends
  • Fur, Scales, and Feathers
  • Whiskers and Paws
  • Melly Moos
  • Royal Pets
  • Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Crikey Critters
  • Long Tail
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • Find A Friend
  • Pet Care
  • Sprung
  • Bloop Bloop
  • Adopt A Friend
  • Happy Pets
  • Better Beaks
  • The Hamster Wheel
  • Hay You
  • Pet Superstore
  • Fancy Paws
  • Chase That Tail
  • Fish and More
  • Pet Costumes
  • Pets and More
  • Exotic Pets
  • Cuddle and Love P