A tradition that dates back to the Bronze Age, barbers have been providing haircuts, shaves, and making us look better for over 7,000 years. The barbershop is an important part of African American culture in the United States in the 19th century and beyond. Today, the barbershop industry is valued at $4.9 billion a year with further growth projections on the horizon.

An old-school barbershop.

Opening a barber shop is a timeless business ideas as there will always be a need for haircuts and personal care. If you’re looking to increase sales at your barbershop or simply want to find the right barbershop caption for social media, we’ve organize timeless examples you can use by category below.

Unique Barbershop Marketing Slogans

A vintage barbershop chair.

Here are some one-of-a-kind marketing slogans for a barbershop.

  • A Barber that has it all!
  • An old fashioned barbershop without old fashioned barbers.
  • As individual as you are.
  • Barbering at its best.
  • Because salons are for girls.
  • Clean cuts. Close shaves.
  • For the style and service you deserve!
  • Giving you a legendary haircut with traditional service.
  • Great haircuts-It’s what we do.
  • Great service at great prices.
  • Grooming for guys.
  • If you look good, we look good!
  • In the pursuit of manliness.
  • It’s not just a haircut, it’s an experience.

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  • Just a little off the top.
  • Masters of barbering.
  • Old school barbershop for the modern man.
  • Purveyors of style.
  • Quality hairdressing for men.
  • Quality, service, atmosphere.
  • Services for progressive or traditional gentlemen.
  • Shear. Shave. Shine.
  • The home of men’s grooming.
  • Traditional barbershop, exceptional service.
  • More than a haircut. An experience.
  • The relaxing part of your routine.
  • We need your head in our business.
  • Where cool never goes out of style.
  • Where detail makes the difference.
  • The ladies love a clean cut.
  • Where guys get their hair cut.
  • Where it’s good to be a man.
  • Let’s handle that.
  • Feel good with a fresh cut.
  • Where men and boys look their very best.
  • Where men can be men.
  • Where the best barbers work.
  • Get your kids looking good again.
  • Where tradition meets trend.
  • Where you’re part of the family.
  • You deserve nothing but the best.

Haircut Slogans

Need a trim?

  • A breath of fresh hair.
  • A cut for every type
  • A hair salon for men.
  • A quality hair cut at a fair price.
  • Any style. Any length. Any time.
  • Beautiful hair in professional hands.
  • Come get shaped up.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Cuts of your life.
  • Down to earth hair.
  • Get groomed right.
  • Indulge yourself.
  • It’s more than a haircut.
  • Leave the hair to us.
  • Let your hair do the talking.
  • Let’s talk about hair.
  • Live your best life.
  • Love your hair for less.
  • Love your hair, love yourself.
  • Styles that fit your lifestyle.
  • Superior cuts.
  • Tailored hair.
  • The best in male grooming services.
  • The hair color experts.
  • The power of a haircut.
  • The salon that gives you style.
  • Try a different style
  • We know hair.
  • Your hair at its best.
  • Your hair is our best advert.
  • Haircutting is an art
  • Leave the hair to us.
  • Let’s talk about hair.

Barbershop Captions for Instagram

Getting a shave.

Instagram is a great place for marketing, but you need unique slogans that are actually good enough to re-post to get results. Here are a few share-worthy Instagram captions for to improve your social media visibility.

  • Always fulfilling your expectations
  • Barbering at its best.
  • Bearded or buzzed, come to us!
  • Because gentlemen prefer barbers
  • Because men can be stylish too!
  • Because no one likes a guy with bad hair.
  • Buzzed by the best
  • Clean cuts every time
  • Connoisseurs of style
  • Creative cuts are what we do.
  • Different designs for everyone
  • Discover what good hair is with us.
  • Don’t be sloppy, be stylish
  • Fine cuts for fine men
  • Great cuts don’t happen by chance.

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  • If you can dream it, we can cut it
  • In the pursuit of manliness.
  • Let your hair do the talking.
  • Live life on the edge.
  • Men can be trendy, too.
  • No ideas? No problem. We’ve got you
  • Our impression is your expression.
  • Professionalism at it’s finest
  • Real cuts by real professionals.
  • Recreate yourself
  • Right to look Stylish
  • Take the time to get a good cut
  • The design is in the detail.
  • The gentlemen’s lounge.
  • The mark of a man
  • Urban in the Suburbs
  • We make every style possible
  • Where champions are made

Memorable Barbershop Quotes

Lining everything up.

Barbershops have been making us look better for centuries so it’s no wonder there are timeless quotes from some of history’s most famous celebrities, entrepreneurs, and even comedians on the subject. Check out this awesome list quotes that you could display in almost any barbershop.

  • A barber lathers a man before he shaves him. – Dale Carnegie
  • A man goes to a barbershop and asks, How many ahead of me? Five. The man leaves. He comes back the next day and asks, How many ahead of me? Four. The man leaves. He comes back the next day and asks, How many ahead of me? Six. The man leaves, and the barber says to another, Follow that man! The man comes back and says, He goes to your house! – Henny Youngman
  • Asking for financial advice from a financial planner is like asking a barber if you need a hair cut. – Warren Buffett
  • Being a barber is about taking care of the people. – Anthony Hamilton
  • Beware of the young doctor and the old barber. – Benjamin Franklin

Every hairstyle I have is funny because my barber is a standup comedian by the slightly unfortunate name of Paul Sweeney. His cuts are fantastic but the chats are even better. – Joe Lycett

  • I cut my own hair. I got sick of barbers because they talk too much. And too much of their talk was about my hair coming out. – Robert Frost
  • I did study the art of being a barber because I wanted to figure out what my routine would be. Do you start in the front or back? Top or bottom? Swivel the chair or walk around? What I did discover is there’s no such thing as the perfect haircut! – Sean Patrick Thomas
  • I don’t have any beauty shop memories. I remember the barber shop. – Jenifer Lewis
  • I must to the barber’s, monsieur, for methinks I am marvellous hairy about the face. – William Shakespeare
  • I resent my barber when he charges the full cost after he cuts my hair, but he says he’s charging me for finding it. – Tim Conway
  • If you keep walking past the barbers, eventually you’ll get a haircut. – Paul Merson
  • I’ve had the same barber since I was about 14 years old. – Victor Cruz
  • Like a barber’s chair that fits all buttocks. – William Shakespeare
  • Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. – Warren Buffett
  • No barber shaves so close but another finds worke. – George Herbert

Take your ass to the barber shop. Tell the barber that you’re sick of looking like an asshole. – Wesley Willis

  • To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber. – Oliver Goldsmith
  • Whatever you hear at the barber shop, stays at the barber shop. – Bernie Mac
  • When you go into your customary barber shop, you will wait for the man who gives you a little better shave, a little trimmer hair-cut. Business leaders are looking for the same things in their offices that you look for in the barber shop. – Charles M. Schwab
  • When’s the last time you went into a barber shop and saw everyone there unconsious? – Bobby Heenan
  • You can find out a lot sitting in the barber’s. – Dizzee Rascal
  • You don’t ever ask a barber whether you need a haircut. – Warren Buffett
  • You might be a redneck if you need an estimate from your barber before you get a haircut. – Jeff Foxworthy

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