Without reservation, the donut is my personal favorite when it comes to pastry. Donuts are depicted as a favorite among law enforcement personnel during their coffee break, but let’s face it… Everyone loves them.

My personal favorite is the Old Fashioned donut with no glaze. But whether you prefer the ring-type donut, ones infused with cream, custard, fruit preserves, or frosting with sprinkles on top I’ve got you covered with these donut caption and quotes. Snap a photo of any donut and post it on social media websites including Instagram with these taglines.

I come bearing donuts.

Donut Captions for Instagram

  • This donut is mine… and mine alone.
  • But first, donuts
  • Life is sweeter with donuts.
  • To or not to… Donut.
  • Sprinkle kindness throughout the world..
  • Don’t give me a headache, but do give me a donut.
  • The best donuts… ever.
  • It’s a hole-in-one!
  • Two of my favorite things: Donuts and road trips.
  • Come with me to the donut shop.
  • Never say no to donuts.
  • Donuts are my language of love.
  • Live. Love. Donuts.
  • Donuts are life.
  • Donut heaven.
  • I love you to the donuts and back.
  • There isn’t a problem that donuts can’t solve.
  • Above all else, donuts.
  • A dozen reasons to be cheerful!
  • Wake up, it’s donut time!

Donut Quotes

“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” – Matt Groening

“Be sweet and honest always, but for God’s sake don’t eat my doughnuts!” – Emma Bunton

“With a doughnut in each hand, anything is possible.” – Jameela Jamil

“The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” – Oscar Wilde

“Reality is like a doughnut: Everything that is good and funny and juicy is outside the center, which is just emptiness.” – Olga Tokarczuk

“Cancer is a cruel killer. It creeps up on us when we aren’t expecting it. But cake is not cancer. A doughnut does not creep up on you.” – Katie Hopkins

“You pretty much can’t get away from bacon or whiskey in the South. Put a doughnut in it and you’d be good to go.” – Hillary Scott

“An actor without a playwright is like a hole without a doughnut.” – George Jean Nathan

“The reality of life is if you have a bagel shop and everybody is pouring into the doughnut shop across the street, if you want to stay in business, you start selling doughnuts.” – John C. Bogle

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“You can’t beat a good doughnut. It has to be a jam one with light pastry and caster sugar on the outside. If I’m really tired, I have to hunt one down, because it gives me that sugar rush to keep me going.” – Paul Hollywood

“I have a doughnut every morning. The same kind, from a street cart. Vanilla frosted with sprinkles on one half, weirdly. How hard is it to sprinkle the whole thing?” – Allison Williams

“I’m on my version of the protein diet, but there ain’t no protein in it. It’s a Krispy Kreme doughnut between two Cinnabons. And you soak it overnight in Red Bull. Then you chase it with a Snickers.” – J. B. Smoove

“You go into any doughnut shop and look at three cops having coffee, I guarantee I look like one of them.” – Dean Norris

“I never fry a doughnut! If you want a doughnut, go and buy one once in a blue moon. It’s about everything in moderation.” – Mary Berry

“I learned to bet on the Red Sox, the Celtics, and Suffolk Downs. I thought it was a glorious life – pull up to the doughnut shop, spread out, and plan your day.” – Alex Rocco

“Indeed, it is a proven mathematical theorem that a doughnut is topologically distinct from a sphere.” – Simon Singh

“I’d rather get a hot dog or a doughnut than write a song.” – John Prine

Witty Donut Captions

  • Donut stop believin’.
  • Donut worry, be happy.
  • I’m glazy about you.
  • All you need is love and donuts.
  • Donut kill my vibe.
  • Donut even think about it.
  • You donut know how much I love you.
  • Life’s too short not to eat donuts.
  • Don’t worry, I’ll save you one.
  • Happiness in a hole.
  • Donut judge me!
  • Donuts are my currency.
  • Thankful my donut shop always offers the bakers dozen.
  • Donut you… Forget about me.
  • Do or donut… to eat donuts.
  • Glazed and confused.
  • You had me at donuts.
  • Donut shop: The happiest place on Earth.
  • The flirty dozen!

Funny Donut Captions

  • Never skip donut day.
  • Powered by donuts.
  • No regrets.
  • Calories donut count.
  • Donuts are the shiznit!
  • Relationship status: Donuts
  • I’m on a diet. No wait, I’m not. Hand me that donut.
  • Diet: 0, Donut: 1
  • No donuts were harmed in the making of this photo.
  • Donuts are a diabetic’s best friend.
  • Check out this six-pack (of donuts).
  • A donut a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Donut know what I’d do without you.
  • Donut disturb.
  • Donut jump to conclusions.
  • I donut care.
  • Will fight for donuts!

Donut and a mug of coffee.

Coffee and Donut Captions

  • Coffee. Donut. Cops.
  • Donuts and coffee… are cops’ best friends.
  • We go together like coffee and donuts.
  • We do not live on coffee alone… Have a donut!
  • Donut and coffee…obsessed.
  • Donuts and coffee…the circle of life.
  • Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee and donuts.
  • Donuts love coffee.

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  • Donut let me go… – Coffee.
  • Eat donut with coffee… It’s harmless.
  • Coffee and donuts are meant for each other.
  • Mondays are easier with coffee and donuts.
  • The only circle of trust that goes best with coffee.
  • You are the donut to my coffee.
  • Nothing gets me out of bed faster than donuts and coffee.
  • Donuts and coffee are the way to my heart.
  • Coffee + Donuts = Heaven

Donut One Liners

  • What do donuts wear to weddings? Tuxe-doughs!
  • Just hole on a second…I want to stop and pick up some donuts!
  • The truth, the hole truth, nothing but the truth!
  • What kind of donuts fly? Plain ones!
  • How busy was the donuts day? It was jam-packed!
  • What do you call a cute donut? A-dough-able.
  • When do bakers stop making donuts? When they get tired of the hole thing.
  • Why do golfers love donuts? Always a hole-in-one!
  • Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling.
  • Why do donuts hate puns so much? They donut like to joke around!
  • What’s the best thing to put in a donut? Your teeth.
  • What’s a basketball player’s favorite donut shop? Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Why did the donut go to the doctor? He was feeling crumby.
  • What’s the National Donut Day theme song? “Donut Stop Believing.”
  • What did an angry donut say to his wife? Donut talk to me.
  • Did you hear about the girl at the donut shop? She caught sprinkles!
  • Eat more hole foods, donuts count!
  • What’s the healthiest part of a donut? The middle.
  • What are strange donuts made out of? Weird-doughs.
  • What did the donut say to the Munchkin? You complete me!

Happy Donut Quotes

  • “Donut lovers are the best kind of people.”
  • “Donuts may look small, but one should never belittle their power.”
  • “A donut is a sprinkled incarnate of happiness.”
  • “Donuts are a valid excuse to eat cake for breakfast.”
  • “In moments of doubt, trust your instincts and eat a donut.”
  • “Eyes on the doughnut, not on the hole.”
  • “Live life with a doughnut in your hand.”
  • “You are the sprinkles on my donut.”
  • “After exercising I always eat donuts. Just kidding! I don’t exercise.”
  • “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing.”
  • “Donut lovers are the best kind of people.”
  • “Donuts may look small, but one should never belittle their power.”
  • “A donut is a sprinkled incarnate of happiness.”
  • “Donuts are a valid excuse to eat cake for breakfast.”

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  • “In moments of doubt, trust your instincts and eat a donut.”
  • “Eyes on the doughnut, not on the hole.”
  • “Live life with a doughnut in your hand.”
  • “You are the sprinkles on my donut.”
  • “After exercising I always eat donuts. Just kidding! I don’t exercise.”
  • “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing.”
  • “Everyone deserves good things like donuts.”
  • “Dad was a baker, and we lived above the bakery, so I was always popping down to have an apple pie or a doughnut or a custard or gypsy tart: I had a very sweet tooth, and I think that that was what got me into doing what I do now.” – Paul Hollywood
  • “The closest I’ll get to winning the Hunger Games is when I spot the last donut in the office kitchen.”
  • “For a second I forgot the word ‘donut’ and called them ‘sugar bagels’. I’m never speaking again.”
  • “To find inner peace, search deep inside yourself. Is there a donut there? If not, take corrective action.”
  • “Life is short, eat more donuts!”
  • “All you need is love and donuts.”

Donut Hashtags

  • #bestdonutever
  • #glazedgoodness
  • #donutworry
  • #lovedonuts
  • #donutsareforever
  • #donutsforlife
  • #minidonuts
  • #donutsonfire
  • #yummydozen
  • #copslovedonuts
  • #homemadedonuts
  • #yummiestdessert
  • #chocodonuts
  • #sprinkledmadness
  • #craftdonuts
  • #coffeeanddonuts
  • #donuttime!

Donuts with sprinkles? Yes, please.

Donut Taglines

  • You deserve a donut today.
  • The original donuts.
  • Enjoy donuts.
  • Make it a donut night.
  • Every donut you’ve ever wanted.
  • Happiness in a donut.
  • Level up your donut.
  • The donut authority.
  • The home of donuts.
  • Taste the difference.
  • Donuts like never before.
  • It’s the way to your heart.
  • Just Donuts.
  • New age donuts.
  • Donuts, it’s what we do best.

All sorts of spins on the donut have been brought to the United States by immigrants. Donuts are widely available in the United States with donut shops, gas stations, and most grocery stores carrying them. Some of the types enjoyed in the United States and Canada are Boston cream, cinnamon, frosted, chocolate, glazed, coconut, powdered, and jelly filled. You can even find donut holes and other creative twists on the pastry.

As of January 13, 2010, the Providence metropolitan area had the most donut stores per capita (25.3 donut shops per 100,000 residents) in the United States.

National Donut Day honors the donut’s historical and cultural significance. There is also a donut-themed event aptly named the “Tour de Donut” which is held in Staunton, Illinois each year. The Tour de Donut is a one-of-a-kind bicycle race in which your ability to eat donuts is as essential as the ability to ride a bike. Riders visit donut stations and consume donuts throughout the event. If you’ve ever participated in this event, let me know. I’d love to speak with you about it.

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