In spite of the to rise of plant-based protein alternatives, America still consumes a lot of meat. In 2019, 27.3 billion pounds of beef were consumed in the United States, including different cuts of steak. This isn’t a surprise considering a medium rare ribeye steak with a side of potatoes is still considered a celebratory meal.

If you’re thinking of opening a steakhouse restaurant, don’t forget the marketing slogan! A catchy tagline is still a powerful way to marketing a brand in the era of social media. In today’s post, we pay tribute to the 101 the best steakhouse slogans ideas of all-time grouped into six categories below.

Steakhouse Slogans and Taglines

Americans eat more than 27 billion pounds of beef per year.

If you live in a suburban area of the United States, chances are there’s a chain steakhouse nearby. Outback Steakhouse takes the lead with 724 locations. This chain offers a mix of bar-type service and casual dining designed for sit-down service.

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If you’re looking to open up your own steakhouse, check out these slogan ideas and taglines from around the country:

  • We Only Serve Real Steaks.
  • Marbling so good it melts in your mouth.
  • Hear that sizzle.
  • Seasoned perfection.
  • Steak Done Right
  • Introducing Deliciousness
  • The Only Steak Experience You Need
  • Steak Lovers Haven
  • More than just meat.
  • A rare taste you can’t find anywhere.
  • The Culinary Pros
  • New York Strip + Fries to Dip.
  • Meats for eats.
  • Because You Can’t Get Enough of Steak
  • Steak: Your Real Best Friend
  • Sizzling its way to you.
  • You got me in the ribeye!
  • A cut above everything else.
  • Wine and dine with us.
  • Where the best steaks come from us.
  • The steak you will always remember.
  • Life changing steaks.
  • Steak and eggs for breakfast.
  • Your taste buds deserve a treat.
  • Ribeye or die.
  • Let us change your life with our steaks.
  • Grilled just the way you like it.
  • You’ll be coming back for more.
  • Great Taste. Great Value.
  • Seasoned Goodness.
  • A well-done meal.
  • Level up your steak game!
  • So much flavor in every bite.
  • What real steak is all about.
  • Luxurious taste right here.
  • Flank steaks cooked to order.
  • Winner dinners from us.
  • Give yourself a steak treat.
  • Steak Your Way
  • Satisfying your steak needs one bite at a time.
  • Crazy for Steaks
  • Live Life. Eat Steak.
  • Happy meals are made of meat.
  • “The Best Steak Anywhere” – Morton’s Steakhouse
  • “Experience the Art of Churrasco” – Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
  • “Crave more” – Black Rock Bar and Grill
  • “Meet our meat.” – B&B Butchers & Restaurant
  • “We Live, Breathe & Dream Steak & Wine” – Fleming’s Steakhouse
  • “The Real American Roadhouse” – Logan’s Roadhouse
  • “If you really love steak… Black Angus.” – Black Angus Steakhouse
  • “Come taste the greatness.” – Saltgrass Steakhouse
  • “There’s a family feeling at Ponderosa.” – Ponderosa Steakhouse
  • “Texas Craft Dining” – Texas Land and Cattle
  • “Come experience something fresh at Charlie Brown’s!” – Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill
  • “In here, it’s always Friday.” – TGI Fridays
  • “The Home of Steak Lovers” – Sizzler

Outback Steakhouse Slogans

Steaks are delicious when grilled.

Outback Steakhouse started in 1988 in Tampa, Florida. The chain is known for their Australian-theme and Bloomin’ Onion, a large onion breaded and deep-fried. Though their specialties are steaks, they serve other items on the menu like seafood, burgers, and salads. In 2019, Outback Steakhouse earned $2.13 billion in revenue. These slogans all lean toward the adventurous side:

  • “Go Outback”
  • “Crave on.”
  • “Live adventurous”
  • “Always fresh in the Outback.”
  • “No Rules, Just Right.
  • “Get in for wood fired grilled favorites”
  • “You’ll find any excuse to go Outback.”
  • “Let’s go Outback tonight.”
  • “Don’t just go out. Go Outback.”
  • “It’s Always Fresh in the Outback.”
  • “We’re here to serve.”
  • “Let’s Outback.”
  • “Free up your night.”
  • “Real Steak. Real Taste.”
  • “Aussie Rules”
  • “Bloomin’ Great!”
  • “Have A Good Time With Outback Steakhouse.”
  • “Bold and Wild”
  • “Bold at Steak”
  • “Take a holiday from the ordinary.”

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Slogan List

There are several levels of doneness when it comes to cooking steak: rare, medium, and well done.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse might seem like a tongue twister, but their food is delicious. Their steaks are also well-known for being U.S. Prime steaks and they offer a consistent quality in every location. Part of the experience as a diners is receiving a 500-degree plate so you can hear that sizzle. Ruth’s Chris earned a revenue of $468.03 million in 2019.

Since they like to market themselves with their sizzling steak experience, here are some of their most memorable taglines over the years.

  • “If it doesn’t sizzle, send it back.”
  • “Home of Serious Steaks”
  • “U.S. Prime Only”
  • “Serving more than just sizzling steak.”
  • “Steak to die for”
  • “This is how it’s done.”
  • “More than a steak. An experience.”
  • “Life’s too short to eat anywhere else.”
  • “The steak dinner, done right.”
  • “A Legendary Evening.”

Texas Roadhouse Slogans

Steaks can be expensive but the best steakhouses will make the experience worth every penny.

Texas Roadhouse is a casual dining steakhouse that started in 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana. They have over 572 branches in the United States, but are also located in Qatar, Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Taiwan. Their menu includes steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and their ever-popular freshly baked bread. They also offer salads, chicken, and seafood. Texas Roadhouse’s revenue was $2.7 billion in 2019.

“Legendary” is the term most people associate Texas Roadhouse because of the way they’ve hammered home their advertising slogans through the years.

  • “Legendary Food, Legendary Service”
  • “If it doesn’t say Texas, it’s not Texas Roadhouse.”
  • “Get that Texas spirit back in your system.”
  • “Legendary to the core”
  • “We do great steak”
  • “Hand cut steaks”
  • “Welcome to legendary!”
  • “Made-From-Scratch Food”
  • “Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs”
  • “Fresh-Baked Bread”

Longhorn Steakhouse Slogans and Taglines

Thick juicy steaks are always a crowd favorite.

Longhorn Steakhouse opened in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. The franchise expanded to over 621 branches in different locations around the United States. Longhorn Steakhouse takes pride in the quality of their food and customer experience. Browse Longhorn Steakhouse’s choice marketing slogans below.

  • “Steak as it was meant to be”
  • “You can’t fake steak.”
  • “That’s how steak is done.”
  • “When Life Calls For Steak”
  • “Discover the West in You”
  • “Guaranteed Cut Above Experience”
  • “Bone-in Bold Flavor”
  • “Putting the sizzle back in the steak.”
  • “We serve only the premium cuts.”
  • “Quality You Can Taste”

Lone Star Steakhouse Slogans

Steaks have different cuts which you get to choose upon ordering.

Lone Star Steakhouse opened in 1989 and operated for thirty years. Their menu included steaks and burgers and offered a casual dining experience.

Below are some of their notable slogans:

  • “A nice thick slice of Texas.”
  • “Steak Your Claim”
  • “Steakhouse and Saloon”

Things to Consider Before Starting a Steakhouse

Steakhouses have faced a new set of challenges since more diners began eating more at home and utilizing takeout and delivery. In the past, the major profit center of a steakhouse was being able to offer cocktails, wine, and beer. Also, delivering a quality steak experience in a take-out box has proven to be a challenge. After meat tastes best when it’s pulled straight from the grill and served.

Many steakhouses are steeped in tradition and it isn’t easy to replicate the same experience at home. One notable example is Lawry’s in Los Angeles. Lawry’s serves prime cut rib on stainless steel carts wheeled in beside your table so you can see how they carve the steaks. Carvers earn a medallion for training for six months just to carve meat properly.

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Lawry’s steaks are served with a side of mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and creamed spinach. There’s also the showmanship of their servers as they spin and toss your salads under a bowl of ice. Complimenting the meal is the popular crisp Yorkshire pudding, which you use to mop up the au jus.

restaurant sign

Painting a restaurant sign.

As extravagant as this all sounds, most steakhouses aren’t like Lawry’s. Most of the chain restaurants offer a similar casual dining experience that requires less staff training.

So what are the things you need to consider before opening your own steakhouse? Keep in mind that your sit-down service could be limited for awhile. One way to combat dining restrictions is to offer a large area of outdoor seating.

Another option is to start thinking about your takeout and to-go menu. What kind of steak sandwiches or high-quality burgers can you serve that match the theme of your restaurant? This outside the box thinking is what you need to give yourself the best odds of success in this rapidly changing industry.

Whichever steakhouse setup you’ll like to start in the future, make sure to write a business plan for it first. Think hard about your concept, your marketing strategy with your slogan, and your target market. Take the time to understand your costs and realistic revenue projections.

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