If you own, operate, or manage a sports bar, you’ll need find ways to out-market local and franchise competitors like Buffalo Wild Wings. Even if you serve the best drinks, cook the finest bar food, games, or offer the widest variety of games, if no one knows about it… you could still go out of business. Bottom line, you’ll still need to generate interest in your watering hole.  

An effective way to accomplish this goal is to have a tagline, often used interchangeably with a slogan. According to branding specialist Alina Wheeler in her book Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team, a tagline is a short phrase that defines a business’s essence, personality, goal, or positioning as well as differentiates the business from its competitors. A tagline explains to your customer what your business is—the essence of your business’s existence. 

If you need a sports bar or pub slogan to promote your business, I’ve gathered together more than 200 name ideas. Feel free to use any of these on a billboard or social media marketing campaign.

Sports Bar Slogans

Bottles in a bar.

Does your sports bar have a tagline or slogan? If not, then you’re missing an important aspect of branding and marketing. 

  • Be Trendy. Be Sporty.
  • Drinking is our sport.
  • Let the beer games begin.
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Sporty.
  • Football lives here.
  • Let’s Play!
  • We’re Beery Happy.
  • Vikings Fans Welcome Here!
  • Come Hungry, Leave Full.
  • Where sports, friends, and drinks come together.
  • The Best of (Insert Name of Your Place).

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  • The Latest in Sports, Food, and Drinks.
  • Sports for Every Age.
  • Eat, Drink, and Cheer.
  • More than Game Time.
  • Mix Your Own Drinks and Games.
  • The Promised Land of Drinks, Friends, and Games.
  • It’s More than Sports Here!
  • Join us for college basketball.
  • Sports Has Never Been This Good With Us.
  • If you win, your drink is on us!
  • Football and Beer. They’re partners here!
  • Come In! It’s Sport Time!
  • Beers and Balls.

Pub Slogans

Welcome to the pub.

Pubs, sometimes known as a tavern or saloon, often serve alcoholic drinks such as beers, liquor, wines, as well as soft drinks. They often serve either snack foods that go well with drinks (like fried fish, chips, pizza, or peanuts). In some larger pubs, restaurant-style food may also be served.

  • Drinks are just the beginning. You should see our bartenders.
  • A haven for beer lovers.
  • This pub’s for you.
  • Serving drinkable happiness since 1980.
  • Hush! We Know What You Want.
  • Great beer, great chips: The Keys to Happiness.
  • The World’s Best Flavored Beers.
  • We’re More Than Just Drinks, You Know.
  • Your Favorite Beer is In Our Hands.
  • It’s the Most Wonderful Place for a Draft Beer.
  • Come In and Wine Down.
  • Our Whiskeys are Worth a Shot.
  • Travel the World through our Wines.
  • We Help You Chase Your Dreams and Drinks.
  • Drinks, Eats, and Friends.
  • Every Day, You’re a Hero! You Deserve our Meads.
  • Ready? Take a Shot.
  • Come to Where Real Men Meet Up.
  • Brighten Your Day with Our Awesome Malts.
  • We spared no expense on our beers.

Funny Bar Slogans

Check out this sports bar.

Plenty of bar businesses use humor in their slogans, advertisements, and marketing campaigns. Well-placed humor can cut through the noise on social media, television, or radio. Why not use humor in your bar marketing taglines? You’ll attract customers that share a similar sense of humor. 

  • John Wick was here, carrying a pencil.
  • Let us bless you with our spirits.
  • We serve beer as cold as your ex’s heart.
  • Pay 1 drink for the price of 2 and get 1 absolutely free!
  • You don’t know the power of our dark beer.
  • Go shopping! Leave your men with us.
  • (Name of Your Bar): Where Everyone Looks Really Good after a Few Hours.
  • Our Beers can Make You Lawyers, Doctors, and Financial Experts Overnight.

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  • Give Our Drinks a Chance…Please!
  • Got Milk? Nope, but we have beers and wines.
  • Take a shot and make everyone happy.
  • Drink our beer to make your dream a reality.
  • Step inside and all your problems will be solved.
  • Our bartenders’ superpower: making you a superhero with our drinks.
  • We’re now extra strong, very man!
  • We serve everything shaken, not stirred.
  • James Bond frequents here.
  • Don’t you just love the sound of beer glasses clinking?
  • It’s not just our beer. It’s our balls too!

Cocktail Bar Taglines

Cocktail bars focus on mixed drinks.

Cocktail bars, sometimes called cocktail lounges, are generally upscale bars. They’re often located in airports or trendy downtown areas. Some big or high-end restaurants may also have a separate place for a cocktail bar.

As its name implies, cocktail bars often serve cocktails, which are mixed alcoholic drinks. If you own, manage, or operate a cocktail bar, you might want to stir one of these taglines into the brand. 

  • Mixing your favorite drinks since 1980.
  • Customized drinks for all seasons.
  • Cocktails? We have a hundred varieties of them!
  • Mix and match beers and wine. 
  • Classy drinks for the classy you.
  • Choose your own drink.
  • Make/create your own drink.
  • You’re unique, and so is your drink here.
  • The elegance of fine wine.
  • Have an amazing cocktail with us.
  • Nothing can compare to our amazing cocktails.
  • We serve liquid rainbows in your mouth.
  • Enjoy life! Have a cocktail!
  • The beauty of the world resides in our cocktail glasses.
  • There’s nothing our cocktails can’t fix.
  • When great cocktails meet great friends.
  • Make your drink a reality.
  • Magnificent cocktails just for you.
  • Let your wish drinks come true.

Cocktail Bar Slogans

  • Bigger spaces, bigger drinks.
  • New, exciting, and zesty drinks available.
  • New age drinks on the way.
  • Feel the new Chugs.
  • New drinks, new games—new you!
  • We’re unleashing the mutant of drinks.
  • Beer is for wimps. Try our cocktails.
  • Opening a new world of drinks.
  • Your new favorite drink is on us.
  • New blends, new trends.
  • Now, it’s not just about cocktails.
  • Think summer/spring/autumn/winter (advertising a new drink for a particular season)
  • Spring and summer inside.
  • Music and customized drinks galore.
  • Come try our new drinks.
  • More than drinks, more than fun.
  • Taking you to new adventures in every glass.
  • New blends, new trends, new fun.
  • A drink for your heart.

Mobile Bar Taglines

Mobile bars can be as big as vans or small as carts.

During birthdays, weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special occasions, a client can book a mobile bar service. Essentially, you bring the party to customers. Check out these sample taglines if you’re operating a mobile bar service.

  • Don’t worry, we’ll come to you.
  • Can’t go out? We’ll go in!
  • Your rolling bartenders.
  • Let our drinks come to you.
  • We’ll make the drinks as special as your event.
  • Amazing drinks for your special events.
  • Serving you right in your own home.

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  • Fancy having your own bar? We’ll make it come true.
  • Special events become more special with us.
  • Let the bar come to you.
  • We’re coming along.
  • Drinks at your very own doorstep.
  • Special events? Special drinks!
  • Drink on wheels.
  • Invite us. Our bartenders will do the rest.
  • Special event? Let’s drink to that!
  • Love special events? We do too!
  • Building private bars, specially for you.
  • Invite us on your parties and special occasions.

Mobile Bar Slogans

As mentioned above, slogans are used to advertise specific campaigns. Check out these sample slogans for your on-the-move establishment.

  • Your drink is our command.
  • Pure magic in a glass.
  • A bar just for you.
  • Making each drink special…right we you are.
  • Special events call for even more special drinks.
  • We drive, you drink.
  • Specialized cocktails for memorable occasions.
  • Just have fun! We’ll do the rest.
  • You celebrate, we serve.
  • Do you know that our bartenders dance too?
  • Personalized music while you drink.
  • Dance and drink.
  • We have drinks that don’t break your wallet.
  • Make us part of your special day.
  • Our drinks are filled with love.
  • Explore the world through our cocktails.

Bar Taglines

Here are a few more examples of taglines that sound friendly and welcoming. These are perfect for small-town bars.

  • Your Neighborhood. Your People. Your Beer.
  • Hey, There! Have a Beer!
  • We Take Drinks Seriously.
  • Why So Serious? Have a Break Here!
  • Good times, cool friends, amazing beer.
  • Come inside and have a drink.
  • Beers are yours, chips are on us.
  • Wines and Beers Have Never Been This Good!
  • Chill Here! You Deserve It.
  • We’re Lager than Life.
  • Beery Good, Beery Cool.
  • Go Where the Tough Boys Are.
  • Game On! Drink On!
  • Let’s Drink to Your Life!
  • Best Beer, Steak, and Sports in Town.
  • Drink your worries away.
  • Don’t Be Bottled Up. Come in!
  • After a hard day’s work, you deserve us.

Bar Slogans

Use these slogans for ideas when promoting a bar. 

  • Drink, Relax, and Don’t Forget Our Fabulous Steak.
  • Proudly the Best Pub in Town.
  • The Wine that Launched a Thousand Cars.
  • Our beers and steaks are the reasons why the world isn’t at war.
  • Feel awesome with our extra strong drinks.
  • Come in! Your friends are here!
  • May the Coors be with you.
  • The Coors Is strong in this one.
  • Extra Strong Beer. Leave Humanity Outside.
  • We make each drink special.
  • You know? You’ll have one of those.
  • Let’s drink to your happiness.
  • Want bespoke drinks? Come inside!
  • Life is never too short for a good drink.
  • Making dream drinks since 1980.
  • You deserve a stunning drink with us.
  • We’re your beer paradise/haven.
  • The drinks that launched a thousand chips.

Bar Taglines Examples You Can Fit on a Sign

A bartender at work.

You would definitely want to tell the world the amazing story or idea behind your bar. But there’s just one problem: writing entire sentences that would encapsulate your vision won’t fit on your sign or displays.

In such cases, you may want to shorten these sentences into short phrases to fit into limited spaces. Here are some ideas.

  • Drink and be happy
  • Best Beers Here
  • New toasts available! Not bread.
  • Music, games, and beer.
  • Explore the world’s best beers.
  • We blend drinks especially for you
  • Sing, drink, and be merry
  • Not your ordinary, classic bar
  • Trend-starter drinks inside
  • Ready for the new evolution?
  • A drink that strikes your feelings
  • Love soul food? We have soul drinks!
  • The new you deserves a new drink
  • Need new glasses? (photo of wine glasses)
  • Save water. Drink our ale.
  • Oh, look! Alcohol!
  • Your forever friend: our beer
  • Even Santa Needs a Beer Break

Bar Slogan Examples You Can Fit on a Sign

Check out these examples of short slogans you can fit into a limited space.

  • Beer has mental health benefits. 
  • Drink beer every day.
  • To beer or not to beer.
  • Stressed? You need to wine down.
  • Books and beer go together.
  • Set our spirits free.
  • Always something new here.
  • Drink more, save more!
  • Happiness is a glass of ale.
  • Just drinks? Not anymore!
  • No such thing as too much beer.
  • Our dogs love you!
  • Drink and become a great singer.
  • Serving trays of entertainment.
  • Cheers to a great weekend.
  • Love our bouncers. We mean it.
  • Flowing drinks galore.

What makes a good bar slogan?

Mobile bartenders go wherever the party takes them

Shaken or stirred?

Wow! That’s a whole lot of tagline ideas! But what if you didn’t like any of them? Not to worry! Here are some tips in creating effective taglines on your own. 

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  • Keep your tagline simple and concise. People won’t be able to remember long marketing messages. As an example, McDonald’s used the short tagline “I’m Loving It.” for years to promote the business. 
  • Make sure your tagline revolves around your objective. The tagline should connect to the beer, wine and mixed drinks you’re selling.
  • Focus on your unique selling factor.
  • Consider your target market. For example, if your patrons are mostly men, you need taglines that evoke masculinity, toughness, and male humor.
  • Let potential customers know what’s in store for them. Tell a story when possible.
  • Utilize humor. People love to laugh.
  • Use pop culture to inject a sense of familiarity.
  • Avoid hard selling. People find it annoying when businesses push their products or services to their faces.
  • Take advantage of double takes. A double take is a delayed reaction to a surprising phrase after a person’s initial failure to notice anything unusual.

Well-composed taglines don’t just attract customers. Taglines actually represent a lot of things—your business’s mission, vision, values, image, and branding. Make taglines part of your business goals.

Many people use the words “taglines” and “slogans” interchangeably. While these seem similar, there are differences between the two. Technically, a tagline is a representation of your brand. For example, Apple has utilized the tagline “Think Differently” to represent that they’re a company that is on the forefront of computer technology.

On the other hand, a slogan is a representation of a specific product, service, or ad campaign. For example, Apple’s MacBook Pro uses the slogan “A touch of genius” to convey the product’s revolutionary innovation and superb functionalities. But for the purpose of this article, let’s use “tagline” and “slogan” interchangeably. Whatever tagline you decide to use in a sports bar, I’m raising my glass to you!

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