Persian food or Iranian cuisine, has some of the most diverse dishes in the world like saffron rice with Tagdig and Tamarind-stuffed fish. I guess it’s not surprising considering the strategic location of Iran to becoming a melting pot of international flavor. Iranian cuisine draws inspiration from Turkish, Caucasian, Greek, Levantine, Mesopotamian, Russian, and Central Asian cuisine.

Traditionally, Iranian dishes are made of combinations of rice, meat, nuts, and vegetables. Herbs like saffron, turmeric, and cinnamon are often added along with quinces, raisins, pomegranates, and other regional fruits.

If you’re planning to establish a restaurant with Persian cuisine on the menu, here are some creative ideas to name the restaurant. Let’s explore some of the options below.

Persian Restaurant

Persian Restaurant Name Ideas

Let’s begin with some basic Persian restaurant names. Many of these names refer to their religion, history, and other aspects of Persian culture.

  • Persian Palate
  • Persian Specialty
  • The Persian Chef
  • Persia’s Favorites
  • Persia in (name of your locality)
  • Persian Heaven
  • The Cook of Persia
  • Tiri and Tishtrya’s Heaven
  • Persian Culinary Delights
  • Atar’s Grill and Sizzling Plate
  • Haoma’s Farm to Table
  • Ahura Mazda Buffet
  • Persians Buffet
  • Persia’s BBQ
  • Secrets of Kashafrud
  • Classic Ganj Par Delights
  • Mt. Damavand Eat All You Can
  • The Special Persians
  • The Taste of (name of a major city in Iran such as Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, and more)
  • The Breads of Persia
  • Absolute Persian Cheese and Dairies
  • Leader of Persian Food Restaurant
  • Persia’s Supreme Fooder
  • Persia’s Assembly of Food Experts
  • Genuinely Persian
  • The Persian Food Persona
  • Bandar Abbas of Food
  • The Spicy Persian
  • Rice Kingdom
  • Simply Lavash Iranian Bakery and Pastries
  • Sheermal and Komaj Republic
  • The Rashnu of Persian Delicacies
  • Persian Food Empire
  • The Palace of Ardvi Sura Anahita
  • Persian Food Garden
  • The Best of Persian Cuisine
  • The Veggie Persian
  • The Kebab Empire

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  • Khoresh Et Al
  • Genuine Persian Aush
  • The Healthy Persian
  • The Polow and Dami Center
  • The Persian Rose
  • The Eggplant Specialists
  • The Persian Foodie
  • Remembering Shiraz
  • Leaves of Persia
  • Persian Melodies
  • The Persian Food Factory
  • Delish Persian
Persian architecture

Persian architecture.

Mediterranean Restaurant Name Ideas

Persian cuisine also shares inspires food served around the Mediterranean Sea. These names are perfect if you’re planning to serve Persian-fusion dishes.

  • The Taste of the Mediterranean
  • Mediterranean Food Paradise
  • The Mediterranean Foodie
  • Great Cuisine of a Dozen Nation
  • The Olive Specialists
  • Crusin’ Foodin’
  • The Blue Cruise
  • Mediterranean Culinary Park
  • The Cooking of Mediterranean Shores
  • Absolutely Mediterranean
  • Grapes of the Black Sea
  • Food of the Mediterranean
  • Gifts of the Mediterranean
  • The Mediterranean Concourse
  • Mediterranean Food 101
  • Classically Mediterranean
  • Deliciously Mediterranean
  • Delightfully Mediterranean
  • Lamb of the Roasts
  • The Mediterranean

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  • The Stewed Vegetable
  • The Golden Stew
  • Oil, Bread, and Wine
  • Olive, Wheat, and Bread
  • The Mediterranean Olive
  • The Mediterranean Plate
  • The Ottoman Dish
  • The Levantine Palate
  • The Balkan Yogurt
  • Mediterranean Crossroads
  • Italian Magic
  • The Balkan Cookbook
  • Magic of Provence
  • Maghrebi Palate
  • The Golden Anisette
  • Italia Gastronomica
  • The Mediterranean Gastronomics
  • The Mediterranean Tradition
  • The Gastronomic Voyage
  • Foodouzo
  • Treasures of the Mediterranean Sea
  • The Mediterranean Farm
  • Balearic Gastronomy
  • The Kingdom of Paella
  • Pasta Perfection
  • Occitan Explorer
  • Genuina Pissaladière Italia
  • Risotto Coarrae
  • The Pizza of Sicillia
  • The Farm and the Vine
cracking walnuts

Cracking walnuts.

Kabob Restaurant Name Ideas

Specializing on kabobs? Check out these restaurant names.

  • The Genuine Kabob
  • Kabob Finesse
  • Kabobits
  • The Kebab Place
  • The Kebab Master
  • Kings of Kabobs
  • Tastily Kabobs
  • Mmmmmm….Kabobs!
  • Meat on a Stick
  • Kabob Wishes
  • The Golden Meats
  • Persian Kabob Paradise
  • Persian Barbecue
  • The Streets of Persia
  • Skewered
  • Awesome Chunks
  • The Saucy Kabobs
  • Choose your Sauces
  • The Flavors of Kabob