The soap-making industry, once relegated to massive commercial manufacturers, is experiencing a resurgence among artisan producers that make small batch soaps using organic or higher quality ingredients. At-home or hobbyist soap makers now have the ability to sell their soaps internationally thanks to platforms like Etsy in addition to flea and farmers markets.

These micro-scale, small-scale, or medium-scale soap makers typically use premium, gentle, and all-natural ingredients as opposed to cheap industrial-grade chemicals used in most commercial soaps.

Due to the ingredients and personal care, soaps made independent soap makers among a specific type of consumer. Some soap makers even customize their soaps using different shapes, colors, and smells make soap-making a work of art.

If you plan to operate a soap-making business, check out the sample marketing slogans and taglines you can use to sell more suds.

soap with palm oil

Hand crafted soaps.

Soap Business Marketing Slogans

No matter what type of soap you’re slinging these marketing slogans can be used to sell even more.

  • (Name of your business): The Soap Professionals
  • When it comes to quality soaps, we’re the undisputed masters
  • Soap up with our bars
  • You’ll love it behind our bars
  • Smell fresh, stay fresh
  • Relish a velvety, luxurious bath experience
  • Quality soaps for the new generation
  • Refreshing and bubbly with every bath time
  • Our soaps will revolutionize quality body and skin care.
  • Try our soaps for good, clean fun!
  • Feel our magic on your skin
  • Let our hands take care for your body
  • Mother Nature says yes to our soaps.
  • Unmask the new you
  • Creating a cleaner, healthier you
  • Be clean—inside and out.
  • Making bath time, fun time!
  • We’re making skin-care products that bathe you in luxury.
  • It’s okay. Touch yourself.
  • Giving your bath a touch of Zen
bar soap

Bar soap and brush.

Soap Company Taglines

If your company involves manufacturing and selling soaps, you can use these suggested taglines on everything from packaging to social media posts.

  • Quality and tough soaps for men who can never get clean.
  • We set our bar high.
  • 100% fruit-based soap for you.
  • Be fresh—naturally.
  • Skin rejuvenation is imminent. The future of soaps.
  • Use our essential-oil soaps and have a sweet dream.
  • Treat your skin with the love it deserves. Use our premium soaps.
  • Be fresh, feel fresh, smell fresh!
  • Premium, dainty soaps for women who want to be beautiful.
  • Let the sunshine into your skin.
  • No harmful chemicals. Our soaps give you peace of mind.
  • Refreshing the world one premium soap at a time.
  • So natural it’s like showering out there.
  • Let freshness bathe you.
  • Making good skin health a part of your showering routine.
  • Gentleness that is fit for babies and kids.
  • Elevate your bliss. Reconnect with Mother Nature.
  • Healthy goodness for your delicate skin.
  • Making each bath a curative experience.
  • Formulated using all-natural, organic, and safe ingredients.

Handmade bars of soap

Organic Soap Slogans

Without synthetic, industrial-grade chemicals, organic soaps are the best soaps for your skin. If your business sells natural, organic soaps, feel free to use any of these slogans

  • Lather in the goodness of Mother Nature.
  • Bye, synthetics! Hello, natural!
  • Treat your body with Mother Nature’s touch.
  • Experience the gentle touch of Mother Nature.
  • You’re using poison with commercial soaps! Switch to our organic ones!
  • Premium organic soaps—just the way they should be!
  • No parabens, sulfates, SLES, and other harmful ingredients!
  • Natural soaps for naturally healthy skin.
  • Organic is best. Organic is for you!
  • Premium soaps with the finest natural ingredients.
  • Let natural freshness reign.

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  • All-natural goodness for your skin
  • Naturally, the best for your skin.
  • Healthier, softer, more naturally beautiful skin
  • Natural and organic—it’s meant for you.
  • A fresh new day for each bath.
  • Let nature take care of you.
  • Top-quality, organic soap—what soaps should be.
  • Pampering your skin with the best Nature can offer.
  • A touch of organic wonders.
hand washing soap

Hand washing under faucet with soap.

Handmade Soap Slogans

Soap-making has been a classic art that was relegated as a hobby. But with people starting to prefer natural or personalized products, soap-making—as a business—is rapidly on the rise.

  • The exquisite art of soap.
  • Welcome to the house of bespoke soaps.
  • It’s not just soap. It’s a work of art.
  • Customize soaps for your specific needs.
  • Artworks you can bathe with.
  • Artwork for your bathroom, flavors for your skin.
  • We make and sell personalized soaps.
  • Twirls, swirls, and squares for skincare.
  • Soaps so beautiful they wash your soul.
  • A beautiful way to start a new day.
  • Pretty soap for a beautiful face.
  • Our soaps are made with tender, loving care.
  • A masterpiece of soap.
  • Beautiful landscape paintings in our soap.
  • Our premium soaps will make Bob Ross smile.
  • Paintings in soaps.
  • We don’t call it soap-making. We call it art.
  • When it comes to soaps, we are artisans.
  • Made by hand, packed with love.
  • A beautiful expression of skincare.
clean water

The CDC says wash your hands with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds.

Whitening Soap Slogan Ideas

Use these suggested slogans if your product inventory includes whitening soaps.

  • Cheers to a new, glowing you.
  • A new way to cherish your bright skin.
  • Whitening without harming your skin.
  • Make your skin glow.
  • Our soaps do more than clean.
  • Dare to bare your new skin.
  • Restore your youth and confidence.
  • Rejuvenating skin the natural way.

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  • A natural way to go white.
  • More than just a soap.
  • Say hello to clean, youthful, and glowing skin.
  • Unmask your true beauty.
  • Whitening without damaging your skin.
  • We took up the task that most whitening soap brands failed to do.
  • To make you beautiful. It’s that simple!
  • Healthy, glowing skin is just a bar away.
  • Pure white, pure health.
  • Your gateway to better, more beautiful skin.
  • You deserve beautiful, glowing skin.
  • Soft, healthy, and glowing: the new perspective in skin.

Soap in a unique shape.

Body Scrub Slogans

Body scrubs effectively slough off dirt and dead skin cells, exfoliating and rejuvenating skin for a refreshing glow.

  • Gently scrubbing to a new you.
  • We’re rough on dirt, dead skin, and germs.
  • To get smooth, you need some rough handling.
  • Gentle exfoliation for effective skin rejuvenation.
  • Love your body.
  • Your body’s best companion.
  • Dirt and dead skin, away you go!
  • Getting rid of your skin’s past.
  • Stop carrying that gunk on your skin.
  • Let your skin’s beauty shine through again.
  • When soap is not enough, scrub.
  • Treat your skin better.
  • Rewinding the sands of time.
  • Rough has never been so soft and smooth.
  • During bath time, you want it rough.
  • Gently exfoliating, gently nourishing.
  • Let your skin breathe.
  • Scrub off the old you.
  • Smooth and soft skin is just a scrub away.
  • Skin-nourishing granules for the gentlest skin.

Bath and Body Slogans

Skin health starts with top-quality bath and body-care products. You can encapsulate this idea with slogans like the ones below.

  • Healthy skin begins with premium bath and body-care products.
  • Let nothing but excellence touch you.
  • You deserve the best bath and body-care products.
  • Treat your skin with nothing but the best.
  • A new and confident you starts with a bath.
  • The purest, truest kind of pampering.
  • Return to the arms of Mother Nature.
  • Make daily bath time an experience in luxury.
  • True happiness in every bath.
  • Transforming bath time into a commune with Nature.
  • Artisan bath and body-care essentials.
  • We are fine bath and body artists.
  • Let us caress you with love.
  • Treating your body like royalty.
  • Giving the best for your body.
  • (Name of your bath and body care business): It’s an authentic choice.
  • Inspired by gentleness.
  • Definitely the best gift to yourself.
  • Restore your skin’s natural beauty.
  • Making bathing an extraordinary experience.
washing dishes

Washing dishes.

Dish Soap Marketing Slogans

Dish soaps are essential in any kitchen. They cut through grease, kill bacteria, and leave dishes smelling nice. Here are some slogan ideas you can use to market dish soap.

  • Every dish’s premium shampoo.
  • Treat your dishes with respect.
  • Clean, grease-free, bacteria-free dishes.
  • Enjoy your meal on a clean dish.
  • Cleaner utensils, better meals.
  • No more greasy, dirty dishes.
  • Powerful on dishes, gentle on your hands.
  • Tough grease and yucky bacteria have met their match.
  • Washing dishes has never been easier.
  • Give your dishes, glasses, and utensils a great bath time.
  • No grease, no bacteria—just clean dishes.
  • Treating dishes and utensils with love.
  • Make your dishes smell like a garden.
  • Cleans, disinfects, and perfumes your utensils.
  • (name of your dish soap): Grease and bacteria’s most dangerous enemy.
  • Let your dishes shine.
  • Clean dishes complement your delicious food.
  • Bare your dishes spectacularly.
  • Make your life easy! Let our soap do the washing.
  • It’s like eating right in the middle of a flower garden.

Doing laundry.

Laundry Soap Slogans

Here are some slogans for laundry soap lines.

  • Cleaner, softer, better-smelling clothes.
  • You don’t need perfume anymore.
  • Smell fresh and fragrant—without perfume.
  • Now you can wear perfume—literally.
  • Clean, fresh and fragrant all day.
  • We treat your clothes as your second skin.
  • Experience softness right before your skin.
  • The power of clean, stain-free clothes.

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  • Destroy tough stains forever.
  • Go on, get dirty!
  • Spotless clothes for the dirtiest work.
  • Wear it. Look great. Smell great.
  • Changing your clothes for the better.
  • Fresh, spotless clothing for a more confident you.
  • A powerful soap for the toughest stains.
  • Extending your clothes life is our passion.
  • (name of your laundry soap brand): The art of clean clothes.
  • The king of suds.
  • Wear fresh, feel refreshed.
  • Making laundry great again.

Liquid Soap Marketing Slogans

Many people prefer liquid soaps compared to soap bars. They’re convenient, economical, and don’t leave a mess. If liquid soap is included in your product line, add these ideas to marketing collateral.

  • Pump it up and stay clean
  • No more gooey mess. Just sparkling fresh skin
  • Avoid the goo with our liquid soap.
  • We’ll take good care of your skin
  • Softness in a bottle
  • Enriched with softness, smoothness, and gentleness
  • Beat disease! Wash your hands!
  • Your hands’ best friend
  • Good health starts with clean, disinfected hands
  • Cleans like soap, moisturizes like body wash
  • Softness and smoothness in a bottle
  • Don’t get behind harsh bars. Use our liquid soap.
  • A new way of bathing
  • Enjoy a burst of freshness with each pump
  • Pour, lather, and stay fresh
  • More than just soap. It’s therapy.
  • Just rub it on
  • Boost your skin-telligence
  • Skin magic in a bottle
  • Beautiful skin is in your hands

Life without soap isn’t a world any of us want to live. Dating back to 2800 BC, wonderful amalgamations of oils and solidified fats keep our skin fresh, clean, and fragrant. Soaps also destroy harmful bacteria, spores, and other pathogens.

Soap making—what you’ve started as a hobby really could become a dream business. Use any of these taglines and slogans to share your soaps.

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