The handyman or home repair service industry is a $4.4 billion market in the United States that’s frequently overlooked by entrepreneurs. Sometimes the best business ideas are the straight-forward or “boring” opportunities right in front of you. What’s even more appealing is the market size is expected to increase another 1.8% this year. 

With the data mentioned above, starting a handyman or home service business is not only an in-demand service, but can be extremely lucrative too. The startup cost can be minimal as well since you can usually get started with little more than a small truck and a handful of tools.

If you’re planning to open a handyman business of your own, here’s my list of marketing slogans you can use to promote the service company. If you provide a good service at a fair price, you may not need to use these taglines long as word of mouth will spread in the community after building a reputation for quality. 

Handyman Marketing Slogans

funny handyman

We can repair what your husband fixed…

While the handyman market is a lucrative business, it’s a market with entrenched competition. There are no doubt a number of repair and maintenance shops already operating in your town. Here are the best marketing slogan ideas that will help you stand out. 

  • No tool is too small.
  • A service you can depend on.
  • Leave hard work to us.
  • We’ll nail the job for you.
  • Take the day off. We’ve got this.
  • Fix it the right way.
  • Home repairs? Leave it to us.
  • A complete tool shed under one roof.
  • All about home repairs.
  • Our competition is creepy.
  • No job is too big.
  • The repair specialists.
  • The service you can trust.

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  • We fix it right.
  • A quick solution for house repairs.
  • We fix what’s broken.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Your friendly neighborhood handyman.
  • We’ll help you patch things up.
  • Because you deserve a quality fix.
  • Quality is our middle name
  • Save time and effort. Leave it to us.
  • We won’t screw it up.
  • The service you deserve.
  • Satisfaction is our goal.
  • Nothing’s too broken for us to fix.
  • We’ll make your life better.
  • You call we fix.
  • We bring your home back to life.
  • You can count on us.
  • Complete home repairs.
  • At your service.

Handyman Taglines

You might be asking yourself, is there a difference between a slogan and a tagline? A slogan talks about the product you are trying to sell, while a tagline captures your company’s essence or vision. With that said, here are my absolute best taglines for a handyman brand.

  • Building you a better home.
  • We fix what you repaired.
  • Full service for half the price.
  • Happy to fix.
  • Repair is our passion.
  • We build relationships one house at a time.
  • A place for your house repair needs.
  • We’ll get to work right away.
  • Broken? Cracked? Rotten? We’ll fix it.
  • The home repair experts.
  • Call us and we’ll do it all.
  • We care to fix it right.
  • Exceptional service guaranteed.
  • Leave the nailing to us.
  • Broke something? We’ll fix it.
  • We fix the other guy’s mistakes.
  • Keep calm and call us.
  • Fix a house, build a home.
  • We fix it.
  • Relax, we’ll fix it for you.
  • Affordable repairs here.
  • Sit back and let us work.
  • Safe and sec