Gardening businesses continue to grow. Pun intended! According to industry reports, over the course of ten years from 2010 – 2020, the market size of went from $68 billion dollars a year all the way up to $105 billion dollars.

The catalyst for growth in this industry comes from a variety of factors. Many consumers are looking for a pastime or simple way to improve the appearance of their homes. Another segment is becoming interested in growing their own food, sustainability, or improving the environment.

If you’re thinking about starting a gardening business with a farm, greenhouse, or even you backyard this list of name ideas will help kick start the brainstorming process. Here are the most creative gardening business names plucked by our green-thumb branding experts.

Unique Gardening Business Names

Don’t want your gardening brand to blend in with the forest of options in your process? These are the most unique gardening business name ideas we were able to come up with.

  • Aestral Gardening
  • All Seasons Gardening
  • Allgood Outdoors
  • Arvent Gardening
  • Bonnet House
  • Deep Roots Botanicals
  • Century Garden
  • Cloud Forest
  • Conservatory of Flowers
  • Green Thumb Guys
  • Downtown at the Gardens
  • Earth Design
  • Earthencity
  • Eden East
  • Environscaping
  • Flamingo Gardens
  • Flowers Landscape
  • Freshway
  • Garden Artist
  • Garden Care Company
  • Backyard Garden Co.
  • Garden Central
  • Garden Cress
  • Gardens Vale
  • Gardens Wey
  • Gardner’s Toolbox
  • Gardonna Gardening
  • Goodness Gardens
  • GoodWave Gardening
  • Green Gardening
  • Green Ivy
  • Greenberry
  • Greencrest
  • Greens Ford
  • Harmony Gardens
  • Landscape Associates
  • Leaves Of Green
  • Lotus Garden
  • Lovely Swan
  • New Town Gardening
  • Massive Growth Gardening
  • Out In The Garden
  • Pinecrest Gardens
  • Pridopex Gardening
  • Backyard Growers Group
  • Rock City Gardens
  • Rockefeller Gardens
  • Seed Island
  • Star Gardening
  • The City Gardener
  • The Garden Shoppe
  • The Gardens Mall
  • The Plant Whisperer
  • Turf Masters
  • WoodEthos

Fancy Gardening Business Name Ideas

A fancy name can give the perception of higher quality, but remember you’ll need to live up to this name. Gardening businesses serve the high-end like golf courses and estates. One way to differentiate yourself is with better service and a wider selection of rare plants. If you’re opening up a gardening business for the more affluent subset of this market, here are some ideas.

  • Abbey House Gardens
  • All Things Gardening
  • Arbor Gardening
  • Ashton Gardens
  • Azalea Gardens
  • Epic Barn Gardens
  • Super Seed Sisters (SSS)
  • Barnsdale Gardens
  • Bayshore Gardens
  • Blessed Botanicals
  • Botanic Heaven
  • Cane River Gardens
  • Cecilia Gardening
  • Century Garden
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Dahlia Garden
  • Designer Gardening
  • Dumbarton Oaks
  • Earth Angels
  • Elysian gardening
  • Fine Choice Gardening

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  • Finest Flora
  • Flower Dome
  • From The Garden
  • Gardens Vale
  • Gardens Tow
  • The Sculpture Garden
  • Goodness Gardens
  • Grateful Gardens
  • Green Solutions
  • Green spruce
  • Greencrest
  • Green Festival Garden
  • Greenfields
  • Fortified Farmer
  • Green Fort
  • Greenlife Farmer
  • Highland Gardens
  • Ida Gaye Gardens
  • Lakeview Gardens
  • Ogden Botanical Gardens
  • Sally’s Flower Bed
  • Succulents Garden
  • The Casual Gardener
  • The Community Garden
  • The Wise Gardener
  • Whitehall Gardens
  • Willard Bay Gardens
  • Wonderful Gardens
  • Zion Gardens

Funny Gardening Business Name Ideas

Funny names can help people to remember your business. But remember not to make it sound as if you are not serious about gardening or the name could backfire. Here are some silly name ideas you can use to inspire your business.

  • A Rays to Grow
  • Almost Eden
  • Backyard Botanicals
  • Beginner’s Garden
  • Beyond Eden
  • Bloom Season
  • Botanic Heaven
  • Botanical Building
  • Busch Gardens
  • By the Plot
  • CloudHaze
  • Crooked Garden
  • Dirty Gloves
  • Floral Alleys
  • Floral Wish
  • Flowers And Fields
  • Garden Hood
  • Gardenia
  • Gardens Way
  • Glow Garden Glow
  • Green Gardening
  • Green Gardens
  • Greenberg
  • Greens Ford
  • Healing Garden
  • Herb Lands
  • Herrington
  • Infinite Green

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  • Landscape Love
  • Lotus Island
  • Nature Nukes
  • Roosevelt Gardens
  • Roots & Shoots
  • Sego Lily Gardens
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • Green Thumb Chicks
  • Soil Savers
  • Soiled Rotten
  • Sow Pretty
  • Super Seeds
  • Super Seeds
  • The Budget Garden
  • The Green Thumb
  • The Greenery
  • The Grower
  • The Greenhouse Guys
  • The Harvard Garden
  • The Idiot Garden
  • The Patch
  • The Secret Garden
  • Tiki Gardens
  • Western Gardens
  • The Natural Space

Creative Vegetable Gardening Business Name Ideas

Vegetable gardening is a whole different ball game than opening a flower shop. A vegetable garden or farmers market stall will have a different set of customers too. So if you are opening up a vegetable-focused gardening business, here are some name ideas for your consideration.

  • AcreFood Gardening
  • Bee Sweet Vegetables
  • Bluewater Hydroponics
  • Crystal Star Vegetable Nursery
  • FarmBounty Gardening
  • Fountains Vegetable Garden
  • Fruit Tree Nursery
  • The Tickled Greenhouse
  • Greenhouses and Garden Centre
  • Green Sleeve Maintenance
  • Herb Lands
  • Holbrook Farms Gardens

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  • Honeybee Gardening
  • I Need Seeds
  • Infinity Vegetables
  • Jefferson Market Garden
  • Kinder Vegetable Garden
  • Picker’s Patch
  • Quiet Nature Vegetables
  • Royal City Vegetable Nursery
  • Southern Hill Vegetable Nursery
  • Spring WaterVegetable Garden
  • Sunshine Vegetables
  • The Heroes Vegetable Garden
  • The Patch
  • The Vegetable Garden Club
  • Treeland Farms Vegetable Gardens
  • Whistling Vegetable Gardens
  • Wild About Vegetables

Gardening Business Pun Names

Puns and plays on words can be funny, as long as they are not too ridiculous. With gardening, there are a lot of puns you can use for the names and we’ve organized the best of them right here.

  • Better Bulbs
  • Clean Place
  • Coastal Sage Gardening
  • Color Your World
  • Crooked Garden
  • Design With Nature
  • Designer Gardening
  • EarthJoy Gardening
  • Family Flowers
  • Flora Designs
  • Four Season Gardening
  • Garden Scape
  • Garden View Nursery
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Glorious Gardening
  • Greenscape Garden
  • Grow!
  • Infinitely Green
  • Just Sprinklers
  • Leaf And Pots
  • Leafy Garden
  • Living Soil Solutions
  • Lotus Garden
  • Many Tree Nursery
  • Natura Greenhouse
  • Nature Captured
  • Plant Whisper
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Plants of Desire
  • Rose of Garden
  • Seed Island
  • Soggy Springs Garden
  • Sow Pretty
  • Sprouts
  • Summer Blooms
  • Summer Fields
  • The Succulent Haven
  • Urban Plants
  • Wild & Free
  • WinWood

Garden Club Name Ideas

Fresh dirt.

The number of gardening clubs is proliferating across the country as well. Non-profit The Garden Club has more than 18,000 members in 200 clubs. These groups gather together like-minded gardeners to discuss new growing techniques, seeds, sharing stories and forming friendships.

  • Essen Blume Gardening Club
  • Evergreen Gardening Club
  • Fields Of Flowers Gardening Club
  • Flora Park Gardening Club
  • Garden Gate Gardening Club
  • Garden Of Dreams Gardening Club
  • Garden Scape Gardening Club
  • Garden Stone Gardening Club
  • Gardener Lifestyle
  • Gardenstow Gardening Club
  • Golden Elms Gardening Club
  • Green Bliss Gardening Club
  • Green Guardians
  • Green Isle Gardening Club
  • Green Moor Gardening Club
  • Greenfields Gardening Club
  • Grow Wild
  • Highland Gardens Gardening Club
  • Super Friends Gardening Club
  • Marble Greens Gardening Club
  • Marblehead Gardening Club
  • Ole Fern Gardening Club
  • Petal Acres Gardening Club
  • Pine Crest Garden Club
  • Plant Scape Gardening Club
  • PlantWatch
  • Rose Garden Gardening Club
  • Sunny Vale Gardening Club
  • Swing Gardening Club
  • Trinity Gardens Gardening Club
  • Well-Planted Gardening Club

American households are getting into gardening now more than ever. Even younger generations and Millennials taking interest in this activity. According to industry reports, 77% of American households have caught the gardening bug. Pun intended once again!

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for growth in this industry is an increased interest in sustainability. As an example, I am part of something called Community Supported Agriculture (CLS) group. This group is run by a couple with a few acres of farmland a few miles from my house in Idaho.

The goal of these organization is to provide wholesome food that’s grown locally and doesn’t need to be shipped thousands of miles creating unnecessary pollution and waste.

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The couple just started their CLS group this year and my family was one first members to join. The group works like. We pay an annual membership of a few hundred dollars in advance of the growing season. Then the couple grows and harvests fresh vegetables like lettuce, carrots, beats, potatoes, tomato, squash and other vegetables that can grow in our environment.

Every other week during the summer months, our family drives by the farm to pickup our supply of produce. If we miss our pickup one week due to travel, we are able to donate the food to local food banks. It’s an amazing program that I’m excited to be involved in for years to come.

As you can see, starting a gardening or vegetable business doesn’t need to be complicated. Pick a name, start growing and begin reaping the benefits of your green thumb.

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