A game farm is a private or public agricultural property where wildlife is bred and raised to be hunted during the season. Due to the controversial nature of the industry and the property, a game farmer ensures that hunters stalking in his land observe and follow strict regulations for the conservation and sustainability of wildlife. Game farms may raise a variety of animals, including fowl and deer.

This industry is bigger than you might expect. According to reports, there are more than 4,000 of these tourism businesses operating in the United States. If you own a private game farm, you can use any of these suggested ideas to name your property.

Game Farm

Game Farm Name Ideas

If you have an established game farm, you can use any of these names to label your place.

  • The Hunt Is On
  • Responsible Hunting
  • Green Hunting
  • The Wild Things
  • Wild and Free
  • Your Dream Hunt
  • The Hunting Grounds
  • Safari Hunting Grounds
  • Game On!
  • Wild Photos
  • Free-Roaming Farmland
  • The Wild Safari Tours
  • Hunter Shooter Paradise
  • Hunt and Shoot
  • Hunter Life
  • Deer Stand Mansion
  • The Game Place
  • Where You Game
  • The Elk Range
  • The Game
  • The Hunt
  • Hunting HQ
  • The Big Wild
  • Wild Deer Farm
  • Wild and Free
  • The Way Out There
  • (Your Name)’s Game Farm
  • The Gaming Place
  • The Hunting Place
  • Hunter’s Abode
  • Buck Blood Acres
  • The Hunter’s Haven
  • Shooter’s Place
  • Take Nothing But Pictures
  • The No-Kill Game Farm
  • Trophy Place
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Moose Empire
  • Wild Things Ranch
  • The Wildlife Studio
  • Naturally Scenic
  • Love of the Wild
  • The Game Ville
  • Free-Roaming Animal Yard
  • The Outer Heaven
  • Wilderness in a Box
  • The Wildlife Farm
  • Hunting, Shooting, and More
  • The Farm of the Wild
  • Elk Country Acres
dirt roads

Dirt roads.

Olympic Gamefarm Name Ideas

Many licensed hunters and wildlife photographers find hunting or stalking to one of the most challenging sports. You can incorporate the sport aspect of hunting a game farm’s name with the examples below.

  • The Olympus
  • The Wild Stadium
  • The Sportster
  • Sports Hunt
  • Shooting for Sport
  • The Competitive Edge
  • The Olympiad
  • Wild Biathlete
  • The Wild Place
  • Olympic Ranch
  • The Ranch of Zeus
  • The Meadow of Olympus
  • The Olympic Field
  • The Field of Zeus
  • Torchville
  • Hunter Sports
  • The Best Hunters
  • The Hunting Fields of the Gods
  • The Gods Hunt
  • Sunny Heavens
  • (Your Name)’s Hollow

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  • The King of the Pastures
  • River View Farm
  • Hills and Streams
  • The Garden of the Gods
  • Olympic Gardens
  • Zeus’ Gardens
  • The Tall Oaks Place
  • The Hunter’s Forest
  • The Forest of Champions
  • The Gods’ Champions Game Farm
  • The Green Hunting Heavens
  • The Green World
  • Wild and Green Game Farm
  • Warriors of the Gods Hunting Grounds
  • Archers of Olympus Ranch
  • Gardens of Olympus
  • The High Grove
hunting land

Hunting land.

Fowl Farm Name Ideas

Use these name ideas if you specialize in a game ranch for hunting or photographing avians.

  • Fowl Ball
  • Birds of The Same Feather
  • The Feathery Eden
  • Falcon’s Flight Farm
  • Fields of Wings
  • Eagle’s Grove
  • The Gold Eagle
  • Feathered Forest
  • The Flying Hunters Grove
  • Birds of Prey Farm
  • Wings and Beaks Ranch
  • Whispering Oaks Ranch and Hunting Grounds
  • Wild Woods Hunting Ranch
  • Peregrine Hunter’s Haven
  • Air Flair
  • Sky Kingdom Ranch
  • Fluffy Clouds Fowl Game Center
  • Hunter’s Wings Game Farm
  • Trees, Grass, and More
  • All Predators Gaming Center
  • Shoot in the Sky Hunting Grounds
  • The Archers’ Haven
  • The Wings of Bravery Ranch
  • The Stalker Falcon Farm
  • Sky Hunter Gaming World
  • Winged Hunters Gaming Ranch
  • Aerial Predator Ranch
  • Stalking Eagles Sky Farm
  • Triple E Fowl Ranch
  • The Blue Gate
  • Cloud Village
  • The Wings Copse
  • Kite Valley
  • The Falconer Bird Ranch
  • Wild and Natural Acreage
  • The Flying Fox
  • Crystal Hollow
  • Heaven’s Gate
hunting season

Signs of hunting season.

Game Ranch Name Ideas

Here are some more suggested names for your game ranch.

  • Redberry Hill
  • Hunter’s Valley
  • The Huntsman’s Thicket Game Ranch
  • Hoppin’ Rabbits Ranch
  • Quail Gulch
  • The Secret Spring Game Ranch
  • Blue Brook Game Ranch
  • The Classic Hunt Game Valley
  • Honey Meadow
  • East Hunting Pasture
  • Pines Safari
  • Western Trophies Game Ranch
  • The Grizzly Patch
  • Golden Belle Valley
  • Getting the Prey
  • Pastoral Stream Game Farm
  • Huntsmen’s Haven
  • Foxes Ground
  • (Your Name)’s Hunting Grounds
  • The Wildlife Photos
  • Wild Scenery Game Farm
  • Scenic Duties
  • Whispering Elms Grove
  • Black Horse Ranch
  • Pegasus Valley
  • Brown Cedar Acres
  • The Predator’s Trail
  • Mt. Cherry’s Hunting Grounds
  • Northern Elm Roosting Grounds
  • South Country Hollow
  • Eastern Hunters Gaming Ranch
  • (Name of your locality) Game Farm
  • Hunter’s Tale Game Farm
  • The Idle Goose Ranch
  • Bell Woods Roosting and Hunting Area
  • Kodiak Gallery
  • Antelope Pass Ranch and Conservation
  • French Creek Enclosure

What are game ranches?

A game ranch is a wide-open space, often several acres in area, where game animals such as birds, deer, antelopes, jackrabbits, and other wildlife are raised to populate wildlife areas. When these wild animals reach maturity, they are often hunted by licensed stalkers and hunters. Strict regulations are observed and implemented to ensure sustainability and conservation. Often hunting is only permitted during specific times of the year.

Game ranches are not to be confused with game reserves where killing or hunting wildlife is prohibited.

Some game ranches do not allow the hunting of such animals. Instead, they allow wildlife photographers to stalk and take photos of wildlife. After all, taking photos of wildlife in a relatively controlled environment is easier and safer than going into the wilderness where finding wildlife can be hit or miss.


Home on the range.

Game ranches are ideal places for ecotourism wherein tourists can observe wildlife in their natural settings.

Game farms are widespread in South Africa. Wild animals in these areas are utilized for hunting (often by rich tourists and adventurers), consumption (by local tribes), and ecotourism. During the 20th century, local laws in the region have allowed people to privately own land and the wildlife in that land. This enabled owners to see game farms as economic alternatives to livestock farming.

But you don’t need to travel abroad to find one of these hunting destinations. Instead, states like Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas, and Pennsylvania have expansive grounds to participate in this sport.

What does a game farmer do?

A game farmer’s main task is to breed, monitor, and take care of wildlife in a game farm. The purpose of a game farmer is to find ways to increase the number of wildlife, particularly endangered species, living on the property.

A game farmer also manages hunting activity in the game farm, acting as a guide or enforcing hunting regulations. Sometimes, the farmer may also transact wildlife trade. For example, administrators of zoos, game reserves, or national parks may purchase wild animals from the farmer. The game farmer also serves as a sort of guide and mentor to hunters that visit the farm.

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Game farms are great places where one can indulge in his passion for hunting or nature photography. If hunting wildlife is prohibited, such a game farm could be an ideal ecotourism venue, a local attraction for those who are interested in the conservation of local wildlife. If you own such a piece of land, use any of the suggested names above to help describe your game farm to the people.

In many places around the country, hunting wildlife is discouraged or even prohibited by law. In fact, a person may need to secure a license before he could carry out an actual hunt. Even if hunting is permitted, it’s often done in a controlled area such as a game farm.

Growing up myself in rural Northwest Minnesota, I can tell you that hunting is not only a tradition, but a sort of rite of passage for some families. Many people who hunt regularly say the experience gives them a better understanding and respect for where food comes from. Many hunters try to use each part of the animal and don’t let anything go to waste.

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