Spring is here and summer is on its way. For everyone from retailers to restauranteurs, this means a change goods displayed or even a specialty menu that reflects the flavor of summer.

But before you can move on to the next season, you need a blockbuster clearance sale to get unwanted inventory out of the store. After all, breaking even on merchandise is better than taking a loss. You’ve also got to make room for the inventory that will be generating revenue in the coming months.

To start planning for your clearance sale, here are more than 150 slogans you can use to catch your customer’s attention. These promotional ideas can attract a throng of discount loving shoppers for retail, restaurants, and e-commerce businesses alike.

Clearance Sale Slogans

Put old inventory up for sale at a discount rather than keep them in your supply room until next year.

  • Exclusive offers only this weekend!
  • These prices are just for you!
  • Big Buys. Bigger Savings.
  • Clearance Sale happening this weekend!
  • Exclusive sale on these special items.
  • Goodbye Winter (or whatever season you’re clearing out) Sale!
  • Last chance to grab these special deals!
  • Mega savings on this mega sale!
  • Come over where the fun is.
  • Check out our once in a lifetime offer!
  • You don’t want to miss this exclusive sale.
  • Sale happening TODAY!
  • Grab these deals at low low prices!
  • This is the 24 Hour Sale You’ve Been Waiting For.

We have too much stock and are passing the savings on to you!

  • Special prices await you!
  • Expect to save more with these exclusive offers!
  • Low prices you’ve never seen before!
  • It’s the sale of all sales!
  • Unbelievably low prices for these great deals.
  • Clear out our shelves with these insanely low prices.
  • You’ve never seen a better deal than THIS!
  • Come in and join the biggest sale of the year!
  • One will not simply be able to walk away from these prices. Check out our sale now!
  • Affordable deals only for a limited time offer!
  • Don’t miss this once in a lifetime sale!
  • The biggest sale of the year is happening now!
  • Insane deals with crazy low prices. What are you waiting for? Check us out now!
  • How low can we go? Lower than you can imagine. Check out our low prices on our special sale today!
  • Mega discounts on this special sale TODAY!
  • Shop now and enjoy great discounts!
  • Get more affordable deals at our clearance sale happening this weekend!

Sales Slogans for Retails Stores

Entice customers with a catchy sales slogan like this.

  • Save more with these discounted prices.
  • Get these special items on sale now!
  • We love giving away good deals. This one is for you!
  • A weekend sale with items over 50 percent off? Yes, we got it here for you!
  • Sale happening now!
  • Take extra ___% off if you shop this weekend with us!
  • Come and join the fun with this crazy sale happening this (insert date).
  • Hurry! Limited stocks left! Catch these special deals on sale!
  • Get these essentials on sale this weekend!
  • Saving up for a better deal? Now is the time to spend! Check out our sale today!
  • Hot deals to cool you off in this summer’s sale!
  • Buy more! Spend less!
  • Super sale means super savings!
  • Special items up for grabs for a limited time offer.
  • You’re not going to believe how low the prices are going.
  • Amazing deals at amazing low prices
  • Fall in love with our autumn sale!
  • Great finds at incredibly affordable prices.
  • Surprisingly great deals on our sale this weekend!
  • Score special discounts at our sale today!
  • Shop now and discover special deals at insanely affordable prices.
  • Looking for a good deal? You’ve come to the right place.
  • Hot items in low prices? Check them out here.
  • Spring season is upon us which means more exclusive deals on sale!
  • Shop now and be amazed by these discounts.
  • We’re slashing off prices on your favorite items!
  • Enjoy discounted prices at our mega sale.
  • Winter is coming. And so is our super cool sale!
  • Hot items at reasonable prices. On sale now!
  • Prices that match your comfort.
  • These on sale deals are going to blow your mind!

Summer Sale Slogan Examples

You can run special summer promotions on seasonal food items as well.

  • Cool off with these hot items at low prices!
  • Dive into the summer fun with our hottest sale!
  • Our summer sale is so hot that the prices are melting!
  • Shop till you drop without hurting your pockets! Check out our summer sale now!
  • Find out just how low the prices can go in this year’s summer sale.
  • Sun’s out. Sumer sale is in!
  • Cool deals await you in this summer’s sale!

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  • It’s getting hot hot hot! Grab your friends and check out our amazing deals!
  • Have fun this summer and spend it all on our cool deals!
  • Beat the heat and come and join us in this summer’s mega sale!
  • Shop to your heart’s content by scoring these affordable deals!
  • Awesome items up for grabs in incredibly low prices!
  • Enjoy this summer by splurging on your favorite items at special discounted rates!
  • Treat yourself to a hot deal in this summer sale.
  • Shop now and grab these summer deals at insanely low prices.
  • Up to ___% discount await you at our summer sale!
  • Score huge discounts at our summer sale!
  • Enjoy summer even more with these hot treats at discounted prices!
  • Ride out the heat and check out these cool items at low prices!
  • Here’s a deal that’s going to make your summer fun!
  • Mark your calendar for the hottest sale this summer.
  • It’s going to be a crazy summer with all these wild discount