Class reunions can be enjoyable or stressful depending on how you look at it. Class reunions create an opportunity to connect with people from your past, relieve memories, and catch up with people you haven’t spoke to in years.

I’ll be celebrating my own 20 year high-school reunion next month. Personally, I’m looking forward to mine. I found my 10 year class reunion to be extremely anti-climatic. Not in a bad way either. I found it easy to catch up with some of the guys I used to play football or wrestle with in high school. It’s funny to think how much time I used to spent with certain people during my school years and then almost nothing after graduating.

I also attended an extremely small high school in Northwest Minnesota. I probably graduated with 63 kids total. When you attend a rural school you have less cliques like the popular kids, the jocks, the band kids, etc. Everyone knows who you are even if you don’t participate in anything.

If you’ve got a class reunion coming up, I’ve compiled some catchy slogans and quotes on the subject to encourage your classmates to show up and catch up. The goal of these slogans is to increase attendance.

Class Reunion Slogans

  • Together Once Again
  • Growing Old At The Same Time
  • Let’s Look Back At Our Fun Memories
  • We Are Not Getting Any Younger
  • Getting Together With The People You’ve Spent Your Childhood With
  • Fun Reunion We Can’t Forget
  • Reuniting With The Old People We Knew
  • Reuniting The Kids We Once Were
  • Reunions Are Made For Judging The People We’ve Become
  • Let’s See What Has Changed
  • Then And Now, Which Is Better?
  • Adulting Sucks, Let’s Go Back To High School
  • Back To School Is So Much Better
  • We’re Back!
  • Back To Where We Were
  • Reunited And It Feels So Good
  • Let’s Get Together
  • Keep Calm And Let’s Get Together
  • Still Competing Who’s Best
  • The Best Class There Is

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  • Classmates Turned Family
  • The Best Reunion Ever
  • We’ll Never Say Goodbye To Each Other
  • The People Worth Looking Back To
  • Let’s All Look Back At Our Memories
  • Nothing Ever Changes
  • Going Back To Where It All Started
  • Looking Back At Our Beginnings
  • Raise Your Glasses For The Baddest Reunion Ever
  • No Reunion Is Better Than Ours
  • It’s Time To Get Started With The Reunion
  • Class Reunions Are Like Parties Old People Attend To
  • Always Look Your Best At Class Reunions
  • Class Reunions Force You To Dress Up

Smile… You got older.

Class Reunion Quotes

  • “We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.” – Tim McGraw
  • “You forget how much you miss your classmates until you see them again.” – Anonymous
  • “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” – Anonymous
  • “What’s the point of a high school reunion? I have Facebook. I already know you got fat.” – Anonymous

“Class reunions were about curiosity; about satisfaction at the avoidance of the mistakes of one’s contemporaries, now revealed in their emerging life stories; about reflecting on the ravages – and injustices – of time; and of realizing, perhaps, how strange and random are the twists and turns of fate.” – Alexander McCall Smith

  • “The sweetness of reunion is the joy of heaven.” – Richard Paul Evans
  • “Happiness is meeting old friends at class reunions and rekindling the forgotten memories.” – Anonymous
  • “I can hardly wait to see and meticulously judge you at our high school reunion.” – Anonymous
  • “In the class, there was a core group of 50 to 60 kids who went through all 12 years together. This is more like a family reunion than a class reunion.” – Jim Anderson
  • “What’s interesting is relative levels of introversion tend to stay the same. If you went back to your reunion from school, you would probably find that if you ranked everyone in your class into terms of levels of introversion and extroversion, you’d still be the same rank.” – Susan Cain

“Never go to your high school reunion pregnant or they will think that is all you have done since you graduated.” – Erma Bombeck

  • “Thank you Facebook for making a class reunion entirely unnecessary.” – Anonymous
  • “I’ve never been to a class reunion or anything because I’m always afraid of that one – there’s going to be some ‘Carrie’- like incident.” – Paul Feig
  • “Why attend your twenty-year reunion when you have so many high school Facebook friends? You can’t relive, share or make new memories online.” – Anonymous

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  • “Yeah, I’m thinking it’s a reunion or since it is our classmates, a collection of idiots. Let’s call it a Meese. Like geese, only with morons.” – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • “It takes a certain amount of guts to go to your class reunions.” – Dick Cavett
  • “It appears someone invited a lot of old people to my high school reunion.” – Anonymous 

10 Year Class Reunion Slogans

  • We Have Gotten Older
  • 10 Years Felt So Short
  • We Are Not Kids Anymore
  • We Are Not As Young As We Were Back Then
  • 10 Years More Successful
  • Closer Than Every After 10 Years
  • The Friends Who Grow Old Together, Stay Together
  • 10 Years After We Were Hit By The Real World
  • 10 Years Of Corporate World Slaves
  • We Are All Still Kids At Heart
  • Some Things Never Change
  • You Just Can’t Get Over Something In 10 Years
  • A Decade Of Trying Out Life
  • When Everyone Looks Older Than You Expected
  • Trying To Look My Best In Our 10 Year Class Reunion

20 Year Class Reunion Slogans

  • Back Together Again Two Decades Later.
  • There’s No Perfect Reunion.
  • A Trip To Nostalgia Never Felt So Good.
  • There Are Good Reasons To Look Back.
  • Two Decades Wiser Than We Were Back Then.
  • Two Decades Worth Of Facebook Status Updates.
  • Going Back To The Bond That Links Us All.
  • The Day To Stay Together Again.
  • Let’s Find Out What You’ve Been Up To.
  • Let’s Go Back To Basics After Two Decades.
  • Going Back Home After 20 Years.
  • Nothing Felt Home Than This.
  • Everyone Trying To Look Good In This Reunion.
  • Spotting The Ex That Left You.
  • Seeing The Once Uncool Guy Became Cool.
  • Gathering Of The Successful And Unsuccessful People In Our Batch.
  • It’s THE Gathering Of The Year.
  • An Excuse To Be Kids Again.
  • An Excuse To Look At Our Past.
  • Relieving The Past That’s In Our Hearts.
  • Remembering The Fun That Was 20 Years Ago.
  • Remembering Their Faces Before They Turn Into Ashes. 

Food and drink are a must at class reunions.

30 Year Class Reunion Slogans

  • Three Decades Wiser, Older And With More White Hair.
  • We’re Getting Old, But Gold.
  • Let’s Play Like Before.
  • The Kids Inside Of Us Are Alive.
  • Can You Believe it’s Been 30 Years?
  • We Never Feel Like We Are As Old As We Actually Are.
  • If You Can’t Be Us, You Can’t Beat Us.
  • A Bunch Of Oldies That Are Still Goodies.
  • From Booze To Coffee, That’s How We’ve Changed.
  • No Longer Teens Doing Twerks.
  • Welcoming Back Pains Is Basic.
  • Fine Lines Turning Into Wrinkles.
  • Slowly Getting In The Groove Of Adulthood.
  • Hit Or Miss?
  • Saying Hi To Your First Love.
  • Seeing Your High School Love Once Again.
  • It’s Been Three Decades Since We Saw Each Other.
  • Three Decades Of Living The Hard Life.
  • Thirty Years Of Corporate Slave.
  • Thirty Years Of Surviving Life With Responsibilities.
  • Three Decades Of Playing Trial And Error With Life.
  • Three Decades Of Make Believe In The Real World.
  • Trying To Look Cool For Your High School Crush.
  • Going Down The Memory Lane.
  • United Once Again.
  • Relieving The Good Memories Of The Past.

40 Year Class Reunion Slogans

  • Get Together, But Better.
  • Let’s Go To A Trip Back Memory Lane.
  • Making Memories With The Old People.
  • Still Trying To Check Out The Cutie Back Then.
  • Bones Breaking, Hair Falling, Wrinkles Appearing.
  • We’re Still The Same Old Kids Back Then.
  • Reunions Where You Can’t Remember The Names.
  • Looking For Your Classmates With Blurry Eyes.
  • No Energy For Dancing Anymore.
  • Reunion With Coffee And Books Instead Of Party And Booze.
  • We Are Old People Who Are Young At Heart.
  • Not Even Alzheimer’s Can Delete Our Memories In School.
  • We’re Stronger, Older Than Before.
  • We’re The Same Old Kids, Just Older.
  • Everyone’s Asking About The Grandchildren.
  • Forty Years Of Making Life Happen.
  • In The Phase Of Starting To Forget The Names.
  • Reunions For The Old Ones.
  • An Excuse To Party Again.

Remembering old stories.

50 Year Class Reunion Slogans

  • We Are Becoming Gold.
  • We Are Old As Hell.
  • We Don’t Even Recognize Each Other Anymore.
  • Too Old For Reunions.
  • No One Has Time For Reunions.
  • Not Interested To Meet Anyone At Reunions.
  • Class Reunions Are Not For Me.
  • There’s No Fun In Meeting Old People Like You.
  • We’re Almost At The End Of The Road.
  • It’s Almost Like A Granny Reunion.
  • We Are The Best Grand Parents There Is.
  • Oldies But Goodies.
  • Friends Forever, Until Our Hair Grow Whiter.
  • We’re Stronger Than Our Bones Now.
  • Stronger Bond, More United Than Ever.
  • Great To See Familiar Faces With Wrinkles.

Slogans for College Reunions

  • Reunions Where People Are Judging What You’ve Accomplishes.
  • Time To Brag My Luxury Car.
  • Playing A Game Where People Count How Many Divorces You’ve Had.
  • Still Feeling Like Kids That Never Grew Up.
  • We’re Just Kids With Gray Hair.
  • The Time To Dig Into The Past.
  • The Past Never Stays Hidden.
  • A Place Where Secrets Unfold.
  • Let’s Go Back To Basics And Be Cool.
  • Let’s Be Cool Once Again.
  • Try To Relieve The Drunken Nights.
  • Reunion Survivor Right Here.
  • Relieving The Best Years Of Our Life.
  • Keeping It Classy Until The End Of The Reunion.
  • Reunions Are Made To Have Something To Post On Social Media.
  • In-person Reunions Are Better Than Facebook Reunions.  

Many class reunions are catered.

Funny Class Reunion Slogans

  • We Look Better In School Uniforms.
  • We Are The Kids That Never Grew Up.
  • No One Looks Forward To Reunions.
  • Saying Hello To The People You Once Thought Were Your Friends.
  • Reunions Are Time To Make Fun Of All Your Teachers.
  • Reunions Where People Don’t Look The Same Anymore.
  • Everyone Is Getting Older.
  • Reunions Where Teachers Are Slowly Non-existent.
  • I Hope We Can Recognize Each Other.
  • Bringing Back Memories Of The Good Old Day.
  • Boys With Abs Turned To Boys With Big Bellies.
  • The Hotties Ain’t So Hot Anymore.
  • Even Hotties In School Can Transform Into Shrek.
  • Reunions Reveal Single, Old Men That Never Married.
  • A Time Where The Mean Girls Are Not So Mean Anymore.
  • We Used To Be Sexy, Cool Students, Now We’re All Just Old.
  • Not Everyone Achieved Their Dream But That’s Okay.
  • Reunions Are An Excuse To Get Drunk At Parties Again.
  • Reunions Make You Look Better At Least In One Night.
  • Reunions Are Made For All Ages.
  • Reunions Leave Good Memories For Life.
  • Your Last Chance To Say Hi To Your Crush.
  • People Use Reunions As An Excuse To Get Out Of Their House.
  • Some People Change Their Social Status In Class Reunions.
  • Reuniting With The People Who Taught You How To Have Fun.
  • Discover Who’s Hot and Who’s Not.

Not everyone looks forward to class reunions, of course. One study states that about 20% to 30% of the graduating class usually attend them. The number of classmates that attend a reunion will depend on how far people need to travel as well and how expensive the event will be. If you experienced bullying experiences back in school, you may not look back on this time of your life fondly. My wife, for example, will never attend a high school reunion because she didn’t enjoy the experience.

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The school reunions of yesteryear were a little bit different. There are groups of people you literally would’t have a clue what they’ve been up to. Social media has allowed us to keep tabs on more people than ever before. But nothing beats face-to-face connection. And believe it or not, there are some people in the world that aren’t active on social media. Gasp!

Some people use class reunions strategically to grow their network instead of simply catching up. This is especially true in college reunions where you’ll pull from a broader range of graduates. These reunions can create fruitful networking because you have everyone shares a common educational background. You’ve got a common thread you can use to break the ice and discuss right away.

Whether you’re your looking forward to your reunion or dreading it, I hope this list helps you come up with a slogan that encourages more of your classmates to attend.

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