Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year marks the beginning of the new year based on the traditional lunisolar and solar Chinese calendar. It is a 15-day festival in China and is celebrated by Chinese communities around the world. Depending on where you are, you could have a day or a week off work to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Aren’t sure how to send positive vibes to others in the new year? Worry no more! I have here a list of more than 155 best Chinese New Year messages that wish prosperity and happiness to friends, family, colleagues, and even business partners.

Chinese New Year Messages for Colleagues

  • May you find joy and peace this coming year! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing that abundant blessings would come your way!
  • I hope that you and your family enjoy good health and happiness this year.
  • Happy New Year! Receive all of the goodness in the world.
  • I sincerely wish that all of your dreams would come true this year.
  • Sending you wishes of promotion to management in the new year. You’ve earned it and deserve your chance to shine.
  • This year, may you be enveloped with love from your family and true friends.
  • Start and end this year healthy and happy. May you remain employed and well compensated for another year.
  • Become a sales dragon in the new year and exceed all your commission goals.
  • Find time to take your much-needed vacation leaves. Enjoy life!
  • As the new year starts, may your workload be lighter so that you’ll have time to be happy.
  • Wishing you contentment and success in your tasks, be it in the office or at home.
  • Happy New Year! I pray that you be guided in every step you make.
  • Wishing that you’ll know what’s good from the bad.
  • Stay strong always! Happy Chinese New Year! May your annual bonus exceed your wildest dreams this year.
  • Thank you for all of the help you have given me over the past year. Happy New Year.
  • I’m happy that you have found your true love. Live life like there’s no tomorrow! Happy New Year.
  • Set aside time for yourself this year. I wish you another year of career growth. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • It’s good to put your loved ones’ happiness your priority but don’t ever forget that you also have to be happy. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Feel free to do what you like. Fly free as a bird!
  • Have the strength to conquer all of your problems this year. Be strong, as always! Happy New Year!
  • My friend, may this year be one of joy and unforgettable memories!

Chinese New Year celebration in Paris.

Chinese New Year Wishes for Business

  • Kung hei fat choi! May this year bring abundant blessings to your business!
  • I wish that good fortune be on your business’ doorstep 365 days of the year!
  • May your sales increase as each day passes! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • For every season, may your business grow!
  • I pray that the Chinese New Year brings you good luck in your new venture.
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing that more customers would visit your establishment to enjoy your delicious dishes.
  • May you continuously prosper this new year!
  • The best of luck! Cheers!
  • Hoping that you’ll find prosperity in your chosen business. Happy New Year!
  • May your business be showered with good luck and prosperity!
  • I sincerely hope that your sales force reaches greater heights!
  • May you move fast in this competitive world! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Enjoy being the top-most manufacturer in this business!
  • Be more competitive! Know your customers more! Happy New Year!
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor but don’t be still. Continue being innovative! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Let success enter your door throughout the year!
  • May you be more accomplished in this venture! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • I truly believe in your mission. I hope that your business will prosper always!
  • Don’t give up hope. Do what you can to make your vision come true! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Grow and continue learning! Your business will depend on these. Happy New Year!
  • Continue striving for a better future. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Your commitment to your customers is incomparable. May this year be a successful one for you again!
  • Wishing that all the new products that you’ll introduce in the market this new year will be successful!

Chinese New Year Wishes for Prosperity

  • Happy Chinese New Year! May you see unlimited sources of income this year!
  • Wishing that you’d prosper more as each day passes!
  • May this new year be an amazing one for your business.
  • I truly hope that the new year will lead you to the path of prosperity!
  • Praying that in this new year, the doors of success would open for you!
  • For someone who has been so diligent in school, may you prosper in life!
  • May this new year bring new opportunities for you to prosper!
  • Wishing that you find success in all of your tasks.
  • Be more creative and adventurous this year! Strive to do better to prosper!
  • May the spring of prosperity flow into your life freely!
  • More success and new ventures this year!
  • I wish that more projects would knock on your door! Happy New Year!
  • Praying that the sun would shine more brightly as the new year starts!
  • May prosperity find you as you handle your business with much sincerity!
  • Wishing that all mornings would be bright and shiny as you tackle each day!
  • May you be filled with undying love from your customers and may this lead you to the limitless path of prosperity! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • I hope and pray that your loyal customers would be your way to reach success and prosperity! Happy New Year!
  • May you find unlimited treasures (literal and figurative) this year!
  • Happy Chinese New Year! May the new year bring you many rewards!
  • The new year will surely bring you the prosperity you truly deserve!
  • As the new year unfolds, I wish that success and prosperity enter your door hand-in-hand. Happy Lunar New Year!

Red lanterns during Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Wishes Happiness

  • Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing that you live in peace and joy always!
  • Be united with your family in love and happiness this year!
  • Let your heart be filled with unending joy every day of the year!
  • Wishing that you and your loved ones would enjoy each others’ company!
  • Happy New Year! Be happy and content always!
  • Wish that you’d find happiness even in the small things.
  • May the simple things in life bring you happiness all the time.
  • Happy New Year, Grandma! May you find love and happiness in the faces of your children and grandchildren.
  • Wishing that you’ll happily stay with your family in your new vacation home.
  • May you remain happy with your loyal fur baby. Happy New Year!
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Hoping that this year, you would be able to travel the world.

Wishing that you’d be presented with limitless opportunities for growth and happiness! Happy Lunar New Year!

  • Hoping that this Lunar New Year would be the best you have experienced.
  • Praying that you, at last, meet the guy who will bring you so much joy and love. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • This new year, I wish that you’ll shed no more tears of sadness but only tears of joy! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • May this year bring you seamless opportunities to be really happy!
  • Make the most of life. Happy New Year!
  • As the saying goes, you only live once so make each moment count. Be happy!
  • Wishing that your heart be filled with peace and joy not only this coming year but for the rest of your life. Happy Chinese New Year! 

Chinese New Year Wishes for Wealth

  • Good fortune, seamless treasures, all of these coming your way this year!
  • May you progress so you can reach the peak of success! Happy New Year!
  • Prosperity will be within your reach this year! I’ll pray for that!
  • With God’s blessings, may you enjoy the fruits of your labor this year.
  • Wishing that your money be unlimited. Happy Chinese New Year.
  • Unlimited blessings this year for you and your family. May you prosper!
  • Wishing you prosperity and good luck all the days of this year!
  • May wealth flow in from all doors and windows of your establishment!
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Hoping that you reap enormous profits from your new projects!
  • May you prosper with your numerous investments this year!
  • Happy New Year! Wishing that your wealth keep coming in!
  • Enjoy your wealth. Have a profitable year ahead!
  • Praying that you find abundance this year! Happy New Year!
  • May great profits come your way this new year!
  • Hoping that this year, you’ll enjoy more revenues!
  • Have a wondrous year filled with prosperity and good luck!
  • May the coming year be one of higher profits!
  • Be wealthy and happy! Have a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration.
  • Let the money flow into your doorstep. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • I hope that this year would be a year of wealth and prosperity!

A gold ornament to represent the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year Wishes for Luck

  • May good luck strike you at the start of the new year!
  • Wishing you achievement this upcoming year!
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing that you’d be lucky in whatever endeavors you’ll undertake.
  • Praying that the vision you have in mind would become a reality this year! Good luck and Happy Lunar New Year!
  • May your career be a success this year!
  • From the start of the year, may your business grow to the max!
  • For someone as special as you, may you get good grades in college.
  • Hoping that you’ll pass the bar exam this year! Happy New Year!
  • Wishing that the profits of your enterprise will grow and grow.

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  • Praying that the non-profit organization you have founded for the poor would be a success! Happy New Year!
  • For a kindhearted person like you, may you be blessed with the best of luck.
  • A sincere individual like you should be lucky in all of her work. Happy New Year!
  • Creative artists should be a society’s pride. Good luck this year.
  • May you have the wisdom to discern what to do in life. Good luck! Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Sincerely wishing that all that you’ve been praying for will happen. Trust God. Happy New Year!
  • Hoping that you’ll achieve your dreams this year.
  • May you have a satisfying life abroad. Good luck! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Now that people can already travel, I wish that you could again also enjoy other countries’ cultures, seasons, food, and people. Good luck!
  • Wishing all the best this coming year… satisfying work, a happy family, and a smooth-sailing relationship.
  • May the coming year bring you all the luck in this world. 

Chinese New Year Wishes for Blessings

  • Happy Chinese New Year! With this coming year, may your studies improve.
  • May good health always be with you.
  • Stay healthy and strong all throughout the new year.
  • Happy New Year! May you have a happy married life.
  • With this new year, may you start having the kids you have always wanted.
  • Happy New Year, my friends. May we enjoy each other’s company always.
  • I wish that we would forever be faithful to each other. Happy Chinese New Year to us!
  • Let us be grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon us.
  • To my best friend, may you enjoy the Lord’s blessings more this year.

We’ve been blessed with good health and all of what we need. Let us be thankful! Happy New Year!

  • I cannot ask for any other blessing for I have already what I need. Happy New Year to me!
  • Happy to see you in your new home with those you love most. Enjoy this the entire year!
  • Make the most of your good career. You’ve been blessed to serve the people.
  • Happy New Year! Open your hearts and catch all of God’s blessings!
  • May you be blessed with the work that’s fit for you. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Am so proud to have children as diligent as you. You are my true treasures. Keep up the good work and have a happy Chinese New Year celebration!
  • Have a happy vacation while enjoying your family. Praying for more blessings this year for your entire clan. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • May the upcoming year bring you all the best anyone can ask for!
  • Hoping that good health and immense joy will come your way this year!
  • Stay continuously blessed. Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Wishes for Health

  • Happy Chinese New Year! May you be strong physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • May all the days of this new year bring you happiness and good health.
  • Wishing that you’d remain healthy always. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • May your face shine in joy and laughter and good health!
  • Praying that this year, you and your entire family will never be sick again. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • May this new year bring you good health and peace of mind.
  • As the new year unfolds, I’m wishing that you would be healed of all your illnesses. Have a safe and healthy Chinese New Year celebration.
  • I pray that you and your family would not only welcome this year with good health and profound joy but live the rest of the days of the year with a healthy body, mind and soul.
  • For the best friend I have ever had, may this forthcoming year be one of good health and happiness.
  • Please choose to be happy and healthy this new year.
  • I sincerely wish that your sickness would disappear this year.
  • With the new year unfolding, I pray that you’ll be blessed with good health.

A big decoration in Beijing for the year of the tiger celebrations.

Chinese New Year Wishes for Boss

  • Happy Chinese New Year to the best boss I’ve ever had!
  • To my dearest boss, may the light of the moon illuminate your path and guide you always. Happy New Year!
  • Wishing you all the happiness in the world.
  • Be cheerful and thankful, as you’ve always been. Happy New Year!
  • Praying that peace and joy surround you and your family this coming year. Happy Chinese New Year, boss!
  • Happy New Year! May you be extremely successful and joyful this year.
  • May you experience everlasting happiness and prosperity, boss.
  • May the new moon guide you always and lead you to the path of eternal joy.
  • Wishing that this new year would be one where all the goals you set would be met!
  • Enjoy the festivities of the new year. Celebrate and be happy always.
  • I sincerely pray that you’d be able to achieve all of your dreams this year.
  • Welcome this new year with a happy and open heart.
  • Wishing that you’ll have a blissful year ahead.
  • Praying that the forthcoming year be one of fulfillment and enjoyment!
  • Collect happy memories this upcoming year! Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Have a peaceful and cheerful year with your family.
  • May you be more prosperous this year!
  • Wishing that you be guided to excel in all of your endeavors.
  • May this upcoming year be one of achievements and success!
  • Boss, I hope that you’ll be able to surpass all challenges you’ll meet this year. With your strength and determination, I’m sure that this would happen. 

Chinese New Year Wishes for Business Partner

  • May the lunar new year envelop our business with prosperity and good luck!
  • I’m so glad that we started this journey together. Let’s turn the corner with the business this year.
  • Wishing that more blessings would come our way as the new year starts.
  • Welcome the new year with an open heart and an open mind!
  • More success! More opportunities! Happy lunar new year!
  • May this New Year be a blessing not only to us but also to all of our customers who enjoy our business!
  • Be motivated to do more! Have a happy new year celebration!
  • May our sales exceed our expectations this year!
  • I hope that our revenues will be the best so far this coming year!
  • Wishing that we’ll find more reliable suppliers since our business depends greatly on them. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Happy New Year! May the costs of our resources be reduced so that we can enjoy greater profits!
  • I wish that this year will be tremendously beneficial to those running restaurants like us. Happy Chinese New Year!
  • May our business flourish more this year, my co-partner! Happy Lunar New Year to both of us!
  • Hoping that the new year will bring us to heights of success!
  • I pray that our costs will be lower this year so that we can enjoy our profits.
  • Thank you for being a very understanding business partner. Happy New Year!
  • My partner, without you, our business will not be this successful. Thank you and may you have a good celebration in the coming Chinese New Year.
  • Happy New Year to a person who I will always admire, the brain of our business.
  • Working with you has been so enjoyable. You make making profits easy. Happy New Year and may you and your family live in peace and harmony all throughout the year! 

Chinese New Year Greetings

  • May the new year bring you the happiness you really deserve.
  • Be strong this year. Speak up for yourself. It’s not a crime to defend your dignity.
  • Remain the most loyal friend I have always had. Happy New Year!
  • May you handle the difficulties that come your way with wisdom and courage.
  • To my friend who has always been willing to help, may you continuously be blessed!
  • Believe in yourself. Happy New Year!
  • Be proud of your accomplishments. Walk chin up!
  • I am so happy that you and I became close friends. Wishing that the year ahead will be a wonderful one for both of us.
  • Let’s create more wonderful memories this year. Time flies so fast so let’s start now!
  • I know that you are brave enough to handle all of the problems that life has to offer. Stay strong and remain prayerful. Happy Chinese New Year!

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  • May this year be a fruitful one for your entire family.
  • Praying that you be a very happy person this new year.
  • For the person closest to my heart, I fervently pray that this year be one of good health and unlimited happiness.
  • May you overcome all challenges and obstacles this upcoming year.
  • With your strength and determination, I’m sure that the new year will be a great one for you.
  • Happy New Year to someone who doesn’t let sorrow come her way.
  • May the fireworks on New Year’s Eve light your path to a better tomorrow.
  • Happy New Year! Wishing that you’ll have renewed strength to overcome whatever challenges you meet this year.
  • Cheers to the best year you’ll have! Be healthy and happy!
  • Praying that you and your family will be truly blessed this year. No heartaches, no sorrow, no sickness, no failures.
  • Hoping that this year brings the fulfillment of your dreams.
  • May this year be one of great accomplishments.

Chinese New Year Slogans

  • Let Wealth Hop In With The Rabbit
  • Growth In Business All Year Through
  • New Year, New Innovations
  • Year Of The Rabbit, Goodbye Old Habits
  • Seamless Success Each Day Of The Year
  • 2023, A Year Of Unlimited Achievements & Growth
  • The Rabbit’s Peace & Sincerity Abound
  • Lots Of Luck With The Rabbit’s Foot
  • Be Festive & Flourish
  • A Year Of Luck & Surprises
  • The Path To Good Health
  • A New Year Filled With New Inspirations
  • A Clean Slate To Draw In
  • A Forever Fun & Fruitful 2023
  • Embracing The New Year With A New You
  • Excited For A Wealthy Tomorrow
  • Days Of Wealth & Prosperity
  • A Year Of Good Health & Joy
  • Brimming With Profound Joy
  • Smile With Peace In Your Heart
  • See The World With A Fresh Start
  • The Universe Unfolding Anew
  • Embrace God’s Grace Forever
  • Exploring Unlimited Alternatives
  • Seamless Profound Pleasures
  • Undaunted By New Beginnings
  • Choosing To Change
  • Choosing To Achieve & Succeed

In 2023, the start of Chinese New Year is January, 22nd. The animal for this year is the Rabbit. The last day of the Chinese New Year is referred to as the Lantern Festival and concludes on February 15th, 2023.

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