If your coworkers, friends, or mother-in-law recently planned a baby shower, you can show your appreciation to everyone who with a thank you message to the host, family, friends, and other guests who showered you with a gift. In this article, you will find more than 101 ways you can say thank you by email, handwritten note, or card. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

Baby Shower Thank You Messages

  • Thank you for making this day a very memorable one. My husband, my baby and I truly appreciate your presence.
  • Your being here in our baby shower means a lot to us. Thank you for your precious time.
  • We would like to extend our appreciation for celebrating the newest arrival in our small family. Thank you so much.
  • To all of you here, my sincerest “Thank you”. You really made me very happy today.
  • I can’t find the proper words to show how I appreciate your being here in this celebration. Thank you and may you all be happy like us.

No words can truly express how I feel right now. I’m so blessed to have all of you in my life. Thank you for welcoming my baby into this world.

  • My heart feels so light and joyful now because of your presence. Thank you for being here on this special day, our “Baby Shower”.
  • I am indeed so grateful to have everyone as my friends. Thank you for being in this baby shower, and for the next baby showers to come!
  • Thank you so much for the onesie. I can’t wait to put it on [insert baby name].
  • You made me and my baby very special for being here with us today. We really appreciate your time with us. Thank you and God bless.
  • As you know, bringing a baby into the world is expensive. I really appreciate your generous gift of a [insert item]. No doubt out little one will be enjoying it for years to come.
  • I can never forget all of the fun we had today. Thank you for making this baby shower memorable.
  • I have never thought that I was that important in your lives. This day made me realize that I have you to rely on. Thank you for making this baby shower really great. 

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Baby Shower Thank You Messages for the Host

  • Thank you for hosting this surprise baby shower party for me. I truly had so much fun.
  • You are indeed such a great friend. You know how to make me truly happy on this special day. Thank you for everything.
  • I have nothing to change in the way you hosted this baby shower. Thank you for making it memorable and fun.
  • My friend, you made this baby shower so enjoyable and unforgettable. Thank you for being a part of our lives.
  • Thank you for hosting this beautiful baby shower for me. Words are not enough to show my appreciation.
  • Thank you for being the host of this special day, a day for my little one. I will never forget all of the laughter and the remarkable energy we had at this party because of you.

I have attended several baby showers but there has never been one as elegant as this. Thank you for making this party so special for my baby and me.

  • I will forever treasure how you hosted this baby shower to make me very happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • I am truly blessed to have a friend like you who can host a baby shower in such an unforgettable way. Thank you for being there for me.

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  • You not only hosted this baby shower. I know that you took part in making sure that everything will be perfect. I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you, my friend, for throwing this memorable baby shower for my little one. You are truly a treasure.
  • My friend, I’m sure that no one else can pull off such an amazing party like the way you did. Thank you for having those incredible talents.
  • Your hosting this baby shower is the best gift I received today. Thank you, my friend, for always being there for me.
  • Thank you for being such a dedicated and generous host in my baby shower. This day will never be etched from my mind and heart.

Baby Shower Thank You Messages for the Family

  • From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all of you for making this baby shower so special. You made my baby and I feel loved and wanted.
  • Thank you for the time you spent here with us today. My baby jumped for joy when she heard grandpa’s loving message.
  • Thank you for welcoming my baby to this family. We hope that we can teach him how to love and be someone as great as everyone here.
  • Thank you for attending this baby shower. Your presence made my baby and me feel special.
  • I will never forget all of the laughter we shared today. Thank you for the happiness we shared today.
  • We really appreciate the wonderful way you have welcomed our baby to this family. Thank you to all of you present today.

Your presence is enough to make this day unforgettable. Thank you for welcoming my little one into this world.

  • I am happy that my baby will grow up in this family where love and laughter abound. Thank you so much.
  • Having a family like you makes me feel happy and safe. Thank you for being here for us.
  • I’m so happy for bringing this baby to this family because I know that she will grow up as lovable and intelligent as all of you here. Thank you for welcoming her.
  • I am so lucky to be a member of this family. I cannot ask for anything more. Thank you to all of you.
  • With all of you here, from the cute kids to our grandparents, we feel so blessed and truly special. Thank you for making this baby shower unforgettable.

Baby Shower Thank You Messages for Money

  • My husband and I are so grateful for your generous gift! We’ll sure to put it to good use. Thank you!
  • Thank you for coming to the baby shower and thank you for the monetary gift as well!
  • I can’t thank you enough for the generous gift you’ve given us! We will use it to buy the things we need to prepare for the arrival of the baby.
  • Your goddaughter is so lucky to have someone like you. Thank you for the money you gave us for the baby shower!
  • We are so touched by the gift you’ve given us. Thank you very much! It will be very helpful in building our baby room as we await the arrival of our little angel.
  • You didn’t have to give us money but thank you! It will be put to good use as we are now slowly arranging our house as we await my delivery. Thank you again!
  • We understand the struggle in life nowadays but I can’t thank you enough for the monetary gift you sent us! Thank you so much.