The right survey can illuminate overlooked challenges in a business. This is a proven method to gain insight on the attitude of employees to customer desires or pain points. Surveys allow people to open up about positive and negative feedback in a more confidential way.

But before you can collect all this valuable feedback, you need people to open up their email message that includes the survey link. Here are some examples of email subject lines that tell your respondents that their survey answers are important.

Survey Subject Line Email Examples

email headlines

Increase email open rates for surveys with a compelling headline.

Let’s begin with some direct, simple, and effective survey subject lines you can use to increase the open rates of survey emails.

  • Please Take This Survey
  • I Want to Know What You Think about (Insert Topic)
  • We’d Appreciate It If You Fill Out This Survey
  • A Survey for Better Service
  • Did We Do Good?
  • In Order to Serve You Better
  • Got 8 Minutes to Help Me?
  • Can You Be Honest with Us?
  • Don’t Open this Message if You Think We’re Perfect
  • Here’s How I Can Help You Get What You Want
  • We Want Your Feedback
  • I’ll Send You a Coupon for Providing Feedback
  • We Would Appreciate Your Honest Feedback
  • We Want Your Feedback
  • Take This Survey for a $20 Gift Card?
  • Take This Survey for a Valuable Coupon?
  • Are You Scared to Voice Your Opinion?
  • We Want To Improve For You
  • You Deserve The Best
  • Your Key to Better Service
  • Do You Have an Opinion About Us
  • Help Us Become the Best Restaurant in (name of your location)
  • To Be the Best, We Need Your Help
  • We’re Happy to Serve You
  • A Minute of Your Time for a Lifetime of Great Service

Funny Survey Subject Lines

Funny things always catch attention. Watch me attempt to inject humor into the subject lines of a survey email below.

  • This Survey is The Key to the Universe!
  • You Want the Best? Answer this Survey
  • You’re Our Only Hope
  • The Door to Better Service
  • Short Customer Survey to Keep Us On Our Toes
  • Did We Satisfy You?
  • My Mom Told Me Not to Email You
  • I Hope We Did Good
  • Don’t Tell Us We Didn’t Meet Your Expectations?
  • Psst… I Know You’re Not Doing Anything Right Now
  • Have We Ever Failed You?
  • Did We Meet Your Expectations?
  • We’ll Do Better Next Time!
  • Psst… I Have a Cure for Boredom at Work
  • We Need to Know What We Did Wrong
  • Did We Do Something Right or Wrong?
  • Tell Us What You Want
  • Your Wish Is Our Command

Employee Survey Subject Lines

Employee insights are incredibly useful for a business to help retain top talent. Gather this helpful information via an employee survey.

  • How Do You Rate Your Boss?
  • Help Us Become Better Leaders
  • What Do You Think of Our Company?
  • We Want To Hear You Out
  • Tell Your Boss What You Think
  • We’re Ready to Listen to You
  • Complete This Survey by Friday
  • As Movers of the Business, Your Feedback is Important
  • You Belong Here, So We Need Your Input
  • What Should (Company Name) Do Next Year?

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  • Be Heard by the CEO and Upper Management
  • Your Inputs Will Make This Company Soar Forward
  • You Are This Company’s Future
  • Let’s Grow Together!
  • This Survey Is Important
  • You’re Required to Answer This Survey
  • Help Us Help You
  • We’re Here to Help You Grow
  • A Survey For You and Coworkers

Customer Survey Subject Lines

Don’t send boring sounding emails.

Through customer surveys, you’ll have information that allows you to create better strategies, projects, promos, products, and services. Restaurants are one type of business that regularly use surveys to get feedback about customer experiences and service.

  • Help Us Improve Our Service
  • We Want to Serve You Better
  • We’re Working Out a New and Better “Us”
  • We Need Your Help!
  • Did You Enjoy Dining with Us Last Night?
  • Answer and It Shall be Given To You
  • Your Feedback Is Important
  • You Are What Makes Our Company Better
  • How Did Your Server Do Yesterday?
  • We Want Your Input
  • Would You Tell a Friend About Us?
  • How Did We Do?
  • Your Input Is Valuable
  • On a Scale of 1 – 10: How Was Your Service?
  • Want Us to Serve You Better?
  • You are Our Number One
  • Help Us Make Us Your Number One
  • You Deserve the Best from Us
  • Your Feedback is a Treasure

B2B Survey Subject Lines

If your clients are businesses, have them answer a survey so you’ll know how to be a better service provider or partner.

  • We Require Your Expertise
  • How Well Did We Serve You?
  • How Do You Rate Us?
  • We Want To Better Partners
  • We’d Like To Be Better Service Providers
  • Your Business Is Our Business
  • We Want to Have a Fruitful Relationship
  • Let’s Grow Our Businesses Together
  • We’d Like To Ask You Some Questions
  • Your Expertise is Highly Valued
  • Let’s Renew Our Partnership
  • We Want to Have a Great Partnership With You
  • Help Us Become Your Best Service Provider
  • Let’s Keep Our Partnership Going
  • Want To Make Your Business Even Better?

Subject Line for Research Email

An excellent, thorough, and fact-filled research project requires the knowledge of someone with expertise on the field. Use any of these subject lines to ask these experts to answer your questionnaires.

  • Can You Share a Bit of Your Knowledge?
  • Your Knowledge Will Be Really Useful to Our Research
  • We Would Appreciate Your Help
  • Your Knowledge and Experience Will Help Our Research
  • Can You Help Us In Our Research Paper?
  • A Quick Survey for Our Research Project
  • This Research Project Will Be Excellent With Your Help
  • Can You Help Us With Our Research?

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  • You’re an Expert in This Field So We Need Your Help
  • Can You Answer a Few Questions About Your Field of Specialty?
  • Our Research Topic is About the Field You’re An Expert On
  • Our Research Is Wholly Based on Science
  • Can You Answer a Few Questions For Our Research?
  • Your Expertise Will Be Very Helpful In Our Research
  • Can You Kindly Assist Us With Your Knowledge?

Survey Reminder Subject Lines

email signature

Remind busy subscribers to complete survey.

Lastly, remind your respondents to answer the surveys sent via these email subject lines. You’ll increase open rights and survey completions just by sending a simple reminder.

  • You Have An Unanswered Survey!
  • There’s a Survey That Needs To Be Answered
  • We Love To Hear From You
  • We’re Ready to Listen To You
  • Reminding You of Our Survey
  • Have You Answered Our Survey?
  • Please Send Us Your Answered Survey
  • There’s Only 24 Hours Left to Provide Feedback
  • Have You Answered the Survey We Sent You?
  • We Appreciate It If You Find a Bit of Your Time To Answer Our Survey
  • A Bit Of Your Time is All We Need
  • 72 Hour Deadline Alert: Your Action is Required
  • Last Day To Answer Our Survey
  • Submit Our Survey Today and Get a Freebie
  • Freebies for Surveys Submitted on (date)
  • When Are You Going to Submit Your Survey?
  • Are You Done with The Survey?

Why Should You Send Survey Emails to Employees and Customers?

Employee surveys are useful tools that allow you to have a clearer insight into your team’s perceptions of your business. Knowing what your team wants, prefers, or needs is essential for creating a happy and productive workplace. You will also know the problems that plague the workplace, enabling you to address challenges.

Customer surveys provide better insights into your market. Through the customer’s answers, you can have a better idea and feel of the pulse of your market. This enables you to optimize your strategies, tailor your marketing, and implement business strategies that resonate better with specific target groups. Finally, survey results allow you to accurately address customer concerns, needs, and preferences.

What Questions Can You Ask in a Survey?

The best questions to ask in surveys are open-ended questions that don’t require a “yes” or “no” answer. This forces the respondents to explain their answers and be more thoughtful. Thus, questions that start with “what,” “when,” “how,” and “why” are ideal.

Examples of good survey questions include:

  • How do you rate our service? Why did you give such a rating?
  • How can we improve our service?
  • What other items do you want to see on our menu?
  • When do you want our upgrades announced?
  • Which upgrades and extras do you want to be included in our expansion plan?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
  • Why did you decide to take this survey?
  • What do you like most about our menu?
  • How did you hear about us first?

Note that not all people want to write down lengthy explanations to inquiries. Thus, you may want to include multiple-choice questions mixed with free-form response fields. These allow your respondents to quickly select one or more answers without having to explain themselves if they don’t have anything valuable to add.

The survey information can then be used to create more effective business strategies that truly address your market’s preferences. When it comes to employees, you could find out how they really feel about management and the overall work environment, enabling you to enact company policies that create a positive, healthy, safe, and inspirational workplace.

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