The weather is unpredictable. One day, it could be beautiful and sunny. On another day, it could be gray and cloudy. And on some days, the weather can be downright dangerous especially during the winter months across Middle America.

Inclement weather often results in the closure of establishments for the safety of the team and customers. If the local weather is severe enough to disrupt business or pose a danger to your customers or employees, send an email or social media announcement letting them know you’ll be closed an unavailable for the day. Don’t worry, work will still be there tomorrow. Here are some ideas for OOO due to inclement weather.

Office Closed Due to Inclement Weather Email Announcements

Let’s start off with some basic announcements for clients, suppliers, business partners, and teams.

  • Due to severe weather, our office will be closed today. We will open and continue our operation tomorrow at 8:00 AM. Please be guided accordingly.
  • Unsafe road conditions and bad weather, we decided to close our office early. We’ll see you again tomorrow.
  • Schools will be closed today due to the wintery mix. The bus route will not run today either. We will alert parents and staff if school is closed tomorrow.
  • The worsening weather has forced us to close our office early. We will resume operations tomorrow at 8:00 AM.
  • Our office is closed today due to severe weather. Our office will be open again tomorrow at 8:00 AM. In the meantime, please check out our website.
  • Severe weather today has forced us to close our office early. We will get back to you and your concerns tomorrow when the weather eases.

It’s better to stay inside and let a winter storm pass.

  • As a safety measure, we’re dismissing our staff early. We’re open for business again tomorrow at 8:00 AM.
  • We’re closed for today due to bad weather in our area. Please stand by for further announcements.
  • The safety of our team and our customers are our number one concern. As such, we will be closed for today due to severe weather.
  • Due to bad weather, management has decided to close the office early. Please come back tomorrow.
  • Inclement weather has forced us to shut our office earlier ahead of time. Please stand by for more details.
  • Your safety and that of our customers are paramount. We will close our shop early today due to the worsening weather.
  • We’re so sorry for closing early, but the inclement weather is hindering our operations. Please visit our website and social media pages for further announcements.
  • The worsening weather today is becoming inconvenient and dangerous for our staff and customers. As such, we will close the office today. We will be back tomorrow.
  • Damn this weather! We’ll be back tomorrow. But for now, stay put in your homes and be safe.

Office Closed Due to Snowstorm Email Announcements

Snowstorms can be dangerous and inconvenient to customers and staff. Roads can become filled with snow and covered with dangerous ice that makes travel slippery. Sometimes, a winter storm’s severity necessitates a temporary closure of the business for a day or longer.

  • The present snowstorm has made it inconvenient and unsafe for our customers and staff to travel to our store. Thus, we’ll be closing early today. See you tomorrow after our parking lot has been plowed.
  • Due to the heavy snowstorm, we’ll be closing our shop today. We will send you an email once we’re back in operation. We always put the safety of our customers first.
  • As you can see by looking outside, we had more than 3 feet of precipitation last night. The snow plows will be out all day moving snow and opening up the roadways. Sit tight and await for further instructions from us.
  • As a safety precaution, we won’t be operating today due to the approaching Alberta clipper snowstorm. Please check your email regularly for updates on when we plan to open. Until then, enjoy the snow day.
  • We value the safety of our staff and our clients. In connection with the strengthening snowstorm, we will be closing the office and store for the day. We will be back tomorrow.
  • Until the snowstorm abates, our office remains closed. Please check our website and social media pages for the latest updates.
  • Due to the imminent snowstorm, we have sent our staff to their homes earlier than usual. We will be serving clients tomorrow when the snowstorm passes.
  • We care for you! That’s why we’re closing the office today. Once the snowstorm abates, we’ll open right away to serve you. Out of concern for our drivers, we will also not be open for delivery.

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  • There’s an impending snowstorm, and the weather forecast says it’s severe. In this connection, we’ll be closing our office today for your safety. Stay home and be safe. We don’t want to pull anyones car out of a ditch.
  • Our team’s safety as well as our customers is important to us. We will be closing our office today in connection with the coming snowstorm. Take care and be safe.
  • We’re closing our office for today. We don’t want this but we have to because of the massive snowstorm heading our way. Be safe everyone.
  • The snowstorm is becoming worse. We will have to close our office and shop for the time being.
  • The strengthening snowstorm has forced out to close early. Don’t worry, we’ll be open tomorrow.
  • Be safe from the coming snowstorm. We have closed our store for the safety of our customers and our employees.
  • Our store will be temporarily closed today because of the present snowstorm. Rest assured we’ll be back in operation tomorrow.

Office Closed Due to a Natural Disaster (Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado)

When there’s a natural disaster—or an impending one—closing the business establishment is necessary for everyone’s safety.

  • We love serving you. But we also value our staff’s safety. As such, we’ll be closing early today due to the upcoming hurricane. Stay Florida strong.
  • The massive flood has affected our physical store. As such, we’ll be closed until we can repair the damage done. Please check our social media page for further announcements.
  • A fire has burned part of our warehouse. Thus, we’ll be closing our store for today as we assess the damage the fire did to our facility.

As much as we would like to serve you today, the upcoming tornado warnings impede us from doing so. As soon as this bad weather is over, we’ll open our doors again.

  • We would like to apologize for closing our office today. As you know, there’s a hurricane coming, and we’re concerned for the safety and security of our staff and customers.
  • Sorry, but we’re closed for today due to the upcoming storm. Be safe.

A city park covered in snow.

  • We would really like to open our doors to you. But this hurricane warning is preventing us so. Be safe and be on the lookout on our social media pages for updates.
  • Last night’s fire severely damaged our office. Our office will be closed until further notice until we complete the assessment and repairs. In the meantime, visit our alternative branch in (location of the alternative branch)

It’s a sad day for us today as our office is severely damaged by heavy floods. We will be closed until the repairs are done for minimal-level operation.

  • We really don’t like to do this. However, the tornado warnings have forced us to close down our office for the day. Safety for our team and the clients we serve is paramount.
  • This is going to be a very strong storm. As a safety precaution, we’re closing our store early today so our employees can go into the safety of their homes.
  • Bad weather forced us to cancel our operations for today. We’ll see you again tomorrow.
  • According to weather reports, the hurricane will be here this evening. For safety, we’ll be closing our office today. We will open tomorrow after the hurricane passes.
  • Unfortunately, our local office was destroyed by the storm that made landfall yesterday. As such, please direct your business to our office in (location of an alternative office)

Weather Memos Telling Employees Not to Come to Work

Inclement weather often forces management to close down the office until the weather passes. Here’s some ways to share the news with the team.

  • Guys, we’ll be closing early today in anticipation of the strong storm that’s going to make landfall today. We will email you for updates.
  • Due to inclement weather, we’ll be allowing our team to go home early so we can close the office. We’ll update you through email.
  • For the safety and security of our team during this uncertain weather, there will be no work today. Please check your emails for updates regarding your duties.
  • Due to the worsening weather, management has decided to stop operations for today. Be back in the office tomorrow.
  • Our office will be closed for today due to the coming storm. We will resume our operation once we get the go signal from upper management. Be safe all of you.
  • Ladies and gents, we will temporarily stop our operations today due to bad weather. Stay at home. Updates will be sent via email.

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  • Because of the coming hurricane, we will be ceasing all work for today for safety reasons. Please return to your homes and be safe.
  • Unfortunately, we have to close the office today due to the snowstorm which has been raging since last night. You can work in your own homes, however.
  • Team, we won’t have work today due to the rising flood. Please make sure you’re safe. We will post further announcements later in the day.
  • Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. In this impending calamity, we will be shutting down the office doors today. Stay in your homes until the storm passes.
  • Be informed that there will be no work today due to inclement weather. Please send your reports through email.
  • Please note that we won’t have work today for safety concerns. Make sure you prepare emergency provisions for the coming hurricane. Take care and be safe.
  • The weather report mentioned that the storm would make landfall this afternoon. As a safety precaution, we’ll be dismissing the entire team early today. Keep your emails open for updates.
  • Management has decided to close the office today due to severe weather. We’ll get back to work tomorrow.

What’s Important to Include in an Email about Inclement Weather?

hot chocolate book

Warm up with hot cocoa during a cold winter day.

When writing an email regarding the closure of the establishment due to inclement weather, do include all these essentials.

  • Include some information about the severe weather in the locality. You can use sources like Accuweather or the local weather broadcast.
  • Include the reason why the office needs to be closed. Usually, the temporary closure is a safety measure.
  • If you’re writing to customers, provide options or direct them to an alternative office, if possible.
  • If you’re writing to your staff, state the reason why the office will be closed and when will be the next working day or hours.
  • It’s always recommended to include a phrase that shows you care for the receiver of the message. Examples would be “be safe” or “take care.”

While inclement weather can cause serious challenges for any business, you can also view the event as an opportunity to take a breather and reconnect with those around you. Who didn’t appreciate an unexpected snow day growing up? Rest assured your customers and employees will also appreciate the fact that you place safety over the bottom line. Stay warm out there.

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