Whether in life, business or at work, we need to take a certain degree of risk each day. Some risks at work at smaller, like pitching an idea at a meeting. In business, you might be trying to decide whether or not to invest your savings into starting a business that could potentially fail.

While the thought of negative consequences is frightening, it’s important to take some calculated risks. It’s the only way to learn, grow, and ultimately succeed in whatever ambitious goal you might have. Here are some aspirational quotes and slogans to inspire you to take more smart risks and breakthrough to reach new levels of personal and business achievement.

Risk Taking Quotes

105+ Risk Taking Quotes and Slogans that Give You Confidence.

Risk Taking Quotes.

Here are some short but effective quotes about risk taking.

  • The greatest risk is not taking risks at all.
  • You’re not living life to the fullest if you’re not taking risks.
  • This venture could be your big adventure.
  • Don’t be fearful of trying new things. It’s the only way we grow.
  • There’s only one way to find out what lies beyond. Take a risk.
  • A good life is all about taking risks.
  • Don’t be scared of speaking in public. Even though many people are scared about doing this you won’t be physically harmed.

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  • Try to determine the worst case scenario to decide if you want to take a challenge.
  • You may not know it, but you’re actually taking risks every day.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking risks. Things might just turn out okay.
  • Don’t be worried to take risks that don’t kill or dismember you.
  • Want to fulfill your goals? Take risks.
  • When you fail… Just pick yourself back up and test something different.
  • Taking risks takes you forward in life.
  • Taking risks and failing are some of life’s best lessons.
  • The road to success involves taking risks.
  • If you observe the most successful people, you’d notice they’re risk-takers.
  • Come to think of it, everything has a risk associated with it.
  • Leaving the house is a risk. So don’t stress yourself out.

Risk Taking Slogans

Print any of these slogans and put them on your phone, diary, company posters, email signatures, and memos. These should help encourage you or team members to take caculated risks.

  • Who knows what lies beyond?
  • One way to find out.
  • Don’t fear failure. Fear not giving it a real try.
  • Is the danger really that great?
  • Feeling nervous? Maybe it’s a sign to move forward.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking risks.
  • Grow with risk.
  • Let’s roll the dice and see what happens.
  • Don’t look for threats. Look for opportunities.
  • Hazards are all around us. Learn to navigate them.
  • Proceed with caution… but keep going!
  • Welcome risks. Embrace them. Give them a hug.
  • Invite risk to the dinner table. Offer it a drink.
  • Perils are all around us if we look for them. Look for opportunity instead.
  • The way to success is taking risk.
  • Are you prepared to put it all on the line?
  • You’ll learn through risks.
  • Dare to risk.
  • Risk now and reap success later.
  • Take the chance even if it doesn’t work out.
  • Don’t waste opportunities. Grab them.
  • Fear is only a feeling.
Who knows what lies beyond?

Who knows what lies beyond?

Quotes about Risk in Business

To succeed in business, the reality is you’ll need to take a few risks. Check out these quotes about taking business risks.

  • Don’t open a business if you’re afraid of risks.
  • Take risks but don’t be foolish.
  • Succeeding in a highly competitive world is all about taking and managing risks.
  • Be careful of a manager who is averse to taking risks.
  • Businesses that succeed are those that accept, understand, and welcome risks.
  • Ultimately, all businesses are money games with lots of risks.
  • Take a risk. It might be your biggest break.

If you’re afraid of taking risks, you should probably avoid entrepreneurship.

  • “You can’t be successful in business without taking risks. It’s really that simple.” – Adena Friedman
  • “Taking risks doesn’t mean shirking responsibility, but embracing possibilities.” – Vick Hope
  • “The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg
  • “Take risks. If you win, you’ll be happy. If you lose, you’ll be wise.” – unknown
  • “If you risk nothing, you risk everything.” – Geena Davis

Risk Management Slogans

  • Do a thing that scares you.
  • Take a risk but take a reality check.
  • Taking blindfolds away.
  • Risky? Use your wits.
  • Consider the possibility things might actually work out for you.
  • How much risk are you really willing to take?
  • Don’t lose sleep over unlikely risks.
  • Is a life free of risk really worth living?
  • Tame your emotions and stay the course.
  • Cut risk in half by consulting with an expert on the subject.
  • What risk exposure do you feel comfortable taking?
  • Do you worry about jeopardizing your future?
  • It’s your own risk.
  • We only offer the most secure investment options.
  • Your risk-taking specialists.
  • The right road to your success.
  • Lighting the pathway to your dreams.
  • No groping in the dark.
  • We move but we think.
  • Making an impact through calculated risks.
  • Calculating risks accurately since 1982.

Safety Risk Slogans

Fear of Failure could destroy your dreams.

Fear of Failure.

  • Safety is the key.
  • Be a safe bet.
  • Would you jump out of an airplane without a parachute? We provide the safety tools.
  • Be daring but be safe.
  • Security is the backbone of our business.
  • Work safely.
  • We all seek a secure business that can be counted on.
  • What are the threats that concern you most?
  • Fear of failure could destroy your dreams.
  • Safety takes first priority.
  • Security and dependability can keep you calm during the storm.
  • Consider the perils as well as the prospects.
  • Making workplaces safe.
  • Not risking safety.
  • Safely taking risks.
  • Safety is paramount.
  • Risk-taking the safe way.
  • Play it safe.
  • Safety for progress.
  • Zero-harm policy.

Risk Reduction Slogans

Remind your team to take risks in a calculated way with any of these slogans.

  • It all comes down to managing risks.
  • Write down the worst case scenario before taking that chance.
  • Death and injury aren’t worth the risk.
  • We reduce risk levels.
  • Think about your children before making a decision.
  • It’s about the risks you take.
  • You miss out on every investment you don’t make.
  • Check and recheck. Then make a move.

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  • No price high enough for safety and security.
  • Reducing risks is everyone’s business.
  • Think twice thrice.
  • We take risk levels from 11 to a manageable 4.
  • Support safety.
  • What’s your risk tolerance?
  • Take risks wisely.
  • Be the wise risk-taker.
  • Risk-taking requires wisdom.
  • No unnecessary risk.

Risk Advertising Slogans

A Mastery of Risks.

A Mastery of Risks.

Any of these slogans is perfect for business consultancy firms that offer risk management.

  • Taking your risks seriously.
  • Let’s talk about risks.
  • Living life on the edge is more fun.
  • Risking wisely. Making profits blindly.
  • Fortune favors the bold. Reader note: This one didn’t exactly age well and has pretty much become a meme. 
  • Don’t risk unnecessarily.
  • We’ll risk for you.
  • Was the risk of blasting off to the moon not worth it?
  • Our advisors have decades of experience managing market turbulence.
  • Risk a little, gain a lot.
  • Your risk-management partners.
  • No need to risk it all.
  • A mastery of risks.
  • Learn to manage your emotions when you invest.
  • We let you know the risks. But you’ll be the one taking the losses.
  • Preventing unnecessary risks for you.
  • Identifying your risks clearly.
  • Smarter risk-taking from professional wealth managers.

Funny Risk Slogans

Risks don’t always need to be overly serious. Here are some light-hearted comments on the subject.

  • Risks with requirements.
  • You might get turned down, you might fall in love. Take a chance.

No risk it, no biscuit. – Andy Reid

  • We advise, but you take the risk.
  • No days off for risk.
  • If the risk doesn’t pay off, I’ll be here to throw it in your face.
  • Why take risks? I’m scared.
  • Taking risks can be a wonderful thing.
  • Beautiful and risky business.
  • Risk schmisk.
  • I laugh in the face of risk.
  • Risk is my middle name. Kind of weird, huh?
  • Take risks. I’ll support you… not!
  • Here’s a verse for the risk averse.
  • I’ll be right behind you when you take risks.
  • I wash my hands to help minimize risk.
  • Risking is living life.
  • Laugh in the face of danger.
  • Succeed in risking something.
Risking is living life.

Risking is living life.

How to Encourage Taking Smart Risks

Taking risks is necessary for businesses and individuals to move forward, succeed, and achieve goals. True, there is a possibility of failure and one should study, analyze, and be aware of the consequences of the risks involved. Here are some tips on how to inspire your team to takes wise risks.

  • Do you research before making a decision. Consider the potential upside and downside of any business decision.
  • Make sure you create an environment that is safe for risk-taking. Team members usually don’t take unnecessary risks if they know they’ll be punished, insulted, or hurt after taking risks or failing in an endeavor that was risky. No employee wants to face the blame for a decision gone bad.
  • Start with small risks. Increase the level of risk with each success after acquiring more capital.
  • Reward those who take risks. This will encourage them to be courageous and level up in making decisions.
  • Establish a “creative” time where your team can freely brainstorm and present new ideas.
  • Don’t scold employees for presenting a new idea that doesn’t fit into the existing business model. If you tell an employee their first idea is bad, you might never get a second idea form them.

Risk is an interesting thing. Some people seem to run into danger. They appear to be attracted to it. Be it an entrepreneur who starts a new business or a thrill seeker that loves the adrenaline rush of jumping out of an airplane.

On the other hand, there is a certain type of person who spends their days trying to minimize risk in every way. Sadly these are often employee who latch onto a full-time job with benefits for an illusion of safety and security.

From personal life experience, I’d say that the corporate world is filled with mid-level managers and ground-floor employees that fit this construct of risk averse people. I hope these quotes and slogans provide you with the confidence needed to take a smart risk whether you’re starting a new business or pitching an idea at a meeting.

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