Let’s face it. Going into work can be a drag sometimes even if you love what you do. Sometimes, this is a sign you need to evaluate your career. Other times, you just need a pick me up to boost your mood for the day.

A positive mindset is essential for everyone from middle management, wait staff and even office employees. If you or someone you know needs to be lifted up these quotes should help inject positivity into the workday.

Positive Thinking Quotes for Work

101+ Positive Thinking Quotes for the Workplace (Ultimate List)

Positive Thinking Quotes.

Let’s start with quotes that encourage you to think positive.

  • Don’t give up. That’s how winners are made.
  • Winners get tired. But they don’t quit.
  • A positive mindset is important for success. In fact, it’s the first step in believing something is possible.
  • Each day is another step toward your goals.
  • If you survived today, you can surely survive tomorrow.
  • The sacrifices and hard work are worth it to support your family.
  • Find your why and push ahead through the hard times.
  • Keep going. You’re almost there.
  • Success comes from habit. You’ll get there.
  • You’re already halfway there if you start a well-planned day!
  • Keep your feet on the ground. But keep your eyes on the heavens.
  • Set your goals high. Don’t scrimp. Then don’t stop until you get there.
  • Enjoy the trip of success. Learning is the most enjoyable part of the journey.
  • Before complaining or quitting, give it your best shot.
  • If you want to succeed, first believe that you can succeed.
  • It’s not about how long. It’s about how hard or how smart.
  • Don’t quit. Who knows? The next day might be your big, lucky day.

Motivational Quotes

Use these motivational quotes as reminders to help you accomplish your aspirations.

  • If you think you can’t do it, you can actually do it.
  • Stress is only for the inefficient.
  • Perspiration is the best form of motivation I know.
  • The possibilities are endless.
  • Who or what is preventing you from doing the thing you want to do?
  • You can’t hold me down. I will get back up.
  • Whatever you imagine can come true.
  • Some people say it’s impossible. I’d say it’s an opportunity.
  • Perfect timing and good luck come somewhere during hard work.
  • If you know you’re going through tough times, just go ahead anyway. The end of the path is always bright.
  • Don’t say it’s impossible if you haven’t tried it yet.
  • You’re thinking of quitting already. Did you ever try to go a bit further?
  • Fail again. Fail better. Achieve the stars.

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

  • “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney
  • “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles Swindoll
  • “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela
If you think you can’t do it, you can actually do it.

You can do it.

Positive Thinking Message for Coworkers

Teamwork makes the dream work. Here are some ways to send positive vibes to colleagues.

  • Falling down today doesn’t mean you can’t stand up tomorrow.
  • We are a team. And together, we can overcome all challenges.
  • You are so important to this team. No one knows how to speak to customers like you do.
  • Remember that all of you are integral to the success of the company.
  • It doesn’t matter if we’re slow. What matters is we’re on the way, and we’re not giving up.
  • You guys are all amazing! You’re all doing great! Keep up the good work!
  • It’s good, better, best. That’s what you’re going to be.
  • Let’s set goals and achieve them. We can do this together.

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  • Working as a team, solving problems as a team, and celebrating as a team.
  • I’m confident that we can blaze through whatever problems are thrown at us.
  • Remember we are a team. We’re powerful. We’re invincible if we’re together.
  • As a team, we will encounter defeats. But we can never be defeated.
  • Don’t worry. We’re only 48 hours away from the weekend.
  • You were the top sales professional for 3 months straight last year. You can get there again.
  • Sometimes I take a walk around the office to destress. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.
  • You’re the finest people that I’ve ever worked with. I’m proud of you!
  • More minds, more solutions.
  • Where there’s unity, there’s strength. Where there’s strength, there’s victory.
  • Talent wins games. Teamwork wins championships.

Positive Thinking Message for Girlfriend

Encourage your girlfriend to face her fears and challenges with any of these quotes.

  • Don’t worry if you fail in your endeavors. If you fail, so what? Try again.
  • No one will ostracize you for failing, hon. Not even me.
  • Every time someone asks me, “Why is your girlfriend doing that?” I’d reply, “Why not?”
  • Know who you are. Show who you are.
  • Keep on practicing. In time, you’ll get there.
  • The more you do, the more you realize that you can do more.
  • It’s all right to be sad. It’s all right to cry. Just stand up and try again.
  • Sweetheart, if you want to win, you should be visualizing yourself as a winner.
  • You know it’s difficult. But you also know it’s possible.
  • I see great strength in you. You can do this.
  • I’m here. I’ll motivate you. I’ll coach you. I love you.
  • You fit no profile that I’ve ever seen. That’s why I know you’ll succeed.
  • Remember to always do your best. Remember that the quality of your efforts determines the quality of your success.
  • What you do makes a difference. Nothing is trivial.
  • Don’t believe you can’t. Believe you can.
Go Go Go! I'm just right here beside you.

Go Go Go!

Positive Thinking Message for Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend having a tough day at the office? Lift him up with one of these text message ideas.

  • Go go go! I’m just right beside you.
  • You are born to do this!
  • You eat challenges for breakfast. And dinner too.
  • You’re an inspiration to everyone. I’m proud of you.
  • You’ll be given opportunities if you ask for them. Go fly high.
  • Whether you fall or rise, I’ll always be with you.
  • What have you got to lose? The worst they can do is say no.
  • Sweetheart, you deserve your dream. Go for it.
  • Sweetheart, if you want it, go get it. Period.
  • You’re making your own limits. Push them hard.
  • Show up every day and give it your best. Do it every day.
  • Honey, I believe in you. Don’t give me that quitter talk.
  • I know you. I know you deep inside. You’re better than this.
  • You make your own destiny and fortune.
  • You gotta protect your dream, babe.
  • It’s you—and only you—who can make it happen.

Positive Thinking Messages for Text

Send any of these messages by text. This is usually the easiest way to reach someone at work.

  • Run the day or else it will run you.
  • Don’t be ruled by emotions. Make decisions and act with reason.
  • Titles and labels don’t define us. What defines us is how well we rise after falling.
  • What happened already happened. The question is: what are you going to do next?
  • Whatever you’re going through, you’ll make it. You’ll be all right.
  • Remember that each challenge makes you a better person. Embrace challenges.
  • Your talent is the world’s gift to you. Use it.

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  • We, your parents, will support you in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.
  • You’re never too old to accomplish your dream or to begin anew.
  • It’s okay to fail. What is not okay is to choose to stay down after you fail.
  • Be successful and do it purposely.
  • You cannot change your past. But you can shape your future.
  • The one thing you have absolute control of is your life.
  • Be positive. You’ll see that the universe will conspire for your success.
  • The most effective way to achieve your goal is to do it.
More minds, more solutions.

Positive teamwork.

Positive Thinking Messages for Email

Clients, colleagues, friends, and loved ones need support to endure tough times. You can do so by sending any of these messages via email.

  • Never give up. That’s the motto of winners.
  • The more challenging the problem, the more glorious the victory.
  • Don’t doubt yourself. You know you can.
  • Make the iron hot by striking it. Don’t wait until it’s hot.
  • When the door to an opportunity opens, you also
  • In everything, always give it your best shot. Your goal deserves it.
  • Remember that a person who does not give up cannot be beaten.
  • When you begin, you’re already on your way to winning.
  • It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is you did your best.
  • Don’t wait for inspiration. Be the inspiration. Create your own inspiration.
  • If you do something great, people may imitate it.
  • Perseverance is 90% falling and succeeding on the last 10%.
  • Never lose hope. Never sell out.
  • The more things you do, the luckier you get
  • Remember that motivation and grit will always be superior to sole talent.

Why is Positive Thinking so Important in Your Career?

Positive thinking can do wonders for your work and personal life too. But rather than focus on the outcome of your work, positive thinking focuses on the behavior and attitude towards work. You can’t always control environment, but you do control thoughts.

Here are a few benefits I’ve experience by doing the work to improve my mindset and thoughts:

  • When you think about the positive that can happen in a situation, it reduces stress levels.
  • It boosts creativity. When you think about what’s possible, instead of what could go wrong it can help you think outside the box. Have you ever had a good idea when you were thinking negative thoughts?
  • It improves your problem-solving and analytical skills. You find effective solutions to solve crises.
  • It makes you calmer and more relaxed. It makes you happier and more pleasant to be around.
  • This mindset can shield you from the notion of giving up or quitting.
  • It helps you manage feedback and conflict in a more objective way. If you’re in a good mood, it’s easier to take constructive criticism.
  • You make decisions based on reason, not on emotion.
  • Your resiliency is boosted to significant levels.
  • You become more personable and a source of hope and inspiration.
It’s okay to fail. What is not okay is to choose to stay down after you fail.

Get up again.

How Can You Improve Your Mindset at Work?

You can cultivate a positive mindset by building the following habits into your day. I do a few of these myself and have found them helpful.

  • I got to sleep thinking positive thoughts. Yes, I actually do this most nights. By thinking about things I’m grateful for at night, it helps put me in a better mood. It works for me. Let me know how it works for you.
  • Be grateful that you have a job that pays the bills. Things could be worse. Not having a job that covers your basic needs would be significantly more stressful.
  • Start your day with a positive frame of mind. Visualize your success at the end of the day.
  • Be excited. Each day is an opportunity to get closer to your dreams and aspirations.
  • Establish a routine. You feel more organized and accomplished if you have a routine and you know what you’ll be doing during the day.
  • Remember that reaching your ultimate goal of success requires small steps and small victories. Celebrate every little success along the way. Did you pull-off a tough presentation? Did you wrap up an email to the boss? Celebrate it with a happy dance or cup of coffee.
  • Don’t worry about failure. Everyone fails. It’s okay. In fact, welcome failure. It provides the best lessons and makes you stronger.
  • Break the barrier of fear by stepping out of your comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone can help you build confidence and break out of a rut. Always look for opportunities to learn and grow in the workplace.
  • Learn from both successes and failures. There are valuable lessons to be learned.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep at night and drink enough water. It sounds simple, but if you’re not well rested, you can become irritable.

It is through our minds that we perceive, accept, and process the world around us. A work situation you think is fantastic, might seem challenging and cold to your colleague in the next cube. The world looks sunny or cloudy so to speak depending on your perspective.

A positive mindset unlocks happiness and inspires us to find success. It gives us the strength to push through hurdles, doubts, and problems. It allows us to see through the other side of failure. I hope these quotes help to lift you up.

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