What you aim to achieve in life can be outlined in a personal purpose statement. This statement provides guidance on the specific goals you want to achieve. This short statement could include essential ideals, aspirations, and principles reflected in it.

Typically, there should just be one or two phrases in a personal mission statement. Both must be clear and specific. To give a better picture of what personal purpose statements are, here are some examples you can draw inspiration from.

Personal Purpose Statement Ideas

What’s your personal purpose statement?

Create a difference towards people around us by doing good to others, broadening our knowledge of facts, and strengthening our values.

Become the greatest at what I do by recognizing my God-given potential and working hard to develop and improve it.

To play a key part in fostering a culture at work where everyone feels valued and that their time spent there is an undertaking in their future, relatives, and self-worth.

Exemplify my principles of generosity, tolerance, sincerity, sympathy, and work ethic in order to set an example for others to follow.

I am committed to advocating for kids and helping them get the things they deserve for a happy, staying healthy now and in the years ahead.

To employ my writing abilities to encourage change by educating and inspiring people all across the world.

To lead by example for my group, have a sustainable lifestyle, and affect the community.

To use my public speaking abilities to raise people’s feelings of belonging throughout the community.

Acquire the knowledge required to equip people with the skills they need to enable themselves and teach others how to achieve financial independence.

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Encourage kids to achieve greater heights than they previously believed possible.

To value and cherish my family each day by making choices that prioritize their needs.

I choose to help others gain an appreciation and trust for themselves that will enable them to achieve success and realize their goals.

To encourage and uplift people by demonstrating how to live a peaceful, contented life while being emotionally and physically fit.

To truly appreciate each day, live life to the fullest, and take something positive away from each encounter.

To establish communication avenues that enable people to spend significant time with their loved ones face-to-face and in-person. I want to create tools that promote a healthier balance between work and life.

Personal Purpose Statements for Leaders

Leaders need goals.

To use my leadership and knowledge, to uplift and support my coworkers.

To support progressive and creative thoughts that will aid my team in developing technological solutions that would enhance people’s way of life.

To act as a role model by supporting fresh ideas and creative ideas so that my team may develop technological solutions that would enhance the lives of everyone.

To support my team and organization as a valuable team leader. My goal is to grow into a crucial member of the team who contributes to the most important choices the company makes.

To serve as a role model and source of inspiration for others through leadership.

To serve as a catalyst for progress between my team and the business. I will make the most of all the abilities that God has provided me and engage in every element of my life with vigor, passion, and appreciation.

To motivate my team with my innovativeness and creative thinking skills, so that they in turn can motivate others and themselves.

I want to motivate myself and the employees around me by utilizing my talents and abilities.

To give minorities the tools they need to achieve their goals and to be comfortable in their own skin both at work and throughout the community.

To show leadership, to motivate my colleagues in the same way that they motivate me, and to bestow that same motivation with our customers.

To lead my group in a way that is honorable and moral. No more or less than what I would anticipate of myself, I will not demand of my workers. Moreover, I pledge to devote my efforts to ensure that we have the best chance of succeeding both on and off the workplace.

To lead by example among my team members by setting a standard that is attainable and beneficial to both the workplace and the organization.

To help build a positive working atmosphere for both myself and my staff. My team and I will foster a sense of cohesion within the organization and at work by adopting this approach.

To utilize the time and resources of my organization as effectively as I possibly can. I can create a productive and energetic workplace in this way with the help of my team.

Always keep in mind my humble beginnings and pay attention to my staff. As a result, I would be able to adapt to the organizational culture at the ground level and build a sense of unity among all levels of staff, starting at the top and working down.

Personal Purpose Statements for Career

My goal is to lead projects with integrity, empathy, and influence and to gain recognition for my work on a broad scale. I’m dedicated to developing as a professional and giving the customers value-added initiatives. My goal is to build and manage an ideal team where everybody is utilizing their individual talents.

I want to be a kind and forgiving person who embraces and values both similarities and differences. I also want to treat people the way I want to be treated. I would like the community to remember me as a person who made it a little bit more peaceful, tolerant, and kind.

To introduce new recruits to the admirable qualities that each and every employee in the organization has in order to help them learn how to identify with the company’s goal.

To act honorably by going above and beyond my obligations. I will work diligently with each and every person while avoiding undesirable behaviors that portray a company as being unreliable and opportunistic.

To value my current income with the understanding that my efforts will pay off in the future.

To work with the underserved team members in the organization in a way that makes them feel needed, respected, and like a vital component of a thriving organization.

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To ensure that higher-ranking executives don’t become disconnected from lower-ranking workers. I would essentially encourage a culture of harmony throughout the company.

To strive in building a safe working environment for my coworkers and our workplace by being the best role model in every way.

Instead of keeping an eye on the time, I should concentrate more on my work. I’ll ensure that my task is completed by the deadline and go above and beyond by starting my other responsibilities early.

I should set an exemplary example by becoming the kind of person God intended—loving, kind, and forgiving. To treat others with the same respect and love that I do for myself and God.

To come up with the one brilliant concept that will forever change my professional career and the lives of everyone around me. Finding one concept that can change your life is, in my opinion, the ultimate pathway to success.

To enhance the recruiting process for my clients and to bring about positive development in them. Too many businesses fail because they make poor hiring decisions. I want to prevent this and support the growth of these businesses.

To start making important decisions right away and to take greater initiative with regard to my work. I’ll stop avoiding what remains to be done and setting everything off. I’ll take control of my career instead and take the necessary actions.

Personal Purpose Statements for Students

Always start with the first step instead of stressing about what will come next or what might happen. I will create the psychological energy required to make my aspirations come true. I’ll pursue a happier, fuller, and more stable existence. I’ll work to make this possible for myself.

To establish my mental focus and adhere to my long-term life objectives of receiving a decent degree and succeeding in life. To be able to perform well in school, I shall set concrete goals. For myself, I’ll also divide these up into daily, weekly, and monthly milestones.

To resist being influenced by others and my desire to fit in by being true to my core convictions and to who I am. No matter how tough things get, I will draw strength from my faith.

To organize my personal life and give my studies and ambitions more of my attention. I’ve decided not to make the same error repeatedly in the future. I’m going to cut out the bad company. Instead, I’m going to surround myself with good vibes and channel that energy into making the environment I’ve always wanted.

I must stop following the ambitions of other people and stay true to my own personal vision. My aim in life is to begin concentrating on my own aspirations. I’ll accomplish this by boosting my confidence and strength. Initially, this can be challenging, but if I keep trying, it will get simpler.

What do you want to do?

In order to accomplish my highest personal goals, my personal vision statement states that I will follow in the footsteps of successful people. I intend to emulate them by doing this.

To put my education first and quit spending time playing video games. Even though it could be challenging at first, the risks are too high, and I want to stay video game-free forever.

To fulfill my ambitions in life and do amazing things. I just have to keep trying and focus on it, that’s all it takes.

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Instead of concentrating on things that hold me back, my goal is to always progress. Success is assured as long as I can maintain this positive frame of mind.

The core of my personal purpose statement is the development of disciplined behaviors. Every day, I’ll put the effort into developing success-enhancing behaviors.

To create the particular habits that will make me successful. In order to succeed personally, I will put in the effort necessary to improve myself.

I must assist others in achieving their goals in order for me to achieve my own. Each person I serve will one day assist me.

Doing the right thing at the appropriate moment is a key component of my personal purpose statement. I can improve my life and accomplish my objectives if I adopt this philosophy.

To pursue my own goals independently of others. If it means compromising my own ambitions, I won’t stop to focus on others. I’ll get better at saying no and put more effort into raising my self-worth and identity.

To put my personal life on hold and concentrate on accomplishing my educational and career ambitions.

Personal Purpose Statements for Men

Giving underprivileged young men the skills they need to face injustices and barriers based on their race, education, politics, and financial status can help them become more self-sufficient.

I want to be a loving, compassionate person to everyone I meet. I’ll show respect for everyone I encounter and refrain from passing judgment.

To take part in the formulation and implementation of policies that diminish the harm that domestic violence does to women and children.

To commit to, uphold, and be sincere in all of my relationships, whether they are with friends, family, or coworkers. I’ll seek out information that will enable me to balance my commitments in life, and I’ll put all of my efforts into achieving each of my goals.

To overcome every obstacle in my path and become a better version of myself.

To make life better for myself by succeeding personally, which includes leading a healthy lifestyle, developing my job, and starting a family.

To be a father who instills in his boys a compassionate, loving, considerate, and accountable man who is protective of his loved ones, and in his daughters a caring, nurturing, respectful, and responsible daughter who understands her worth and will not undermine it.

To have my own family and to take care of my responsibilities to my family. My objectives are to carry out the task at hand properly, create plans for the future, and spend quality time with them. My family can look to me as a role model.

What are your leadership goals?

To make use of my intelligence to advance and help others. to use my knowledge, sound judgment, and wisdom to accomplish good deeds, assist others in overcoming obstacles, and assist them in realizing their full potential.

To assume control over all facets of my life, including decisions, my career, and everything else. I will have the freedom to live the life I want and to discover my potential.

To make the most of my intellectual skills and to better others through them. To utilize the information, insight, and capacity for rational thought that God has endowed me with.

I’ll work to create a loving environment for my family and will encourage my kids’ ambitions.

To maintain harmony in my life and a healthy balance between work, recreation, and friendship. I desire a life free from worry, one in which I have plenty of time to unwind and work on my long-term goals.

To fulfill my own unique vision of success and prevent reverting to previous, destructive habits. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and learning how to uphold clear boundaries with other individuals are my two main objectives when doing this.

I want to retire with the knowledge that I contributed significantly to my area of expertise and have been recognized for my outstanding performance in my work.

Personal Purpose Statements for Women

To succeed in building a safe, fulfilling life for my family and myself while also being the best wife, mother, and professional that I can be.

To become a catalyst for change at home, at work, and in the community at large. I’ll make the most of the skills God has given me to raise a family, do my job well, and build a caring community.

To see the positive side of things and to become brave and sociable. I may expect the best things in life if I am optimistic.

To educate kids on nutrition, the immediate and long-term advantages of living a well-balanced lifestyle, and how to begin and keep up such a lifestyle

To provide tools, programs, or products that assist women and girls in developing and sustaining positive self-esteem.

To utilize my talents to help women all over the world get an education. I will make sure that no woman I come across is left behind and emphasize the value of having education and self-respect.

To be able to successfully manage my obligations in my personal life, job, and social life while avoiding stress. I’ll have plenty of time to unwind while working toward my own objectives and looking out for my general well-being.

I want to navigate life with a joyful, humorous, and forgiving attitude. I decided to stop obsessing over my previous difficulties and start focusing on the good things in life.

To lead a life devoid of animosity. While assisting others dear to me in doing the same, I will concentrate my abilities and skills on compassion, sympathy, and thankfulness.

To assist people in finding hope after a loss—men, women, and children. Despite the difficulties we face in life, I will demonstrate to them that there really is a positive side to everything.

To improve personally and go through the obstacles I’m now facing. I want to break free from the unfavorable routines and ways of thinking that are restricting me and develop into the woman I was really destined to be.

To live in grace and harmony with mother earth, those around me, and myself, I want to develop my spirituality and personal serenity to a greater extent. To guide others on how to accomplish their own objectives by doing the same.

Always choose wisely, leading to a higher quality of life on a daily basis. Every time I have to make a decision in life, I want to develop into the kind of woman who can choose intelligently. All I have to do is concentrate on making decisions that will benefit not only me but also everyone around me.

I wish to have more bravery, vivacity, and optimism. I wish to develop the habit of thinking only positively. I want to break free from the bonds of the past.

I want to transform the world into a better place in order to improve the lives of so many others. To make a real difference in their lives, I want to devote the rest of my life to charitable work.

What are the benefits of writing a personal mission statement?

What’s your destination?

A personal purpose statement is indeed a very effective tool since it makes your objectives crystal clear. After all, how do you know what actions you should take to improve your life if you don’t have a defined goal? Some of the benefits of writing a personal purpose statement are outlined below:

Sense of Gratitude

You will take into account where you are right now as you evaluate where you wish to go. Gratitude prompts reflection on what you have now, how you obtained it, and the people that contributed to your voyage. I’ve found that being thankful for the things I already have also brings me peace.


Your discovery of certain aspects of your life, such as your abilities, talents, preferences, and skills, may surprise you when you’re creating your personal mission statement. A completely new level of self-admiration might also be reached.

A Guide

A personal mission statement can serve as a roadmap for decisions in your life. You’ll gain insight into how you should prioritize time during the day and what type of people to spend time with.

Writing allows you to codify what you want and makes goals clear. What kind of a legacy do you want to leave? What are the bucket list items you want to check off? What type of business do you want to build? Write it all down.

Doing Away With Unnecessary Decisions

After defining goals, you may discover that some of the things you thought were important aren’t any longer. Achieving success can be a long road. You don’t want to waste time doing work that doesn’t bring you steps closure toward a goal.

Move Forward

Among the most crucial things, your personal purpose statement can accomplish for you is to give you the motivation to press on despite obstacles and failures. Knowing your mission will help you identify your sources of satisfaction. Since it serves as a regular reminder, it keeps you eager for your purpose and moving forward.

What are some tips for writing your own personal purpose statement?


Fight for your dreams.

Making a personal mission statement helps you to clarify your life’s mission, aspirations, ideologies, and values. Here’s how to create a personal mission statement that’s unique to you.

Determine Your Purpose and Your Values

What significance do you hope to create and what is your purpose? Do you have a vision that will inspire you to live out your mission and values? Jotting down your goals and the characteristics that define you can help you develop strong values that will underpin your main goal.

Identify Your Goal

Keep in mind who you wish to benefit from with your skills. You will get even more focused on yourself by doing this. You, perhaps? Youth? Women? the aged, the less affluent, or everyone? Describe the main points of your personal purpose statement. To whom would you direct your efforts?

Determine Your Strengths

Integrate each and every one of your abilities, skills, and professional and personal capabilities together. Take every single quality, including those you tend to ignore, such as being a loyal confidant and friend or even being well organized. What do you excel at? Your areas of expertise may include instructing, customizing, healing, discovering, and problem-solving. In order to clearly define your objectives and priorities, you need to be able to identify your strong points.

Which Needs Do You Have?

The most crucial part of your personal purpose statement is what you actually desire for yourself. Never compromise on your personal demands. You might simply want to explore, discover, and have fun as Elon Musk does. So, regardless of how much of your career or personal life is devoted to serving others, make an effort to set some time aside for yourself.

Keep Your Objectives In Mind

Linking your goals is the next step after defining your ideals, mission, goal, ability, and priorities. What are you trying to accomplish? You must always keep in mind that the goals must be very detailed, results-focused, reachable, measurable, and time-bound. Every element of your life, including your profession, relations, relatives, social interactions, passions, and pastimes, needs goals.

Write Down Your Personal Purpose Statement

Using the aforementioned five phases, you’ll get a comprehensive list of things to add to your mission statement. Your composition needs to be a satisfying blend of fantasy, reality, and accomplishment. If you concentrate on what motivates and fulfills you, you can achieve all of this. Evaluate your life trajectory, values, and ambitions when you have some free time (including your career). Have a clear, accurate picture of what you truly desire by making the required adjustments.

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