Diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords spouted in corporate board meetings, they’re practical components of success for small businesses. Embracing a diverse workforce can unleash a host of benefits, from fostering creativity and innovative problem-solving to better understanding a diverse customer base.

But these values are not just about enriching the workplace culture either. In fact, a 2018 report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found that companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues due to innovation. This shows that diversity is a key driver of innovation and a crucial competitive advantage, not just the right thing to do from a moral standpoint.

If you’re providing feedback about diversity, inclusion, equity or belonging in a business setting, I’ve provided professional samples you can use. I also provide academic research data you can cite at work to demonstrate the importance of these initiatives at work.

Diversity & Inclusion: 65+ Performance Review Phrases.

Performance Review Phrases for Diversity & Inclusion.

Performance Review Samples for Diversity

Above and Beyond Performance Feedback

[Employee Name] has truly set the gold standard for organizational support and inclusive practices. Not only did they flawlessly manage the senior executive calendars, but they also took the initiative to organize a series of diversity and inclusion workshops that were highly praised by attendees. Their ability to provide a platform for diverse voices in our workplace has been exemplary.

Key Achievements:

  • Organized quarterly diversity and inclusion workshops.
  • Implemented a new, more inclusive calendar system accommodating diverse holidays and observances.

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.

Celebrate Diversity.

[Employee Name]’s leadership in driving product development has been commendable. Their dedication to incorporating accessibility features into our products has made our software more inclusive for users with disabilities. This has not only improved user experience but also broadened our market reach.

Key Achievements:

  • Spearheaded the integration of accessibility features in our flagship product.
  • Led a team-building initiative that focused on understanding and valuing different perspectives.

[Employee Name] has been an outstanding team player and a technical wizard. Their contribution to redesigning our website to be more user-friendly for people with visual impairments has been nothing short of revolutionary. They also volunteered to mentor young girls interested in coding, showcasing their commitment to gender diversity in tech.

Key Achievements:

  • Redesigned website for better accessibility.
  • Volunteered as a mentor for Girls Who Code.

[Employee Name]’s approach to user experience is deeply rooted in understanding and catering to a diverse user base. Their research and design for multilingual support in our software have greatly increased our global usability. They also initiated a series of user testing groups that were more representative of our diverse customer base.

Key Achievements:

  • Implemented multilingual support in our software.
  • Conducted diverse user testing groups for better feedback and inclusivity.

[Employee Name] has been the backbone of our administrative team. Their initiative to create a more inclusive office environment, like ensuring all signage is in multiple languages and the introduction of quiet rooms for neurodiverse staff, has made a noticeable difference in our workplace atmosphere.

Key Achievements:

  • Implemented multilingual office signage.
  • Introduced quiet rooms for neurodiverse staff.

[Employee Name] has been instrumental in leading the sales team to new heights. Their focus on building a culturally diverse sales team has allowed us to connect better with clients from various backgrounds. Their mentorship program for underrepresented groups in sales has also been a game changer.

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Key Achievements:

  • Built a culturally diverse sales team.
  • Developed a mentorship program for underrepresented groups.

[Employee Name]’s innovative and inclusive marketing strategies have significantly boosted our brand’s image. Their campaign highlighting the diversity of our team and user base has resonated well with our audience. They also ensured that our marketing materials are accessible to people with disabilities.

Key Achievements:

  • Launched a successful inclusive marketing campaign.
  • Made marketing materials accessible for people with disabilities.

[Employee Name] has been a reliable and resourceful member of our IT team. Their efforts to make our internal software tools more accessible for all employees have been crucial. They also initiated a tech recycling program that benefits underprivileged communities.

Key Achievements:

  • Improved accessibility of internal software tools.
  • Initiated a tech recycling program.

[Employee Name]’s contributions to making our hiring process more inclusive have been outstanding. They implemented blind recruitment practices that have significantly diversified our new hires. Their workshops on unconscious bias have been enlightening and well-received.

Key Achievements:

  • Implemented blind recruitment practices.
  • Conducted workshops on unconscious bias.

Average Performance Feedback

[Employee Name] has maintained a good standard of support and organization. They managed executive calendars effectively and showed an understanding of diversity and inclusion by incorporating diverse holidays into the calendar. However, there were no significant initiatives taken to further promote or advocate for diversity in the workplace.

Performance Assessment:

  • Effectively managed diverse holidays in executive calendars including Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.
  • Met expectations in supporting organizational diversity, but did not initiate any significant diversity-related programs or workshops.

[Employee Name] displayed adequate awareness in product development, keeping in mind the diverse needs of our customer base. They ensured basic accessibility features in our products. While their efforts are appreciated, there is room for more innovative and inclusive approaches in product design.

Performance Assessment:

  • Ensured basic accessibility features in products.
  • Met diversity expectations but lacked initiative in driving innovative, inclusive product strategies.

[Employee Name] has contributed to maintaining our website with a standard level of accessibility. They followed the basic protocols for making the website user-friendly but did not take additional steps to enhance the experience for a diverse user base.

Performance Assessment:

  • Maintained website accessibility to a satisfactory level.
  • Met the standard requirements for diversity in web development but did not exceed them.

[Employee Name] has shown competency in designing for a diverse user base but has not significantly expanded our reach or usability for diverse groups. They followed the standard practices for inclusivity in design but did not implement any notable innovations or extensive research initiatives.Performance Assessment:

  • Delivered competent designs for a diverse user base.
  • Met basic standards for diversity in user experience but lacked groundbreaking initiatives.

[Employee Name] has been consistent in their administrative duties and has shown basic awareness of inclusivity by implementing standard office signage in multiple languages. However, there was no substantial effort to enhance the inclusivity of the office environment beyond basic requirements.

Performance Assessment:

  • Implemented multilingual office signage.
  • Met the basic standards for inclusivity but lacked significant contributions to enhancing the office environment.

[Employee Name] has effectively worked in a diverse team setting and has shown respect and understanding towards colleagues from different backgrounds. However, there were no initiatives taken to actively promote or enhance diversity within the warehouse environment.

Performance Assessment:

  • Worked effectively in a diverse team.
  • Met expectations in maintaining a respectful work environment but did not actively promote diversity.

[Employee Name] has managed their team adequately with a basic understanding of the importance of diversity. They ensured compliance with standard diversity protocols but did not show initiative in creating more inclusive or diverse logistics strategies.

Performance Assessment:

  • Managed logistics with standard compliance to diversity protocols.
  • Met basic diversity expectations but lacked initiative in enhancing inclusivity in logistics planning.

[Employee Name] has maintained our internal software tools with satisfactory accessibility. They met the minimum requirements for inclusivity but did not take additional steps to innovate or significantly improve the accessibility features.

Performance Assessment:

  • Maintained internal software tools with basic accessibility.
  • Met minimum inclusivity requirements but did not exceed them in IT support.

[Employee Name] has implemented standard hiring practices with a focus on diversity. While they ensured basic compliance with diversity in hiring, there were no innovative recruitment strategies or programs developed to actively enhance diversity in our workforce.

Performance Assessment:

  • Implemented standard diverse hiring practices.
  • Met basic expectations in promoting diversity in hiring but did not introduce any innovative recruitment strategies.

[Employee Name] has managed their projects with a team comprising diverse members. They ensured a respectful work environment but did not actively engage in promoting or enhancing diversity within the team dynamics or project execution.

Performance Assessment:

  • Managed projects with a diverse team.
  • Maintained a respectful work environment but did not actively promote diversity in project management.

Does Not Meet Expectations Performance Feedback

[Employee Name], your performance in terms of promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion within our company has been severely lacking. This is unacceptable and directly contradicts our mission of fostering an inclusive workplace. Your failure to consider diverse perspectives in your role and responsibilities is a significant concern and needs immediate correction.

[Employee Name], your approach to product development has shown a worrisome disregard for inclusivity and diversity. This is not only disappointing but also goes against our company’s core principles. Innovation thrives on diverse input, and your current strategy is stifling this. Immediate steps are needed to align your approach with our company’s values.

Employee Name], your work has demonstrated a concerning lack of commitment to creating inclusive and accessible digital spaces. This is directly at odds with our company’s goals and values. An inclusive mindset is not optional in your role; it is essential. You need to make significant changes to align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

[Employee Name], your actions have not contributed to fostering an inclusive office environment. This lack of effort in promoting diversity is not only disappointing but also detrimental to our organizational culture. Our mission includes creating an inclusive workplace, and your performance in this area is falling short.

[Employee Name], your approach to working within a diverse team setting has been lackluster and does not meet our expectations. Respect and inclusivity are non-negotiable in our work environment. Your inability or unwillingness to actively support and embrace diversity is concerning and needs immediate attention.

[Employee Name], your leadership has failed to demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, which is a fundamental aspect of our company’s mission. This not only limits your team’s potential but also goes against our company’s values. A significant shift in your approach is necessary.

Performance Review Samples about Inclusion

Above and Beyond Performance Feedback 

[Employee Name] has created an inclusive and welcoming front office atmosphere. Their efforts in organizing events for different cultural celebrations and ensuring that all voices are heard in meetings are commendable. Their initiative to create a multilingual greeting system for our international visitors is a testament to their commitment to inclusion.

[Employee Name] has shown exceptional skill in fostering an inclusive environment for the executive team. Their ability to adapt communication styles to various team members, along with organizing inclusive leadership training, has set a benchmark for others. Their advocacy for diverse representation in decision-making panels is praiseworthy.

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[Employee Name] has consistently led their team with an emphasis on inclusivity. Their initiative to implement a mentorship program pairing senior and junior staff from diverse backgrounds has greatly enhanced team cohesion and understanding. Their open-door policy and active solicitation of feedback from all team members is admirable.

[Employee Name] has excelled in developing inclusive web designs. Their commitment to ensuring website accessibility for users with disabilities and their advocacy for inclusive language in web content sets a high standard. Their proactive approach in conducting workshops on coding for accessibility is highly commendable.

Inclusion is not just the right thing to do; it's the smart thing to do.

[Employee Name] has demonstrated a deep commitment to inclusivity in product development. Their initiative to include diverse user groups in testing phases and their advocacy for inclusive design principles are exemplary. Their leadership in creating products that cater to a wide range of users is invaluable.

[Employee Name]’s work in ensuring an inclusive user experience is noteworthy. Their efforts in organizing focus groups from diverse backgrounds to gather comprehensive feedback and their push for inclusive design language have greatly enriched our product designs.

Average Performance Feedback

[Employee Name] has demonstrated a standard level of inclusion in their logistics planning. They ensure that all team members’ voices are heard during planning sessions. However, there’s room for more proactive initiatives in promoting inclusivity within the logistics team.

[Employee Name] displays respect and politeness to all customers, regardless of background. They adhere to company standards for inclusive interactions but have yet to show initiative in going beyond the standard expectations.

[Employee Name] consistently treats all clients with fairness and provides equal service. They follow the inclusive guidelines set by the company but could benefit from showing more creativity in approaching diverse clientele.

[Employee Name] handles all customers with a consistent level of service and respect. While they meet the company’s inclusive standards, exploring additional ways to personalize interactions with diverse customers could enhance their performance.

[Employee Name] is professional and courteous to all staff and visitors. They maintain an inclusive atmosphere in the office but could take more initiative in organizing inclusive office activities or events.

[Employee Name] ensures that all team members have equal access to information and resources. While they follow inclusivity guidelines, a more proactive approach in fostering a diverse work environment would be beneficial.

Does Not Meet Expectations Performance Feedback

[Employee Name], your lack of consideration for diversity in logistics planning is not only disappointing but completely unacceptable. You’ve consistently ignored diverse perspectives, and this must change immediately. Diversity is not an optional extra; it’s a core company value.

[Employee Name], your behavior towards customers from diverse backgrounds has been noted as problematic. This bias, whether conscious or unconscious, is intolerable and must be rectified without delay. Your job depends on treating all customers equitably.

[Employee Name], your sales approach shows a concerning disregard for diversity. This isn’t just a poor sales strategy; it’s a direct violation of our company values. Immediate and significant improvement is required.

[Employee Name], your interactions with diverse customers have been marked by indifference and, at times, disrespect. This is inexcusable and must change immediately. Our company demands respect for all customers, without exception.

[Employee Name], your failure to create an inclusive office environment is unacceptable. A proactive approach to inclusivity is not optional; it’s a fundamental aspect of your role. Immediate change is non-negotiable.

[Employee Name], your exclusion of diverse perspectives in inventory management goes against everything our company stands for. Your current approach is not just ineffective; it’s unacceptable. This must change, or your position will be reconsidered.

Performance Review Samples for Belonging 

In a workplace where belonging is fostered, diversity thrives, and innovation flourishes.

A workplace where belonging is fostered.

Above and Beyond Performance Feedback 

[Employee Name], your initiative to create an inclusive environment within the logistics team is commendable. The way you ensure every team member’s voice is heard during planning meetings truly sets an example. Keep up the great work!

[Employee Name], your efforts to make each delivery special, particularly your attention to cultural nuances, have not gone unnoticed. Your warmth and genuine interactions have made many customers feel a sense of belonging. You’re doing a fantastic job!

[Employee Name], your ability to connect with clients on a personal level and make them feel truly valued is exemplary. The trust and belonging you foster with each interaction are remarkable.

[Employee Name], the inclusive atmosphere you create at our store is heartwarming. Your initiative to learn about and celebrate different cultures with customers has greatly enhanced their experience.

[Employee Name], your efforts to ensure inclusivity and equity within our supply chain have not only improved operations but also fostered a sense of belonging and partnership with our diverse suppliers.

Average Performance Feedback

[Employee Name] has demonstrated a standard level of inclusion in their logistics planning. They ensure that all team members’ voices are heard during planning sessions. However, there’s room for more proactive initiatives in promoting inclusivity within the logistics team.

[Employee Name] displays respect and politeness to all customers, regardless of background. They adhere to company standards for inclusive interactions but have yet to show initiative in going beyond the standard expectations.

[Employee Name] consistently treats all clients with fairness and provides equal service. They follow the inclusive guidelines set by the company but could benefit from showing more creativity in approaching diverse clientele.

[Employee Name] handles all customers with a consistent level of service and respect. While they meet the company’s inclusive standards, exploring additional ways to personalize interactions with diverse customers could enhance their performance.

[Employee Name] ensures that all team members have equal access to information and resources. While they follow inclusivity guidelines, a more proactive approach in fostering a diverse work environment would be beneficial.

Does Not Meet Expectations Performance Feedback

[Employee Name], your approach in team meetings often excludes the viewpoints of some team members. This behavior is contrary to our company’s mission of fostering belonging. It’s critical that you actively work on being more inclusive and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

[Employee Name], there have been instances where your interactions with customers lacked the warmth and respect we expect. This does not align with our goal of making every customer feel a sense of belonging. Immediate improvement in customer interactions is necessary.

[Employee Name], your reluctance to engage with diverse clients has been noticed. This behavior does not support our inclusive mission. We expect you to embrace and celebrate diversity, ensuring every client feels valued and included.

[Employee Name], your lack of initiative in organizing inclusive events or celebrating diverse cultures in the office is not in line with our company values. We expect you to take active steps towards creating an inclusive and welcoming office environment.

Performance Review Samples for Equity 

Above and Beyond Performance Feedback 

[Employee Name], your fairness and respect towards all customers, regardless of their background, truly embodies our values. Your consistent efforts to ensure equitable service delivery have significantly enhanced customer satisfaction.

[Employee Name], your dedication to equitable sales practices and ensuring fair opportunities for all team members is highly admirable. Your ability to lead by example in fostering an equitable sales environment is a vital asset to our team.

[Employee Name], your equitable approach to customer service, ensuring that every customer feels valued and fairly treated, is noteworthy. Your efforts in maintaining equity in customer interactions are making a real difference.

[Employee Name], your equitable approach in managing supplier relations and ensuring fairness in our supply chain processes is highly commendable. Your efforts have significantly contributed to creating a fair and just business ecosystem.

[Employee Name], your ability to provide equitable solutions to customer issues and fair treatment to all customers is remarkable. Your dedication to fairness and equity in customer service aligns perfectly with our values.

Average Performance Feedback

You’ve demonstrated equity by ensuring a balanced representation of goods from different suppliers. Your unbiased stock management has met our expectations in providing diverse options to our customers.

You’ve met expectations by treating all customers with equal respect and patience, regardless of their purchase size or questions asked. This approach fosters an inclusive environment.

Performance reviews is not just a checkbox; it's a commitment to fostering a more equitable and productive workplace.

You’ve met our expectations by ensuring equitable work distribution and recognizing the efforts of all team members equally. This has contributed to a fair work environment.

You’ve successfully met expectations by giving equal importance to all types of organic meats, including those from smaller, local farms. This promotes supplier diversity.

You’ve met our expectations by displaying produce from various sources equally, giving customers a wide range of choices and supporting our goal of equitable representation.

Does Not Meet Expectations Performance Feedback

Your dedication to keeping shelves stocked is appreciated. However, there’s been inconsistency in giving visibility to products from diverse suppliers. Greater adherence to our diversity and inclusion (D&I) principles is expected. Equity in product placement is crucial for supporting our varied suppliers.

It’s vital to demonstrate equitable inventory practices, ensuring all suppliers are treated with impartiality, aligning with our equitable sourcing policy. Engage in unconscious bias training to enhance equitable decision-making in inventory management.

Upholding the principle of equality in customer service is imperative. Every customer deserves equal respect and attention, reflecting our core values of inclusivity. Attend customer service excellence training with a focus on equity and inclusivity.

Fairness and transparency in task allocation and recognition are essential for maintaining morale and psychological safety in the workplace.Participate in leadership training focused on equity-centered management and fair recognition practices.

What Goals Can You Build around Inclusion and Diversity at Work? 

Fostering an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity. To achieve this, businesses need to set specific goals and establish measurable benchmarks. This includes implementing diverse hiring practices, conducting regular diversity and inclusion training, reviewing and updating company policies, promoting diverse leadership, and supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Here’s a checklist to guide you in creating such an environment as a starting point:

  • Leadership Commitment:
    • Top management publicly commits to diversity and inclusion.
    • Diversity and inclusion are integrated into the company’s mission and values.
  • Policy Development:
    • Review and update existing policies to ensure they promote inclusivity and diversity.
    • Establish clear anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  • Hiring Practices:
    • Use diverse job boards and recruitment channels.
    • Implement blind recruitment processes to minimize bias.
    • Train hiring managers on inclusive interviewing techniques.
  • Training and Education:
    • Conduct regular diversity and inclusion training for all employees.
    • Provide resources for ongoing learning about cultural competency.
  • Inclusive Communication:
    • Ensure company communications reflect diversity and inclusivity.
    • Provide language support or translation services if needed.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements:
    • Offer flexible work hours or remote work options.
    • Consider diverse religious and cultural holidays in scheduling.
  • Employee Feedback:
    • Create anonymous channels for reporting discrimination or bias.
    • Regularly conduct surveys to assess the inclusivity of the workplace.
  • Performance Reviews:
    • Incorporate diversity and inclusion goals into performance reviews.
    • Train managers on unbiased performance evaluation methods.
  • Celebrating Diversity:
    • Recognize and celebrate diverse cultures and backgrounds.
    • Organize events or workshops that promote understanding and inclusivity.
  • Accessibility:
    • Ensure the workplace is physically accessible to all employees.
    • Provide necessary accommodations for employees with disabilities.
  • Community Engagement:
    • Engage with diverse communities and participate in diversity-related events.
    • Support local initiatives that promote inclusivity and diversity.
  • Regular Assessment:
    • Regularly review diversity and inclusion metrics.
    • Adjust strategies based on feedback and assessment results.

Inclusion and Diversity Research Data

It may seem hard to believe, but not all businesses have fully embraced or understand the benefits of building a more inclusive and welcoming business to people of all backgrounds. To help demonstrate the value of these initiatives I’ve included links to research papers from various academic journals and respected consulting firms. These studies help support with data the importance of these efforts within any size business.

Credit Suisse’s research spanning six years and covering 3,000 companies worldwide suggested that companies with at least one female board member yielded higher return on equity and higher net income growth than those without any women on the board. Companies with gender diversity were 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

“Why Diversity Matters”: This research also highlighted that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

A study published in HBR found that diverse companies were 70% more likely to capture new markets.

PwC’s survey found that 85% of CEOs whose companies have a formal diversity and inclusiveness strategy said it’s improved their bottom line.

These studies underscore the tangible benefits of diversity and inclusion, not just as a moral imperative but as a key factor in driving business success and profitability.

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