Employee recognition is an important aspect of any business, but can boost morale. Often combined with a reward of some type, employee recognition is one of the main ways employers can use to make sure top talent feels valued.

And with more than 80% of recognition programs focused only on tenure, there are plenty of other opportunities to show appreciation. Did one of your line cooks identify a lower cost / more reliable supplier? Did a junior level employee complete a complex project that went above their pay grade? Did a customer support representative demonstrate next level service to a caller? These are all opportunities for recognition.

Employee Recognition

These samples of employee recognition award names make the workplace more interesting, fun, competitive, and enjoyable for workers. Here are employee award name ideas you can use in almost any office.

Employee Recognition Award Name Ideas

Some of the best employee recognition awards are those that are unexpected, though it does usually help that employees have a defined goal to work toward. These awesome recognition awards names are designed to give your workers a chance to aim for something more than the buzzer at the end of a shift.

  • Ace of Initiative
  • Best Attendance Award
  • Best Customer Centricity
  • Best Team Player
  • Biggest Growth Award
  • Capital Achievement
  • Chairman’s Award
  • Company Excellence Award
  • Customer Kudos Award
  • Forever With Us
  • Go That Extra Mile
  • Incomparable Service Award
  • Most Determined Employee
  • Most Improved Performer
  • Most Sales Award
  • Outstanding Service Record
  • Salute to Loyalty
  • Stand out Performer
  • Superb Presence
  • Team Recognition
  • The Ace Employee
  • The Brainiac
  • The Collared Diamond
  • The Eccentric Performer
  • The Engagement Champion
  • The Game Changer
  • The Growth Booster
  • The Growth Driver
  • The Heart of a Saint
  • The Hero With A Tie
  • The High Flyer
  • The Holy Heart
  • The Iron Man
  • The Iron Pillar
  • The Moral Hero
  • The Motivator
  • The Mountain Mover
  • The One Mile Down
  • The Social Contributor Award
  • The Star Employee
  • The Trend Setter
  • The Ultimate Contributor
  • The Ultraman Employee
  • To The Moon and Back
  • Unmatched Dedication

Funny Award Titles for Employees

Team works makes it happen.

Recognition awards need don’t need to be reserved for the “usual” achievements like attendance, sales, etc. You can get creative with them to reach a broader range of employees such as best dressed man, coolest employee, funniest, innovation champion or customer service hero. The options are endless as you’ll see from the list below.

  • 3 Cheers Award
  • All Day Everyday Award
  • Always at 110% Award
  • Efficiency Award
  • White Hat Trophy
  • Amazing Partner Award
  • Awesome Sauce Award
  • The Epic Chef Medal
  • Biggest Applause Award
  • Calmer of Storms
  • Stunning Plate Award
  • Catchy Employee Award
  • 1% Better Every Day Award
  • Chief Happiness Director’s Award
  • Circle of Joy Award
  • Team Builder Award
  • Clever Employee Recognition Award
  • Cloud 9 Collaborator
  • Customer Advocate Award
  • Consider it Done Award
  • Cool Employee Recognition Award
  • Creative Employee Recognition Award
  • Cruising and Crushing it Award

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  • Culture Champion Award
  • Customer Hello Award
  • Dashing Debut Award
  • Logistics Leader Award
  • Difference Maker Award
  • Wait Staff Hall of Fame
  • Employee’s Fun Choice Awards
  • Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Efforts Award
  • Excellence is excellent Award
  • Fast Starter Award
  • Five Stars and the Sun Award
  • Fresh Skills Award
  • Funniest Employee Award
  • Funniest Employee Recognition Program
  • Galatic Gratitude Award of Yoda
  • Getting Busy with It Award
  • Gold Star Schoolboy Awards
  • Guts & Grit Award
  • Happy Everyday Award
  • High Five Club
  • High Five-ing Award
  • Hyper Helper Award
  • Look out world Award
  • Making a Difference Award
  • Mountain Mover Award
  • On Point Award
  • Outstanding Dependability Award
  • Permanent Recess Award

Creative Employee Recognition Awards

High fives all around.

Not only can you give out the usual awards or make up some funny ones for a laugh, you can also get more creative with some of the more serious awards like Beyond the Call of Duty or Rookie Rockstar. Take a look at these awesome names and spotlight the next Mover of Mountains.

  • Aced Attendance
  • Always Present Award
  • Always Timely Award
  • Behind the Scenes Award
  • Standing by Customer Honor
  • Bestower of Energy
  • Beyond the Call of Duty
  • Big Kahuna Award
  • Calmer of Storms Award
  • Caught in the Act of Caring Award
  • Chief Happiness Director Award
  • Client Comforter Award
  • Cloud 9Collaborator
  • Distributor of smiles
  • Employee Excellence Club
  • Everyday Hero Award
  • Exceptional Salesmanship
  • Force To Reckon With
  • Golden Coconut Award
  • Golden Shield Award
  • Helping Hand Award
  • Hero Award
  • Jolly Good Idea
  • Kudos Korner
  • League Of Superheroes
  • Let’s Grow Old Together Award
  • Like a Boss Award
  • Makes My Day Award
  • Most Days Without Absence Award
  • Mover of Mountains
  • New Kid on the Block
  • Overachiever’s Club
  • Phenomenal Leadership
  • Pinnacle Award
  • Pinnacle Performer
  • Precious Gem Award
  • President’s Award
  • Prime Player Award
  • Rookie Rockstar
  • Super Satisfyer
  • The Fist Bump Award
  • Top Banana Award
  • Unmatched Dedication Award
  • Unparalleled Performance Award
  • You Inspire Us All
  • You’ve Made The Difference

Employee Connect Program Name Ideas

Employee connect programs.

Is there a key player that brings everyone in the office together? Here are some of the best of the best of employee connect program award names you can use to spark employee cooperation and a sense of family.

  • All for One, One for all
  • All You’ve Done
  • All-Star Office Awards
  • Associate Appreciation
  • Bravo! Award
  • Bright Beginning
  • Champion Club Award
  • Cheers from Peers Award
  • Chief Closer
  • Diamond Club Award
  • Employee Excellence Club Award
  • Employee Honor Club Award
  • Employee’s Choice Awards
  • Five Stars Award
  • Gold Star Awards
  • High Five Club Award
  • Overachiever’s Club Award
  • Role Model of the Year

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  • Service and Dedication
  • Shining Star Award
  • Silver Shield Award
  • Spotlight Award
  • Spotlight Awards
  • Standing Ovation
  • Star Service Award
  • Stellar Success
  • Team Impact Award
  • Team Player Award
  • The Dream Team
  • The Wow Factor Award
  • Ultimate Team Player
  • Victory Lap Program
  • Wall of Fame Social Recognition Award
  • Welcome Aboard.
  • Welcome to our team.
  • Welcome to our World.
  • Well Done! Award
  • Workplace Rewards Award
  • You Made The Difference
  • Your Value To Our Customers is Immeasurable.

Employee Of the Month Award Name Ideas

A handshake.

Everyone knows about the Employee of the Month award. Just about every fast-food chain hangs a photo of their latest winners inside their kitchen. Here’s a spin on that class award.

  • Above and Beyond Recognition
  • Absolute Attendance
  • Achiever of the Month
  • Best First Impression
  • Best Performer
  • Bright Beginner
  • Budding Star
  • Constant Contributor
  • Dedicated Employee of the Month
  • Dedication Award
  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee of the Quarter
  • Employee of the Year
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • In Recognition of Your Efforts
  • Leadership Award
  • Limelight Award
  • Mr./Ms. Consistent
  • Mr./Ms. Significant
  • Outstanding Salesmanship
  • Paramount Achievement
  • Prime Participation
  • Prime Player
  • Prospect Award
  • Rookie of the Month
  • Safety Achievement
  • Safety Recognition
  • Sales Attainment Award
  • Sales Frontrunner Award
  • Sales Leader Award
  • Superstar Award
  • The Employee of the Century
  • Top Performer
  • Top performer Recognition
  • Unique Employee Award

Some departments of an organization are used to awards. Take for example the sales team where you can routinely get recognized with regional sales awards, incentive trips, and monetary bonuses. But don’t forget about your other staff like accountants, cooks, and maintenance professionals who may be the shining stars of their department.

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