The perfect resort marketing slogan conjures images of relaxation, memories and perhaps a little adventure. Depending on where a resort is located in the world, you might express the warm of the sun and palm trees or the fresh air of a snowy mountain destination.

If you own or manage a resort, you can incorporate any of these slogans and taglines to make patrons and prospects feel more excited to enjoy their vacation in your establishment. Feel free to use these in your marketing collateral for a resort.

Resort Marketing Slogan Ideas


Are you ready for vacation?

Start out with these simple and straightforward slogan examples.

  • Serving you like royalty
  • Pampering you to the fullest
  • Extreme fun in the sun
  • Making your break memorable
  • You deserve a break
  • Relax and be one with nature.
  • Vacation mode, on!
  • Best vacation ever
  • Making your dream vacation come true
  • The unspoiled resort
  • Where you’ll find the best sunrises
  • It’s vacation time!
  • Home of the bluest seas
  • Feel alive here
  • Melting your stress and worries here
  • Living love.
  • Live life.
  • Putting your fun first
  • Passion for fun
  • Vacations with passion

Resort Taglines

Use any of these taglines to accompany your logo.

  • We’re your home in the tropics.
  • You deserve the best.
  • Your luxurious sanctuary in nature
  • Enjoy luxury at its finest
  • Let us take care of your vacation.
  • Be ready for a vacation of a lifetime.
  • Take a break!
  • Are you ready for the best vacation of your life?
  • Reconnect with Mother Nature!
  • Go where your life belongs.
  • Catch up on the good life.
  • Experience the magic of nature.
  • Don’t just dream it. Vacation it.
  • Live, relax, and love.
  • Life’s a beach
  • Swim in the country’s bluest playground.
  • Your adventure awaits you.
  • Yes, we do Nerf battles here!
  • Live your life with passion.
  • Re-live your passion for life here.

Ski Resort Slogan Ideas

Vacationing in the snow or during winter is fun! Here are some slogan ideas for ski resort business owners.

  • Let it snow.
  • Jam-packed adventure awaits you.
  • Let’s ski together.
  • Best slopes.
  • You little ski lodge in the hills.
  • Your boss can’t get ahold of you up here.
  • Enjoy our scenic slopes
  • Let it snow beautifully.
  • Ski alongside the clouds.
  • You’re home up there.

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  • It’s a white holiday.
  • Get a new perspective on life way up here.
  • Adventure and nature.
  • Where skiing is more than fun.
  • Cool and fun.
  • The air is different up here.
  • Exploring the evergreens.
  • Let your adrenaline heat you up.
  • Warm log cabins in the snow.
  • Let’s warm you up with adventure.
  • The family-friendly ski resort.
  • Your mountainous happiness.
  • Your beach alternative.
  • When the tropics aren’t enough.
  • Where snow days are the most fun.

Ski Resort Taglines

Discover your wintertime getaway.

Use any of these taglines for your ski resort.

  • Skiing is absolutely fun here.
  • Learn to ski and have a great adventure.
  • Welcome to the snow adventure capital of the country.
  • Prepare to go north.
  • Everyone here is a Northman.
  • Ski it.
  • Let your friends and family ski.
  • Skiing is believing.
  • It’s the highest kind of fun.
  • Who says that cold isn’t fun?
  • We make winters fun!
  • We’re your ideal vacation station for winter.
  • Come and celebrate winter!
  • Come up and relax.
  • Slow down with a boost of adrenaline.
  • Snow and mountains are your friends.
  • We’re taking you to the top
  • Become legends of the snow.
  • The place where sports and fun meet
  • Adventure in the cold, happiness at the fireplace!

Island Resort Slogan Ideas

Vacations usually conjure images of powdery white sands, azure seas, swaying palm trees, and tropical weather. Use any of these slogans for your tropical resort.

  • Rule number 1. It’s fun first.
  • An island in the Pacific.
  • Visit our island in the sun.
  • Whether you like hanging by the beach or staying pool side, we can help.
  • No alarm clock today. You’re on island time.
  • The best of the tropics.
  • Sand, palms, and beach.
  • Closest to Zegema Beach. (Starship Troopers reference)
  • White sand, great fun.
  • Enjoy our incredible beach.
  • The water sports capital.
  • The only place sleeping in is social acceptable.
  • World-class resort island.
  • Where clothing is optional. But having a blast isn’t.
  • Enjoy the heat of the tropics.
  • Forever sunshine. Forever comfort.
  • More than just a resort. It’s a state of mind.
  • Hot paradise.
  • A vacationer’s paradise right here in the [insert location name].
  • We make you feel 1,000 miles from anyone.
  • A paradise down south.
  • Behold paradise.

Island Resort Taglines

These taglines are perfect for your island resort.

  • You’re in a tropical state of mind.
  • Own your own island with us.
  • We’ve got palm trees to spare.
  • It’s our own ocean planet.
  • Enjoy the most romantic island in the world.
  • Re-live romance here.
  • Our piña coladas are only the beginning.
  • It’s more fun in (name of island resort).
  • Heat up the fun. Stay for awhile.
  • The best family vacations start here.
  • Try lying on our powder-soft sand.
  • You ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • This is a real paradise.
  • It’s a party all day, all night.
  • Every day is a tropical party.
  • Have a coconut with us.
  • This is the true southern paradise.
  • Enjoy a tropical Eden.
  • Sway, dance, and love in the tropics.
  • You can’t get enough here.
  • Welcome to your dream vacation destination.

Resort Quotes

Beach bar at an all-inclusive resort.

These quotes are perfect for social media posts.

  • Go somewhere where you’ve never set foot before at least once a year.
  • The best way to enjoy a resort is not to be frugal.
  • You’re here to enjoy life. Frugality has no place here.
  • All you need is a beautiful destination.
  • Set the out of office message for vacation mode.
  • The best thing about island resorts is that you can wear a bikini, no matter your body type.
  • When all else fails, book a resort and take a vacation.
  • Functionally, a resort is really more than a home for a few days.
  • Imagine owning an island for a few hours or days.
  • A vacation on a beautiful tropical island is my therapy.
  • Get lost in paradise.
  • The real life is out there, not inside the office.
  • I can’t wait to get out of the office and head off to the resort I booked in.
  • A vacation in a good resort can do wonders in repairing relationships.
  • Unplug and unleash your spirit. You deserve it.
  • You know, it’s really a beach thing.
  • Whether it’s a ski resort or a tropical island, just get out there and enjoy.
  • At least once in your life, book a 5-star resort.
  • There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some of life’s luxuries.
  • Going on vacation? Why not book a resort?
  • You can create your own magic on sand or snow.

Hotel Marketing Slogans

If you’re running a hotel, check out these slogans.

  • Stay and enjoy.
  • It’s like sleeping in your own bed with a better view.
  • Your home above the skyline.
  • Enjoy the skyline of (name of your city).
  • So close to home.
  • This is your golden throne.
  •  The gold standard of hotels.
  • Enjoy a 5-star stay at a 3-star price.
  • Experience a celebrated welcome.
  • We’ll pamper you.
  • A promise of stellar service.
  • Experience luxury the right way.
  • Opulence in your hand.
  • Stay in bed longer with our world-class room service.
  • Relax in velvet and gold. Feel like the queen and king of your room.
  • Have a worry-free, hassle-free stay.
  • Happy endings begin here.
  • The essence of hospitality is here.
  • Enhancing your vacation.
  • We’ve got the best maid service with 1,000+ thread count sheets.
  • A great way to take a break.
  • The gem of (name of your city).

Villa Marketing Slogans

For those vacationing with their family or a group of friends or for long-term vacations, staying in a villa might be more sensible. If you’re running a villa rental business, you can use any of these slogans.

  • Your home in the mountains.
  • Breathe the fresh air.
  • Rural living at its finest.
  • Way better than hotels.
  • Your best vacation home.
  • Our private villas are next to the sea.
  • Truly a one-of-a-kind villa.
  • At home during your vacation.
  • Be one with nature.

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  • Going back to the classics.
  • Reenergize in our villas.
  • A difference you can feel.
  • A pleasure you can live in.
  • The warmth of the sky on land.
  • Improve your vacation.
  • Your haven away from home.
  • Come in and see happiness.
  • Your home across the sea.
  • Discover beauty every day.
  • Every day here is a glorious one.
  • Luxurious villas for everyone.

Resort Data and Statistics

Here are some interesting statistics about the resort industry you should know.

  • 41% of patrons consider the location of the resort as the top factor that influences this decision. This is followed closely by travelers’ needs at 39% and the price at 36%.
  • There are over 700,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, and this number is still growing.
  • The travel and tourism sector, which hotels and resorts are a part of, is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. Overall, it accounts for over 10% of the world’s GDP.
  • 81% of travelers prefer the hotel or resort to have digital services.
  • When it comes to desired entertainment facilities, theme parks and attractions are the most sought-after at 74%. This is followed by water activities and outdoor activities at 67% and 55% respectively.

Vacationing can be a lot of things, but in most cases, there’s one common denominator—a place to stay in a vacation destination. You can stay in a rental house or a low-budget accommodation like an inn. To make the most of your vacation though, your temporary home should be a vacation spot in itself. That’s where resorts come in.

Resorts are self-contained hospitality establishments that provide a large number of a vacationer’s wants and needs such as food and beverages, sports, entertainment, and shopping on their premises. Some of these resort destinations are all-inclusive, meaning you don’t need to pay for food and often drinks once you’re on premises. You find frequently find these resorts in warm locations like Mexico.

Vacations promise fun, excitement, adventure, and relaxation. With these slogans tell vacationers that your resort is the ideal place to stay and spend money during their next holiday.

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