After discovering some raffle and giveaway companies bring in millions of dollars of revenue each year, I’ve been looking into a name idea for my own venture. As a food business blog, I plan to conduct a variety of raffles for cooking equipment like high-end pots, pans, and new fangled gadgets like air fryers.

As I’ve recently discovered, hosting a raffle contest is a powerful way to build a list of qualified prospects that can be sold products or services down the line. Here’s a quick summary on how the raffle or sweepstakes business model works. You give people the opportunity to win something through a raffle or contest in exchange for their name and contact information. Often entrants will purchase additional raffles (or contest entries) by purchasing products like t-shirts, mugs, or other apparel. This all ends up as revenue for the raffle business.

If you plan to host a raffle contest or giveaway, here are more than 300 clever name ideas I came up with. Feel free to use any of them.

Raffle Contest Name Ideas

Here are some raffle names to choose from.

Hosting a raffle contest can either be for profit or charity. Whatever the goal, a raffle contest is ideal for getting people to be interested in your brand by capturing their attention through the prizes you’re offering. Below are some raffle contest name ideas you can use to market an event.

  • Get It To Win It
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Drop and Win
  • The Lucky Draw
  • Golden Picks
  • Go for the Gold
  • Bonus Bucks
  • Anniversary Blowout
  • Cash Bonanza
  • Do It For The Gold
  • Big Big Raffle
  • Raffle Fiesta
  • Hot Summer Raffle
  • Love Struck: A Valentine’s Day Raffle
  • Scratch To Win
  • Raining Prizes
  • The Gadget Giveaway
  • Big Bang Raffle Contest
  • Join and Drive!
  • Spooky Halloween Madness
  • Money Hat Jackpot
  • Easter Surprise!
  • Mystery Gift Bags
  • Dice Roll Rewards
  • Pop A Surprise!
  • Cash To Go
  • The Big Spin
  • Treasure Hunt Blowout
  • Roll for Gold
  • Spin That Cash

Raffle Drawing Name Ideas

A raffle entry is also called a ticket

Before putting up your raffle draw, make sure you’ve read through your state’s laws and guidelines on the proper way to hold a contest. There might be some licenses, permits, and specific language in the terms and conditions of your website to legally host the giveaway.

Also, be sure to go over the rules of your raffle draw. Make sure it’s clear and understandable so there’s no miscommunication. Understanding the rules on how to put up a raffle draw can help you towards a smooth sailing contest. If you need more names for your raffle draw, here are more ideas.

  • Hip Hip Cash Hooray!
  • Grand Gift Giving
  • Big Prizes Bonanza
  • Win A Vroom
  • Grocery Giveaway
  • Family Fun
  • Rewards For You
  • Lucky Prize Blowout
  • Beat The Heat: Summer Raffle Draw
  • Treasure Toss
  • Spin for Dollars
  • Choose Your Gold

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  • Shake, Raffle, and Roll
  • Top Prize Winners
  • On a Roll
  • The Digital Cash Tornado
  • Crazy for Coupons
  • Lucky Numbers
  • Take a Chance
  • Drop and Win
  • Cash Me Outside
  • Spin It Up
  • Shop for a Cause
  • Bonus Cash
  • Contest Corner
  • Double Prize Blowout
  • Everybody Wins
  • Join and Win
  • Freebie-palooza!

Raffle Group Name Ideas

The more raffle tickets you collect, the better your chances of winning.

  • Golden Giveaways
  • Deal Sweepers
  • Lucky Money
  • Ninja Wins
  • Random Raffle
  • Dollar Dudes
  • Blowout Gang
  • Grand Shoppers
  • Cash Sweepers
  • The Money Makers
  • Big Prize Takers
  • Treasure Hunters
  • Prize Winners
  • Second Chancers
  • Risk Takers
  • Prize Gamblers
  • Fun Players
  • Goal Getters
  • Plus Pointers
  • Strategic Gamers
  • Winners For Sure
  • Giveaway Gang
  • Winning Team
  • Giveaway Gals
  • Growing Winners
  • Spring Winners
  • Friends for Keeps
  • Cash Takers

Contest Name Ideas

Dart throwing and card games are examples of contests you can do to give out raffle tickets.

  • What A Mom
  • Everyone’s A Winner
  • Dad’s Favorites
  • Balloon Surprise
  • Show Me the Money
  • Who Wants To Be A Winner
  • Master Winner
  • Double The Prize
  • Money Giveaway Time
  • Shop Your Way
  • Contest Hunt
  • Fame in Minutes
  • Bombing Bucks
  • Fantastic Winners
  • Winners Takes All

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  • Cash Explosion
  • Ready To Win?
  • Passion for Victory
  • Hit the Jackpot
  • Crazy Game Time
  • Spin That Wheel
  • Guess That Prize
  • Wacky Bingo
  • Find That Cash
  • Victory Chasers
  • Mission Possible
  • Game Raiders
  • Dynamic Dollars

Raffle Game Name Ideas

Could this be the winning ticket?

The most common in-person raffle contests work like this. You drop tickets into a spinning container and then wait for the drawing date to pick a winner. Depending on the prize, organizations might charge anywhere from $10 – $100 for a single raffle. Here are some raffle game names for you to choose from.

  • Contest Corner
  • Raffle Freebies
  • Deal or Dollars
  • High Stakes Blowout
  • Lucky Draw
  • Reverse Raffle
  • Sign, Sealed, Draw
  • Crazy Blowout Raffle
  • Raffle Attack
  • The Grand Raffle
  • Amazing Raffle Fiesta
  • Slamming Prizes
  • Spin for a Cause
  • Raffle Madness
  • Weekly Giveaway
  • Holiday Blowout
  • Back to School Special
  • Mega Bucks Promo
  • Winter Special Blowout
  • Deal of the Year
  • Rush Hour Raffle
  • Early Bird Promo
  • Shopping Galore Sale
  • Free Bucks
  • Happy Hearts Day Raffle
  • Victory Everyday
  • The Incredible Raffle
  • Raffle ‘till You Drop

Facebook Raffle Contest Name Ideas

Raffles can be easily organized online as well.

Raffles can be done online as well, including on Facebook and other social media platforms. Tickets or entries may come in the form of a comment on a post, a like, or a follow. This may depend on the mechanics of the contest. The ones who host the contest then use a random contest picker app to choose a winner. Below are some Facebook raffle contest name ideas to use.

  • Digital Draws
  • Online Blowout
  • (Insert Number) Followers’ Celebration
  • Fashion Mine
  • Online Treat
  • Likers Prizes
  • Popularity Giveaway
  • Comment To Win It
  • Footwear Giveaway
  • Digital Winners
  • Cosmetic Blowout
  • Like To Win
  • Drop A Heart, Win a Car
  • Online Cheer Up
  • Share For A Cause
  • One Like One Ticket
  • Follow To Win

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  • Share If You Dare
  • Like It To Grab It
  • Online Bonanza
  • Follow and Win Raffle
  • Follower Prizes
  • An Emoji For A Ticket
  • Comment for a Prize
  • The Like and Win Raffle
  • Comments for Cash
  • Share To Get It
  • Digital Craze
  • The Online Appeal
  • Social Media Bonanza

Spring Raffle Name Ideas

Welcome in spring with a raffle contest.

  • Spring Dreams
  • Everything New Promos
  • Special Spring Bonanza
  • The Green Giveaway
  • Spring Sale
  • New Season, New Ticket
  • Spin this Spring
  • Easter Blowout
  • Warm Welcome Raffle
  • Feel Alive Raffle
  • Spring Success
  • Spring Your Way
  • Easter Ticket Hunt
  • Spring Guess
  • New Surprises
  • Spring Masters
  • Awesome Spring Raffle
  • Green Madness
  • Spring Cash Explosion
  • Roll Around To Win
  • Happy Spring Raffle
  • The Green Blowout
  • The Spring Collective
  • New Season Giveaway
  • Spring Shopping Treats
  • Spring Celebration
  • Sun’s Out, Cash Out
  • Spring Festival Raffle

Prize Raffle Name Ideas

Give out gifts as prizes on your raffle draw.

  • Prizes To Go
  • Cash Surprise
  • Grocery Giveaway Bang!
  • Gifts For You
  • Throw To Know
  • Surprise Prize Attack!
  • Mystery Box Giveaway
  • Giving Back
  • Rewards For You
  • Cash Check
  • Reward Spree
  • Giveaway Today!
  • Monthly Madness
  • Double The Shop, Double The Prize
  • Spin and Receive
  • Shop To Win
  • Bulk Buying Rewards Blowout
  • Promote and Win
  • Recommend For a Prize
  • Go for the Prize
  • Rush Rewards
  • Hunt For The Prize
  • Instant Prize
  • Lucky Draw Prizes
  • Up for Grabs
  • Random Prizes Daily
  • Prizes Per Hour
  • Rewards Your Way

Car Raffle Name Ideas

Big rewards can be a brand new car.

There are many prizes you can give out at a raffle. Some are simple like groceries or cash while others can go crazy and give out a house or car. Here are some car raffle name ideas you can use.

  • Speedy Prizes
  • A Vroom Surprise
  • Rev It Up
  • Wheels of Fortune
  • Big Rewards To Go
  • Cars Galore
  • Cars Extravaganza
  • Winning Rides
  • Take the Wheel
  • Making It Big
  • Gigantic Surprise
  • Win This Ride
  • Win and Drive
  • A Chance To Go Vroom
  • Key Prizes
  • Shop and Win a Car
  • Auto Bonanza
  • Car Giveaway
  • Shop to Ride
  • Big Moving Giveaway
  • Instant Ride
  • Swerve In Our Lane
  • Step On It
  • Shop to Steer
  • Dine to Ride
  • Win and Honk
  • Getaway Giveaway
  • Rides For You
  • Shop For Big Prizes

Raffle Basket Name Ideas

Give baskets of goodies as prizes.

  • Goodie Giveaway
  • Basket of Love
  • Fun in a Basket
  • Shop for a Gift
  • Gift Basket Giveaway
  • Goodies Alert
  • Fruit Basket Extravaganza
  • Chocolate Basket Freebie
  • Freebie Bonanza
  • Basket For You
  • Handmade Love
  • Jolly Basket Giveaway
  • Grocery Basket for Grabs
  • Spin for a Basket
  • Drop and Win a Basket
  • Shop Now, Get a Basket
  • Basket Bonanza
  • Fruit Explosion
  • Rewards in a Basket
  • Love in a Basket
  • Prize Baskets
  • Handy Prizes
  • Rewards To Go
  • Basket Deals
  • The Winning Basket
  • Fruit Freebies
  • Choco Lovin’
  • Grocery Fun

Christmas Raffle Name Ideas

Get into the holiday cheer with a raffle contest.

Christmas is a time for gift-giving and some shops like to host raffles, which are perfect since there will be a lot of shoppers around. Set the terms and conditions for your store to offer a raffle ticket and then do a drawing by the end of the holiday season. Here are some Christmas raffle names you can use.

  • Christmas Blowout
  • Winter Extravaganza
  • Santa’s Gift Craze
  • Tis’ the Season to Win
  • White Christmas Special
  • Deck The Halls With Giveaways
  • Christmas Giveaway
  • Santa Sleigh Contest
  • Holiday Cheer
  • A Gift From Santa
  • Christmas Craze
  • Year-End Rewards
  • Guess That Gift
  • Crazy Christmas Cheer
  • Year-End Blowout
  • Christmas Bonus Bonanza
  • Winter Rewards
  • Winter Raffle Craze
  • Festive Raffle Blowout
  • Spreading Cheer
  • Winter Gift Giving
  • Second Chances
  • Generosity Giveaway
  • Gifts for Everyone
  • Christmas Time Raffle
  • Holiday Rush Raffle
  • Snowfall Special
  • Winter Reward Rollout
  • Santa’s Big Giveaway
  • Gifts To Give

With this list, you can start conceptualizing a next profitable raffle. Write down the mechanics of the giveaway and have an employee proofread the document to confirm they can understand what the rules are. Check with your local government as well for any licenses or permits needed. Think of the best prize you can give that will have your customers interested in joining.

Which one of these raffle name ideas captured your interest? Let me know below! I’ll keep you up-to-date on the results of my own raffle contest in a future blog post.

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