The global kombucha market is expected to grow to a staggering $7 billion in annual sales by 2027 according to an industry report from Grand View Research. The growth of this beverage is being supported by longterm tail winds meaning this could be the perfect time to launch an innovative kombucha company while there’s still plenty of room for new entrants into the space.

But before entering the fray, you’ll need to come up with a winning brand name. After all, the name and story you develop for the beverage is critical to differentiating your product whether you plan to sling “Booch” on store shelves, online, or out of the trunk of your car. Let’s dive into some of the suggestions that could work for your up-and-coming beverage business.

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kombucha bottles

What would you call this?

Kombucha Brands

When trying to determine an original brand name, it’s smart to evaluate what’s currently working now in the marketplace. Going through this process can reveal gaps in the marketing of established companies.

Here are a couple ways to approach this process. Are segments of consumer being overlooked or ignored in this market (ex. Pet lovers that also love Booch.)? Is there a unique flavor or ingredient you could leverage to differentiate your drink? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself before entering the market. Here are some of the most inspiring brands in this segment you can use as a starting point for understanding the industry:

  • GT’s Living Foods – The market leader in the kombucha drink space. This company brings in a reported $275 million in annual sales. You can find this popular probiotic on grocery store shelves nationally.
  • Health-Ade Kombucha – Brewed in Los Angeles, Calif., this is a brand to watch in the space. With pithy descriptions like “a bubbly probiotic tea” this brand has tugged on the heartstrings and taste buds of millennials and generation Z alike. We like the founders to because of their personal grit. Check out this interview where co-founder Daina Trout living off the grid in a trailer with her husband and kids during the early days of the business.
  • Brew Dr. Organic Kombucha – Brew Dr. is all about offering USDA organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO beverages sweetened with organic cane sugar. Their drinks offer all sorts of mood benefits like Clear Mind in addition to fun flavors like Island Mango.
  • Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha – Rowdy Mermaid hails from Boulder, Colorado. If you’re searching for a caffeine-free kombucha made with fresh herbs and other ingredients give this Booch a sip.
  • Forage Kombucha – Forage Kombucha is on a mission for offer affordable kombucha that can be enjoyed by everyone in can. The Wisconsin based brand got their start serving the beverage at a health conscious restaurant and the word spread from there.

Kombucha  Company Name Ideas

Kombucha in its natural habitat.

Here are some name suggestions you can use to brainstorm your own kombucha company.

  • Kimmie’s Kombuchary
  • Kombucha Life
  • The Kombucha Bar
  • Booch Boulevard
  • Kombucha World
  • Paradise Kombucha
  • Ken’s Kombucha
  • Killer Kombucha
  • Simple Kombucha
  • Pat’s Organic Booch
  • Jackpot Kombucha Co.
  • Department of Kombucha
  • Serendipity Kombucha
  • Kombucha Village
  • Grasshopper Kombucha LLC
  • Kombucha Bottle Company
  • Two Centuries Beverage Co.
  • California Kombucha Company
  • Tennessee Kombucha Collective
  • Scarlett’s SCOBY
  • Larry’s Elixirs

Hard Kombucha Names

Want to add a little kick to your Booch? Here are a few suggestions that could help identify a buzz-worthy name. These work whether you’re making kombucha beers, ciders, or mixed drinks.

  • Crunk Kombucha
  • Drunk Kombucha
  • Tipsy Booch
  • Too Hard Kombucha
  • Rock & Roll Kombucha
  • Tickling Tonic
  • Craft Kombucha
  • Booch Brothers Brewery
  • Buzzing on Booch
  • Booch Adult Beverages Co.

Funny Kombucha Names

Is it just me or does it seem like you should have a good sense of humor if you’re brewing kombucha? Here are some light-hearted suggestions intended to inspire.

  • Giggling Kombucha
  • The Laughing Booch
  • Booch, Please!
  • Clown Kombucha
  • Double Tap Kombucha
  • Belly of Booch
  • Booch Belly
  • Back in Booch
  • Ripped off Recipes
  • Blind Man Brew
  • Motley Brew Kombucha

Kombucha in Other Languages

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Kombucha is a beverage that’s been around for 2,000+ years and enjoyed by people around the world. Only over the past couple decades has the drink started to experience a resurgence among consumers. Here’s how you say kombucha in a few other languages. These words could be incorporated into your brand name to target more educated or international consumer.

  • Cajnyi Kvas (Russian)
  • Cajnyj Grib (Russian)
  • Chamboucho (Rumanian)
  • Ling Zhi (Chinese)
  • Teemost (German for tea must/cider)
  • Teyi Saki (Armenian)
  • Thee-Schimmel (Dutch)
  • Theebier (Dutch)
  • Theezwam Komboecha (Dutch)
  • Zaubersaft (German)
  • Zaubertrank (German)

Kombucha Name Idea Generator

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Hands down the easiest way to identify a brand name is to plug your idea into a computer program and see what comes out. There are all sorts of free business name generators online you use to try this approach. Here are a few I found using this tool.

  • Boochomatic
  • Booch Impression
  • Booch Conspiracy
  • Booch Development
  • Boochocity
  • Booch Energy
  • Hydro Booch
  • Booch Platinum
  • Booch Field
  • Boochgenics

Why this Segment is Growing…

This industry is experiencing all sorts of tailwinds that make global consumption increases for this product inevitable. First off there is a significant percentage of the population that has never heard of kombucha much less tasted it. As you can see in the Google Trends chart below, interest in this beverage has steadily grown since 2004.

kombucha interest

Kombucha search interest 2004 – 2020.

Each month there are people researching online asking what the product even is. While this product may not seem innovative to you there’s significant swatch of the population that won’t discover this product for a couple more years.

This sort of advantage isn’t an opportunity for more mass-market beverages like cola. Everyone has tasted Pepsi already and knows what to expect.

Next is the health component. Kombucha is viewed as offering benefits such as improved digestion. While critics will continue to debate exactly what benefits the beverage provides, it certainly seems to be a better choice than drinking soda or high-fructose energy drinks.

In addition to broader consumption of the product both due to discovery and health reasons, the drink is breaking into the bar scene with hard kombucha’s containing alcohol. These kombucha’s typically contain around the same alcohol content as a light beer (4% – 5% ABV). Although there are some entrants coming into the space with higher alcohol levels.

So what will the future of the kombucha industry look like? Right now the market is highly fractured with dozens of smaller producers taking up a piece of the kombucha land grab. The recognized leader in this space, GT’s Living Foods got their start in 1995 and now generate an estimated $275 million in annual sales. I think we can all agree that’s a lot of SCOBY.

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