Naming your donut shop business is a big decision. It tells customers a lot about what you do and what kinds of clients you serve. Your name should catch the attention of the kinds of people you want to bring into your store. It will also play a huge part in your branding, moving forward and what sort of image you will have.

You need to get this right as rebranding a business is a difficult task. You risk losing customers and create uneeded confusion if you change the name later on. 

Not to worry though, we have come up with a list of donut shop name ideas that will make your business stand out. A great business name can make customers choose your donut shop over others in the area. Whether you’re looking for a name for a fundraiser or a cute, funny, or creative name for your donut shop, keep on reading for our list of ideas and don’t forget to read our guide to opening a donut shop business in 90 days

Funny Donut Shop Name Ideas

donut with sprinkles

Just a fun-loving donut with sprinkles.

Naming your donut shop, something that will make people giggle is the best way to get word of mouth advertising. Sit down with a pen and paper and create a list of the funniest donut related names you can come up with, the sillier, the better. The sky is truly the limit with this.

Often pop culture references are the best way to go, but try not to go too obscure; it only works if the majority of people will get it. Think of puns on places, movies, famous people, characters, or even popular sayings. The best way to do this is to write down a list of donut related words that sound like other words and then go from there. Here are some of our suggestions for inspiration:

  • Donut Eat Us 
  • A-Glaze-ing Donuts
  • Hole-Food Donuts 
  • Jam-packed Donuts 
  • Why So Jelly?
  • Donut Underestimate Us 
  • Here’s Jelly 
  • You Had Me at Dough
  • Should’ve Put a Ring On It 
  • Here’s Looking Through You Kid 
  • I Dreamed A Cream 
  • Fudge Judy
  • De-Lite-Ful Donuts
  • I’m Donuts About You 
  • Donut Disturb 
  • Hand Over the Dough 
  • Watering Hole 
  • Dunk This Donut 
  • I’m Donuts About You
  • Glaze of Glory
  • Just Go Donuts 
  • Choc-Full Donuts 
  • Dough Nutts
  • Dough Away 
  • What a Kick In The Donuts 
  • Where’s The Dough?
  • What a Lovely Bunch of Donuts

Creative Donut Shop Name Ideas

pastry with apple filling

Pastry with apple filling.

These are not necessarily names that need to make people think or some elaborate play on words; we’re trying to name a donut shop, not create abstract art here! You need to keep it relatable to the masses; otherwise, you will risk alienating customers.

Brainstorm some ideas of words and feelings related to clever and creative types that will make your coffee shop sound appealing to them. Everybody either identifies themselves as a creative or wants to be more creative, so it is a great market to hit. Think of words that invoke feelings of being cuddled up by the fire with a book or being out in nature with watercolours. Here are some of our suggestions for creative or clever donut shop name ideas: 

  • Warm Belly Donuts 
  • Rainy Day Donuts 
  • Sprinkle of Love 
  • Sugary Goodness
  • Toasted Dough
  • Cinnamon Spice and All Things Nice 
  • Donut Dates 
  • Glazed Heaven 
  • Brunch Rings 
  • Sugar and Spice Bakery
  • Nonna’s Donuts
  • Donut Café
  • Donuts and Milkshakes
  • Dough and Joe 
  • Donut Library 
  • Carbalicious Donuts
  • Lazy Day Donuts
  • Delicious Donuts 
  • Choc-Full of Love 
  • Caramel and Fudge
  • Donut O’Clock 
  • Donut Art
  • Sweet Things
  • Go On, Have Another 
  • There’s No Business Like Dough Business 
  • Dough-meo and Juliette
  • Rainbow Donuts 
  • I Love You Dough Much 

Cute Donut Shop Name Ideas

unicorn donut shop

Find your unicorn donut shop name idea.

There are two ways you can go with this one, either: 

  • Invoke the image of cute, locally-owned, artisanal shops tucked away in a side street. 
  • Take advantage of the obsession with Korean and Japanese culture and all the cutesy, girly things that come with it. 

If you choose the locally-owned approach, then think of using your name or the name of a family member. Alternatively, think of names that evoke small, cozy images, or names that invoke a feeling of nostalgia. 

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If you are thinking of a cutesy image, then think of pop culture references, colors, or happy feelings to brainstorm when picking a name. Here are some of our suggestions for both types of cute donut shop name ideas: 

  • Pink Sprinkles 
  • Petite Donuts
  • Little Donut Shoppe 
  • Annie’s Donuts
  • Sugar and Sprinkles
  • Kawaii Donuts
  • Local Donuts
  • Cronuts and Cake 
  • Mamma’s Donuts
  • Like Mamma Used To Make 
  • Farm House Donuts
  • The Sweetest Donuts
  • Tickled Pink Donuts
  • Glazed Goodies
  • Sunshine Donuts
  • Glazed Rings 
  • Happy Day Donuts
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Doughlicious 
  • Sugared Dough 
  • Pow Donuts 
  • Pretty Donuts 
  • Prima Donut 
  • Crazy Donuts 
  • Papa’s Bakery 
  • Johnson Family Bakery 
  • Baby Donuts 
  • Glazed 
  • Ring Ring 
  • Donuts Direct
  • Dainty Donuts

Donut Fundraiser Name Ideas

donut fundraiser

Selling donuts are a fantastic way to raise money for a cause.

I think we can all agree that eating donuts for a good cause is a no-brainer, but if people don’t know about it, then they can’t participate. A catchy name is a great way to attract attention and get people talking about your fundraiser and sharing on social media.

After all, you have mere seconds to grab people’s attention as they walk past your store or scroll through social media. Brainstorm a list of words and concepts related to the cause or charity you are raising money for. Also brainstorm a list of words related to giving, being charitable, and helping people.

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Using both of these lists come up with a short phrase that will grab attention and tell people what they need to know. Even those on the strictest of diets will agree that charity is a great excuse to eat a few donuts! Here are some of our suggestions: 

  • Justice Sprinkles 
  • Donuts For Change 
  • We Will Not Glaze Over Deforestation
  • Fudge Judy
  • We Donut Support Racism 
  • Eat This! Climate Change 
  • Bite Poverty in The Donuts 
  • Justice Desserts 
  • We will Nut Stand Down 
  • What A Doughsaster
  • The Worlds Gone Nuts
  • Sassy Donuts
  • Dough As You Would Be Done By 
  • The Hole Truth 

Hipster Donut Shop Name Ideas 

donut shop

What’s next for the drive-thru and take out industry?

If your donut shop is located in a hipster area, you need to be able to attract the local crowd in. It is important to have a name that speaks to them and their values. It would also be a great idea to look at having things like Wi-Fi, or donut activism nights to make your shop even more attractive to them.

When naming your shop, think of the things that are important to hipsters. Your name could hint at dietary needs, environmentally friendly, retro atmosphere, exclusivity, or being a place for intellectuals. Your name will need to be quirky and interesting to catch the attention of your customers. 

  • Plot Hole 
  • Vintage Donuts 
  • Vegan Donuts
  • Wheat-less Donuts
  • Moo-Free Bakery 
  • Original Recipe Donuts 
  • Creamy Explosion 
  • Eco-Rings 
  • Donut Ask For The WiFi Password 
  • Cronut Bar
  • The Donut Factory
  • Make-Your-Own-Donut 
  • Cruelty-Free Donuts 
  • Farm Fresh Donuts 
  • Dough Boys 
  • We’re Just Jammin’
  • Artisanal Donuts
  • The Temptations 
  • Donut Deli 
  • Holey Fudge 
  • Donut Try This At Home 
  • Bite Me 
  • Do Nutty Professor 
  • You’re Nuts!

Themed Donut Shop Name Ideas 

Side view of Dunkin’ Donuts truck.

Themes are extremely popular at the moment, and if you are going to have a theme for your décor and donuts, then your name needs to reflect that theme as well. One important thing to note when coming up with theme names is to not infringe on any copyrighted words or logos.

If you name your shop Harry Potter Donuts, you will be receiving a letter in the mail telling you that you can’t use that name. The titles of movies, tv-series, and books, as well as character names, are likely to be copyrighted. You could use a pun on the name or come up with a name that references the theme. Here are some of our ideas for themed donut shop names: 

  • 60’s Donuts
  • Disco Donuts
  • Wild West Donuts
  • Magical Donuts
  • You Know Nothing Jon Dough 
  • Tickled Pink Donuts 
  • Donut Diner 
  • Holy Donuts
  • Doh!-Nuts
  • Donut Farm 
  • Donut Shack
  • Donut Pass Go, Donut Collect $200 
  • Oh The Places You Will Dough
  • Old McDoughnald 
  • The One Ring To Rule Them All
  • Frosty the Dough Man 

Fancy Donut Shop Name Ideas 

jelly donut

The risks of eating a jelly donut.

If your shop is located in an exclusive area and you want to brand yourself as a high-end business, then your name needs to reflect that. Forget witty puns or humor, think refined, elegant names that would look good in calligraphy font on glossy business cards.

You want your name to be minimalist and elegant to reflect the area you are in. Here are our suggestions for fancy donut shop name ideas: 

  • The Donut Boutique 
  • House of Donuts
  • Designer Donuts
  • Just Cronuts
  • Parisienne Patisserie
  • Gourmet Dough Creations
  • Organic Donuts 
  • Village Donuts 
  • The Donut Patisserie 
  • Elite Donuts 
  • Cronut Café 
  • Le Petit Dough 
  • The Organic Bakery
  • The Gluten-Free Patisserie 
  • Gourmet Donuts
  • Bespoke Donuts
  • Parisienne Cronuts
  • Donut Emporium 
  • Divine Donuts
  • Lord and Lady Dough 
  • Bite-sized Donuts
  • Beignets

How To Think of Your Own Donut Shop Name Ideas

Did none of the names in our list speak to you? That’s okay, come up with your own fantastic donut shop name with our tips. The most important step is the brainstorming process. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down as many words as you can possibly think of relating to: 

  • Different types of donuts. Donut hole, Long John, Old Fashioned are good examples.
  • The customers you want to buy your donuts
  • The image you want your brand to have 
  • The type of donuts you want to sell (eg. Gluten-free donuts, gourmet donuts, mini-donuts etc) 
  • The location of your shop 
  • You and your interests

The more words on your page, the more inspiration you can draw. The next step is to look at your page of words and feelings and come up with as many phrases and names as possible. They do not even have to be complete names; you just need to string together as many possibilities as possible. Sometimes a concept we come up with can be a jumping-off point for better ideas. 

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Once you have your list of possible phrases, let them rest for a little bit and come back to them tomorrow. If you end up thinking of any until then, add them to the list, but you need to give your subconscious brain to mull it over. You could even share some of your top ideas with friends or family and explain your concept to see if they have any suggestions for possible ideas. They might think of a word or pun that you completely missed. 

After you have put your ideas aside for a day, come back with a fresh mind and pick your top five or ten ideas; either from this list, suggestions from friends, or ideas that came to you while looking over the list again. Share your top five ideas with friends and family, especially those that fit the demographic of your customers. This is important to check if your customers are likely to understand and be attracted to your name. 

If you want to dive deeper into starting a successful donut shop, join our free Food Business Startup Kit here. The guide includes business plan templates, exclusive founder interviews and more.

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