Thinking about starting a baking blog, but aren’t sure what to name it? As a fellow food blogger, I’m here to help you out. In addition to helping you find a name, I share hard-won advice for getting started in this industry. This advice is grounded in over half a decade of publishing content online.

If you have any questions, please do let me know in the comments section because I love discussing this subject. I don’t have any e-book or monthly membership to sell on this topic so I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned right here.

Ready to get started? I’ve organized my best name suggestions by theme below and included a direct link to the advice portion of the guide.

Baking Blog Name Ideas

Here are some of the best all-purpose name suggestions I could come up with. I believe any of these would work well for a baking blog covering a wide-range of subtopics.

  • All Baked Up
  • Baker’s Pride
  • The Blind Baker
  • Baker Betty
  • The Baker’s Belt
  • Baker and the Bear
  • Baking on the Lake
  • 350 Degrees of Perfection
  • The Lovely Loaf Cake
  • Baking Layers
  • Brad’s Baking Festival
  • The Modern Bake Sale
  • Momma’s Country Oven
  • Custom Cookie Jar
  • The Moist Slice
  • Overbaked
  • Wandering Bread
  • The Oven Fan
  • Electric Oven Times
  • The Daily Bake
  • Retro Pastry
  • Die for Dough
  • Heavy Weight Dough Puncher
  • The Tiny Pastry Maker
  • Bakester Belly
  • Pastry Pals
  • Growing Yeast
  • The Flour Garden
  • New Age Bakery Chefs
  • Chef Churro
  • The Ultimate Bake Off
  • The Stress Baker
  • Raising Cakes

Funny Baking Blog Name Ideas

Making buttercream dreams come true!

Here are some of the most hilarious baking blog names I came up with between 5 a.m. and – 7 a.m. this morning. These are almost guaranteed to crack a smile among the toughest audience.

  • Don’t Trust a Baker
  • Weird Dough
  • Tasty Buns
  • Beyond Measuring Cup
  • The Big Buns Blog
  • Bun Blogger
  • The Pie Guy
  • Muffin Top Madness
  • Muffin Top Magnet
  • Need More Dough
  • A Crumby Job
  • The Battering Ram
  • The Whisk Taker
  • Bake Me Feel Better
  • The Silly Muffin
  • Baking Fails
  • I’m so Baked.
  • Flour Power
  • Tae Kwon Dough

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Cake Blog Name Ideas

Beautiful custom cake.

If you plan to specialize in baking custom cakes, here are a few ideas that could work well.

  • Pound a Cake Blog
  • Red Velvet
  • Ice Cream and Cake
  • Healthy Cakes
  • The Human Sponge Cake
  • Chiffon Cake Blog
  • Twenty Pound Cake
  • Butter Me Up Cakes
  • Flourless Feast
  • Too Much Torte
  • Epic Carrot Cake
  • Butter Cake Monthly
  • Brad’s Biscuit Cakes
  • Angel Food Make
  • Angel Food Break
  • The Unbaked Cake
  • Cake Digest
  • The Cake Servant
  • Over the Top Wedding Cake
  • Leftover Cake
  • The Cake Cottage
  • Stiff Peaks

Cupcake Blog Name Ideas

According to my research there’s 60,500 searches for the word “cupcake” in the United States every single month. When you consider all the different variations of cupcake being searched like vanilla, strawberry, or birthday cupcake, you’ve got plenty of topics to publish a blog on the subject.

  • Cupcake Icing
  • Filling the Cupcake
  • Cupcake Catastrophe
  • Chocolate Cupcakes and More
  • Life is a Lemon Cupcake
  • Vanilla Cupcake Monthly
  • Mommy’s Cupcake Recipe
  • Crazy Cupcakes
  • Butter Cream Dreams
  • What’s Wrong with My Cupcakes?
  • Cupcake Bake Off
  • Captain Cupcake
  • The Fluffy Cupcake
  • A Dozen Cupcakes

Blunt Advice on Starting a Baking Blog

Next, I’ll going to share with you my advice to starting a baking blog. The first big decision you need to make is figuring out if you’re starting this as a hobby or a business.

If you’re starting this as something to do 100% for fun then go ahead and get started right away. Enjoy the process of creating content. You’ll get better at writing, tech, and photography that could be applied to your work or personal parts of your life.

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But if you want to build a business, I have insight for you on the journey. Building a blog takes a long time become profitable. You’ve probably heard this advice before if you’ve spent any amount of time researching this topic already. But I’m going to try to give you a more concrete timeline you can use as a guide.

So how long will it take for you to build a successful baking blog? The best answer I’ve heard was in a private Facebook group among bloggers with at least 100,000 monthly page views. A discussion was happening inside the group after a member asked how long it took for others to hit full-time income blogging status. The responses to this question were surprising to say the least.

For most bloggers it took between 3 – 4 solid years of time and effort to make a full-time income. This full-time income was defined as $35,000 – $45,000 per year from their blog.

Looking back in my records, it had taken me three years to exceed $30,000 in revenue from my own blog. There were dozens of other bloggers who shared the same experience as me. Most didn’t make much in their first year they published, myself included. My first six months of blogging I didn’t make a dime.

Of course you can make much more than $45,000 per year after 3 years of blogging too. I’ll share my advice for moving into the blogging fast lane later in this piece if it’s something you’d like to try out for yourself.

Are you prepared to work for a full year without making any money at all? If not, save yourself the time and frustration by doing something else. If you want to make quicker cash, try starting a home-based bakery and sell cookies to friends / family members. Other ideas like service based businesses (maid service, home repair, lawn mowing) or flipping items you find at a rummage sale to sell on eBay is another practical option. If the primary goal is to make more money there are quicker options than blogging.

Now that we’ve established that it’s going to take some time to start building an income from the blog. It’s time to identify what segment of the baking space you want to go after for your blog.

Imagine for a moment what sorts of people you enjoy speaking with and would like to engage with as they read your blog. Here are some examples:

  • Do you want to help the stay-at-home mom bake a healthy cake for their kids?
  • Do you want to help a culinary take their cookies to the next level?
  • Do you want to help bakeries improve their sales?
  • Do you want to share over-the-topic 80 layer cake photos that get thousands of shares on Instagram?

Each of these groups of people will require taking a different approach to your baking blog. Take the time to identify your specialty within the baking blogosphere. You will helping answer these people’s questions for the next few years.

There are literally hundreds of blogs, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels that focus on different aspects of cooking. By narrowing down and creating specialized content, you’ll have an easier time differentiating yourself and building a tribe of loyal readers.

Treating Your Blog Like a Business

white board

Any good business plan includes a theory on how you plan to generate revenue. If your idea works out, congratulations you’ve got a viable business on your hands. If the idea doesn’t pan out, you either don’t have a business or need to find another approach to make money.

If you’re starting out you’ve probably heard about other food bloggers making thousands of dollars monthly through advertising on their website. You’ll notice the blog post you’re reading right now includes advertisements too that help support us.

So how do you get advertisers like this on your own website?

I’m a member of a company called AdThrive that manages of the advertising of this website. At the time of writing, you can apply to AdThrive after you reach 100,000 monthly page views and demonstrate that you have legitimate readers (real people). It will probably take 2 – 3 years of consistent blogging to get accepted if you’re starting at zero, but it’s totally worth it once you get there.

In the meantime, if you would like to start making a little bit of money from your blog in the early days, give Google Adsense a try. This is an offering from Google that will allow you to post advertisements in the content of your blog and get paid for it. You won’t get rich doing this, but it’s a terrific way to make your first dollar online. I got my start with Adsense too.

Advertising is part of the revenue pie for most food bloggers. But it takes a long time to build up traffic through posting videos or writing blog posts. So is there a fast track? I’m happy to there is.

In my opinion, if you want to generate meaningful income in the first couple years of a blog, you’ll need to create a product or service that you can sell to readers. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Sell custom cakes or cookies to your readers. It will help if your readers are local for delivery purposes. But if you’re going to be baking anyway, why not start here. It’s a logical step for a baking blog. You can use PayPal to start accepting payments and viola, you have a business.
  • Create a course or online class. There are multiple examples of baking bloggers doing this already selling online classes about baking from $47 – $497 a pop. It’s a proven market and a skillset people will always want to learn more about.  You can learn how to sell a baking class here in this podcast episode. 
  • Become an affiliate. I don’t have much experience with this personally, but this is basically selling other peoples products and get a small commission in exchange for your efforts. If you’re going to be baking, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share the mixing spoon you use, brand of cake pan, and of course ingredients you use. If you sign up as an Amazon Associates program, you can make a small commission in exchange for sharing the products you use with readers. Believe it or not, people will love learning about the exact tools of the trade you use.

I hope this post has given you some creative name ideas and insight into how you can make money from a baking blog. If you truly love the combination of baking and publishing content online, I say go for it and shoot me an email when you publish your first post!

If you have any questions about getting started, add them into the comments below and I’d be happy to share my two-cents on the subject.

baking blog name ideas

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