You can learn just about anything by searching YouTube videos. The only problem is, 99% of the content you’ll find isn’t worth watching. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork of scrolling through and watching all the hot dog business related videos we could find and curated best ones for you right here. If you’re thinking about getting into the dog-slinging game for real, investing half hour or so to watch these videos will be well worth your time investment.

One thing before we get to our top five videos and how we judged each of them. We’re looking for videos that are helpful, but most importantly real. Real in that they don’t just highlight the positive side of starting a hot dog business. Sure, you can make pretty good money heating up an Oscar Mayer Weiner, putting it on a buns and selling them for a nice profit. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. It actually takes work and some persistence to get a venture like this off the ground.

For some people, this is going to be the right type of business and they’ll do well. Other folks, will hate hanging around a hot dog cart all day just to make a few bucks. With all that being said… Let’s get to the videos!

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1.) How to Be Successful in the Hot Dog Business


If you want real, you get real in this YouTube video titled How to Be Successful in the Hot Dog Business. If you can get past the first 40 seconds of video, you’ll get the no-holds-barred accounts of what it’s really like to operate this type of business. Check out the video above, but here are a few key lessons we pulled from the recording:

What does it take to be really successful in the hot dog business? Persistence is key according to the dog-slingers in this series. This is the type of business you need to get up every day for if you want to make more income. In the same vein as commitment, operating a clean cart or trailer will help too. Then just serve good food at a swift pace. At the end of the day, this business model has been figured out. It’s all about executing on the basics and making it happen!


Here’s a more advanced point that was brought up by one of the featured vendors. When people come to you, they are looking not just for good quality food. But they want consistency. They expect a hot dog to be warm, the wiener to be hot, and the relish to be cold. Beyond the food, folks want to be treated well. Talked to and greeted with a smile.

Finally, coming up with your own twist on the hot dog is extremely important. Sure, you can have some classics on the menu like the Chicago Style or just good old fashioned hot dog with ketchup and mustard. But you should also have something that is 100% unique. Check out this post for some creative hot dog ideas. But don’t stress over this one. Ever tried an Avocado Dog? Neither have I, but I bet you could slather some guacamole on a tube steak and call it that. And you know what else… I bet it would taste pretty good too!

2.) Hot Dog Business – How to Start Your Own


If you’ve been doing any online searching for startup help in the hot dog space, you’ve may have already discovered some of Ben’s videos or blog posts from Ben is an excellent resource on the topic of starting a hot dog stand and tells it just like it is as you’ll soon find out from the video above.

What You’ll Learn: This video is a rapid fire response to the most frequently asked questions about starting a hot dog business. Watch the video for answers to the following questions: I’ve never done this before and need to know where to start. What are the pros and cons of the business? How do I find a good location? How do I setup my cart? How much money can you make? Do you need a commissary?

3.) The Hot Dog Vending Legend


Well our familiar buddy Ben is back, but this time he’s interviewing a hot dog vending legend with over 40 years experience in the industry and get this.. Started his business on a bet. This interview is almost 20 minutes in length, but totally worth while if you want to embark on this business journey. Paraphrasing here, but the guest says you’d need to be brain dead to make under 100K per year on a cart. He also provides a very nice outline of how to make a Chicago Style Hot Dog. Be sure to watch this one!

4.) History of the Hot Dog Cart


This video was created by the television show Modern Marvels broadcast on the History Channel. This video won’t help you sell more sausage, but it will give you a strong foundation into the long history of the hot dog cart. This is a business model that is here to stay!

5.) A Day In The Life


For our final video, we travel to the unlikely location of Council Bluffs, Iowa, to get a sneak peak inside the operations of The Dog House, a New York Style hot dog cart. Make sure to fast forward this video about 10 seconds when the content begins. The aspect we love about this video is that it really guides you through a day in the life of a hot dog cart operator. From attaching the cart to the back of her mini-van in the morning to saying how many hours it actually takes to complete one lunch period–almost one full day of work. This video will get you up to speed with the realities of operating this type of business.

Finally, if you are interested in launching a hot dog business of your own, check out this lesson on getting started and conducting market research in your hometown.  

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